Puppy Cube S Review: small and smart

On May 24th, Puppy Robot Technology Co., Ltd. held its first brand and new product launch conference in Beijing and officially released the Puppy brand for five smart living spaces. At the same time, this company released the first product: The Puppy Cube S with light shadow magic screen.


The Puppy Cube S was designed by Designaffairs, a top European design company. This design consulting agency focuses its attention on creating innovative but functional devices, this way human-machine communication is easier.

The appearance of the Puppy Cube S is columnar and the overall tone is dark gray. The projected part and the hardware part are separated by the “smart interactive light strips”, and the dynamic effects of ambient light are presented in the boot state.

The design of the remote control is as innovative and elegant as the Puppy Cube S itself. It has metal texture, and the style is more like a home appliance.

Hardware Configuration

The Puppy Cube S has a smart chip designed by the Taiwanese company Mstar, specialized in hardware for multimedia and wireless communications. This chip has 4GB of transport storage memory and 64GB of flash memory.

The projection part uses the solution of the of the lead industry DLP Technology and Products, ultra-short focal spot. That technology combined with the patented FFO free optical surface technology and the Texas Instruments DLP chip provides 400 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 600:1.

Besides, this device has a built-in high-energy lithium battery. The battery life is nearly 3 hours; it means that the Puppy Cube S can project an entire movie without any problem.

Function Display

The Puppy Cube S from the top of a glass window, the light that penetrates to the wall or the desktop can achieve the same screen function. In the state of investment, you can easily display a 23-inch screen, and it can display a 100 -inch smart home theater in the lying state.

Regarding resolution, the highest compatible resolution is 4K, it can display anything you want in high definition. The Puppy Cube S has a built-in auto-focus system and trapezoidal auto-correction function, so that the projection screen always maintains a standard right angle, to ensure that the picture will not be distorted.

The Puppy Cube S also has “Any-touch” space touch technology, designed by the Chinese company Any-Touch Technologies. With this technology, the device can support for ten touch points, and it is suitable for any surface such as desktop, floor, or wall. At the same time, with the gesture recognition function, the screen can be zoomed and you can perform other operations. After self-learning and training through big data, the purpose of object recognition can be achieved.


The Puppy Cube S supports 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi connection, up to 1Gbps full HD transmission rate. The Bluetooth 4.0 transmission supports lossless audio playback, dual stereo speakers bring better high, medium, and low-frequency performance. The Puppy Cube S has a few connectivity options such as a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI 2.0. The rear plate has a special design, whether horizontal or vertical position, the cable does not impede its use.

Voice assistant

In addition to touch interaction, Puppy Robot and KTC News cooperated with the Puppy Cube S voice assistant. This device features the smart system “Badi” to support voice interaction.

In addition, smart eye protection mode is provided. When the product is in motion, the light source will be automatically turned off and will be turned on again after being placed.

System resource

The Puppy Cube S is based on Android’s deeply customized puppy user interface. It has many available functions, providing reminders for events, time, alarm clocks, and weather inquiries. It also integrates kitchen, education, music, games, and office applications. The third party also provides:

  • More than 10 Wanzhong selection of recipes
  • 5 Wan children educational resources
  • 1500 Wan top copyright tracks
  • 1200 Wan – hour audio content
  • As well as fitness training.


In addition, a commercial version of the Puppy Cube S is also available, with 4G of storage and 32GB of flash memory. The Puppy cube S costs 8999 Yuan (US $1383,37), as early as 11 Yue 1 Ri is officially on sale; Business Edition Puppy Cube S will cost 7999 Yuan (US $1229,65).

Pros and Cons



  • Small and innovative design
  • Supports 4k


  • Low contrast ratio
  • Low brightness


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