JMGO L2X Review: How It is a Smart Office Projector?

NUT(JMGO) L2X Review

Days before I had received a Parcel at my home! I unboxed it and found a stunningly looking projector. This post is based on my review on the same, i.e., JMGO L2X Smart Office Projector. Keep reading to explore more about how I came to know about the projector and my experience while using the same!

NUT(JMGO) L2X Review

When Did I First See JMGO L2X Smart Office Projector?

First of all, I want to clear one thing that I didn’t buy the projector! It is an unintentional fact that the projector has been purchased by of my close Uncles who resides near to my house. He works in an international agency dealing with business consulting.

So he ordered the JMGO L2X smart office projector online and got its home delivery, but due to some urgent reasons, he needs to go out of the station before the delivery. So he asked me to receive the parcel on his behalf. He trusted me so well that he also asked me to check the product by unboxing it and let him know about the condition of the projector.


After all, he knows I am a tech freak type of human, so I can test the product thoroughly so that if there is any fault, we can replace the product as soon as possible! I am happy and thankful to him for giving me this opportunity to use the projector for some time and get the idea to share with others.

Before Using the Projector,

I spent about a whole day while using the JMGO L2X smart Office projector in my home itself and found it is new and all fit to be used. So I called my uncle and informed him that everything is fine. But I have a doubt! I know my uncle who is of about 48 years of age already has a projector long time ago!

Nut (JmGO) review

I can remember before some years when I visited his house he showed me a projector. He has a traditional overhead projector that he had purchased a long time ago mainly for his office work.

For those who are not having a good idea of what is an overhead projector! I will summarize about it to you! An Overhead Projector is generally made for and was used mostly for official works.

It can enable you to present static transparencies and individuals. Those are having business statistics or any other type of business information. It has many limitations considering the today’s age projectors in mind!

Nut (JmGO)

JMGO L2X Smart Office vs. Traditional Office Projector

I also wanted to know what was happened to his old Overhead Projector, why did he buy a new L2X projector. I do not have the patience to wait for the uncle to come back to his home and then I will clear my doubt.

So in the call itself, I immediately asked my uncle about the reason. What made him buy a new projector after a long interval of being happy while using an overhead projector? I thought might be the old projector has been no longer active to be used!

Nut (JmGO) L2X Smart projector

He replied that for some initial years after buying the old overhead projector, he used it without any hassle. But with time evolutions happened in the technology of the projector. Now he saw his colleagues have modern portable projectors that are much easier and convenient to use as compared to what he is having!

Problems you might face without using JMGO L2X Smart Projector.

He faced many common issues with using a traditional overhead projector in the past few years those are listed below:

Heat and Noise:

The overhead projector works in a way like it includes a bright lamp. It can transfer a message to a mirror from illuminated transparency and then finally to the projection screen. So the lamp produces sufficient heat similarly like an incandescent bulb.

Nut (JmGO) L2x projector

The heat is in much amount that even the cooling fan of the projector is not sufficient to control the total dissipated heat produced. Therefore, sometimes for extended usage, it is a bit annoying to use such type of projectors.


My uncle shared me a fact about using the overhead projector. It is whenever he use to move here and there for any of his official purposes he needs to carry the projector. Generally, he requires to conduct a meeting or seminar with different business people.

So, first of all, it is bulky and also he always first need to inspect the right surface or room before installing that projector. Hence, it was time-consuming and a significant factor why he finally decided to buy a new compact modern projector.

Nut (JmGO) L2X projector reviews


Before my uncle used to conduct a seminar on an overhead projector he needs to write the message on costlier individual sheets of transparency film. Otherwise, he needs to use printed or Xerox versions of the information.

It is costlier in comparison to directly using the soft copies of the data in gadgets or computers. My uncle found many problems while using those plastic sheets as they became dull and had some scratches with time. So they cannot be used for a long time!

Heavy Device:

I mentioned before! My uncle found his overhead projector heavier as compared to modern day’s compact alternatives. He said the type of equipment used inside that projector is bulky and more cumbersome. Especially the weight of large lamp, cooling fan, mirror assembly and improper design of the projector’s body might be the reason behind the same.

He said, when he had newly purchased the overhead projector then he used to saw some other people those who are also having the same type of projectors. They are usually using a separate wheel cart to carry the projector from one place to another! Isn’t it funny, I did not see them neither I talked to them, but I hope people are considering their projector like a baby on a Tramp!


My uncle said before that he needs to write everything first whatever he wants to present or display on the overhead projector in front of others. So in such process, you need to be fast while putting your information on a transparency film.

Your audiences are waiting for you to prepare and place your message on the overhead projector. So you need to make everything in advance since not everyone has much time to hang on with you. Also many times me uncle need to use a grease pencil to write something longhand.

And the biggest issue is if he needs to present any non-text content like a video or audio then need to use another multimedia player for the same! Uh, hectic process, thanks to the current technology that saves both of our effort and time today!

Why L2X Projector?

Finally, my Uncle decided to retire his old one and buy a new smart projector. Sooner he realized the fact that using a modern age compact projector can help him to get out of the above issues. I also want to know why he chose JMGO L2X projector only in comparison to others as his office companion!

However, I got much idea about why he prefers L2X among others since I had tested the projector before talking with him. But still, I want his views on the same!

He said he had taken the help of his colleagues and also surf the internet for about a month whenever he got the time at his home. He shortlisted some of the models that he found having features that can help him to do well in his office.

Further while finalizing, he found JMGO L2X is having two separate modes of use that is Home and Office. So he thought that projector would have a dedicated Office mode. Hence, there will be something special in it that can make the projector to work as per professional needs.

He also contacted and conversed with the real users of L2X before buying the product. And he came to know about the fact that L2X is having good display brightness after that he did not wait for too much to book one for himself.

What I Experience while using the Projector?

There are many features those can make the L2X indeed a bright projector. Since it is based on dual mode so the projector will work as per your need either you are in Home or Office.

It comes with a full transmission glass lens that has the capability of ultra-high brightness. JMGO L2X is having two symmetrical HiFi audio quality speakers both of 5W that is fair enough for a small to medium room.

Nut (JmGO) L2X lense

There is an automatic focusing technology available in the projector to add more convenience for the users. The nicely finished projector also enhances the flexibility of its use. It has keystone correction function. By using which you can adjust the display of the projector without overthinking about your position of viewing the projection.

The projector will be having a double texture of silver metal on its body. It looks shiny, and primarily you can identify it easily in dark or night conditions. There are many control buttons provided on the projector those are accustomed to the plastic body.

What’s more Interesting in the Overall Design of the Product?

It is the Lens, and I found the design of the lens is almost like that we are generally found on cameras. The lens is of good quality and seems that it will not underestimate its users. You can adjust the optical zoom and size of the picture quickly.

One thing that I noticed while using the projector is that, while dealing with the lens you will almost get the feeling of using an SLR lens. Hence you can take delicate pictures with utmost clarity and sharpness. The projector is having air vents with a Cooling fan built inside the same. So you can use the projector without much overheating and trouble.

The device is having specific built-in productivity APPs like PowerPoint, Excel, Word and many more. Also, you can connect any of your gadgets to the project using the Wi-Fi connectivity. The bottom of the projector is having a section from where you can choose the projection method.

More than One Projection Methods,

You can use the projector in different methods like front projection, lifting, and rear projection. You can install the projector at any one place very quickly or can be connected to a tripod. At the bottom part of the projector, there is also a push button. With the help of which the projector can be lifted up automatically so that it can be set at a proper angle and get the required projection output.

You can control different functionalities of the JMGO L2X far away from the projector. Either with the help of a remote controller or a smartphone. Yes, you can download an APP on your smartphone. It can make your mobile phone working as a slight of the projector. L2X is not at least like traditionally designed projectors designed primarily for the official usage.

The projector can support a large internal memory. Hence making it fit entirely to save and work with larger organizational files. Also, the HD decoding functionality of the projector can make sure that even a high-resolution video will not get stuck. So it will guarantee you to provide a smoother gaming experience.

Business Mode,

Taking about using the JMGO L2X projector in the Business Mode, then it has a straightforward interface. With other productivity APPs, you can also do access screen casting Application. You can easily cast the screens of any gadgets. Mainly those are based on different types of commonly used Operating platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. Hence it can solve all of your problem happening during a severe business conferencing.

No Doubt the JMGO L2X projector is Full HD compatible. What’s interesting about the projector is that it supports 4k hard decoding. It has a good brightness even in the daytime so that you no more need to set up a dark conference room to make your projections clear or so.

You can organize your meeting in standard lights as well. You can easily see and access your other official devices during a seminar or conference. It is helpful if you do not want to give stress on eyes and to get into the risk of power loss by working in the dark environment during the presentations.

Home Mode,

Considering using the L2X Smart projector in Home Mode then on its user interface you will get some helpful APPs. You can use Apps to play games, listen to the music, watch movies, and enjoy TV shows. There is much more entertainment for you and your family.

Complete Specification of JMGO L2X Smart Office Projector:

  • Brand: JMGO
  • Material: Metal
  • Model: L2X
  • Projector Lamp Brightness: 3500 lumens
  • Display Screen Size: 40-300 inches.
  • Resolution: 1024x768dpi
  • Process: ABS Material
  • Projector Contrast: up to 1000:1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Operating System: Andrews
  • Processor: Quad-core Processor
  • Processor Core: ARM Mail-T830MP2

  • Display Chip: 0.55 DMD
  • Extended Support: Removable Hard Disk, U Disk
  • Uniformity of Illumination: >95%
  • Width Ratio of the Screen: 4:3
  • DLP chip: 0.55 DMD
  • Correction Range: ±45 Degrees
  • Video Format: RM, MP4, TS, WMV, FLV, MKV, RMVB, MJPEG, TRP, and ASF.
  • HDMI Interface: HDMI X2
  • Wireless Projection Function: Stand By
  • U Disk Live Supportive Video Format: RM, MP4, TS, WMV, FLV, MKV, RMVB, MJPEG, TRP, ASF.
  • Noise (dB) : <32dB
  • Gross Weight (KG): 3.5

  • Package Size: 145*388*315 mm
  • Light Source: Ultra-high Pressure Mercury Bulb
  • System Memory: 2GB
  • Internal Storage: 16GB
  • Projection Lens: Full Glass Lens with High Transmittance
  • Zoom: Up to 1.2 Times of the original display
  • Ratio of Projection: 1.95-2.18
  • Keystone Correction: ±45 Degrees (Right and Left), ±45 Degrees (vertical)
  • Adjustment Functionality: Automatic
  • USB Interface: Mini USB x 1, USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1
  • Network Interface: 1 x RJ45
  • U Disk Broadcast Support: Stand By
  • Total Power Consumed by the Projector: 300W
  • Net Weight: 2.5KG
  • Projector Dimensions: 102*319*196 mm

My Review on JMGO L2X:

The JMGO L2X smart Office projector produces rich color display and vibrant fonts, necessary to use a projector both in Home and nOffices. You can buy the L2X smart projector either for your home or office or even both at a price of about $774.

Below are some points that I liked or not liked about the L2X while using the product for a day! I know that I have experienced the projector for a short interval of time. If you are also using the JMGO L2X for a long time, then you might not agree with some of the following points, but I have to share my thoughts. So here are they:


  • Good display at daytime
  • Worth buying
  • High brightness
  • Clear picture
  • Beautiful design
  • Home mode and commercial mode
  • Well built-in speakers
  • Durable


  • I think that the Price is a bit on the higher side to afford for all!
  • The lens its bit exposed on the outer side, so you need to be careful while using the same!
  • Handle the projector well if you do not want it to slip from your hands!

About the Brand of L2X Smart Projector,

One more thing, some of you might come to know about JMGO L2X brand for the first time from this post. So for those people I have something to share about the Company or Brand! Before that, I want to clear one thing that I am not biased towards the brand or not endorsing any of its product.

I am not getting paid for doing this, so please take my information only as a suggestion or a genuine review! It is to help people to get aware of new brands. So that people can get out of their shell and start using different brands of projectors or any other gadgets. It is best to try new ones other than using the same brand devices for a long time.

After all, everyone should taste different flavors of an ice-cream other than eating only vanilla for the whole life! So below I have tried to include some good things about the brand itself so that people would not feel confused before buying any product of it!

My Review on JMGO Projectors

JMGO is a well-known brand in the field of smart micro-projectors. You may find different models of the compact projectors introduced by the brand in the market. With L2X the company is targeting both Home and Office users as per their requirements.

JMGO L2X has already made a proper recognition of its users in the market of smart home theater systems. The Brand is serving in many countries. For example US, Canada, France, UAE, Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Russia, UK, Germany, Japan, India, Australia, South Africa and some more. If you are living in one among these countries, then feel free to go for a JMGO product!

You can find many projector models of JMGO based on revolutionary technology features and cutting-edge designs. If you desire a home theater system in your home with a projector, home theater speakers, big screen then you should go for a JMGO projector. I have my experience of some of their models and found they are featured and performed well in such setup!

Every business has a dream to be more productive while saving the time on various processes. Today modern science and technology have proved itself very helpful for all kinds of business and organizations. After computers, it is the projector that makes itself an essential gadget to be used inside professional buildings.

It is a fact that projectors are common in workplaces like computers. You can find one in a conference room or business meeting halls. Not just these! Slowly people understand the benefits of having a projector at home, events, institutions, and many other places. A fully featured projector is capable enough to be used in all types of its applications

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