Excelvan Q7 Review: A Strikingly Designed World Cup Memorial Projector

Excelvan Q7

I always do love to help and spend time with others. It not only offers me pleasure but also I come to know about the application of modern technologies in different areas. I always believe in expecting something that will be unexpected! I am going to share with you one of my recent experience regarding the same. Keep reading this post! Soon you will come to know about Excelvan Q7 Review of a genuine user and all other details that you want to know about the world cup memorial projector!

Excelvan Q7 Review

How Do I come to Know about Q7?

Coming back to my habit, recently I planned to go to a sports club with my friend who is residing near to my house. From a long time, we both know each other, right from our childhood. His name is Luei, and he is a sportsperson. I always admired him about his passion for sports.

He is among the members of the same sports club, and they use to do many activities there other than practicing and playing different types of sports. Luei was asking me for a long time to visit his club at least once and experience the environment there. He is sure that I am going to love it and also willing to join there.

Excelvan Q7

Well, I am not too much interested in playing or watching any sports too much, but even I do not hate any! So my intention of visiting the sports club is not to join the same but only to check out what is happening there, their infrastructure, etc.

I am sure there will get something unusual for me, i.e., anything related to technology.

And guess what?

I am not wrong! and visited the club. I have to say it is a well build the building with many facilitated rooms designed and setup for playing different types of indoor games. The club is also having a lush green garden both at the back and its front. There are two to three large playgrounds near to the club to play cricket, football, handball, and other outdoor sports. It has a nice feeling to spend some time there.

Excelvan Q7 world cup edition

The club has many members who are practicing for their upcoming tournaments. At last, a saw a big hall. It is much looking like an auditorium but not the same! I moved inside the same to explore for which purpose it has been made!

I am expecting that club members might use it to organize any meetings, conferences, doing parties or so! But I am searching for something else! I didn’t find any tech product of my interest in that club, so I am not satisfied and keep exploring different places.

There are some posters and cutouts on the walls of that hall all based on the upcoming FIFA world cup. I thought they might use such big tournament posters to encourage and inspire the sportsperson for them to perform well in their tournaments! But I was wrong when I talked and got it clear from one of the cleaning boy at the club.

Excelvan Q7 world cup edition projector

Application of Excelvan Q7 at a Sports Club:

I came to know that the hall will be going to prepared in a theater for the club members to enjoy the upcoming world cup. After listening to his words, I got excited! I know to convert a common hall into a theater it needs at least good speakers to be installed at different positions on the hall and the PROJECTOR!

So I went to my friend who is giving some workout training to others at that time. I waited for him till he is done with his work then asked him to let me know more about that auditorium setup! After all, he is a member of the club and not to forget my friend, If he did not help me then what I can expect from others! Anyways, my friend helped to know everything about their plan.

excelvan q7 projector

He told me that the association is going to organize a theater like a setup for all the club members and sports person. For them so that they can enjoy the live streaming of FIFA world cup 2018 that will be going to held coming June. What would be better? Other than watching it in a theater-like experience with friends and mates other than viewing on their homes!

Hands-on with Q7:

Further, I inquired with him about the status of the preparation. He told me that the work is in progress as planned and the complete theater setup will be completed sooner. Luckily I saw a projector that has already been installed there, so I requested my friend to let me know about the same!

excelvan q7 review

He agreed and finally I got the chance to do some hands-on on one more projector! It is Q7 world cup memorial projector. We spend about half an hour while I was checkout everything about the product that I am going to share this post soon! So continue reading to know about a customer’s Review on Q7 projector!

Also, I got a personal review of my friend as a user. I came to know about the fact that the projector has been installed in their hall days before and they already used it for many purposes! So I thank myself for taking the right decision to visit the sports club so that I can come to know about the Q7 projector.

excelvan q7 projector review

Features: Factors that make Excelvan Q7 a True World Cup Projector!

    1. The projector is supporting to project Full HD images of 1080P resolution. So my friend and other team members are sure about one fact! It is that even a guy sitting in the last row of the auditorium can enjoy appropriately like a guy sitting in the front row.
    2. Q7 is based on LED lamp source. So it offers brighter output and consumes less energy as compared to its other counterparts. The lamp of the projector can be used for a long time, i.e., approximately 20000 hours.

      excelvan q7 projector
    3. The projector has many interface outputs to connect external multimedia devices. For instance DVD players, PC, Smartphones, U disk, TV box, Tablet, Game Consoles, etc.
    4. It is a big decision in choosing the right projector for the club. To make sure that the audiences will not let down due to any miss-performance of the projector at any point in time. The manufacturers are saying that due to thrice cooling fans the life of the projector has been extended up to 30%. Also, this feature helps the projector to produce less heat dissipation by 80%.

      Q7 is compatible with PS4,
  1. Hence, making itself a multi-use projector. It can be used not only to watch the movies and videos but also to play games with theater-like experience with family in homes.
  2. The lens of the projector comes with a protection case. It makes it easy to keep safe and secure while not in use. The case protects the lens from scratches or dust.

  3. The product is equipped with three cooling fans those are not producing much noise while cooling the device. I hope this feature has helped the club members to use it for long hours for the proper entertainment of a big crowd.
  4. The projector is having the feature of keystone correction using a little widget available on the front top of the projector. You can turn it left and right to adjust the display as you need.

Main Features:
  1. The main feature that impressed my friend and other club members about buying a world cup memorial projector is that it comes with a world cup logo. However, it is not the only thing they have kept in mind before buying the product. The projector has many qualities that can make it a perfect device to project live board casting of world cup matches.
  2. Excelvan Q7 is the best projector for the complete home theater experience. It is designed for it, such that you can project output of about 55-160 inches while keeping the projector about 1.8 to 5m away. Experiencing watching a world cup in a big screen gives genuinely outstanding experience to its users. It is the second factor that entices the club members to buy a world cup memorial projector.

  1. A Q7 projector can be used both indoor and outdoor. So this one is the third feature that makes the projector number one choice for the club members.
  2. The Q7 world cup memorial projector supports a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness up to 200 ANSI lumen.


  • The projector display is based on LCD type.
  • Q7 supports the throw ratio of 1.2:1
  • The project produces a less noise of about 22-28 dB.
  • Excelvan Q7 has an LED lamp of about 70W.
  • You can watch the images and videos on the projector having both aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9.

    Excelvan Q7 Review
  • The projector supports all the standard image formats like PNG, BMP, and JPEG.
  • You can listen to the audio files on the projector having extensions as M4A, MP3, and WMA.
  • Q7 world cup memorial projector can help you to experience watching videos or movies available in different formats. Such as AVI, FLV, MOV, RMVB, WMV, MPEG1, and MPEG2 in a theater-like experience.
  • The projector can consume a total power of 100W.

  • You will get a fully functioning remote controller with the projector so that you can sit at one place while controlling everything on the same.
  • Projector needs a constant power supply of AC 110 – 240V/ 50 – 60Hz
Projector Design:

On the side of the projector, you can see holes built on the inbuilt speakers.

At the back of the Q7 projector, you may find different interface ports. Among them one is to fix the power cord, then there are two HDMI ports, one VGA, one AV and a 3.5mm audio jack. Hence you can easily connect home theater speakers through the projector.

At the top back side of the Q7 projector, there are some control buttons located to control the basic functioning of the projector. So you can get an OK button, a power button with an indicator separately. In between them, there is a queue of some buttons. These are placed just next to each other such as Menu navigation, choosing options, return, up, left, right, down, back, etc.

The Excelvan Q7 projector is available to buy at a price point of about $165 approx online. It is a nicely designed product that comes in white color. In the Box, you will get a projector, one user manual, one HDMI cable, one AV cable, one Remote controller, one Power Cable, and one VGA cable.

Excelvan Q7 Review of My Friend:

I was not going to come back home without having the personal experience of my friend with the Q7 projector. He told me that they had already used the projector few times before the world cup for many purposes. Such as to organize some training sessions. Club members used it before to watch tutorial videos, and they had also used the projector for official sports meeting or conferences.

Fortunately most of the time it was my friend who had operated the projector in such occasions. So it works best for me to have its personal experience while running the Q7 projector to be used as an Excelvan Q7 Review for you. Well he said, the product is impressive considering a home theater like experience either in a house, a club, event or any other outdoor activities.

The display quality is good, and it’s brighter, sharper and more precise! He also added some more words to it that the inbuilt speakers are good to use only for a medium sized room they are considerably louder for that much space. However, for their auditorium, its speaker is not sufficient for every one of the audiences to listen to everything with clarity.

So they have already used before some big sound boxes for their auditorium. Now for the world cup, they have ordered a new set of high-end home theater speakers to be used with Q7 projector to enhance their enjoyment.

Excelvan Q7 Review

At last,

He also revealed a secret fact in his Excelvan Q7 Review about one more of his experience while using the Q7 projector. It is that including him one or two members of the club were used the projector to play Video Games. It was because one of the club members has secretly bought a gaming console with him on the club one day.

However, it is prohibited to use any of the club’s property for personal entertainment. But on that day it was about 10 O’ clock night, they just have gone there to plan for the next day meeting. But they cannot restrict themselves to secretly enjoy some video games and try something new on the projector.

Well, it happened just once, and they are indeed obedient club members. By concluding his Excelvan Q7 Review, My friend said it’s the only experience of an hour or so. But playing games on the Q7 projector is something what they never expect from it before!

Today there are many portable budgetary projectors available in the market for all types of users. People like to share and enjoy watching movies or videos with each other much as compared to personal entertainment. It is best to invest in buying a good projector. Once that can be used either in your home, office or anywhere else!

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