Hisense L7 Review: A 100 inch Massive Laser TV

Entertainment is the need of everybody’s life. If you do not like to watch movies or TV programs, then you should try it at least once! You are missing one of the essential aspects of your life! In the absence of which you got bored, or you are not living your life at full. In this post, I will be going to share with you facts regarding the features and specifications as my Hisense L7 laser TV review.

If you are an entertainment geek then what is your favorite source of income? Is it a TV, Smart Phone, Computer, or anything else? Well, the real pleasure of having complete entertainment is to enjoy it at fullest.

Hisense L7 Review

Nothing can be better other than watching a Video in 4K resolution or at least in HD. At the same time, the real pleasure of listening to the Music is to enjoy it with well-featured speakers to deliver the actual sound effects.

Hisense L7 as a Laser TV

However, with time trend is also changing! Now people are more prone to dealing with the modern age convenient multimedia equipment’s. One of the highly useful smart multimedia gadget available today is the Laser TV. You might be considering a laser TV as a large standalone electronic device to display any multimedia content, but it is not the same!

Hisense VW6 subwoofer

If you search in the market today, then you may find slim laser TVs. It can not only give fierce competition to the modern standard LED TVs and computer screens but also can provide a good theater like sound output. Isn’t it Cool? Now you no more need to depend on any particular gadget or need to face any issues while carrying it on the go.

For many people, laser TVs are the best source of entertainment. Hence they are capable of producing brighter and clearer display even better than that of a regular TV screen and a projector output display. I do have a great experience while watching one of the laser TV.

Hisense L7 laser TV review

My Experience with a Hisense L7 Laser TV

It is no other but Hisense L6 laser Television, the predecessor of Hisense L7 laser TV. I saw it the very first time when I was on holiday in Bangladesh. One of my best friends named Zameer had called me at his native place, i.e., Bangladesh to spend some time with him at his home.

I have been there for approximately three days. Zameer had taken me to all the different places to visit in Singapore daily, and at nights we came back to his home to make the rest. I had a great time there but today what I have remembered about the same before composing this article.

Hisense L7 laser TV reviews

It is about one of the three nights that I spent at my friend’s home. On that day we were about to sleep, but suddenly I heard some sound coming from the outside of Zameer’s room. I wondered and wanted to know precisely what is happening there.

I came out on the balcony and saw there was a crowd of some people at the center area of the colony. It is a small garden to say with some benches and chairs and greenery everywhere on the ground. I went out of the room, go down with stairs and reached to that area.

Laser TV for a Colony!

I saw some people are preparing to sit on their chairs that they bought from their home I guess, others were discussing with each other. To know about what is happening there, I have reached to a person to whom I saw is very active in managing everything. I asked him about what is happening there! He said that every Saturday evening they had a ‘Colony Night get together.’

In this program, any colony member can unite together at the garden area. It is to either watch any good movie, funny videos, talk about some topic, play games together, and many other activities. I do not want to waste the time of that person, so I thanked him and allowed to go.

I want to be the part of that program and want to experience what they are doing together. So I sat there and saw those people are watching Jurassic World Movie on a Big TV. It was possibility be in a size of about 80 inches or more.

I have to share with you one good thing that I had noticed on the TV. It is the fact that the TV display is indeed brighter than actually watching a movie on a projector. Almost equal to a theater like fantastic sound output even in an open area.

I also watched and enjoyed the movie with all to the fullest. It was the time of about 11:30 pm as per what I can remember when the film has been ended, and all are moving back to homes.

But I am not done yet,

I want to know about that TV. Such as it belongs to which brand, model and anything else. I know all of the people there are ordinary family persons, I suppose I will hardly get a person who can tell me everything in detail about that TV.

At least, so that I can explore more about the device by myself. However, I again talked with the person who is managing everything before. As I predicted, he was not having much idea about the TV other than its brand and model name. He said it is a Hisense L6 laser TV! This much information is enough for me!

Next, I am going to discuss with you about the latest laser TV model from Hisense, i.e., L7. As a tech geek, I got the chance to do some hands-on with the L7 laser TV. In the next section, I will share with you some information about the newly released Hisense laser television.

What are the Facts that you should know about the Hisense L7 Laser TV?

Here are some of the facts or you can say features of the Hisense L7 100 inch laser TV. I have grouped them based on the two essential factors of any Television, i.e., Build quality and Picture quality;


  • The shape and design of the L7 laser TV are inspired by L6 laser TV.
  • L7 latest laser TV is featured with Harman Kardon sound system.
  • It is based on the core laser light system with quick keystone correction.
  • The laser TV is based on a VIDAA AI system.
  • You can feel the quality of neutral, natural color reproduction in the L7 laser TV. Especially Blue-ray movies, all thanks to the BT.709 standard.
  • In Hisense L7 laser TV, you can control the entertainment and viewing functions in the laser TV with the help of your voice commands.

  • You can also choose one from the available sound modes available in the laser TV. Hence you can get the real feel of sound effects by adjusting the audio equalizer and experience the sound coming out of the speaker of the laser TV.
  • The L7 TV is based on reflective display technology. Therefore makes it comfortable for the user to view the output display for an extended period.
  • L7 has an exemplary adjustment process for producing real life like picture. For example gamma correction, gray-scale while balance fine-tuning, and a color management system.


  1. One among the best upgrades added in the L7 laser TV as compared to the L6 is laser light technology. The new L7 laser TV is having a dual-color red and blue sources of laser light. As compared to the blue monochromatic source of laser light that was used in the L6 laser TV.
  2. The quality of the display has been increased much as compared to L6. After all the high definition standard of BT.709 has been raised in L7 laser newly launched TV to comply with Ultra HD BT.2020.
  3. You can do experience colorful and rich picture advantages on the Hisense L7 TV. It is because the TV is possessing an HDR10 high dynamic range technology.

  4. The laser TV comes with an advanced display color management functionality. Image parameter adjustment, and image optimization functionality.
  5. Hisense L7 Laser TV possesses advanced system setting and control features. Hence you can set the custom color temperature mode of the laser TV. It uses the six primary colors cyan, magenta, green, red, blue, and yellow. You can fine tune and adjust the brightness, hue, and saturation of the display output of the laser TV.
  6. The details of the shadows and sharpness from the L7 are fine-tuned in the HDR high dynamic range mode.

What are the Specifications of Hisense L7 Laser TV?

Many of you might be interested in buying the new laser TV model of Hisense. So next I am going to list down here;

  • L7 laser TV can support two-color laser light source.
  • The brightness of the device is about 3200 lumens.
  • It is powered using an A53 +A72 dual-architecture quad-core CPU, and aMstar 6A-938 graphics processing chip.
  • L7 laser TV is based on the display technology of TI Texas Instruments 4K UHD DMD chip of 0.66 inches.
  • The color Gamut of the compact smart laser TV is about 160% as per BT.709
  • The laser TV can support the contrast ratio of 1500:1.

  • L7 supports 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory capacity.
  • The laser TV is based on fast Android 6.0 based operating system.
  • The user interface of the L7 laser TV is based on VIDAA AI based operating system.
  • Hisense L7 Laser TV has got an excellent thermal output management functionality.
  • The laser TV has the Fresnel Passive Bionic Screen.
  • You will get a beautiful metal body design, remote controller. An impressive fact about the remote is that it has come with a 3.5mm jack. You can listen to the music or watch movies on your favorite headphones personally. At the same time while controlling the laser TV directly from your couch.
  • You can pair the device with others via Bluetooth.
  • The dimensions of the laser TV is of 698×397×210mm.

My Review:

Following are some of the impressive points about 100 inch L7. I feel that it can make the laser TV must have a gadget in the home of every entertainment lover. So let us first see what they are;

  1. You can experience watching a big screen entertainment of 100 inches.
  2. You can watch videos and pictures in various modes namely movie, natural, standard, and cinema mode.
  3. The midrange and treble speakers are located on the left and right side of the laser TV hence it can help in delivering a fantastic sound experience.
  4. You can connect the laser TV wirelessly to a subwoofer.

  5. Input and Output ports are one of the necessary aspects that can help us to know more about the level of convenience a laser TV is going to deliver. L7 laser TV also has many interface connectivity options. For example three HDMI ports, an optical fiber port, coaxial cable port, Micro USB port, AV, two USB 3.o ports, network connection port, and RF port.
  6. The TV can consume a maximum rated power of about 390W.
  7. The stylish design of the laser TV can enhance your living room environment.
  8. You can get fantastic sound output from the laser TV since the L7 can support the Dolby Atmos feature. And not to forget the Harman Kardon configures the speaker of the laser TV.
  9. Hisense L7 Laser TV can produce a noise of about 32dB.
  10. The laser TV can display output images or videos in 4K 3840×2160.

My Final Words:

If I have to say anything about the L7 laser TV, then I can tell a Yes if you can afford it. It can deliver not only the best display and sound experience but also beautiful looking hardware that can sure integrate with the beauty of your home decor.

Also, it is the best choice for the people. Among the people who are looking to buy or try the experience of watching a new laser TV for the very first time by switching from watching a normal Plasma or LED TV.

Therefore, prepare for something new in your habit. You can shop online, watch videos and TV programs or listen to your favorite playlist on the Hisense L7 laser TV. Also if you are a photographer, then the laser TV will be going to be your favorite colleague to show and share with others about your art and work!

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