Joyhero GP-10 Review: Engage your Audience while Presentation on Projector

With time we see there is a continuous enhancement of the technology in every field. Technology has entered in nearly everything either we talk about an office, a shop, games, a commuter or even our homes. To enjoy the real convenience of life, we need to learn and adopt new technologies. There are many gadgets everywhere around us that can help us to make our life more comfortable than before. This article is based on a discussion about a useful technology product that we can use anywhere. Taking about homes, offices, events, shops, etc. Keep reading I will share with you a review on Joyhero GP-10 Projector.

Joyhero GP-10 Projector

How do I get to know about Joyhero GP-10?

Recently I was gone to a conference at one of a famous international company. They are dealing with the production of third-party automobile accessories mainly for cars. One of my close childhood friends is working there, and he invited me to attend that motivational conference.

Well, it is pretty impressive for me to attend such conferences. In between the conference hours, they provide us with a break for lunch or take the meals for an hour or so. I completed my meal early and headed on to explore the complete infrastructure of the company.

Joyhero Projector

I saw there is well-designed office rooms, even more than one conference halls, a good cafeteria to hang on and many more. But what I like one thing is a group of 2-3 people those are volunteers of the company itself is discussing something in a small meeting room.

I think they are working as a team and discussing any project. The team leader is guiding them about their plan to execute the project. I was watching them from the window that is covered with a transparent glass. So I can watch what is happening there inside the room, but I cannot listen to their voices.

Joyhero GP-10 Projector Review


I saw they take the help of a projector to display their plan on a big screen possibly of around 60-70 inches. It is looking fantastic. Alter all I am a projector geek, so I want to know what that projector is actually!

So I waited for 10 minutes till they wrap up their meetings then excluding the team leader all were left in the room! It is a good chance for me to meet their team leader and also get to know about the projector. So I walked towards the door and requested him to allow me to come inside the room.

Joyhero Projector Review

He allowed me!

My initial impression of him is that he is a nice guy with a lovely smile. When I introduce myself to him, he shook hands with me and welcomed me on behalf of the company. He told me many things about their company, their future planning, products and services they are offering and many more.

But my main aim is to ask him about the projector, and I got successful in it. Without wasting any time I asked him about the projector. He is a kind guy and told me about his experience with the projector and also for what all purposes they are using the same.

Joyhero GP-10 Review

What Joyhero GP-10 has for its Users?

So let me share you the essential things regarding that projector. First of all, that one is Joyhero GP-10 Video Projector. Now let me highlight here some of the uses as shared with me by that company guy. I hope it can help you if you are in a business profession and looking to buy an excellent projector.

Following are the best uses of a projector like Joyhero GP-10 to enhance the productivity of a business or a company;

1) Engage all of your audience: It might be seen that while any professional slide shows or presentations some of the viewers got bored. Some of them are not entirely focusing on what is presenting in front of them.

So it happens because of two things one is due to the way of presentation and other is the quality of projection that is generating on the screen. The projector should use interactive technology. It must ensure maximum engagement of participants. The participants must interact with the screen together and collaborate all together in real-time.

Joyhero GP-10

2) Environment-Friendly: Investing in technologies like a projector is helpful in saving much for any business. Some projectors can allow you to draw anything directly on the projection screen. Either using your finger or a pen stylus based on the software available inside the same.

The best part is you do not need to take out the printouts of presentation materials or slide decks. Just use the images those were saved on your gadgets and shared it with others.

3) Make it Interactive: You can imagine the two scenarios. One in which your teacher is teaching you about any problematic topic on a backboard while writing on it using chalk. And other condition when he is using a projector to show you the matter behind the subject using animations or so.

Can you compare both of them? Well, undoubtedly you would like to have the second option. So if you want others to remember your presentation, then you need to use a good quality projector with excellent presentation skills.

4) On the go Meetings: A portable projector is really of big help if dealing with presentations those where happening on the road or so. Such projectors are mainly having different options of connectivity for the convenience of a user like USB, WiFi, etc.

Joyhero GP-10 Review

You can use the projector without concerning the limitations of any circumstances or capabilities. For instance, you are in a meeting room and want to install a projector. Further, you see there is very less space to place the complete unit and limited options of the power supply.

So how will you manage in such condition? I am sure a portable projector with different connectivity options will save your dignity. In front of your colleagues and seniors during the presentation.

5) Bigger and Better: It is necessary to have a big projector display that must be of high resolution for sure. It makes sure the audiences can see the content clearly whether it is a medium or big conferences. It is a fact that audience cannot collaborate in a manner that should be if they are far away from the screen to see anything.

After sharing all the above things that company guy finally shared his experience with me while using the Joyhero GP-10 projector. That I am going to share sooner but before that let me introduce the projector before you. Especially for those who are hearing its name for the first time and want to learn more about it.

GP-10 Review


Buying any video projector without adequately knowing its exact features might be risky, so here are some of Joyhero GP-10;

1) GP-10 has the brightness of about 2000 lumens. Hence it can provide amazing visual experience to its viewer.

2) The projected scene mode is clear, thanks to the LCD projection technology.

3) Joyhero projector is supporting a Full HD display.

4) It has the general resolution of 800 x 480 and can project with a contrast ratio of 800:1.

5) The LED lamp life is of 20,000 hours.

6) It has in-built fans both at rear and front for the complete heat dissipation. Hence, it will not allow the surface of the projector to get hot.

7) You can adjust the projection distance of the projector in between 0.9-3m to get the ultimate watching experience.

8) With the help of GP-10, you can produce a display of 32 inches to 120 inches.

9) The built-in stereo speakers work best to produce a useful sound experience. No need to connect any external speakers.

10) It comes with a keystone correction technology to enhance your Image viewing experience.

11) The projector comes with a convenient to use remote controller.

12) You can get complete flexibility regarding connectivity. So you can connect a TV, DVD player, laptop, Gaming Console, PC, Set-top-box, U disk and many more with the projector.



Let us have an outlook on the essential specifications of the Joyhero GP-10 projector that you must know;

1) The power consumption of Joyhero GP-10 projector is 60W.

2) You can enjoy a vivid projection display from the projector by keeping it at a distance of 0.9 – 1.5m

3) Don’t worry about your viewing angle. The projector has the functionality of Keystone Correction: + / – 15 degree.

4) The output of USB port is 4.9V / 1A

5) The project allows you to connect an SD card directly on it. You can use a Micro SC card of up to 32GB.

6) You can enjoy watching 3D videos and movies on Joyhero GP-10. It is supporting the Red-Blue type of 3D contents.

7) The Speaker Impedance is of around 4 ohms.

8) Gp-10 supports a Throw Ration of 1.32:1

9) It can support both 4:3, and 16:10 Image Scales.

10) You can watch images, videos, movies, etc. having Aspect Ratio f either 4:3 or 16:9

11) Joyhero video projector is having many interface ports like Audio, DC Port, USB, 3.5mm, AV, HDMI, and VGA.

Joyhero GP-10 Video Projector

12) The projector Lamp is based on an efficient LED light illumination.

13) It produces a Noise of around 35 dB.

14) The total power consumed by the Lamp of the projector is 24W

15) G-10 needs a recommended power supply of 110-240V

16) It can play audios of different formats like WAV, MP#, etc.

17) You can enjoy watching the videos in many formats like AVI, WMV, RMVB, MP4, FLV, etc.

18) Either it is the way of presentation or merely projecting the images it can support different formats like JPEG, PNG, JPG, Gif, etc.

19) In the package, other than the projector you will not get any other accessories

20) Talking about the Package Size before unboxing the same is (W x H x L): 16.50 x 7.80 x 20.80 cm / 6.5 x 3.07 x 8.19 inches

21) The total weight of the Package is around 1.3 kg.

22) Total size of the Product means the projector unit is around (W x H x L): 24.00 x 11.50 x 25.30 cm / 9.45 x 4.53 x 9.96 inches

23) The projector only can weight to approximate 0.9 kg.

GP-10 Video Projector

Review about Joyhero GP-10

Finally, I would like to share the review of that company guy as a user of GP-10. As he said to me, they always used to create a collaborative and interactive environment for their staff. For most of the time whenever they are attending corporate training or any conferences.

It applies to both new trainees and a senior employee if you want them to engage with you while presenting anything in front of them. You need to make your task interesting using the right technology.

He said

A projector with Full HD display and ample of brightness could do their job not only comfortable but time-saving as well. With the proper use of essential professional gadgets like projects, laptops, PCs, etc. one can satisfy its audience.

GP-10 Video Projector Review

Especially to organize international meetings a projector presentation is like mandatory for them! Why not, after all a portable speaker has too many advantages both for a professional and unprofessional guy.

They are using Joyhero GP-10 Video projector from past few months nearly daily. What I get to know about their experience is they didn’t find any significant issue with the product until now. That’s impressive!

So, my main aim of sharing this information with others is to get them aware of the product and also how a professional guy is happy with using it. I know nothing is perfect in this world, I am sure it might even be having some issues, but at least I didn’t come to know any till now. So I can without any doubt recommend it to others. Especially those who are looking for a beautiful presentation companion to engage and impress their audiences!

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