JmGO E8 smart projector Review: Compact but powerfull

JmGo E8: Innovative design and 300-inch screen in one projector.

Smart projectors have developed very fast in the last years. It is mainly because smart projectors can easily project hundreds of inches of screens for users to watch without the need for screens; which are really hard to fit in a small room, and prices are similar to that of a smart TV. So, it is not a surprise that users prefer smart projectors instead of smart TVs!

China’s leading smart projector brand “JmGO intelligent theater” released a new product, this new product has a thin body, simple style design, and good brightness of the flow! Let’s take a look at the experience of using this JmGO E8 smart projector.

JmGO E8 appearance

JmGo E8 vs JmGO G1 Pro

Even though the JmGO E8 belongs to a new series; it keeps the previous round appearance of the JmGO “G series”. Below you will see the JmGO E8 in gold and the JmGO G1 Pro in silver, this last is a classic product of JmGO.

Comparing JmGO E8 with the G1 Pro, the E8 is obviously smaller than the G1 Pro. Even though the E8 is smaller, the projection brightness is not shrinking, it was also improved. It’s easy to see that the JmGO E8 not only reducing the body thickness and weight but also increase the brightness of the stream.

More about JmGO E8’s design

In addition, the body weight of the JmGO G1 Pro is 1.55kg while the JmGO E8 is only 0.8kg, so much lighter. Compared to other brands such as Mimi, the recently launched Z5 has a weight of 1.7 kg, which is heavier than the previous Z4 series, so it is not difficult to see that the new appearance of the JmGO has been breaking through. JmGO E8 weight is very convenient for users because you can carry it anywhere. As mentioned before, the JmGO E8 is very “thin”, only 48 mm, and body length is 194.5 mm.

The JmGO E8 power button is located in the middle of the top of the projector. It has a touch-sensitive design and can be turned on/off with a slight press. At the same time, the power button has a LED indicator light that turns on after power the projector on. Different states have different colors. The warning light, for example, is red and it turns white when projected. The bottom of the JmGO E8 has a connecting hole for attaching a tripod, a bracket, and a non-slip silicone pad.

Even the remote control of the JmGO E8 has been changed. The overall appearance of the remote control is not particularly large, but the details have been improved, and there is an upgrade of the internal hardware of the remote control.

In brief, the appearance of the JmGO E8 has many advantages. It is light, thin, and only 0.8kg weight. All these make this projector and easy-to-carry device.


In terms of interface design, the JmGO E8 has an S/PDIF audio output, an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, and an Ethernet interface. These connectivity possibilities ensure that the JmGO E8 can meet all kinds of uses under the scene, such as two USB ports, connect two wireless gamepads and play games with friends.


Streaming brightness is the most important part of a projector, JmGO E8 uses 750 ANSI lumen brightness. Even though it does not have more lumens it still displays a very bright image.

The JmGO E8 can project up to a 300-inch screen, and the resolution of the projection screen is 1280×800 p. In addition, thanks to the LED light source technology, the lifespan of the E8 bulb is up to 30,000 hours. Even if you watch eight hours a day, you can use this projector for 10 years. In terms of the lens, the E8 uses a high-transmission coating lens, which is more resistant to high temperatures.

The JmGO E8 supports picture brightness, aspect ratio, digital zoom, trapezoidal correction (±40 degrees vertical) and other functional adjustments. The installation mode supports lifting and rear shooting.

Sound experience

In terms of sound design, the JmGO E8 uses two 5W speakers, and after 180 days of careful adjustment, you can bring HiFi-class sound experience. The E8 has a more balanced three-frequency performance in terms of sound quality, and the effect is relatively satisfactory. In addition, the JmGO E8 can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker by turning off the projection function.

Projection experience

For this kind of product, the projection effect is also a very important part of the experience. I will show you, from all aspects, the real projection effect of the JmGO E8. The following shots are 100% real without any modifications.


Let’s take a look at the projection effect after turning off the lights indoors. I have a 100-inch projection screen on my hands. When the JmGO E8 is almost 2 meters away from the curtain, you can project up to 100 inches’ screen.

Broadly, the E8’s projection effect is very powerful, no matter if it is color or screen brightness, the quality is not less than an ordinary LCD TV.

Now look at the projection effect under the two lights, if you turn on the lights, the picture of the JmGO E8 projected is slightly more white than when the lights are off, but the overall projection effect is still pretty good, as you can see in the real shot. So, the JmGO E8 can be used in both situations, lights on and off and still get a good performance.

Pictures above were using a projection screen, then what is the effect of direct projection on a white wall without using a curtain? The following pictures show the effect of direct projection on a white wall and basically, there is no difference in the projection effect when using a screen.

These several projection effects are almost as close as 150 inches to 180 inches. Even if the screen size is enlarged, it will not affect the projection effect of the JmGO E8.

The images above just showed pictures. Now, let’s look at a dynamic picture of high-definition video playback to prove that the JmGO E8 does have such a projection effect. Thanks to this animation, I believe we should also feel the effect of the projection of the JmGO E8.

Any doubts?

I said earlier in the article that the resolution of the JmGO E8‘s projection screen is 1280×800 p. But you may wonder if when the size of the JmGO E8 projection screen is enlarged by 100 inches, will the projection appear pixelated? In order to eliminate everyone’s doubts, I specifically zoomed in on the real shot picture of the E8 projection. Through the enlarged real shot picture, we can see that it does not have any mosaics or problems. Instead, you can see that the animal details in the projection screen are very clear, so I think the 1280 x 800 p resolution of the JmGO E8, even though is not the best, it is enough to use, and even if the picture is enlarged to 100 inches, it will not affect the visual experience.

Let’s take a look at the real shots of the two TV dramas using the JmGO E8 to project hundreds of inches. Do you know which drama I am playing?

In addition to watching movies and chasing dramas, using it to project a 100-inch screen to play a game is also a good experience.


Next, let’s take a look at the outdoor projection performance of the JmGO E8. After all, this projector cannot be limited to home use, you also can consider commercial use, for example: put it in the store, restaurant entrance, project some of the specialty dishes in the shop, featured product screens to attract customers.

The outdoor projection performance of the JmGO E8 is also very good, basically as good as the indoor performance. However, because the JmGO E8 is a smart projector that requires an external power supply, if you solve this power problem, then using the JmGO E8 to play movies for everyone in the open, or to dance to square dances, is also a brand new experience.

See I use the JmGO E8 to play the King’s glory outdoors! Just ask you to give power? (PS: The King’s glory in the picture is achieved through the corresponding screen application, which is to use the JmGO E8 to sync projected content on the phone)

Finally, let’s take a look at the effect of the JmGO E8 projecting hundreds of inches outdoors. The E8 projection experience is here! The E8’s projection brightness, picture quality, and color are all very good. Even if the picture is enlarged to 100 inches, it will not affect the viewing experience. Seeing is believing, hearing is imaginary, I believe that after everyone’s real shots, I can feel the true projection effect of the JmGO E8!

Yue E8 operating system

The system adopted by the JmGO E8 is based on a deep optimization of Android. The self-developed JmGO OS, from the perspective of the system interface design, is simple and intuitive. The entire system is divided into 9 functional areas. Each functional area has a clear interface. Give the user a convenient and efficient operation experience. You almost do not need any time to learn how to operate. Get your hands and believe that you know what to do.

In terms of application resources, the JmGO E8 cooperated with the “Dangbei Market”. So, we don’t have to worry about downloading games and application resources. Before I’ve experienced projectors from other brands, I’ve found that these brands are working on application resources. The very poor, the built-in app store has almost no applications for download, and because the JmGO E8 has cooperated with the “Dangbei Market”, it is still a lot of applications and games available for download.

What can I download?

In terms of film and television resources, the JmGO E8 is a built-in iQiYi film source, up to 100,000 high-definition movies, 40,000 TV shows, and 30,000 episodes of animation. It also covers more than 95% of new films in the domestic theater line. The JmGO E8 also supports 3D movie playback but requires extra 3D glasses.

There are many early education apps available for download in the JmGO E8 system. That means this projector cannot only play games, watch movies, chase TV shows, play PPTs, etc., but also can give children preschool education or early childhood education. In short, I think that having a JmGO E8 will be a benefit for all family members. Can be called “all ages.”

The experience of using the system of JmGo E8 is here. The overall use is still relatively “cool”, mainly the system interface is simple and it is not uncomfortable to use.

Other performance details

In terms of heat dissipation design, the JmGO E8 adopts a hidden inlet and outlet design to increase the cooling effect by 40%. At the same time, it also ensures the integrity of the product appearance. Because most smart projectors use different types to distinguish between air inlets and outlets, they are often used differently. The appearance, for example, the air inlet is circular, and the air outlet is rectangular.

Summarizing the JmGO E8

Overall, the experience of using the smart projection of the JmGO E8 is quite good. In terms of appearance, this projector is light and thin, and it has a circular appearance that is very modern. It only weighs 0.8kg and can be easily stored in a backpack. In terms of the use of the system, the JmGO E8 is simple to operate. Regarding projection effects, the JmGO E8 can project a satisfying picture whether it is turning on the lights, turning off the lights, or outdoors at night. Even if you project a screen that is up to a hundred inches, it will not affect the experience! So, whether for home use, office use, or commercial use, I think the JmGO E8 can meet all your needs. If you are considering purchasing a smart projector with a good overall experience, then you may try this one. You can get the JmGo E8 on GearBest now!!

Pros and Cons



  • Gorgeous design
  • Suitable during daytime


  • No cons, so far


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