JmGO S2 Laser Projector: The future of television

JmGo S2 Laser Projector: The future of television is here today

Movie theater viewing is such an enjoyable activity, but the cost is quite high. Today’s movie ticket prices are nearly 100 yuan (US $ 16) and don’t forget about trinkets and popcorns. However, the purchasing power of the people seems to have not reached such a high level.

That is why building a personal home theater has become the goal of many small partners and families, and projection products have also developed very fast. Today people can easily achieve a high-quality cinematic experience, regarding sound and display, for a very accessible cost. It is because now there are laser projectors and having one at home is not so difficult. In this opportunity, we are going to review the JmGO S2 laser projector. This is a must-reading review article if you want to build your own cinema.


A brief description of the product

The JmGO S2 is a second-generation laser projector made by the company JmGO. This product is an update of the Nuts S1, a major advance in laser television we could say. Unlike JmGO S1, JmGO S1 Pro and Million JmGO SC, the JmGO S2 is used to target all kind of users.

Shape and Design

The body of this laser projector is made of metal, and the surface is supplemented with anodized aluminum. The color matching, black and white, makes, it extremely easy to integrate into different home environments. The simple design has become the trend, it is elegant and simple that, as mentioned before, it will fit in any environment in your home.

At the front of the JmGO S2 you will find a distinctive brand logo, but there is almost nothing else, this confirms the minimalist design mentioned before. However, the simplicity is unintentional; this side does not really need to put too much content, so it keeps it clean and tidy. The back of this device is very simple, it is black and it resembles an accordion.

The JmGO S2 has a large number of cooling holes on both sides of the device. For this brand, heat dissipation system is one of the most important features in their devices; since an excellent performance depends on it. So, they are very cautious about this.

The JmGO S2 also has four foot pads at the bottom of the fuselage, and two foot pads near the projection surface are of adjustable height design. Occasionally, this device “raise their heads” for a better projection effect.



Even though the design of the JmGO S2 is very simple, the back of the body of the JmGO S2 is equipped with:

  • A power connector
  • HDMI/ARC interface
  • SERVICE interface
  • Network cable interface
  • S/PDIF interface.

It is important to mention that it has a cable interface design. Although the JmGO S2 already has dual-band WiFi connectivity, the existence of the cable interface can extend JmGO S2 applications.

The JmGO S2 also has an additional HDMI port on the side of the camera, as well as one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port. Remember that this last type of USB port has an increased speed, which is a plus for this laser projector device.

Maybe a small partner will question the difference between the HDMI/ARC interface and the side HDMI interface on the back of the fuselage. The role of HDMI/ARC interface will be more biased towards audio transmission, through the ARC audio signal transmission to the amplifier or other support HDMI / ARC-enabled audio equipment. In other words, the HDMI/ARC interface gives greater possibilities for the formation of additional home audio

In addition to the HDMI interface and the USB interface, this side of the JmGO S2 also has a power switch button and base mount screw knobs placed on both sides. The power switch is a square design with a very distinctive switch logo on the button.

Remote control

The remote control of the JmGO S2 is highly personalized and it is extremely easy to operate. The capsule-like design makes the direction buttons look like a flying saucer. In addition, the focus button on the remote control. You can focus on lightly pressed, compared to the traditional mechanical focus is obviously too easy.


In fact, the design has a great relationship with the ultra-short projection ratio of laser television. The JmGO S2 can achieve a 100-inch screen projection with 4cm from the wall, so the design behind the fuselage will be as simple as possible.


Image quality

The performance of the screen is the key factor that can determine whether the product is selling well, no matter if it is television or micro-projection, or even laser television. The JmGO S2 has an easy configuration regarding the basic hardware of the picture. The ultra-high lumens of 2800 ANSI can already smash the flagship micro-projection products of the current mainstream. Compared to other light bulbs lifespan, the laser light source of the JmGO S2 is sufficient to guarantee a lifespan of more than ten years.

In fact, the JmGO S2 projection is achieved through the top “big eyes”. This laser lens uses 14 lenses of optical structure design, including a super UD lens and multiple aspherical lenses. Such a complex design can effectively avoid Dispersion, and enhance the ability to compensate for aberrations.

The final effect is the same level of quality at the center and edge of the picture, rather than the unobtrusive performance of ordinary shadow edges slowly blurred.

Vibrant and bright colors? For sure!

And now, talking about more specific and technical details. The laser light source technology of the JmGO S2, together with the color fluorescent color wheel, matches approximately 1024 gray scales and 1.07 billion color numbers. In addition, 98% NTSC color months and HDR dynamic display technology enhance the performance of the picture, and 0.65” DMD light processing digital chip can greatly enhance the picture contrast. This plus 2800 Lumens are the perfect combination for an excellent visual experience.

Quality test

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, below there are some projection’s pictures. This way you will have an idea of how good is this product. You have to consider that this projector was tested in a variety of projection environments. The following REAL shots were taken during the daytime with a direct white wall projection.

The screen brightness of the JmGO S2 projection was perfect, the color saturation was rich, the contrast was good, and the overall look and feel were more comfortable.

The following real shots are half-opening curtains in the daytime, as you will see in the picture. You can notice that under this condition, the outdoor light has entered a lot, and the projection screen of the JmGO S2 at this time will be compared with the brightness in the picture above.

It looks slightly worse, but it still maintains a sufficient level of viewing. It is important that there is almost no difference in brightness between the center and the edge of the picture. In other words, the screenshot by the JmGO S2 is not affected by ambient light and the brightness is uniform.

Again, let’s focus on the position of the JmGO S2. You can clearly see that it is “closely in contact” with the wall, but the projected picture is still large. This is the performance of JmGO S2 as the world’s first 0.17:1 ultra-short throw ratio.

These shots were taken with lights on during the night. At this time, due to the decrease of the ambient light, the effect of the screen is so much better than during the daytime. Even under the influence of the spotlight, the brightness and color of the screen are extremely colorful.

The last condition was during the night with the lights off. The projection screen of the JmGO S2 is extraordinary. Under these conditions, the brightness of the screen is extremely high, and the colors of the screen are very attractive. The overall effect is comparable to a high-definition television.


The sound system of this device consists of a dense speaker sound hole which is very big and noticeable (for a device like this), the JmGO S2 has two built-in 10W speakers. It uses a 360 ° omnidirectional sound technology; you can also enjoy pure music with the JmGO S2. It is very interesting that the sound of the JmGO S2 supports independent Bluetooth work. In other words, the two 10W stereos can play music via Bluetooth to connect mobile phones to work independently.

JmGO OS 3.0: Intelligent System Mass Content

The JmGO S2 has a built-in Android-based operating system: The JmGO OS 3.0 smart operating system. The interface of this OS is extremely easy and intuitive. You can visualize a lot of content in the drop-down page of the interface. You may be looking forward to the next version of JmGO OS will bring more artificial intelligence recommendations.

Movies, series and more

Resources of this OS include Iqiyi, Mango TV, BesTV, and massive resources available for viewing at any time. In the interface, at the top page of video resources, there are some popular films gathered in the column. Overall, the resources of JmGO OS are clearly categorized and the large-scale film and television show is also timely.


The music function is also one of the contents of the JmGO OS. Remember the JmGO S2 has two 10W audios, as mentioned above. The content of the songs in the resource library is very fresh, and the various rankings are updated at any time. Live music is also available.


This is an important category because adults and kids enjoy games. The categories include the remote control area, leisure, chess, sports and more. No matter if they are young or old, they can find a game that suits them.

If you can find a game that excites you, you can connect your phone screen whit this projector. Yes, the JmGO S2 supports mobile phone screen and the quality is perfect. Almost no delay performance that allows the author to successfully defeat each other.

Android, iOS and Windows support

The JmGO S2 supports Android, iOS and Windows computers, and the compatibility is extremely strong. Besides, the JmGO S2 support apps installation.

The JmGO S2 has a built-in Office suite and WPS that can quickly open various types of business documents. Whether it is WORD or PPT, the processing is not ambiguous.

Regarding heat dissipation, the JmGO S2 contains 6 sets of cooling fans. They can be described as luxurious in configuration, with a well-designed cooling air duct. The 6 sets of fans do not need a high speed to complete the cooling task. Even if the JmGO S2 is used for a long time, the machine will not overheat and the noise will be gentle.

Not totally convinced?

The price of the JmGO S2 is between 5000 – 7000 Yuan, US $ 700 – 1000. Which is an excellent price considering all the features mentioned above. An if you are not totally convinced of this projector with the images above, here is a very bright and colorful picture. As you can see, it looks so real that you can even touch and eat those fruits!

Summarizing PROS:

  • You can place it very close to the wall and still get a large image
  • Bright and vibrant images
  • High-quality sound system
  • An excellent and almost noiseless heat dissipation system
  • Intuitive operating system


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