Wanbo P5 DLP Projector Review

Wanbo P5

The technology is now more inclined to developing intelligence. With the neural network, the engineers are giving importance in Artificial Intelligence. This invention makes human life more comfortable and better. Now you can operate devices on your voice command as well as in wireless mode. Many smartphones and speakers have come with Artificial Intelligence technology. Why you should stay behind regarding the projector? With the change in technology, you should also get along with technology.

Here, in this article I have discusses Wanbo P5 projector. This projector comes with Artificial intelligence technology as well as with DLP optical projection technology. Read the article till the end to know about the projector in details.

Wanbo P5Design and Physical Overview of Wanbo P5

Wanbo P5Before giving you the performance and review details, let me take you on a tour of its physical overview and its design.

Wanbo P5With a perfect combination of black and grey color, it gives you a stunning look. This projector is quite handy as it has dimensions of 9.45 X 3.94 X 2.36 inches. Well, from the aspect you can guess, this projector is just same Amazon Echo in size. Moreover, it weighs only 1.1 Kg. which makes it easy for portability.

Wanbo P5If you look at its design, then from the side view it just seems like an egg. With finished mat surface, it gives you shining glossy looks. Wanbo P5On the top of the projector on the grey color side, you will get power button with attractive silver color. The notification light is just above the power button. You won’t get any other physical navigation keys on the surface of the projector.

Wanbo P5On the front, you can see the lens eye. Here the lens eye is on the grey color part and is very protected by a lens shutter. You can slide this shutter just on your fingertip. On the side of the projector, you can have heat dissipation window. The window is with grill fitting for faster heat dissipation.

Wanbo P5This projector comes with an attractive remote controller. On the backside, you can see many types of connecting ports to connect your favorite devices.

Display Specification of Wanbo P5

While reviewing a projector, the important feature to be noticed is its display quality. A perfect display quality always brings real joy in theatre experience at home. Before saying about its picture clarity, let us know about its display specification. Wanbo P5 comes with 1280 X 800 pixels native resolution which is quite enjoyable to project clear pictures. To add more color and brightness, this projector has 400 ANSI Lumens.  To provide you a sharp image, this projector comes with 1000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, this projector comes with DLP optical projection technology to give you real theatre experience at home.  With throw ratio 1.2:1, you can get 15 to 300 inches size crystal clear picture from a distance of 0.5 meters to 3 meters from the screen or wall. The projector can project full HD pictures.

Display Review of Wanbo P5 Projector

Well, to review this projector I have used the projector in several times. Before that, you must all be thinking, is it worth to have 400 ANSI lumens brightness on this budget bracket? I have reviewed many projectors, and I can say you this much ANSI lumen is worth on this budget and you won’t feel any deficiency on picture clarity. Well, to give you assurance I have uploaded some pics.

Wanbo P5Here I have kept the projector 2 meters away from the screen. And I have used this projector at night. And the room was also dark. This is an HD projector. Wanbo P5So you can see the clarity in the picture. Also, the color production is very well enhanced. There is no darkness on the picture quality. So you get assured that 400 ANSI lumens brightness is not less for this projector. Wanbo P5As this projector is small in size and its lens is small in size 400 ANSI lumens is perfect for it.  I can’t see any blurred effect, and the picture was very sharp.

Wanbo P5Not only this but also you can use this projector for official use. In this projector, you can demonstrate power point presentation and business plan. You can get a clear picture on projecting letters.

Wanbo P5 Hardware and Software Review

Wanbo P5As this is a smart projector, this projector runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. Yeah, this is a bit low version of the operating system at this time and budget. But, it won’t hamper a lot in your entertainment. Wanbo P5Moreover, to store your favorite movies or to install any apps you will get 16 GB eMMC storage here. A good thing is that this projector supports memory expansion up to 256 GB. You can buy a TF card separately and can use it if your requirement is very high. But for normal use, the inbuilt memory is quite enough.

Connecting Ports and Connectivity Review of Wanbo P5

Wanbo P5Well, on the backside of the projector you can get the interface of connecting ports. Here you will get one HDMI port, One USB port, one VGA port, one AV port, and one micro SD card slot. On VGA poet you can connect your cable connection to watch TV.

Moreover, to have a wireless connection this projector comes with Bluetooth version 4.0 and dual Wi-Fi band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I have tried to connect my smartphone via Wi-Fi, and I didn’t face any issues on connectivity.

Wanbo P5 Projector Focusing Review

Wanbo P5Wanbo P5 comes with autofocus technology. When you displace your projector from one place to another place the focus of the projector automatically get adjusted. Moreover, it has manual keystone variation of + or – 40 degrees. Doing the variation on keystones angle, you can get perfect focus to get the best picture clarity.

Heating Review of Wanbo P5

While using this projector for more than 90 mins, I found little heat on this projector. But this heat is not that much which can hamper the projector.

Lamp life and Battery of Wanbo P5

This projector has a massive battery of Lithium-ion with 5200 mAh. On a single charge, it can run nearly 80 mins. You can happily watch 10-12 YouTube videos, and you can also give a complete power point presentation.

Now coming to lamp life, it has a decent lamp life. As an unbiased reviewer, I can’t say, it has excellent lamp life. But you can use this projector for 4 to 5 years and then you have to change the lamp.


Wanbo P5This Wanbo P5 projector has lots of unique features. The most highlighting feature is Artificial Intelligence technology. This projector can listen to voice command even of a 5 years old kid.

Moreover, this projector hasn’t given any chance to criticize its display quality. Those who think about 400 ANSI lumens, they can be tension free. You will never feel any deficiency in display quality.

This projector also has very high battery life. Moreover, this projector is quite usable in home entertainment as well as in official use. The DLP display technology adds life to the natural picture quality.

Also due to its light weight and handy shape, you can take this projector on your tour. But you have to sacrifice something in lamp life. But AI technology covers this deficiency.

So if you really want to stay updated with technology, then you can choose Wanbo P5 DLP AI projector as your first projector.

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