Orimag P6 Review: Powerful Features Loaded into a Tiny Projector!

Orimag P6

You might have heard about the Orimag P6 Smart Portable DLP LED Projector before. But so you know its price? Generally, it is available at a rate of about $200 to $250. But at present, you can buy it at a discounted price of about $150 based on your region and website that you choose to buy the product online! Some of you might think, is it worth to buy the tiny P6 projector? To clear your doubt, I am writing this post that will be based entirely on my Orimag P6 Review! So keep reading to explore all the particulars about the projector.

P6 DLP projector

My Story with Orimag P6 Mini LED Projector:

I like to meet different people even those to whom I already know or are strangers for me! I feel we can come to know many things while we are spending some time with others. At least we can learn useful things from their personalities.

Till the date, I have met with hundreds of different personalities those who are having different mentalities. However, in this post, I am going to share with you my experience with one of a child whom I will never be going to forget! He is my cousin’s Son.

Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector

It was my story of about one year ago, my cousin’s son had his school exams. One day My cousin had invited me to his home for dinner. I reached there and talked with my cousin and his family. But I did not found his son anywhere nearby.

So I asked my cousin about where his son is actually? He replied that he is studying in his room! I am impressed by listening to him since I found decidedly fewer people those who are interested in learning or studies right from their childhood!

Orimag P6 compact projector review

I was Excited,

Therefore, I requested my cousin to allow me to meet his child for few minutes. He let me! I am excited to talk with his son and want to know what encourages him or make him get serious towards studies. So that further, I can help other children as well who do not even like to complete their homework.

I knocked the door of my cousin’s child room. After my two attempts, he finally opened the door. I met him and also asked to allow me to enter his room! there was a well-managed study table beside his bed. I am utterly impressed with that little boy about how good he is in managing his things properly.

Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector review

In the meantime, while I was talking to that child, I saw there was a big photo of NASA on a wall. When I watched it, then I found it was not a photo but a projection image! I immediately asked the child –“Are you dreaming of serving at NASA?” He said yes! Another impressive thing that I found in a person at his early age!

After some Time,

We all had a delicious dinner, and it was the time for me to say them Goodbye. But wait! I was incomplete, and I cannot come back without knowing anything about the projector that I saw in my cousin’s child room! At least I need its feedback from them so that I can share it with others.

Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector

So without wasting much time I asked my cousin and his family about that projector. I had also appreciated his child’s interest in projecting a NASA image. Finally, I got what I want! My cousin replied – Yes!

His child his having a habit of projecting different photos every another day on the wall next to him. He said the projector works both as a primary source of entertainment and encouragement for his child to study hard!

Further, I asked him about that projector and found they are pleased with using the same. Afterall, his child needs different photos every single day. So my cousin thought It is a good idea to buy a projector other than hanging different pictures on the walls of his son.

Orimag P6 Mini LED Projector

Projector for a Child,

My cousin does not want to provide a big projector for his child to make things easier for him to handle and use. My cousin shared a fact with me regarding the time when he was searching to buy a good projector for his child. He said while looking for an excellent compact projector online he suddenly encountered with a tiny projector.

It was not other but Orimag P6 mini Smart LED projector! So my cousin was so impressed with the features of the same and finally booked it without wasting any time. He was confident about that projector and thought it was the right option for his little child.

Orimag P6 Smart

He admitted one thing that when he had installed the projector the very first time, his child was fascinated with the device. His child wants to use that tiny projector. I am sure he thinks it as a toy or so. But we all know that today’s children are brilliant. They can learn and adopt the things faster.

My cousin found its purchase successful. Soon he saw that his child was projecting some scientific images daily on his P6 tiny projector. Not only this has the child also adapted the habit to watch some great innovation videos every night on the same projector before going to the Bed.

P6 Smart LED projector

User’s Feedback,

Next, I tried to take the feedback of the projector that my cousin’s child is using from my cousin. I knew the fact that his child is small to give me the exact details and technical review of the product. But my cousin said that he did not get any chance to try and use the projector even a single day. He said right from the very first day of projector delivery his child was using it.

So I thought that it’s better to do some hands-on with the Orimag P6 compact projector personally. After taking permission from my cousin, I spent about 40 minutes more with the projector. I noted every single thing that I found right or wrong and then finally I came back to my home late night!

P6 DLP light

Today I remember the above incident, so I thought to share everything about that projector with you. So next we will first see the features and specifications about the P6 compact smart projector. After that, I will share with you some of my thoughts regarding the same!

Features of Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector:

The best feature of P6 smart mini projector is its design and look. You can take the benefit of it either in your home, office or any other place. It is small, intelligent and efficient! Another great thing about the projector is its long life.

Orimag P6 projector

The LED lamp used inside the same can be used for about twenty thousand hours. Some people might doubt in their mind like the projector is compact so the components used inside the same cannot be used for long! However, this is purely a misconception. Today Nanotechnology has made everything possible in our hands either it is a projector or a computer.

P6 is having an inbuilt lithium-ion battery of 2000mAh. So you do not need to worry about how long the projector can be with you in case of any urgency of its use. You can use the projector for about one and half hour of continuous use in a single charge.

strong wireless connection

You can wirelessly use the P6 smart compact LED projector. So no problem if you do not have much space to set up even a little projector. Just hold it in your hands with its lens facing towards the wall or a projection screen and connect it with your gadget with the help of Wi-Fi feature. It can support dual-band Wi-Fi, i.e., 5 GHz and 2.4GHz.

Orimag P6 is a mini projector!

What do you think, it is good or bad? Before concluding, I want you to know about the fact that the P6 projector can project a display of maximum 1080P. So ultimately you do not need to compromise with the quality of output even if the projector size has been reduced to a smaller size.

P6 compact projector small size

Till now you might like bulky projectors those can project a display of size more than 100 inches or so to enjoy the movies and videos especially. Good news for such people is that they now can also buy a mini projector like Orimag P6 to display an image of size up to 150 inches!

Do you think why you need to buy a big projector if everything is available in a tiny one? Well, technology keeps on evolving. Be prepared for many more surprises and confusions ahead. The projector is small, but it does not mean that it will not dissipate the heat produced while you are using it for projection! Now here is one question that can hit in our mind!

Problem Solved,

If the projector is generating heat then what is the facility provided in the P6 mini smart projector to handle the same? We might think that a small projector cannot possess a fan to manage the heat produced. But Orimag has proved it wrong by providing a small fan inside the unit! Hence, problem solved.

In one of the above points when I said that we could use the P6 portable smart projector in our hand as well, then some might have doubt! We are using a projector very near to our eyes, so while using the same in case, the projection light will directly go on our eyes then whether there will be any harm?

For such people, Orimag has provided a solution in the form of a feature! P6 supports radiation- resistance lamplight. Therefore, the light coming out of the projector is entirely safe for our eyes and can also save energy.

What about when you forgot to keep your gadget with you, or you do not have any device nearby when you are in a mood of enjoying some entertainment? To tackle such situation, you can prepare yourself in advance!

Yes, you can load your favorite music, movie or any other stuff in a TF card and insert it in the P6 projector. The projector can support an external memory of about 32GB maximum. Also, the projector has 3.5mm headphone jack. Connecting either external speakers or headphones for personal enjoyment is helpful.

Specification of Orimag P6 Portable LED Projector:

Basic Details:

Following are some of the Basic details regardingOrimag P6 LED Wi-Fi Projector;

  • The design of the P6 DLP projector is Handheld. It is very compact so that you can hold the device on your hand and get the job done!
  • The projector can support an Aspect Ratio of 1.2: 1.
  • You can project the display of the projector of various sizes ranging from 5 inches minimum to 120 inches maximum as per your need.
  • The P6 portable projector is having a throw ratio of 1.5.
  • P6 has a Native or Default Resolution of 640 x 480.

  • The projector has speakers to listen to the audio while displaying a video, presentation or a movie. Also, you can connect any gadget to the P6 bright projector with the help of its Wi-Fi feature.
  • P6 Mini projector is of Pico size. Hence you can travel anywhere while efficiently carrying it in your pocket.
  • The projector can produce an Image Scale of 4:3.
  • You can use the P6 smart mini projector from a distance of 0.3M to 3.5M to experience the best display output.
  • 80 ANSI Lumens is the brightness of the P6 Smart LED projector.
  • The projector’s body is made of aluminum. So it is sturdy and of lightweight.

Essential Details:

Below are listed nearly all of the essential details regarding Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector;

  • The primary purpose of the design of P6 mini projector is for the corporate user. It is a fact that the business professionals need to use compact and convenient options of gadgets to save their time.
  • The projector is well compatible with the iOS operating system.
  • You can efficiently run the projector with a power supply of 5V.
  • P6 DLP smart projector can support various video formats such as .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .flv, .mpeg and many more.
  • Unfortunately, the projector does not support Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You cannot watch 3D content on P6 compact projector.
  • There is no DVB-T Support available in the P6 smart mini projector.

  • The projector cannot support any External Subtitle.
  • You can use the lamp of the Orimag P6 smart Wi-Fi projector for about 20000 hours.
  • The best part of P6 smart compact projector is the fact that it has an inbuilt speaker. So you do not need to depend on any external audio source. Especially in case you want to listen the audio as well while projecting any multimedia content using the projector.
  • You can play music on P6 DLP projector that too of different formats like .amr, .m4a, .mp3, .rm, .flac and many others.
  • You can view Images on the P6 portable Wi-Fi projector those are available to you either in .bmp, .tif, .jpep, .gif, .png or any other format.

What’s in the Box?

Total size of the complete product Box packaging is about 10.80 x 12.00 x 12.00 cm / 4.25 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches in terms of Height x Length x Width. Approximate weight of the packaging box including the projector with accessories is about 0.5 kg.

The total size of the projector can be measured as 4.75 x 4.30 x 4.30 cm / 1.87 x 1.69 x 1.69 inches regarding Height x Length x Width. The weight of the P6 mini smart projector itself is approximately 0.1 kg.

In the packaging box, you will get 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Triangular Frame, 1 x P6 Projector, 1 x USB Cable from the company.

My Orimag P6 Smart Portable Projector Review:

First of all, I am stunned by design and look of P6 Mini Smart LED projector. The work of the projector designers should be appreciated since the curves and seam of the body of P6 portable DLP projector are not sharp or so. All in all, you can keep the projector with you or use it comfortably.

I have used it for some minutes while projecting a video from the same holding the device on my hands itself. I want to share on fact with you that I did not feel any problem of heat or any other sign of uncomfortableness, but I am not sure about its long-term use on hands.

One of the impressive things I had noticed about the P6 bright projector is the glassed touch screen provided on top of the device. The screen is much sensitive to touch. You can completely control the projector from your one finger while keeping it either on a flat surface or holding it on your other hand.

The Company says,

You can use the projector either as an independent video or audio device. So to make it simple, you can either use it as a music player like an alternative of iPod or can watch movies while sitting at any corner of your home.


P6 is a well-configured projector considering its portable design! You can get 1GB primary memory and a quad-core CPU. Ultimately, you will hardly feel any lag or glitter even while watching any high graphics content. At least it works for me fine while I tested the product.

What are the Good Points of Orimag P6 Smart Mini Projector?

Here I will be going to share with you the plus points of the projector. Those I found myself and also taken from the real reviews of the current P6 LED projector customers,

  1. It is a nicely designed product with power.
  2. P6 tiny smart projector is working fast.
  3. Users like the image or display quality of the P6 compact projector.
  4. Although P6 is a small sized projector, it can provide an excellent beam light even in day hours.
  5. The projector is easy to use
  6. You can use a micro USB to Standard USB adapter to connect the standard USB key with the projector.
  7. Thanks to the inbuilt speakers, so that you no more need to depend on headphones and speakers every time.
  8. Not only iOS but the device can also support gadgets based on Mac OS, Android, and Windows.
  9. You can use the projector with a Tripod as well.
  10. You can easily carry the P6 compact LED projector even while traveling for a long distance. All you need is an excellent working power bank to charge your device whenever required. The projector can support 5V 2A power.
  11. The projector performs well while using it in Miracast.
  12. The P6 smart LED projector is one among the budget friendly smart gadgets.
  13. You will get many accessories with the P6 Wi-Fi DLP projector in the factory packaging.

What are few Bad things about Orimag P6 Smart Mini Projector?

The following are some of the Bad points that I found or came to know from other user’s reviews;

  1. No HDMI port, it is a downside for a projector that can support Full HD display. However, we can understand that the designers did their best to make the tiniest projector possible.
  2. I have surveyed different customer reviews and feedbacks regarding the P6 projector. I have found that the projector is having some issues while connecting it with iOS Airplay.
  3. Also, since P6 is a compact, handy projector but it might be a bit uncomfortable for you to hold it on your hands. Especially when you are projecting something from the P6 mini projector for a long time! All because of the heat dissipated, a fan is provided inside, but sometimes it is not enough to control large temperature.

Initially, the Orimag P6 compact DLP projector was available in five different colors. Also in two different sizes namely EU and Universal Plug. The colors available were Golden, Silver, Bright Black, Black, and Rose Gold.

I am not sure about the availability of all the colors at present, but I hope you will get the P6 in your favorite color possible! So if you are impressed with the product, then I suggest you go for it now before you miss the opportunity.

P6 LED projector can add to the convenience of its users since you do not need to work hard on setting up a big projector device anymore. I do not think that I will only be going to help the business people or working professionals.

Just buy it without overthinking! Do you like big screen entertainment? Keep P6 always with you either while campaigning, home, picnic, hanging around with friend or family, etc.

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