Lumipal 2000 Review: A Portable Option for Theater like Experience at Home

Lumipal 2000 Ultra Portable Projector

I had always heard the fact that –“Expect the Unexpected” and finally experienced the same as well. In this post, I am going to share with you my story regarding buying and experiencing the Lumipal 2000 ultra-portable projector, which is an ultra-portable projector.

This post will be of much help for all to decide further! Especially for those who are in search of buying a new projector especially for their home.

Lumipal 2000 Review

How I Bought a Lumipal 2000 Ultra Portable Projector?

It was about a year ago, one day I saw my son was facing a problem in his eyes. We rush to the doctor, and he said it’s time he needs to start using the power spectacles for better vision.

At that instant, I feel it’s necessary for me to discuss the issue behind such early weakness of my son’s eye with the doctor.

My doctor told me that it is nothing but mainly happens if our eyes feel so much pressure or the retina goes dry. Much of the reason behind the same is the bad habit of using small screen phones at night while lying on beds.

Lumipal 2000 mini pocket projector

Well, I can’t do anything now to get back the complete natural vision of the eyes of my son other than buying a good quality spec for him. But I don’t want my other little daughter to face the same issue.

I decided to have another TV for my home in my children’s room. With the intention that they do not need to depend on their mobile to watch videos, movies or so on a small screen at nights.

After some time,

I’ve realized that TV is not enough since my children use to sleep in different rooms daily, sometimes with us.

So installing a TV in one bedroom cannot be a practical solution to this problem. Finally, after market research, I came to know about portable projectors that can be used on homes.

I found projectors have many benefits over TV on homes such as:

  • Big screen entertainment
  • Ease to set up anywhere in the house
  • Can stream videos from smartphones or Chromecast
  • I can move it from one place to another with ease.
  • We can enjoy good sound on a projector

Lumipal 2000 ultra screen

Why Lumipal 2000 Ultra Portable Projector?

By knowing such, I finally decide to have a new portable projector in my home! But I am confused about which brand, what configuration to look? I am new in it!

Then I went through different reviews and recommendation all over the web and listed out some products. Then I need to decide on one that can best suit as per my needs. Finally, I found one in my budget. i.e., Lumipal 2000 ultra portable projector.

Lumipal 2000 ultra projector

You might be wondered whether I’ve paid to post a specific review about this product only, but I want to tell you NO frankly! I am not biased toward it you may find different other good portable projectors as well in the market. However, I want to share my experience with the Lumipal since till now I am happy with the product.

Let me first tell you what all things I was looking for in a projector while in the process to finalize a right projector. It can help you as well to relate your needs to me if we both have the same;

  1. A projector should be as much portable as possible with quality output.
  2. The project should display the more significant display output to amaze my kids with this new product in their home.
  3. It can be connected with different gadgets that we are having in our home.
  4. It must support gaming consoles and home theater speaker system available with me at home.
  5. Allow me to attach either a pen drive or an SD card to play any video or movie quickly.

Lumipal 2000 portable projector

What Did I Get in the Package?

So, finally, I got all such things in Lumipal’s 2000 projector. At that time I had bought it at a price of around $130. But now I think the price has been slashed down, and you can even get it online from different stores at a highly discounted price within $100.

Well, after getting its delivery at home I am eager to unbox it and see what all things I got a package! So Lumipal 2000 project package includes:

Lumipal 2000 package

One power adapter, one remote control, one 3.5mm to RCA AV cable, 1 User Manual and off-course the central unit!

Also, I would like to share with you the main features of the product;

  • Projector’s lamp life is of 30000 hours
  • Unit weight is around 6oz
  • You can connect a 1080p input source with the projector.
  • The dimension of Lumipal 2000 is 5×3.4×1.8 inches
  • It has many connectivity features like HDMI, AV, Micro SD, USB, 3.5 mm jac=k, TF card.
  • Native 320×240 image.

  • It can produce up to 220’’ projection.
  • Can produce the display like a premium LED TV
  • Supports 800:1 contrast.
  • The projector produces 800 lumens.
  • Supports 3D videos.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS-based devices.

Now, other than these features what I experienced about Lumipal 2000 and would like to share with others is;
Lumipal 2000 cooling systrm

  1. It is a well-designed projector.
  2. Supports both 4:3 and 16:9
  3. You can zoom up to three times the standard quality of the input source of the display.
  4. The light source of the projector is LED, hence a significant energy saving for me for sure.
  5. Due to lightweight, I can carry it anywhere easily. Not just me my children as well without any hassle.

My Review!

Now after specifying the technical specs. And all about the product, most important! My words. You might be waiting to know my review and experience with the Lumipal 2000 ultra portable projector.

For which I can say:

I am using Lumipal 2000 at my home with my family from past 6-7 months, and I am pleased with its quality. It is producing excellent output even if it is a portable projector. We also use to project it on our ceilings before going to sleep at nights (It is a fantastic experience). Finally, I can recommend this to anyone, don’t think about it too much. It is good value for money and to me as well!!!

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