JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2: Can you guess the Winner?

JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2

Projectors can be taken as the best replacement for the standalone TV sets. Today the best part is we are having many options for various kinds of projectors available in the market. Modern projectors are more compact, designer and loaded with updated technologies. They can help to enhance the convenience of a user while saving the time. It is a common fact that many people got confused while looking to buy a new projector. Due to the reality of having so many options having similar features and specifications. In this post, we will be comparing the two highly featured projectors, i.e., JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2.

JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2 faceoff

Why JmGO J7 and XGIMI H2?

Now you might think why I have chosen only J7 and H2 and not others! Some of you might take it in any other way! For example, whether I am biased towards these two projectors or intentionally comparing only these two projectors or so! But before proceeding ahead, I need to clear this thing.

I got the inspiration to compose this post from the discussion of two of my friends! Just five days before writing this article I am hanging around at the coffee shop with my two friends. We met after a long time and asking about each other.


Further one of my friend named Jerry said that he got the new XGIMI H2 projector and started telling us about its details and other stuff. After listening to him for some time, my other friend named Harry prompted Jerry and said he had made a mistake in buying a newly launched product.

Also, Harry said that he is using JmGO J7 projector for a long time and it performs well. My friend Harry is so happy with using the J7 projector that he does not want to listen to the good things about any other projector. Well, I thought let us make it clear to all of us.


So I had an idea!

I invited both Jerry and Harry to my home and asked them to come with their projectors. So that we all can compare their projectors from every aspect and try to finalize which one is the best to buy! Both of my friends were agreed, and next day they came to my home.

We spent about one and a half hour while comparing different things about the projector. I know many of the things might be left. But we have covered about all the essential elements that we generally want in a projector. We noted all the major features and specifications about both the H2 and J7 projectors and compared them together.

For some of the points, Jerry is leading with his projector as compared to the projector of Harry. Also in other some points, Harry was happy to lead, and even for the rest of the points, there is a tie between the two. Keep reading to understand more about the details regarding our activity of faceoff between the JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2.

JmGo J7 vs. XGIMI H2: Faceoff

Now I will not take you any more time. Let me share with you what all the things that we have found familiar or different between JmGo J7 and XGIMI H2. After all, we are doing this to check who will be the winner among both the high-end compact projectors at the end.

I am going to make it simple to understand. I will discuss every single specifications and feature of both the smart projectors by comparing them together one by one. Here are they;

1. Weight:

Let us first start our challenge by comparing the weight of both the J7 and H2 projectors. Since convenience is one among the primary factor that a user is generally looking! For many buyers, the weight of the product matters the most.

Many people are buying a projector to carry it from one place to another or want to use it while traveling or so! Hence, the weight of the JmGO J7 Smart Home Projector is about 1.8 KGs, and the weight of the XGIMI H2 latest multimedia home projector is about 2.4 KGs

2. Lamp:

The lamp of the JmGO J7 compact projector is made of the pure sapphire glass lens with 0.47’’ DMD TI DLP technology. The lens can support the autofocus feature. The lamp is based on the OSRAM LED technology of Germany. Also, it has the light load of modern RGB+B Quad-Channels.

In case of XGIMI H2 mini projector, you will get different convenience while using the product such as Auto lens cover, and Autofocus features. It also has an OSRAM RGB-LED technology based lamp with TI DLP and 0.47’’ DMD.

3. Brightness:

J7 home cinema projector can display a projection output with a brightness of about 1200-1300 ANSI Lumens or 3200 Lumens. At the same time, the brightness of the latest H2 projector is about 1350 ANSI Lumens.

4. Contrast:

The JmGO j7 smart portable projector can support an excellent contrast ratio of 10000:1. In case of XGIMI H2, the contrast ratio of the well-featured projector is about 20000:1.

5. Resolution:

The standard resolution of the JmGO J7 projector is Full HD, i.e., 1920x1080P. At the same time, you can also project even higher resolution contents on the same device as those are based on 2k and 4k.

You can also get the clarity output in the XGIMI H2 projector. It can support the native resolution of 1080P, i.e., Full HD. You can also use the H2 projector if you are in a mood to watch a 2k or 4k movie on a big screen without even compromising with the quality of output.

6. Throw Ratio:

The projection throw ratio of the JmGO J7 1080P Home projector is about 1.1:1. At the same time, XGIMI H2 Full HD projector can deliver the projection output with a throw ratio of 1.2:1.

7. Display Technology:

The JmGO J7 Smart Home Cinema projector has an HDR10 dynamic decoding technology for video content. The projector is also featuring a frame interpolation algorithm technology for motion compensation. J7 can allow you to project the image or videos using its three different projection methods namely Rear, Frontage, and Condole Top.

While at the same time XGIMI H2 projector can support 16 quality enhancement technology for the images. The projector can also support the HDR10 decoding and motion compensation technology. The H2 projector is based on DLP active shutter 3D imaging helpful to convert any 2D content into 3D. You can project a big projector display from H2 of about 300’’.

8. Processor:

A 13-core VPU powers JmGO J7 smart Full HD projector. It also consists of a GPU of ARM Mali-T830 MP2, and a 1.80GHz Quad-Core Amlogic T968 Cortex-A53 central processing unit.

Let us have a look on the processing power of XGIMI H2 latest multimedia projector. It has a 1.75GHz Quad core Mstar 64 bits 6A838 Cortex-A17 processor. It is also featuring a Mali-820 MP4 GPU.

9. Operating System:

J7 smart mini projector is based on Android 5.1 operating system. In XGIMI H2 newly launched portable projector you will get the latest Android 6.0 operating system with GMUI 3.0 system.

10. Storage:

A DDR3 RAM of about 2GB has been provided inside the JmGO J7 1080P Android projector. Also, the projector is loaded with internal storage of 16GB eMMc. XGIMI H2 smart compact projector is loaded with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and a 16GB of eMMC internal storage.

11. Sound:

JmGO J7 android home cinema projector has an internal Hi-Fi speaker. You can experience a pure and thick bass sound effect. All because of the surround sound technology provided for four different directions.

Regarding sound then no doubt XGIMI H2 projector can rule this area. After all, the projector has upgraded Harman/Kardon stereo as a passive bass diaphragm. It is symmetrically dual-way. It will deliver you unexpected sound effects.

In H2 projector, you will receive the highly improved quality of sound as compared to regular projector speakers. You can enjoy listening to the music with heavy bass, precise treble, highly stable middle tone, and more magnificent volume.

12. Keystone Correction:

JmGO J7 smart android projector is equipped with an automatic keystone correction functionality. Hence we can correct the projection both vertically and horizontally at +/- 45 degrees. After full adjustment, you will not face the distortion in the picture proportion anymore.

Now, in case of the newly launched XGIMI H2 smart home theater projector. You will get the smart auto keystone correction functionality both vertically and horizontally at ±45°.

13. Interfaces:

You can get more than one USB connectivity ports in the JmGO J7 home cinema projector one both for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Therefore, you can connect the projector with either a mouse, keyboard, etc. at the same time.

Also, you can connect with and access the other external devices with the J7 smart projector. You can take the help of some other ports like one Mini USB for Debug, one SPDIF, and one HDMI 2.0

In XGIMI H2 Full HD multimedia projector you are having two different HDMI ports, HDMI and HDMI ARC. Also, you will have the option to connect two USB devices to the projector at the same time via one USB 2.0 port and another USB 3.0 port. In H2, You can get a 3.5mm headphone jack and a SPDIF port for output signals.

14. Wireless and Network Connectivity:

Concerning the wireless connectivity then in the JmGO j7 projector, you will get an 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band Wi-Fi that can support 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can also do connect the projector with any other device via Bluetooth 4.0/BLE.

If we talk about the XGIMI H2, then we can connect the projector to the internet via an Ethernet cable. You can easily connect the projector wirelessly to others. You can have many options like Bluetooth 4.0 support/ BLE or a dual-band Wi-Fi, i.e., of 2.4 and 5GHz supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

15. The dimension of the Projector:

Let us compare the size of both the Full HD smart home multimedia projectors. In case of JmGO J7, it is od size about 7.7 x 7.7 x 2 inches regarding length x width x height respectively. On the other hand, the XGIMI H2 has the dimension as 7.9 x 5.3 x 7.9 inches concerning length x width x height respectively.

16. What’s in the Package?

With JmGO J7 Android Full HD projector you will get an HDMI cable, one power plug, and a remote controller as a package.

With XGIMI H2 home theater projector the company is delivering an adapter, a user manual, and a power cable. You can also receive a Bluetooth enabled remote controller powered using 2 AAA batteries.

17. Live TV:

JmGO J7 portable smart projector is having inbuilt SkyLive TV Service and LiveTV.Direct Service. You can also get the technical support via VA’s Native English Speaker. XGIMI H2 smart multimedia projector can support partial English for main items and LiveTV.Direct services.

In H2 you can also enjoy watching Aptoide / Google Play / Chrome / Netflix / Youtube / Kodi / HBO / CBS /QuickSupport, and Hulu Services.

18. Price:

At last not to forget the most important and the deciding factor, i.e., Price. So you can buy the XGIMI H2 Multimedia projector at a price point of around $1099. However, the JmGO J7 Home cinema projector is available to buy at a price of about $899.

That’s all that we have compared between JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2. Now, I want to share with you about my review of both the smart home projectors separately!

My Review of the JmGO J7 Smart Home Cinema Projector:

While doing the Faceoff between JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2 the two well-featured projectors I have noticed many things. Mainly about the JmGO J7 smart Full HD projector that I am going to share with you in the following points;

  • You can love to watch movies on the J7 projector.
  • J7 delivers an outstanding picture quality
  • JmGO J7 produces a Good quality 3D effect as the projection output.
  • I am impressed with the performance of J7 smart projector since it is relatively quiet even after long-term of usage. No noise from the internal fan or so.

  • Brightness and image quality of the J7 home cinema projector is useful in the dark.
  • You can get Netflix, YouTube and Hulu are preinstalled in the JmGO J7 compact projector.
  • The J7 projector can fully support the multiple screens interaction functionality. You can easily connect and share the content with both iOS and Android-operated smartphones.
  • My overall experience about listening to the sound from the internal speaker of the J7 home cinema projector was impressive. It would not let you down if your years are not fond of high-quality music.
  • You can avail the benefit of dual channel rendering for the video graphics. The projector has high-performance DSP processors based on multiple satellites. J7 also supports full-format hardware decoding.
  • JmGo J7 smart mini projector can be easily used with a tripod. It is an excellent option if you do not want to damage the walls of your home or office. Also, you can quickly set up the projector anywhere as per your requirement.

My Review about XGIMI H2 Newest Multimedia Projector:

Following are some of the main points regarding the XGIMI H2 smart home theater projector. I thought to share them before we conclude the faceoff between JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2;

  • XGIMI H2 projector is delivering an excellent Harman Kardon Sound.
  • The projector has Dual 45mm speaker units for powerful sound output
  • The software inside the H2 portable smart projector is new and free of bugs
  • Since it is the new product and launched basically in China. So the firmware of the projector is supporting only partial English.
  • I have keenly checked the projection output produced by the XGIMI H2 projector. I saw the H2 projector delivers Bright colors on the output display.
  • You can get the Sharp images from the H2 smart multimedia projector even in daylight. It does not matter if you are projecting on a wall or a projector screen.

  • XGIMI H2 projector has an Intelligent Trapezoidal Correction functionality.
  • For ease of use and better protection the H2 home theater projector is featuring a Convenient Lens Slide.
  • XGIMI H2 smart projector is based on the technology to deal with the heat dissipation from the projector only.
  • The H2 multimedia projector is having a four channel optical path design. It is a smart portable and well-designed projector! It was inspired from the CES Innovation Award of 2017 winning design of XGIMI H1 projector.
  • H2 smart mini projector is a complete projector. It can deliver you ultimate Home Theater experience even if you do not use external speakers with it.

Finally, now it is the time to announce the Result of the JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2 faceoff. What do you think? Who can be the winner? Well in my discussion with both of my friends we have a healthy debate to decide upon the ultimate winner.

I had to pass on the decision on some other day. I do not want my two friends to get separated. All because of a single discussion about choosing the best one from among JmGO J7 and XGIMI H2 smart home projectors.

Therefore, Honestly! I have to say even till today we had not concluded! It is the big reason why I am writing this post. I want you to comment on this and share with me your personal decision. Do let me know about whether you had experienced or can help me to end the quarrel between my two friends?

11 thoughts on “JmGO J7 vs. XGIMI H2: Can you guess the Winner?

  1. Istvan says:

    Very good article, congratulations!
    In summary, if I understand well:
    – Video and picture quality Jmgo better than xgimi.
    – Sound quality xgimi better than jmgo (slightly).
    – Cpu & Gpu stronger jmgo than xgimi.
    – Android OP newer xgimi than jmgo.
    I understood well?
    Which one would you buy for yourself?
    You can reply to my email in private so that you do not hurt xgimi or jmgo camp. 🙂
    Thank You very much!

  2. Jason says:

    Great writing, JAM, but there are three inaccuracies in this article and hope you can correct them:

    1. The JMGO J7 weighs 1.8kg, not 5kg.
    2. The JMGO J7’s brightness rating is 1200-1300 ANSI Lumens, not 1100 ANSI Lumens.
    3. The JMGO J7 has two inbuilt 5W HiFi loudspeakers.

  3. thematic says:

    how can i install YouTube in JmGO J7?
    the JmGO OS didn’t have Google Play Services

    i’m afraid to test and brick my projector

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