JMGO E8 Review: Smart, Stunning, Small Home Theater Projector

JMGO E8 Review

Today people are spending a lot to convert their bedroom or halls in a home theater setup. You can get many smart gadgets to transform your home to experience watching movies almost like a theater hall. The basic and essential one among them is a TV or a projector. Also a projection screen or wall, a mobile/computer and some good quality home theater speakers. In this post, I will give my review about one among such gadgets, and it is JmGO E8 smart Home theater projector.

It is common among humans that most of us would like to watch a movie at a theater. Not all but many people! Especially children are much excited for the same! I think it is the most significant source of entertainment traditionally that is active even today!

E8 LED Projector

Are you aware of the current trend? Actually, at present, many gadget freaks are moving towards using the projector in their homes and workplaces than regular TVs. I am also in favor of it because compact projectors are very handy. You can carry them from one place to another as compared to a TV. Also, you can project images and videos of different sizes, anywhere as per your requirement. Now think is it possible via a TV?

Why Home Theater?

Many of you might think it is a stupid activity to spend hard earned money on setting up a home theater if we are having a good option of a Cinema hall. But do you know about more than 70 percent of the entertainment lovers are having either big screens or home theater speakers in their home!

E8 mini Projector

Do you still feel that all of them are hopeless? Let me tell you, and they are not! They are smart and finding an alternative to a cinema hall. Are you still against the people who are installing a home theater setup at their home? Then you should read further to know more!

How many people do you know those have not seen any movie in a cinema hall at least once in their life? No one or very few! At least for me, it is no one. Since whatever friends and family members those I know. All are interested in watching movies on theater halls or at least seen a film in a cinema hall once in their life.

E8 Smart MiniProjector

An Alternative to Cinema Hall

I also know some people who are not interested in visiting a theater hall currently to watch any movie or so! When I investigated this fact and tried to uncover the reason behind it, then I found one thing common in their feedbacks. It is about their experience at a cinema hall!

It is not other but the noise and disturbance that they feel every time whenever they use to watch a movie in a cinema hall. I can understand it! Let us consider a situation when you are watching a movie either in your home or a cinema hall with interest, and you do not want to miss every frame of the film. Suddenly someone wants to converse with you or prompts you for some activity, then what is your reaction?

E8 smart projector

We cannot neglect the fact that in the theater many people sit with each other and enjoy the movie. Some people are quite some are making noise, gossiping, talking on phones, etc. during a film. I do not like their behavior. I always think they are not only missing the entertainment but also ruining others enjoyment! Why not, everyone should think about the same since we all pay equally for the tickets!

JmGO E8 as a Smart Home Theater Portable Projector

I am writing this post after remembering about one incident that was happened to me about three months before! One day my friends and I were planned to watch an action movie on the weekend. We got the movie tickets online and successfully reached the theater on time.

If I can remember correctly, then it is the second day of the movie release, and we had taken the tickets of matinee show. I have to say that the show was houseful. We came back home in the interval itself without watching the complete movie!

E8 Projector

Do you want to know why?

It is only due to the disturbance that we faced inside the hall. Ultimately we got utterly fed up with the noise of some audiences in the first half of the movie. Finally, we were decided to leave the hall in the movie interval itself without waiting for the climax of the film!

We saw some couples came to watch the movie with their small child’s those are making noise. Some people are talking about the film while watching the same. Some are hooting on a thrilling shot of the film and so on. Well, I am not blaming them since all of us are of a different mentality, and we have the right to enjoy a movie in our way!

E8 LED Projector backside

After some days of this incident,

I saw one of my friends was preparing his bedroom to convert it into a home theater. There I saw JmGO E8 projector! So I was very keen to know about everything regarding the projector. And the most important how can I miss the chance to do some hands-on with the projector itself. After all, it is my friend’s projector, and I have the right to try my hands on the same!!!

So without wasting any time I have taken the permission from my friend to use the projector. He allowed me for the same! I have spent about 1 hour with the beautiful E8 compact projector and come to know many things about the same.

Next, I am going to share with you every detail about the E8 mini LED projector as per my personal experience. So first let us start with the basics and essential information about the projector, i.e., features and specifications one by one!


Following are some of the necessary details or features about the projector. It can help you to get an idea about whether you can use the E8 smart compact projector in your homes and offices or not. And by the end of this post, you will come to know everything that can help you to decide whether you can buy this projector for you or not!

  • JmGo E8 smart LED projector is based on the TI DMD DLP technology.
  • The Body of the E8 smart home projector is made up of aluminum.
  • The projector is having the feature of optical zoom functionality. So without any damage in the image quality, you can adjust the size of the output display image.
  • JMGO is a beautifully designed compact projector that supports a native resolution of 1280 x 800.
  • E8 delivers a bright light display of about 750 ANSI Lumens.
  • The throw ration of the projector is around 1.2:1
  • You can get the projection from the JMGO E8 beautifully designed projector in size ranging from 20 inches to 200 inches.

  • E8 smart compact projector can project the images and videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • The projector has many exciting functionalities. All can make the E8 home projector useful for all types of its users such as an inbuilt speaker, 3D, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

An Overview about the Product,

  • JMGO E8 small home projector is supporting a display type of LCOS.
  • The projector is based on auto keystone function that can be corrected up to 40 degrees vertically.
  • You can watch and enjoy 4k resolution images and videos on a big screen using the projector.
  • E8 compatible home projector is not noisy since it has the Noise level of only 32dB.
  • The projector can support a quality display output possessing a contrast ratio of 5000:1.

  • You can install the E8 projector from the projector screen, a wall or any other flat projection surface a range of distances. You can place the projector from about minimum 0.5m to maximum 7.5m to get the excellent quality projection output.
  • E8 smart mini stylish projector can support an image scale of 16:9 ratio.
  • To get superior quality of image E8 is offering subtle details and a right amount of color saturation.
  • The projector needs only a regular power supply of 100-240V.

The main highlighting features of JMGO E8 projector are the one that it is a Home Theater projector. One other fact is that it can support Full HD content, i.e., 1080P.


Here we will discuss the details that must let you know before buying the JmGO E8 smart Home Projector. Generally, we are planning and preparing our self to buy a new gadget or so. At that instant, one of the main things that come to our mind is the basic functionalities of the product.

Also for many of the smart buyers, these can act as the primary criteria to compare the different brand’s products. You can buy one as per your budget and even finalize one from different available choices. So I am trying to solve some queries that can happen in one’s mind regarding the specifications of the JMGO E8 smart compact projector;

How is the Lamp of the E8 Projector?

The lamp of the JMGO E8 projector is using OSRAM LED light bead as the source of light projection. Hence it is very efficient both in saving your electricity bill and in providing you brighter display possible at the time of projection. You can use the lamp for up to 30000 hours. Also, the lamp can hardly consume a power of about 45W. The lamp is based on 0.45 inches RGB-LED DMD DLP technology.

How about the Connectivity of the Projector?

Well, the E8 mini stylish projector has multiple connectivity options. Such as HDMI, RJ45, Audio + SPDIF and both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces to connect it with different external devices via USB connectivity. At the same time, you can use the necessary options to connect the E8 projector with any other device wirelessly. For example, Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE low power and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.

JmGO E8 Smart LED Home Projector

How well can JmGO E8 do regarding the Entertainment?

By considering the level of entertainment what the E8 portable projector has to deliver! We can take the benefit of many features provided in the same. You can easily connect any gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4, etc. with the projector. It can help you to enjoy the big screen gaming experience on your home theater speakers.

The E8 projector is also supporting 3D content. It can also help the external subtitles. Hence we can say the projector is all ready to deliver your next generation of entertainment. This time without compromising with the quality of output from the same. E8 smart projector is also having loudspeakers built inside the unit.

JmGo E8 LED projector

What are the supportive content formats?

You can enjoy watching either images, videos, movies or can listen to the music anytime on the E8 compact projector. The projector is compatible with almost all the regular formats that we are familiar with in our daily life! Talking about the video formats then you can watch any video that is based on one among MPG, AVI, DAT, DIV, VOB, MOV, RM, MKV, RMVB, MPEG, MP4, TS, WMV, TRP, FLV, and ASF.

Next, if you love to watch your favorite pictures on a big screen, then you can project pics that are having file formats JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. Also, not to forget we can also play audio files on the E8 smart projector. You can play any file extension among MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP3, AC-3, DOLBY, HE-AAC, AAC-LC, WMA9 PRO, WAM.

JMGO E8 Review

What all things I can get from the Company as a package with the Projector?

You might be happier by listening to the fact regarding the same! It is because JMGO is not compromising in providing all the essential accessories with the projector as a package. So with the JmGO smart home theater projector as a package, you will also get an IR remote controller. The remote provided by the company is powered by 2 x AAA batteries those are not included in the box. One power adapter and an English user manual are also included in the package.

JmGo E8 smart projector

Can I use the E8 smart projector efficiently or carry it from one place to another without any hassle?

Yes, you can! It is not only a smart home theater projector but also compact as well. An excellent source of complete entertainment at the same time it is a nicely designed product. The total weight of the projector is around 0.8kg, which is less than 1kg.

Also the size of the product can be measured as 19.34 x 4.80 x 19.34 cm / 7.61 x 1.89 x 7.61 inches as length x height x width respectively. One more thing I would like to add here is the fact that not only the projector but I think the experience of handling even the packaging box is not bulkier.

JmGo E8 smart LED projector review

If you are decided or in a mood to buy the E8 smart LED projector online, then I have some details especially for you. It can help you to get the idea that the total weight of the complete package is around 3kg. The dimensions of the package is more than 30.50 x 8.00 x 30.50 cm / 12.01 x 3.15 x 12.01 inches as length x height x width respectively.

How is the Quality of Sound of in-Build Speakers?

The quality of sound output from the inbuilt speakers is outstanding. After all, as the company says, the E8 is the smart home theater projector. So it should provide High-Fidelity speaker inside the same. So for many people I have to say the E8 smart projector cannot only impress others with its design but with also its beautiful sound effect.

JmGO Smart Projector

Do you ever wonder about the reason behind the circular design of the E8 compact projector? Do you think it is only to deliver something unique to the projector users? If yes then it is not exactly the fact! The design of the E8 mini projector is planned by keeping in mind the sound the projector can deliver to its surrounding.

The company uses total four smaller long stroke speakers placed at asymmetrical inner corners of the projector. Hence there is a double chamber sound system to weaken the vibration produced by the system.

JmGO projector

All in all the E8 smart projector can assure you to deliver the same quality of sound output from all the different angles equally. Therefore, it does not matter precisely the direction where you sit considering the situation while attending a conference in an office or so.

Review on JmGO E8 Smart LED Home Projector:

What I have to Say about the E8 Smart Mini Stylish Projector?

I agree with what company says, E8 is a small, quiet and quick smart projector. I do like many exciting things about the projector that I want to share with you;


  1. There are various projection modes of the E8 smart home projector like Ceiling, Back Protection, and Throwing.
  2. The projection output can be zoomed up to 1.2 that of the standard size of the content.
  3. E8 projector can support dual-band Wi-Fi, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  4. JmGO E8 has a Mali 450Mp4 GPU inside the unit, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and a Quad core CPU. So no doubt it is a powerful projector!
  5. You can not only watch 3D movies on the E8 smart home projector, but you can also do convert the 2D content into 3D. The projector will make sure that you can enjoy the completely different immersive experience.E8 smart projector display
  6. The projector is based on the advanced Android OS.
  7. E8 has the functionality to support Airplay DLNA Miracast.
  8. There is an indicator located on the projector body that will help you to know about the status of the projector. Such as if it goes red then it means the projector is currently in a standby mode. In case of blue- the projector is in Bluetooth mode. In case of orange the E8 projector is in projecting mode, and in case nothing is displaying then the projector is in not active or Off.
  9. The projector is based on many smart technologies like iPod nano ACM for image enhancement and Amlogic T866 as a smart TV chip.
  10. E8 is a well-designed projector. It comprises of a non-slip mat, removable dust screen, dedicated bracket joint, and a leveling feet hoisting screw hole.

What My Friend had shared with me about the JmGO E8 LED Projector?

Now it is the time for me to share with you what my friend as a user of E8 compact LED home theater projector experienced about the same. First of all, he is impressed with the sound effects of the internal speakers inside the projector unit.

He shared with me his common habit of using the projector as a Standalone Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker. You can also try, it is fantastic! He is still using the projector at least once on every weekend to watch movies or use it as an HD TV box. One more thing, he is using Happycast to mirror the screen on the E8 small rounded projector.

You can buy the JmGo E8 projector at a price range of $500 to $800. The price depends on the choice of the warehouse that you are selecting to buy the item.

I got impressed by the design of the E8 smart LED projector. I definitely would like to appreciate the work of JmGO designers for making a portable rounded projector. Hence you can put at the center of a table to enhance the beauty of either your home or an Office. At last, coming back to our main discussion that is the problem of noise and disturbance while watching a movie in a theater hall. I am sure E8 as a smart beauty can solve it!