DBPOWER RD-810 Review A Projector to Make Birthday Parties Memorable!

Birthday! It is one of the precious and happiest days of every year in a human’s life! The day on which all your friends, family, and other known ones remember and talk with you. You got gifts and lots of wishes from others. This day we come to know about our value of existence and pleasure of completing one more year of our life. In this post I will be going to share with you a review of the DBPOWER RD-810 Mini LED Video Projector. So keep reading, if you want to know how it can be used to make your parties memorable for all!

Dbpower RD810 LED Projector

Let us take with children in mind!

I think everyone can understand from their childhood that a birthday is like the biggest festival of them. They want to celebrate it to the fullest and in the best way possible. I think every year almost every children are eagerly waiting for their birthday mostly in the hope to get gifts and attention of others.

How Can a Projector Help you to make a Birthday Party Memorable?

Well, whatever the case may be! But it is a desperate situation for the parents about how to celebrate the coming birthday of their child to impress him or her. Also, parents are having their happiness of celebrating their child’s birthday. After all, their child has completed one more year of life successfully and growing ahead!


Today parents are taking the help of event management firms or organize birthday parties on any big hotel or restaurants. It is not a big issue for people who are living a high-class life but what about a middle-class people?

An economy class man always tries to spend in limits but also do not want to compromise in making his child’s birthday memorable. Today it is only because of the technology that has made it possible for everyone to have cheaper and exciting alternatives. All you need is to be aware of the right idea of technology that can be used in a particular situation. I am going to share with you one of my recent experience at a birthday party for my friend’s child!

Where Did I First See DBPOWER RD-810 Mini Projector?

Few days before, I have attended a birthday party of one of my friend’s son. His child has completed eight years of his age. I want to share one thing about my friend that he belongs to a middle-class family. He has a job as a receptionist at one of a doctor’s clinic

But I have to say that he organized his party so well that I am stunned by seeing his love towards his child. It does not mean that he spent all of his hard earned money on the party. However, I am impressed with his smart way to make the birthday party memorable not only for his son but to others as well.

Projector works!

There is only one thing that attracts the mind of every guest who was present at that party. Neither it was the decoration, delicious food, birthday cake, nor return gifts. It was a projector installed at one side while focusing towards a big white screen.

The projector was continuously running and projecting many childhood images of my friend’s child. Such as pics regarding his achievements, mischievous activities, and other memorable videos.

All my friend wants was to share his experience with his son and remember those time in front of the public. My friend was shared how his son was looking, his activities at a different age, time spent with his son, etc. with others.

Everyone is enjoying the sight,

But I am impressed with the technicality behind the same. I am amazed at the projection quality and brightness of the images. I tried to see which projector it was used on that party but I can’t! Because, it was installed in unreachable place to ensure its security.

I know it’s the party of my friend so if not at that time then I decided to talk with my friend about the projector after the party before leaving the place. We are done with the party after having some fun games that were organized both for the kids and adults separately.

It was so fun,

You can hardly enjoy even on any big well-organized parties! Well, my primary focus was to know more about the projector, after all, I am a technology geek and always will be. So I waited for an hour or two after the party to meet my friend and talk to him about the projector for few minutes.

I did not succeed at that night since he was so busy so I feel it is not right to talk about my topic of interest at that instant. So I came back, but next morning I made a phone call to him. I appreciated his work regarding the party and at last, asked about the projector.

My First Encounter with DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector:

My friend asked me better come to his home so that he will tell everything about the projector that he used at the party to me. I am ready for it since I want to experience more about the projector than what I saw at that party night.

So after a day, I went to his home, and he shared with me every single detail about the RD-810 portable LED video projector. He said his main motto of buying the projector is to enjoy watching movies every Saturday nights casually. In a theater-like experience but he planned to use it next level up to influence his party guests as well!

He told me that,

The initial idea has come to his mind while he is attending a medical conference organized at the doctor’s clinic where do he works. He analyzed how all the audience is taking an interest in watching the images and videos displayed on a big screen using a projector. Then he finally planned to do something similar on the Birthday party of his son. And the idea worked!

I spent about two to three hours on my friends home while checking out about the performance of DBPOWER RD-810 Mini LED Video Projector. My friend also displayed some videos, images, word files, excel files, presentation files, etc. for me to get more idea about the product.

I would like to discuss with you the necessary details of the projector like its features and specifications shared by my friend. Further, we will move to the new section, i.e., his and my personal experience while using the RD-810 portable video projector.

Features and Specifications of DBPOWER RD-810 Mini LED Projector:

  • You can use the RD-810 mini LED video projector to project the images of sizes from 20 inches to 150 inches.
  • The DBPOWER Mini projector can allow you to correct the keystone up to 15° manually.

  • The projector is supporting a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
  • You can project the movies, videos, and images using DBPOWER RD-810 mini projector that can support an aspect ratio of 16:10.
  • The projector can display the output with a brightness of up to 1200 lumens.
  • You can use the projector that has been installed around 1.5 to 5m from the projection screen.

  • RD-810 projector can also display Full HD content.
  • The projector has a projection ratio of 1.4:1
  • RD-810 LED mini projector offers a contrast ratio of 1000:1.
  • The portable projector is based on TFT LCD imaging technology.
  • Projector Lamp is based on smart LED technology. It has an inbuilt LED bulb that consumes a power of about 140W and can be used for more than 30,000 hours.
  • The projector comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. So you can roughly use the product at least for this span of time. After all, you will get complete technical support from the company as well as professional customer service anytime when you need it. That too, free of cost!

  • The size of RD-810 portable LED projector is around 6 x 8.2 x 2.6 inches considering its Length x width x height respectively and weights to about 900 grams.
  • The package comprises a DBPOWER Mini projector, one 3 in 1 AV cable, one remote controller without batteries and a user manual.

Exiting Features to keep in mind regarding RD 810 Projector:

  • The body of DBPOWER RD-810 portable LED projector is made up of ABS plastic and features a focus knob. You can use it to regulate your multimedia content as you like either it is related to movies or video games.

  • The projector has many good interface connectivity options or ports helpful to connect electronic devices. For example USB drives, DVD players, Blue-ray players, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and PCs with the projector.

What My Friend has to Say about the DBPOWER RD-810 Projector?

As per what he discussed with me about his time with the projector! First of all, he is impressed with the brightness of the projector. What makes him stick with this projector for such long time? It is a small size, and astounding performance of the DBPOWER mini LED video projector while using it as a part of his home theater setup!

My friend is a sports loving person. He uses to enjoy watching cricket and football tournaments in the same. Mainly uses external surround speakers to get a nice sound effect. He is happy with the excellent performance of RD-810 Portable LED projector while using it continuously for long hours.

My Experience with RD-180 Portable LED Projector:

DBPOWER RD-810 is a good performance mini LED video projector in itself. In short, it is mainly made to be best used for home entertainment. Why I am saying, this is that you’ll come to know sooner! It supports 1080p resolution, compatible with many of the standard multimedia devices. Those are generally available in our homes to connect to the projector and use instantly.

I have noticed some facts regarding the projector that I want to share as follows:
  1. Its display is reasonably bright. I think it can easily challenge many projectors in the market those are based on LED technology.
  2. It has an HDMI connectivity feature that is not present in many projectors available in the market till date.

  1. Unfortunately, no Micro SD card slot is available on the projector machine, but you can use an SD reader to use a Micro SD card with the projector.
  2. Take care while connecting the projector with your laptop or PC. You need to adjust their display resolution to 1024*768 or 800*600 to receive the best clarity output.
  3. I’ve tried displaying a sample PPT, and Excel file on my friend’s projector. To check its quality for the same but all I would say is they are fair enough but not stunning. That’s the reason I called the projector best for home experiences before!
  4. The projector has an LED Lamp. No doubt, the projector will be efficient in saving the energy.
  5. The projector doesn’t support Dolby Digital Surround sound. There is a simple trick if you do not want to face the problem of getting the sound from the projector. You will need to turn off the Dolby feature from the Blue-ray players, Firestick, Apple TV, etc.

At last,

I would say DBPOWER RD-810 is a pretty decent portable video projector to enjoy big-screen entertainment with your family. It is available in two colors in the market one is back at a price point of about $70, and white one has to price about $60.

Value for money product, no doubt! But if you also get inspired with the idea of using a projector in the upcoming birthday parties of your children, then you must go for this projector. Since I experience, it can help you to become the star of your child by impressing your party guests.

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