Excelvan 96+ LED Projector (1080p) Full Review

Excelvan 96+ LED Projector

Excelvan 96+ LED Projector Review

Media is one of the most necessary things which people require in their daily life. After a hectic day, everyone watches a couple of entertainment videos to relax. Watching the same on small televisions and mobiles phones can be straining on eyes, and getting a television with a large screen size can be really costly. Today we are reviewing the Excelvan 96+ LED Projector which can project 1080p media files up to a size of 120-inches.

Projectors have been used in the home for entertainment purposes while in office for daily work. Office work which generally requires the content to be crisp is not usually seen from a distance and on a big 120-inch screen rather the screen is much smaller to about 50-inch – 60-inches.

Excelvan 96+ LED Projector

We will be talking about the different aspects of the Excelvan 96+ Projector which will help you to compare the projector with other in the market. With these aspects generally, a consumer compares the products and choose the best one.


The Excelvan 96+ LED Projector has the same design just like any other projector in the market. It comes with a projection opening on the front left side of the projector which is a unique placement.

On the top end side, we get different buttons to adjust the projection on the screen for minute adjustments. At the back of the device, we get different input type to connect the device to a source.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is one of the major concern while choosing a budget product. Usually, budget products skimp on the connectivity options which makes the consumer be very selective on the range of products he/she can use with the particular device.

But the Excelvan 96+ Projector comes with a wide range of connectivity ports which include 2 HDMI Inputs which will enable you to keep your Set-Top-Box connected to it while watching the Movie via your Blu-Ray Player.

Another set of options include the traditional Audio-Video input for connecting all the different devices which do not support the latest standards. There is also a Y/Pb/Pr input for the extremely old and conventional devices.

For connecting the device to Laptops/PC for presentations you get the VGA Input or you can alternatively do connect via the HDMI Input we discussed earlier.

The device gets both input & output option for audio which means we can easily connect a separate speaker system for hazel free switching between the included USB media playback and playback via other included sources.

Projection Quality

Another heavy concern for the people is about the quality of the image which is projected on the screen. Considering the price point the quality levels of the projected image is well up to the mark.

The projector comes with an 85 watt LED bulb which is capable of producing light of up to 3000 lumens. 3000 lumens of light is easily capable to light up the 120-inch screen from a distance of 4.15 meters. With such a high screen size you can easily throw a party of around 30 – 40 peoples.

The images are sharp and have average contrast levels. The projector is capable of having a native resolution of 1280 x 800px which can bump up to 1080 x 1920px.

The projector can project both 16:9 as well as 4:3 screen ratios which will cover most of the media and presentations for which the projector will be traditionally used.

Sound Output

The Excelvan 96+ LED Projector comes with a built-in speaker which is capable of producing decent sound for camping. The sound produced by the embedded speaker will not be keeping up with any of the basic speaker systems but can be used in case your primary speaker system fails.

The trebles on the speaker are up to the mark, but the system lacks on the mids and the bass of the audio, and become terrible when the volume goes up.

Other Features

The projector comes with a blue-red 3D system which can play any stereoscopic 3D movies. You will do need special glasses to watch the 3D movie on the large screen, but they are available for quite cheap in the market.

Also, the Projector comes with an ATV function which can enable it to act as a basic set-top box which can search the TV Channels and play without the need for a set-top box.

The Projector supports DVD, X-box, PS4, PC, and Laptop. Therefore, we can also connect the smartphone with the Projector for which we will need MHL Cable and a smartphone which does support the MHL functionality.

Supported Formats

Excelvan 96+ LED Projector supports playback of movies and images and audio files directly via USB Sticks which makes the projector capable of playing the media files without the need of any other source.

The projector supports all the widely available video codecs. Apart from these video format, the projector is also capable of playing audio files with these extensions flawlessly. For images, the normal JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG formats are supported.

Inside the Box

Excelvan 96+ Projector comes with pretty much the basic in-box contents which includes the projector itself, a remote control to control the projector while in your comfort.

A power cable to power the device which comes with the type you choose. Apart from all these necessary equipment, we get an AV Cable, User’s manual, VGA cable, an extra fuse in case the existing one blows out. A lens cleaner is provided to always have the fun of the crystal clear media playback, and some extra screws.




Elegant Design

Well Built

State of the art lens glass used

Picture quality is superb

Sound, especially the Trebles are just amazing.



Speakers suffers with mids and lows.

Sometimes blurry images can appear which can be irritating.

Conclusion: Excelvan 96+ LED Projector

The Excelvan 96+ LED Projector is a great projector for home and office needs. Although the manual and even all the sellers across the world mention of not using the projector for presentation purposes.

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So, the main reason for denying for presentation purpose is its extra feature which is solely meant for entertainment purposes. The 3D feature of the projector is something which is not present in other projectors in the price range. If you are looking something in which you can enjoy your content with your family and friends then it is the best projector.

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