Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector


In this technological era, everything is getting better day by day as a result of which if you are thinking to buy anything then you will be getting hundreds of different option of that product. Each option has its specifications. For example, if you are considering to purchase a projector then also there are hundreds of options available, some has got a better display, some has got better audio, some projector is portable for travelling, but some are good to keep at home, etc. When it comes to a projector, then it does not only compete with other projector manufacturers, but it also has to contend with TV manufacturers. Projectors manufacturer promote their projectors, and television manufacturers promote their projectors. Some people don’t know about laser projectors.

XGIMI A1Because of growing market competition, there are numbers of products available, so people get confused which one to go for. So to make your decision easy today I am going to compare between two selected projectors one is XIAOMI MI ULTRA, and the other one is XGIMI A1 LASER projector. These two projectors are quite popular in the market and also nearly of the same price. So I am going to tell you about the features of both the projectors.

Usually, people think these two projectors are not comparable as both are costly and loaded with advanced features. Some people also believe that price of both the product is not worthy. But guys you think like this because you have not gone through the features. These projectors have really got some fantastic features to give you better performances.

XGIMI A1First of all, let me tell you that XIAOMI MI does not come with the light resistant screen you have to buy an additional light resistant curtain at your own expense, on the other hand, XGIMI A1 laser projector has got anti-light curtain and is also installed for free of cost by the professional installers. But it does not mean that XIAOMI MI is not worth buying it has got its own specifications. Let’s start the comparison of its looks and design.

Looks and Design Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

XGIMI A1XGIMI A1 and XIAOMI MI both are entirely different in look. XIAOMI MI is a mixture of white and black color and manufacturing style is a bit like Japanese whereas XGIMI A1 is black in color and it looks more like home audio system. At first glance, XIAOMI MI will attract you because of its classy look and design whereas XGIMI A1 is bit bulky so it is not that eye-catching. But when it comes to the material these projectors are made up of then XGIMI A1 will take points as its body is made up of metal whereas XIAOMI MI is made with plastic material which will give you a sense of cheapness.

XGIMI A1The length, width, and height of the XIAOMI MI are 41 cm, 29.10 cm, and 8.80 cm respectively whereas the length, width and height of the XGIMI A1 are 77 cm, 36 cm, and 10 cm respectively. So you can compare that XIAOMI MI is bit small in size as compared to the XGIMI A1. So if you want to carry your projector from one place to another for your work purpose, then you must go for XIAOMI MI as it is light weighted and small in size. XGIMI A1XGIMI A1 is bit big and bulky not easy to carry from one place to another. XGIMI A1 is right to fix at one place for prolonged use. XIAOMI MI is easy to relocate to your home or office, but because of bulky in size, it is not easy in case of XGIMI A1. So as per your size requirement you can choose accordingly.

XGIMI A1So basically XIGIMI A1 projector is best to use as home theatre or for office use but keeping it fix at one place as it is not easy to move, but in case of XIAOMI MI projector, it can be used in education centres, office presentation, public sectors, museums, different training institutes, etc.

Display Quality Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

XGIMI A1Now coming to vital feature, i.e., image quality. The projector is all about images and videos. So it should have excellent image quality. As per my concern, XIAOMI MI has better image quality than XGIMI A1 as XIAOMI MI displays brighter image in comparison to the XGIMI A1. And why not, XIAOMI MI should display better and more vivid image as it is a bit more expensive than XGIMI A1.

XGIMI A1Let’s have a look on its display features and quality. One of the most important parts of the quality picture is its brightness. Brightness can change the viewing experience of a picture. If the picture has low brightness, then the image will look dull, and if the picture has perfect brightness, it will give you realistic image. If we compare the ANSI of both the projector then the XIAOMI MI comes with 5000 ANSI lumens whereas XGIMI A1 has got only 3000 ANSI lumens. So with these ample lumens, XIAOMI MI projects brighter image than of the XGIMI A1 PROJECTOR.

XGIMI A1Now coming to the image quality, XIAOMI MI has full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel, and XGIMI A1 has got the native resolution of 1080 pixel and also supports 4K videos. XGIMI A1 will give you a picture of size 100 inches and can also display 3D videos. Because of its short throw ratio, it can give you quite a big size picture by placing it in short distance from the screen. And its DLP technology increases the picture quality. Now coming to XIAOMI MI, it has got ALPD display technology also supports 4K videos. It will give you an image of size 150 inches with a very short throw distance of 50 cm only. It has a throw ratio of 0.233:1 and a focal contrast ratio of 2500:1 to 3500:1.

XGIMI A1So if you compare the image quality of both the projectors then the variety of XIAOMI MI has got better image quality in terms of brightness, sharpness, color contrast and also in terms of image size.

Sound Quality Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

XGIMI A1XGIMI A1 is equipped with Hi-Fi for excellent sound quality. To give you clear sound and clear voice or words it has got Harmon Kardon, the speaker. Harmon Kardon speaker is one of the best speakers used worldwide. It is famous for its crystal clear audio quality. I played the speaker in the closed room and also in the open area in both the environment it gives high-quality sound. You can hear every bit clearly. The projector has got two woofers and two speakers with a capacity of 20 watts. To provide you with the smooth sound it supports Dolby technology. In high volume also it will give you clear sound. And it also does not create any noise in high volume.

XGIMI A1Now coming to sound quality of XIAOMI MI. XIAOMI MI has got two full frequency speakers and one high-frequency speaker. These speakers will give you ample sound volume. It also supports Dolby technology and also has external speakers. XIAOMI MI will also give you smooth sound quality with crystal clear audio. Like XIGIMI A1 I tested XIAOMI MI sound quality by playing it inside the closed room and in an open area the sound quality is clear and loud in both the environment. But in high volume, it creates a little bit noisy.

So if you compare the sound quality of both the projector then both the projectors have get same features and technology for sound, but in XIAOMI MI you will hear an annoying noise. So, sound qualities of both the projectors are identical, but XIAOMI MI has got noise issue.

Connecting Ports Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

XGIMI A1XGIMI A1 has got 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and 1 USB 2.0 ports. These connecting ports will let you connect your PC, laptops, phone, TV box, etc.

XGIMI A1Whereas XIAOMI MI has got 2 HDMI 2.0 outputs, one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, one ARC port, one audio output, two SPDIF and one Ethernet port. Along with these, it has got some wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, WiFi with 2.4 + 5 GHz. All these connectivities will help you to connect your PC, laptop, tab, gaming console phones, etc.

So if we compare connecting ports of both the projectors, then XIAOMI MI has got more and better connecting ports both of wired and wireless.

Storage Capacity Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

XGIMI A1 has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC internal storage. This has got ample storage to store your apps, movies, songs, pictures, etc. This large memory also let the projector work smoothly.

Now coming to XIAOMI MI, it has got 2GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC flash. This projector has not got enormous space like XGIMI A1, but it is enough to store your file or videos. And functioning of the projector is also good.

So if we compare the storage capacity of both the projectors the no doubt XGIMI A1 has better storage capacity then XIAOMI MI. And this storage capacity also leads to a smooth functioning of the product.

Remote Controller Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

Now let us compare the remote controller of these two rich laser projectors. Both are having very well designed and eye-catching remote controller.

XGIMI A1First let me say you about XGIMI A1 remote controller. It comes with whole black body. This balck color shines on this controller. The surface of the remote controller is smooth. Now look at its buttons. The buttons have got very stunning looks. If we talk about its appearance then it very slim and handy. It is embedded with very rich feature. This controller has Lithium ion rechargeable battery. XGIMI A1This remote controller is having very high operating range. It doesn’t have any physical keyboard. You can have virtual keyboard on the screen.

XGIMI A1Now let us focus on Xiaomi Mi ultra-short laser projector’s remote controller. Well it is little bit longer than XGIMI A1’s remote controller. It comes with the mixture of black and white color. This controller doesn’t have shiny looks and has matte finished surface. By appearance it is also very handy as XGIMI A1’s remote controller. Here also you are not getting any physical keyboard on the controller. You are not getting rechargeable battery here.

But in my point of view I found XGIMI A1’s remote controller is looking more premium than Xiaomi laser projector’s controller. Its shiny look is one of the highlighting feature. Moreover, the rechargeable battery also makes the difference.

Processor Comparison of XGIMI A1 Vs. Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

This comparison stands a vital role while comparing any two laser projector. Smoothness of any projector is fully dependent on its CPU as well as on GPU.

XGIMI A1 laser projector has got Mstar 6A938 projector. This is a quad core processor. Here two cores are based on Cortex A72 architecture and rest twos are based on Cortex A53architecture. Here the four cores are working at 1.7 GHz frequencies. Now looking at the GPU, this projector comes with Mali T820 MP3 GPU.

XGIMI A1If we discuss of Mi laser projector, then it comes with T968 processor. This also a quad core processor. But here all four cores are based on Cortex A53 architecture. Here the four cores are clocked at 1.8 GHz frequency.

In my knowledge here Xiaomi Mi laser projector has little bit powerful processor.


XGIMI A1If you want to go with the technology and have decided to purchase a laser projector, then it is a very good decision. Both the projectors are the best in their respective fields. You can find attractive and compact looks in Xiaomi Mi laser projector. But when it comes to audio quality, then XGIMI beats Xiaomi completely. While comparing the picture quality, Xioami has the edge over XGIMI. In hardware XGIMI has the edge over Xiaomi laser projector.

So it fully depends up on your choice. Think wisely before you make any purchase.


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