PPTV MAX1 Laser Projector Review: 4000 lumens with 300 inch screen


A theatre is a place where you can enjoy a movie with full enjoyment. But nowadays in this busy schedule, many don’t get time to get that opportunity. The biggest reason for everyone to go to the theatre is to visualize a big screen. The bigger screen makes a significant impact on visual effect. Naturally, you can visualize a huge screen at the theatre than your TV. To have a perfect enjoyment of a movie a bigger screen with the best picture quality is required. This thing is not possible at home with your TV. To meet your busy schedule and comfort at home, many laser TV projectors are available at the market. Laser projectors are the perfect replacement for the TV users who want to enjoy theatre experience at home. The laser projectors have provided a new possibility to experience the theatre experience at home.

PPTV MAX1On this article, I have reviewed PPTV theatre MAX1 laser projector which provides a giant screen display to have the theatre experience. Read this article in details till the end to know this laser projector.

PPTV MAX1Before saying about this product let me give you its most significant achievement. This projector has won 2018 CES China Innovation Award for such a good manufacturing. So from this achievement, you can guess its rating as well as performances.

Constructional Details of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1No doubt PPTV MAX1 laser projector is the smallest laser projector you will get in the market. It has got the size of 420mm x 367mm x 146mm, and its weight is about 10 kg. I know it’s cumbersome, not at all suitable to carry anywhere. It is good to keep the projector either only at home or at the office. You can say it is more like a desktop and it is small but heavy. It needs its space. It is way more than just a TV. But because of its beautiful design, it will definitely go with the decor of your home. You cannot treat it like a regular ordinary box.

PPTV MAX1The manufacturer has given the projector a pleasing look. Its body is smooth and has got the silk-like texture. It is made of two classy colors which are black and gold. These two color combinations give the projector a classy look just like an antique sculpture. It is flat and rectangular. The stylish look of the projector can draw any one’s attention quickly.

Screen Size details of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1Apart from its stylish look, it will also give you a quality display. Those who love to see the video in big screen this will be the perfect choice for them as it can give you from 80 inches to 300 inches size of an image by placing the projector at a distance of just 21 cm from the screen. That means it is unlike old projector which needs to be placed quite far from the screen to get a big picture. So you don’t have to think much about the placement of the projector.

Display Quality of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1To display the pictures from projectors, you just need a curtain which is light resistant or screen on the wall or just merely wall. It will be going to give you a realistic image. For example, if you are watching a video by keeping the image of size 100 inches then the screen area it is going to cover is 2.2 meters wide, 1.2 meters height and its diagonal length will be approximately 2.5 meters, or it can be more. At this time if a piano appears in the video, you will think that it is really there in front of you in size close to 1:1. You will be amazed by seeing its fantastic picture quality. It will give you real theatre experience sitting in your living room or bedroom. It has got the lens of Japanese Ricoh and audio from Onkyo.

Brightness Level of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1With a perfect vivid color of the image, it also gives you a bright image with 4000 ANSI lumens. This projector is perfect for watching movies, playing games, etc. The brightness of the images projected from this projector is 90% more than any other picture projected from other projectors. This color quality and brightness of the picture is more than sufficient to give you a perfect picture in daytime or in light also. On the other side, other projectors only tend to give a clear image at night time, or you can say in the dark. It has changed the concept of viewing the projector image only at night or in the dark.

Lamp life details of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1If you are a frequent user of a projector, then it is a boon for them as it has got 30000 hours of lamp life. Its life lamp is way more than maximum expensive projectors available in the market. If also you are using the projector for 8 to 10 hours a day still it will last for more than 10 years with ease.

Theater like HD Display of PPTV MAX1

Along with all these for a high definition picture quality, it has DLP digital light processing technology and is equipped with high-quality Ricoh HD lenses which supports full HD. Apart from these, it has 4K decoding and also supports 3D technology.

Sharpness level of picture quality of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1You must be thinking that if the projector is giving you an image of size 80 inches to 300 inches then it must be getting blurred. So let me tell you it is loaded with a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 which will give you an incredibly sharp picture. With this it also comes with 1024 grayscale level and moreover 1.07 billion of vivid colors. These features are going to provide you an amazingly high-quality picture. You are not going to get this fantastic sharp and clear image quality in any other projectors available in the market.

Audio Quality of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1To match up with the high-quality image it has got great audio quality also. This projector comes with 70 years old Japanese brand Onkyo audio technology and speakers. Onkyo always customize the audio speakers for high-end projectors. Not only the image quality but its sound quality is also my favorite. The built-in speaker of Japan’s Onkyo is going to give you an accurate sound you need. The speaker has been placed on the front side of the projector.

Heating Review of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1Apart from these, there are some points which you have to take special care of, like its operating temperature and the noise which it produces. PPTV MAX1The operating temperature of this projector is not that high. After 2 hrs of use, this projector has the temperature below 45 degree Celsius. So I can give you assurance that, it won’t go beyond 50 degree Celsius at any condition.

It also creates 50dB of noise which will not bother you while playing videos.

Storage details of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1Guess what the features of MAX1 is not limited to this much it has also got fantastic storage capacity with a built-in 1TB hard drive which can store nearly 100 Full HD videos.

Software details of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1Now let us move on to its system and contents. Like other smart projectors PPTV laser cinema MAX1 doesn’t come with pre-loaded apps or any other internet contents. This laser projector comes with its customized User Interface Rubric 4.5. This UI is very user friendly and doesn’t have any complex features. With this UI you can get radio and many internet broadcasting channels. Moreover, this UI enables users to control this laser projector over voice command. But for complex search you can use remote controller with virtual keyboard on screen.

Connecting Ports of PPTV MAX1

PPTV MAX1If we talk about its connecting ports, then it comes with USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, two HDMI 2.0 and other interface supporting 4K/ 60 FPS screen transmission.


PPTV MAX1Currently looking at laser projector market, PPTV laser theatre MAX1 is the best possible option. This projector will definitely meet the needs of big screen users for theatre experience.

After using this projector for several months I can say that it will surely meet your expectation regarding display quality as well as audio quality. It can surely replace your old LED TVs. You will definitely get good theatre experience than any other projectors of this price bracket.

But it may be dearer to many users. Also it may be little bit costlier than any 100 inch TV also. So many users may find it difficult to have this projector. But with this price you can get super exciting features with the best theatre experience. If you have this budget then you can go for this laser projector.

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