Excelvan E08: Excellent LCD Home Cinema Projector

Excelvan E08 reviews

Projectors have made it possible today to experience a big screen display every day in our homes, and offices. Most of you might agree with me if I say that now I am not much amazed by seeing the big screens at the Theaters or Cinema Halls. In this post, you will come to know my review on Excelvan E08 LCD Home Cinema Projector.

E08 LCD Projector

When I Came to Know about Excelvan E08:

I can remember it was the last Friday morning. just about to start my breakfast, someone at my door rings the bell! I am not in a mood to open the door, so I asked my mother to please greet the guy who is next to the door. Generally, at the morning time, my neighbors use to come to my home for a casual meet with us or so. So I thought it is better my mother should welcome them.

After some time I heard my mother saying – we do not need it, thanks for the offer! My sixth sense said it was something related to me. So I immediately rushed toward the door to see who is there. Then I saw a salesman with few booklets on his hand is introducing himself to me.

The salesman belongs to a local agency and came with some booklets of different models of projectors, printers, MFPs, etc. in his hand. They just started their shop near to my locality, so they are doing its door to door marketing to make the people aware of their agency.

My Interest to know more about the Projector,

Well, I was also not interested in buying a projector or any other computer gadget since I am already having much of them and satisfied with the same. So I thought to refuse his offers and let him leave! Before that he asked me some questions that changed my mind, those were:

  • Are you looking for an Ideal Family Entertainment Solution?
  • I am having the best home productivity options for you. Do you want to know more?
  • Are you looking for a Budgetary Multi-Function Printer for your Home?

Excelvan E08

Among them, the first question enticed me! I know it was regarding selling a projector, but at that instant, I thought it is a right opportunity for me do some hands-on with any new model of a projector. So I agreed with him and saw the booklets. Further, I asked him to suggest me the best model of a projector that is richest in features among other options he has to show me!

Then he suggested me Excelvan E08. My first question about the same was – Why I should buy it? He told me many useful features of the model that I want to share with you as well so that you can decide if you can buy it or not. So here they are!

Why Excelvan E08 Home Cinema Projector?

He said that he is suggesting E08 because of its design and build quality that is suitable for home décor. E08 can display good quality pictures in both night and day hours. The home cinema projector can support Full HD display.

We can connect nearly all types of different interfaces with the projector using the USB, HDMI, and VGA connectivity options. The projector can display an image up to a maximum size of 120 inches. We can install it either in our bedroom or drawing hall easily and experience the fun of home cinema.

We can also access the contents available on our Laptop, PC or TV via the projector. It can be useful for all the members of the family. It can be used to play games via PlayStation or Xbox, to watch TV shows, to connect with Amazon fire stick, to communicate with a smartphone and so on.

Lastly, he told me,

One of the best features that other people are liking about in the E08. It is Multiscreen Interaction functionality. Excelvan E08 LCD projector comes with a Data Cable. You can connect it with smartphones via the Multi-screen display interface. So we do not need to buy MHL cable or Lightning Digital AV Adaptors to connect our phones to the projector.

Therefore, the whole process is wired other than wireless! You might think why wired. Also, this question came to my mind while I was interacting with the sales boy. And without wasting any time, I asked him about the same. He said, most people think wireless multi-screen interactions are better than wireless. But in actuality, specific issues like the display effect is not smoother of unstable.

So E08 has removed such problems by offering us a convenient and comfortable wired option. Also, there is an additional thing with this feature. It is that we can recharge the battery of our phone while using the same with the projector in Multi-screen interaction mode.

After listening to its Features,

I was not satisfied without actually watching and doing some hands-on with the product itself. So I asked him that I need the Demo of the product. He agreed with it happily. After all, he got a lead, but he does not know that I will be just a lead and not going to convert into his customer. Well, he asked me to suggest a right time and date so that we can both sit and explore more about the Excelvan E08 projector.

I asked him about the Sunday but he said they are already packed on that day, so I asked him to come on Tuesday. Finally two days before writing this post he came to my home with the Excelvan E08 projector.

I got the chance to experience the performance of the projector for about an hour with that sales boy. Will share you everything whatever I experienced while using the projector in my home. Also as a bonus, I will share with you some tips on using the projector in a better way possible.

Actually, after the demo, I have some questions in my mind regarding the projector those I cleared with him. Also, he shared with me some extra tips and procedures to use the projector in a better way to avoid any issues and save the time. Keep reading this article till the end to know everything!

Next, let us have a look at all the specifications about the product. They are helpful for everyone those who want to know about Excelvan E08 Home Entertainment Projector!


  • Projector Light Source: LED
  • Maximum Support Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Contrast Ratio of the Projector: 1000:1
  • Default Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Projection Distance: 0.8-3.54m
  • Projection Methods: Front/Ceiling/Rear
  • Power Supply: AC110-250V, 50-60 Hz
  • Interface: 1 x USB, 1 x Audio Out, 1 x Multi-screen Display, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x AV.
  • Product Color: Black
  • Product Net Weight: 2.04 lbs or 927g.
  • On-Screen Display Languages: Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Russian, and many more.
  • Projection Technology: TFT LCD
  • Default/Native Resolution: 800x480P
  • Nominal Brightness of the LED: 1500 Lumens

  • Color Reproduction: 16.7 Million Colors
  • Aspect Ratio Compatible: 4:3
  • Projection Size: 30-120 inches
  • Speakers: 2W, 8Ω
  • Supportive Music Formats: WMA, MP3, M4A
  • Keystone Correction: ±15°
  • Supportive Image Formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG
  • LED Lamp Life: 20000 hours
  • Projector Dimensions: 3.15” x 8.07” × 6.02” or 8cm x 20.5cm × 15.3cm as per Height x Length x Width respectively.
  • Individual Support: Amazon Fire Stick, Multi-Screen Display, PlayStation 4
  • Supportive Video Formats: MPEG2, AVI, RMVB, MPEG1, MOV, WMV, FLV
  • Supportive Text Formats: TXT
  • Package Contents: 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x AV Cable, 1 x Projector

From above I hope you have got the idea about the main features and specifications regarding the Excelvan E08 LCD projector! So now its time for me to share with you my personal experience with the projector;

My Review on Excelvan E08:

I know I was having a small time to try to know everything about the projector. So I was focused entirely during Demo. I saw there is an embedded keypad located on the projector to control various functions.

I have noticed one thing while the startup of the projector that its internal fan is bit noisier. But after some time I got used to it. We can adjust the keystone with ease and can also tilt the projector itself while installing it anywhere as per requirement.

Due to LED lamp, no doubt the project will be efficient in consuming the power and heat dissipation is also less. Also using its remote control, we can control nearly everything in the projector. Such as adjusting the brightness, screen size, sound options and many more. It worked fine for me while communicating with the projector.

Talking about the speakers then yes it is having an internal inbuilt speaker with the accepted sound output. However, you need to connect external speakers for sure to purely enjoy the home theater experience

I had also tested gameplay,

By connecting the projector to my Xbox console and I am happy with the gaming experience. E08 especially while playing a game can produce detailed pictures and immersive colors.

Also, I used the projector in 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios and the projector worked successfully in both the conditions. I have also tested some presentation and Excel files on the E08 output and found they are crisp and clear.

So I can say the Excelvan E08 projector is a value for money gadget. And I don’t think it will let down even an official guy while using it for professional work or so. Also, its multi-screen interactive feature making it an excellent choice to be used in parties or Events! After all, it is supporting Full HD contents.

Therefore, I can recommend E08 projector to others those who want to buy it. You can get this projector at a price of around $80 online. I hope you can also buy it from a retail shop near to your home as well!

Before ending this article, I will share something useful! As I specified before that I came to know some bonus tips about using a projector especially those who are interesting in buying E08 projector:

5 Tips to Keep in Mind while Using Excelvan E08 Projector

Here are some tips for the people those are facing some common issues while using a projector. Most of the time there is no fault on the projector, but it is just about how a user is using it;


Sometimes we cannot connect a Laptop or PC with the projector in one go. The same thing applies to this process as well. It is all about following the right steps to make it possible. So to connect a PC or Laptop you can have two different options, one is through HD connector another is via using a VGA connector. After choosing any one choice, you need to select the right source respectively.

While at the same time you need to click on F7 or F8 buttons on windows based systems. Finally, use your mouse to choose the option of ‘COPY’ on your PC or Laptop. You need to adjust the resolution of your Laptop or Desktop. To resolve the improper display output from the projector after connecting the project.


Many people are getting the message of No Signal from the projector whenever they are connecting a phone to the projector via a data cable. For that, you need to make sure that you are correctly following all the necessary steps to make the connection successful.

First, press the S key located on the projector or ‘Input’ on the remote controller provided with the projector. Next, make sure you have chosen the Miracast mode and properly pressed ‘OK.’ It will make the projector ready to sense your phone while connecting with the projector!


Are you get irritated with the remote control many times while using it to control the projector? If yes then it might be due to the two reasons. One will be the reason that the batteries of the remote controller are down. Secondly, there is any problem in between the projector and remote so that the proper communication between them is not happening.

It can be solved! Just make sure you are directing your remote right to the IR sensor of your projector. And no other person or object is there in between the remote controller and projector so that a direct signal is possible.


Some of the Android and iOS users are not able to use the Multi Screen feature of the E08 LCD projector. So I am giving you right procedure to make it happen!

For Android users:

  • First, connect the projector to your Android smartphone using the original Data Cable.
  • Next, go to the Settings of the Phone and find the Developer Options
  • Search for USB Debugging and allow it

Check now. Your Android phone should be linked to the projector otherwise there is any technical fault.

For iOS users:

  • Use the original high-quality Data cable to connect the projector with your iPhone
  • Next, in your iPhone activate the personal hotspot
  • Select AIRPLAY by pulling up the phone’s screen

After that select the Mirroring. Check whether you can see the multi-screen interaction between the iPhone and the projector.

If the above trick does not work, then you should better take the help of a professional for a technical check-up of your projector or phone!


Be careful while using Excelvan E08 or any other projector! You need to decide the right distance between the projector and wall or projection screen. Don’t set up your projector at an improper distance as per the size of the projection you need.

In such case, you will not get the best display output possible. So here are some suggested distances to be used to install a projector from the display screen as per the required size of the projection output!

  • 0.8 meter for a display of 30 inches
  • 2.13 meters for a display of 60 inches
  • 2.81 meters for a display of 80 inches
  • 3.54 meters for a display of 120 inches

The above tips are not only helpful for people those who are having either E08 or any other projector. However, they are also of much help if you are in desire to buy E08 or any different model of the projector.

My Final Words about Excelvan E08

Some of you might be thinking about what will be the conclusion of the projector demo with the salesman and whether I purchased the product or not! Unfortunately, I am already having two projectors working fine for me at my home. So at least for now, I am not ready to buy another projector.

So I told the salesman that I will buy it for sure one beautiful day but not now. He tried many different tricks to make me his customer, but I know the marketing tricks and all, so I controlled myself from the same. However, I not entirely away from his reach, since he has my contact number and even today he called me.

That’s when I remembered about the Excelvan E08 projector and decided to write this post! Anyways, I am happy with the time spent with that salesman and whenever I will get the opportunity I definitely like to buy an E08 projector at the economic price for sure!

Projectors are made for our convenience and enjoyment. It also makes our daily life easy while dealing with multimedia contents. If you do not have a single projector in the home, then you should try it to experience something different. Try something astounding with your friends and family!

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