XGIMI A1 Laser Projector Review: 100 inch display with 3000 ANSI Lumens

Human needs are unstoppable. When one desire gets fulfilled, there will be more lucrative desire. To fulfill these profitable desires, many manufacturers always give their best effort to design a perfect one with advanced technology. Now let us talk about entertainment technology. Just think how the technology regarding visual entertainment is enhanced from a black and white television to a LED TV. Furthermore, these LED TVs are also available in different resolutions and different technologies. All manufacturers always try to give perfect visual experience with a budget price.

Now let us talk about home entertainment regarding theatre experience. Before several years projectors were only used for official or business purpose. Nowadays it moves one step further for home entertainment. The journey of development of projector was started from a conventional projector, and now it reaches to LED projector. But last year there was a technology war in terms projector. The manufactures move one step forward to invent Laser projector TV.

XGIMI A1Last year Xiaomi had given a breakthrough in launching Xiaomi Mi laser projector TV at a very lucrative price. To provide tough competition, XGIMI also launched 3 laser projector TVs such as XGIMI A1, XGIMI A1 Pro, and XGIMI T1. Here I have XGIMI A1 laser projector TV, and I have given you the review on it according to my past several months’ experience. Have a glance at the complete article to know this excellent projector from XGIMI.

Physical Overview and Design

A bit idea on laser projector

Before saying you about this projector, let me give you a generalized idea on laser projector. Laser projectors are mainly bulk in size. You cannot think to use it as a portable projector. And laser projectors always come with short throw ratio, so those depict you as a screenless TV.

Design and Construction Style of XGIMI A1

So here XGIMI A1 is also very bulky. If we talk about its weight, then it is bit heavy as it weighs 21 kg. It is also massive in size as it has the dimension of 0.77 X 0.36 X 0.1 meters. An adult man finds it little difficult to lift alone.

XGIMI A1This laser projector TV is very stylish and flat in shape. You can assume the shape is just like an inverter. This projector comes with four audio boxes inside of it. The two front audio units are woofers, and the rear twos are standard speakers. XGIMI A1You can have a good audio experience with this projector. The clarity of the sound is really impressive. You can get each bit of sounds. When you increase the volume, you won’t get any noise or blurred in sound. On this projector, you can get a wide range of volume control, and you can get very detailed sound quality.

XGIMI A1XGIMI A1 is made of woods. Because of wood finished this projector has a stunning look. Moreover, perfect woods for this projector is tough to trace as color and texture is the point of the matter. But with the wood design, you can have a proper decoration at home. But the demerit is that the wood material is not for a long term as it absorbs moisture and heat. In prolonged use, there may be a crack in the structure. So in my point of view, XGIMI might have a look at any other material for construction. But to give right decoration and sound effect, they have used the wood body for this projector.

Appearance of XGIMI A1’s  Remote Controller

XGIMI A1Look at the picture of the remote controller. The remote controller comes with shiny black color and has a smooth surface. The keys of the controller have a very stunning look. Well looking at its appearance, this remote controller is very handy with very rich functions. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. XGIMI A1You can control volume as well as the focus with this controller. However, this remote controller is very sensitive and has a high range of operation. As a smart projector, the controller doesn’t come with a physical keyboard. You can have an on-screen virtual keyboard.

Top View of XGIMI A1

XGIMI A1Now looking at its top XGIMI A1 has its lens at the top as it is a short throw projector. It has the lens cover. While you are using the projector, you can close the lens lid to protect children from the harmful rays. On the backside of the projector, you can have an interface for the connecting ports.


Display Quality of XGIMI A1

XGIMI A1This laser projector has blue monochromatic laser technology. This projector has 3000 ANSI lumens brightness. It comes with the 1080p native resolution which supports 4K video decoding. This projector can give you 100-inch display screen which can be treated as screen less laser TV. This projector can also project pictures with 3D effect. Due to short throw ratio, you can have the picture screen at a very short distance. The DLP display technology enhances the picture quality to a natural level.

Sound Quality of XGIMI A1

XGIMI A1With the Hi-Fi audio system, you can have an excellent sound quality. Especially the Harman Kardon speakers give crystal clear audio quality. You won’t miss any single bit audio frequency with it. The projector comes with 2 woofers and 2 speakers of 20 watts capacity. These speakers support Dolby technology to give you very soothing sound. You won’t get any noise with high volume also.

Hardware specification of XGIMI A1

XGIMI A1Now looking at its hardware part, the projector has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC internal storage, where you can store movies and apps. This laser projector comes with Mstar 6A938 where the four cores are clocked with 1.7 GHz frequency. This laser projector runs with Android 6.0. Coming to its connecting ports, it has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and one USB 2.0 ports.


After using this projector for some months, I am reviewing this projector with different conditions with the pics. Have a vivid glance on it.

You can have an anti-light screen which is of 100 inches. This screen provides you better visual effect and reduces the ambient light effect. Due to short throw ratio, I have kept the projector just 18 cm away from the screen.

XGIMI A1For real projector review, I have taken these real pics. As you can see in the image the screen is just near the window and the shooting time was morning 10 o’clock. As you can see the sunlight is apparently passing the window. Now look at the projection image and mark the quality. XGIMI A1The sunlight very rarely affects the projection screen. You can see the vibrant picture quality still in the daytime. XGIMI A1To give you better visual effect I have attached the zoomed image. You can see the color production is very accurate and very clear. XGIMI A1The brightness of the screen is good, and darkness effect due to contrast is appreciable.

XGIMI A1In the daytime, you will get a warm effect on color production. The cold color effect is not that good at daytime. But the pictures are very detailed, and sharpness is excellent.

XGIMI A1To get better sharpness effect on the picture, I have reviewed this projector by projecting a PPT. But this projector is not suitable for official use as it is not portable and is a bit expensive for daily use. As apparent, the projection screen is 100 inch. Here the pictures are also very clear and detailed. If you need it for official use to project PPT, then it can be a good option for you.


XGIMI A1As per my point of view, this is the best replacement for your LED or LCD TV. Here you can have a more prominent display than your TV. As you have got the visual idea from the review, it has very rich display quality. You can use it as home entertainment as well as in official use. With vibrant features, this projector can serve you the best. You will get the complete entertainment package. But this projector is bit expensive. And in laser projector market, it is the best option. You will get the best visual effect as well as the best audio effect. Now it is up to you, if you like this projector, then go for it.





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