JmGO J7 projector Review: Big screen smart theater

I do not know what kind of understanding of hardware such as “projector” is. Did you mention projectors, and you would think of the kind of “bulkhead” projectors used in such settings as offices and schools? So, I may be “subverting” your understanding of the projector below. Today’s review is a new flagship JmGO J7 projector with a LED light source.

Compared to traditional “bulkhead” projectors, JmGO J7 has a technological, stylish appearance, as well as compact body and so on. Because of the different light sources, the traditional “big” projector is basically a light source, and it does not only have a short service life but also requires regular maintenance. The JmGO J7 uses LED light source. Only this feature can bring advantages such as the body design can be smaller, long life, and short maintenance costs!

Dimensions and Weigh

The dimensions of the JmGO J7 are 19.2 x 19.2 x 11.0 cm and it weighs 1800 g. In my opinion, even though it is small I wouldn’t rather say it is portable. There are projectors smaller than this one, but anyway, the JmGO J7 can fit in any place at your home and office.


Regarding appearance, the JmGO J7 mainly adopts the “silver + black” color matching.

The top of the JmGO J7 is a glossy metal cover with “laser pattern”. Why is it called “gloss”? Because of this cover design. Although the laser pattern feeling, the overall surface of the cover is flat, in the light not only has a laser pattern visual sense but also has a shiny glossy.

In addition, the middle position of the top cover is a touch power button. When the machine is plugged in, the touch button lights up, the standby condition is red, and after running the machine, it is displayed in white, which is convenient for distinguishing the running status of the machine.

The front of the JmGO J7 is mainly divided into a projection lens, which is a projection screen lens, and an autofocus device. The bigger one is the projection lens, and the smaller one is the autofocus device.

Lens and Auto-focus technology

About the projection lens, the JmGO J7 uses 11-layer glass lens, and innovatively added sapphire glass lens, with Nano-coating. The advantage of this design is high light transmission rate. These features provide excellent imaging results and also has a protective effect on the projection lens.

The auto-focus device allows the JmGO J7 automatically adjust the resolution of the projection screen. Generally, as long as the movement occurs, or the picture is not clear, the JmGO J7 will automatically focus.


The key to a smart projector is not the appearance but the projection effect. So, in terms of projection effects, you can check the evaluation below for more details. Now, let’s first understand the hardware parameters of the JmGO J7 projection. This projector uses a brightness of 1200-1300 ANSI (approximately equal to 3200 lumens of light), projection screen 1080P resolution, and also supports HDR10 high dynamic range image. Besides, it has vertical and horizontal keystone correction, ±45° each.

Because of the superior projection ratio of 1.1:1, the JmGO J7 only needs a distance of 2.4M, and it can project a picture of about 100 inches. This projection distance, I think, should be suitable for most of the friends’ homes, right?

Due to the 1200-1300 ANSI lumen brightness, it is also possible to use the JmGO J7 for business purposes. Below you can see a real shoot of a WORD file projection. It also works very well for PPT and Excel.

Audio performance

In terms of audio design, JmGO J7 is very interesting. It has a closed sound chamber, two 5W long-stroke powerful magnetic horns, a high-fidelity compound diaphragm, and four-way surround sound technology. In combination with the above audio design, the JmGO J7 can achieve a full range of stereo listening, that is, regardless of which direction, you can feel the same audio-visual experience. In addition, when the JmGO J7 is on standby, it can also be used as a Bluetooth stereo.


Behind the JmGO J7 is the position of the interface, as well as outlet vents. From the real shot pictures, we can easily see that the JmGO J7 has a wealth of expansion interfaces, namely: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI interfaces, headphone jacks, and cable interfaces. Whether it is entertainment or office, this projector should be able to meet the use of these scenarios, right?

JmGO J7 test

This projection effect was taken with the lights switched on. The light at the top of the projection screen can be clearly seen. Thanks to TI’s “high-end digital new products”, REC.709 standard adjustments, and 27 colorful enhancement techniques, the JmGO J7 can achieve true color reproduction.

Let’s take a close-up shot of the projection. How about it? The animal hair in the picture can be clearly seen, which is enough to show that the JmGO J7 can be used normally under the condition of turning on the lights and still project about 100 inches of screen. In addition, the projection effect test of the JmGO J7, it was all projected on a white wall, but if there is a curtain in the home, then the projection effect will increase a lot.

This projection effect is also under the “lighting scene”, but I turned off some lights, so the screen looks slightly darker than the above projection screen.

The projection of this scene is under turned off lights and turned on a floor lamp. This can be interpreted as a “dark light scene.” As you can see, the light of the floor lamp does not affect the projection, it also can bring an excellent projection experience.

The effect of this projection is to shoot under the condition that all lights are turned off. It can be seen that after the light is turned off, the quality and color of the entire projection screen are improved differently.

What else can this projector offer?


In addition to watching movies, cartoons and TV shows you can use the JmGO J7 to play games. After all, runs Android smart system. So playability, the experience is also good. With a Bluetooth gamepad, or a wired controller, and then download a few games, you can experience hundreds of big-screen games.

At the same time, you can also connect the phone with the screen, or HDMI connection to other gaming peripherals. Below you can see the JmGO J7 connected to the mobile phone.

Suitable for children

Because the “diffuse light” of the JmGO J7, that is, the picture we see is “reflected”, it can reduce the damage to the eyes instead of the “direct light” of the LCD TV. Because of this principle, this projector is also more suitable for families with children. Besides with JmGO OS 3.0 smart operating system, you can download some early education software for children to experience.

Operating system and more

The JmGO J7 uses Android-based, in-depth customized, optimized JMGO OS 3.0 smart operating system. The whole system interface of the JmGO J7 is relatively simple. In terms of film sources, this projector has built-in genuine film and television content such as iQiyi, BesTV, and Mango TV.

In addition, the built-in file management features of the JmGO J7 is able to recognize most files, such as: Android applications, video files, etc., while PPTX, XLSX files, although the system identifies the file as “?” but after you install WPS or other similar applications, you can open the files directly.


The JmGO J7 meets the expectations and necessities of most users. It has a modern and compact design that fits both at home or at the office, the only disadvantage is that it is not small enough to be a portable device. Talking about technical features; this projector has auto-focus technology, brightness of 3200 lumens and it supports 1080 p, all these to ensure a good projection experience. Besides, the JmGO J7 runs its own operating system based on Android in order to offer you variety regarding applications. The JmGO J7 is an excellent option if you have children and they want to enjoy games and movies, or for presentations at the office.

Pros and Cons



  • Supports HD
  • High Lumens
  • Modern design


  • Not portable

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