XGIMI H2 Review: Indeed not Exactly H1 Projector!

XGIMI projector

XGIMI, a well-recognized home projector manufacturer in China. They recently announced two new global projector models, i.e., H2 and Z6. After reading this article, you will come to know about my actual Feedback on the latest projector model of XGIMI or say XGIMI H2 Projector Review.

What’s best about using an XGIMI projector is that you can get a high-performance projector. Not only has this it also included Android operating system and the effect of listening to the Harman Kardon sound from one tiny box.

XGIMI H2 Review

Among the two, in this post, we will be looking forward to H2 projector model. Since ultimately it is an upgraded version of the favorite XGIMI H1 projector. Many experts said that the new version of the XGIMI projectors line up will be having many improvements.

I am sure H2 has been designed by considering the feedback and downsides of H1. The quality of the image has been improved much. Hence projecting a brighter and clear picture to deliver an immersive viewing experience to the users.

XGIMI projector

When Did I First See the XGIMI H2 Latest Multimedia Projector?

Recently I attended one of my close friends birthday! He invited me for the same on a 5-star hotel. He was about to plan the party on afternoon hours, but we all were busy in some or the other work. So after talking with all the friends, he locked the evening hours for the party.

He asked us to reach the hotel sharp by 7:30 pm and nearly most of our friends were reached there on time. Unfortunately, the birthday boy was late. Yes, it was pretty embarrassing for all of the invited persons to wait there for the person who organized the party.

XGIMI H2 Smart Compact Projector

We contacted him! He said he was stuck in some urgent work but will be going to reach there within half an hour. Some of the guests were waiting inside, and others including me were waiting for the Birthday guy outside the hotel.

Finally, we thought it is best to go inside and hang on at the waiting hall of the hotel till our friend reaches the spot. We do not want other hotel guests to get disturbed those who were coming to the Hotel for dinner or so.

While sitting at the hotel’s waiting hall, I saw a big projector screen with a movie running on the same for the entertainment of guests on the waiting hall. I was utterly impressed with the quality of video and sound output. It can be entirely compared with the experience of watching a movie on a theater.

XGIMI H2 Smart Compact Projector review

I was eager to know about that projector,

Ultimately, I did not want to sit idle while waiting in the hotel’s waiting hall. I knew that I had much time to inquire about the projector till my friend reaches the hotel for the party to start! Immediately I rushed towards the hotel manager and asked him about the projector.

He said the Hotel Administration newly employed him so he cannot help me to give any details or feedback regarding the projector. I am sure he is not interested in Gadgets otherwise he much has any idea about that mesmerizing projector.

XGIMI H2 Projector Review

So I thought other than asking others why not I should try doing the hands-on with the projector by myself. I got an idea! I requested the Manager to allow us to use that projector to be used in our party since we are planning for some surprise to our Birthday boy! As per his initial expressions, it was looking that he was not in a mood to allow us to access that projector but after some tries I got successful.

He agreed to assign me the projector but only after 9 pm. Since until that time, they are having their other guests hanging in the waiting room to get a table free for their dining. So they do not want to make their guests get bored without the projector that works as an option for their time pass.

XGIMI H2 Latest Multimedia Projector review

Finally, I got the chance to use the XGIMI H2 Smart Compact Projector,

I agreed with him, and our party starts by 8:30 pm. In between the party when I saw it was 10 pm, then I contacted the manager and asked him to give us the projector. Finally, they hand over the projector to me within few minutes.

I am happy with spending a good time with the H2 projector for about one hour. Without wasting any time, I have connected the H2 bright projector with my smartphone and played some good party songs. I can say that the sound quality is one among the best that I have ever experienced with other projectors.

It is all because of my friend that I got the chance to operate and get an idea about the performance of a newly launched H2 smart compact projector! I tried to check out H2 from every possible aspect in a limited time possible.

And I found many things interesting about the H2 multimedia projector. I will be going to share my own experience with you while using the projector. I will also include other necessary details that I have collected to make this post entirely informative for the readers.

So I request you to read this post till the end to know – features and specification of the H2 projector. Also the Differences between the XGIMI H1 and H2 projector models. And not to forget my own words about the latest XGIMI H2 smart multimedia projector!

What are the main Upgradations in H2 Projector as compared to XGIMI H1?

Below are some points that will show you what all changes or upgradations have been done in the latest H2 projector model. As compared the same with H1 projector model,

Comparison based on Hardware:

At first, we will be going to look on the lens of both the XGIMI projectors. In H1 we saw a manual sliding door to cover the lens while not in use. However, the new version of the projector, i.e., H2 will be equipped with an electronic sliding door.

Secondly, we will compare the maximum angle of keystone correction both the models can support! So as per what we have observed in XGIMI H1 projector, you can adjust the display horizontal: ±30 degree and vertical: ±35 degree.

XGIMI projectors

On the other side, the maximum keystone correction functionality has been increased in the H2 projector. It is approximate horizontal: ±45 degree and vertical: ±45 degree.

Next, let us consider the maximum brightness of the projection both the models of XGIMI can support. So in case of XGIMI H1 projector, it is 900 ANSI lumens, and in case of an H2 projector, it is 1350 ANSI lumens.

A projector can work fine only if a powerful processor chip backs it. So let us see what difference is there between both the two XGIMI projector models! The H1 multimedia projector has Mali-T760 GPU with 1.75GHz quad-core processor, Mstar 6A928 Cortex-A17. The upgraded H2 multimedia projector is featuring a Mali-T820 GPU, and 64-bit Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53 processor.

Comparison based on Convenience:

For many people, their priority while buying any new projector is to check out for the quality of sound output from the same. Well both the H2 and H1 models of the XGIMI are packed with Harman Kardon configured speakers.

Now let us find out the performance of both the projectors considering the throw ratio. XGIMI H1 projector possesses 1.5:1 with 1.1X zoom optical lens. H2 projector maintains 1.2:1 with the fixed optical lens.

So by comparing both the two figures, we can summarize the fact that XGIMI H2 projector can produce a more significant size display output. It is massive than H1 projector even if we place both the projectors at the same distance from the projection screen.

One of the most important things that can enhance both the performance of a gadget and convenience of the users is stored. So will compare both the primary and internal memory of both the XGIMI models. In case of H1, it is having 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM better as compared to H2 having only 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM.

XGIMI H2 projector

What are the Specifications of H2 Compact Multimedia Projector?

At the time when hotel staff has given me the H2 projector for a small time of use they actually handover it to me in its original packaging. Yes, I am impressed by seeing there are some other people as well in the world. Other than me who is a habit of preserving the outer packaging of any gadget or appliances with them after unboxing!

I thought it is beneficial. Especially if you want to store your product for some time while not in use. Or while relocating or traveling if you use the original packaging to cover the device then nothing works best than this. After all, it is the company made!

XGIMI H2 Projector box

Back to the main topic,

I want to share some more information whatever I saw about the packaging. The XGIMI H2 projector comes in a white box with an H2 written on its top. On one side there is an XGIMI logo. Besides the same, you will get the branding of Harman Kardon that means the projector inside the same has good quality speakers.

It is because I do like the audio quality of Harman Kardon speakers and also recommend it to others. Now let us have an outlook on all the details about the specifications of the H2 smart projector;

XGIMI projector

  • Projection Technology: LED + DLP
  • Display Chip: RGB LED+4.47’’ DMD
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Lamp Life: >20000 hours
  • Color Gamut: >=120%NTSC
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • Lamp Brightness: 1350 ANSI Lumens
  • Throw Ratio: 1.2:1
  • Wireless Support: Yes, it can wirelessly project via Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA.
  • Resolution: Supports both 2k and 4k content, with usual Full HD support 1920*1080P
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3

XGIMI H2 reviews

  • Off-axis: 100%
  • Uniform: >98%
  • Keystone Correction: Horizontal ±45 degree and Vertical ±45 degree
  • GPU: Mali-T820
  • User Interface: GMUI
  • ROM: 16GB EMMC
  • CPU: 64 bit Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Remote Control: Bluetooth enabled remote controller
  • Interface: USB2.0*1, Jack3.5*1, USD3.0*1, RJ45*1, Optical NET*1, HDMI*2(one support ARC), and DC Power*1
  • Noise: Below 30dB
  • Projector Color: Black
  • Product Weight: 2.5 KGs

  • Product Size: 200*200*135 mm considering length x width x height.
  • Package Weight: 4.1 KGs
  • Package Size: 245*245*216 mm considering length x width x height.
  • Accessories: power adapter*1, power cable*1, metal blue RC*1, warranty card*1, and user manual*1.
  • Power Consumption: 100-135W
  • Power: 50/60Hz, AC 100-240V
  • Speaker: Dual Subwoofer speakers with 45mm full channels driver units. Wholly featured with Harman Kardon customized stereo. The projector also supports s/pdif output, digital audio output with supportive HDMI ARC, audio jack, and two 7.5 Watt speakers.
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4G/5.8G, Dual Wi-Fi
  • 3D Function: DLP-LINK 3D

What are the Features of XGIMI H2 Smart Projector?

True High Definition:

Newly launched H2 projector supports the native resolution of 1920x 1080P, which is Full HD. So ultimately the projector can display a more precise output that is 2.25x times clearer than the other 720p projectors.

The H2 projector can be easily connected to your gaming console to enjoy the immersive gameplay on a big projector screen. Also, you can join the H2 compact projector with your smartphones or gadgets to share your content on a big display.

H2 projector screen

Entertainment Package for Everyone:

As said before, the H2 projector is an upgraded version of the well-known H1 projector. So by default, you can experience the same entertainment in XGIMI H2 smart projector like that of H1 smart projector. So with the new projector model of XGIMI, you can enjoy listening to the music, watching movies and TV shows.

H2 smart multimedia projector comes with a convenient remote controller. Hence, you can use the remote control to control the projector using your voice. You can also use either a WeChat remote control or screen less assistant to operate the H2 projector.

H2 smart multimedia projector

On the top of the projector, there are some manual buttons provided to control the multimedia playback like Play, Pause, Next, and Music mode. A red line is there on top of the buttons using which you can adjust the volume of the projector sound output. You can stream TV programs, YouTube videos, Movies, clips from Netflix and Hulu anytime on the H2 projector.

A Bigger Size Projection Output:

The H2 projector is designed as a compact gadget. You can either carry it while traveling from one place to another or quickly set up the projector anywhere to turn a room into a Home Theater. The H2 multimedia projector is based on cinema grade technology for 3D imaging using the DLP active shutter.

H2 multimedia projector

Hence, using this technology, you can turn any 2D video into a 3D that too on a bigger 300’’ projection output. Always take care to set up your projector at a proper distance from the projection screen.

Superb Sound Quality:

Did you ever try any Harman Kardon speakers? If not then you should experience the sound quality of the same at least once. So XGIMI H2 projector is also featuring Harman Kardon bass enhanced in-built speakers.

It makes sure that you will receive Hi-Fi quality effects for all sound ranges. Not only this, but you can also pair your any smart gadget with the H2 via Bluetooth and use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker itself.

XGIMI H2 projector reviews

Before writing this post, I have also gone through many customer and critic reviews about the latest H2 compact projector. What I found familiar in between all is one thing. The main highlight of the H2 compact multimedia projector is the sound quality of internal speakers.

So streaming music on H2 with Hi-Fi Harman Kardon stereo is something that you must try if you are looking for a home theater experience. There are extra vibrating plates included with the speakers. It helps them to enhance the quality of bass and deliver you powerful sound effects.

All in One Home Theater Projector:

XGIMI H2 projector nearly has all the features that can make it a complete home theater package. Are you in need of a home theater setup in a small or medium-sized room? An H2 multimedia projector is the best option for you without any need to connect the external speakers with the projector unit.

What else you need?

The H2 projector is delivering a bright-light viewing experience and excess to 4K videos. Not only this you get Hi-Fi sound output, a massive display of around 300’’, and the facility to convert 2D contents into 3D for a different relish!

H2 projector bright light

H2 smart projector is based on motion compensation technology! Hence H2 ensures you that you can smoothly watch the movies having subtitles without any issues like jitters or smears. So technology is much helpful for you to experience viewing, especially those are in different languages.

Also, the technology will undoubtedly be of much help to enhance your pleasure of watching any sports game. H2 will be the best for people those who are preparing themselves to take the best experience of World Cup.

H2 smart projector

Differences in H2 Projector in Comparison with H2 Slim Projector;

There is also another version of H2 compact projector, i.e., XGIMI H2 slim launched with the same. H2 Slim projector is currently available in China. So if someone desires a less configured projector and cheaper than the H2 multimedia projector, then the H2 slim model is the one for you. However, you need to be ready to compromise on the following things:

Brightness: H2 Slim projector – 1100 ANSI lumens, H2 projector – 1350 ANSI lumens.

Memory: H2 Slim projector – 8GB, H2 projector – 16GB.

H2 projector

Sound: H2 Slim projector – Dual 5W Harman Kardon Speakers, H2 projector – Dual 8W Harman Kardon Speakers

Interface: the H2 Slim projector is having one HDMI interface less than the model of H2 projector.

My words on XGIMI H2 Multimedia Projector;

XGIMI H1 projector already won many awards for its design such as the CES Innovation Award of 2017, Reddot Award, iF Product Design Award. So manufacturers are presenting the H2 projector in the same design as that of XGIMI H1 multimedia projector.

You will not more need to bother about facing any ambient light constraints while viewing the projector output. Thanks to the H2 smart projector! The projector is also having a four channel optical path design and much better system to deal with the heat dissipation of the projector.

XGIMI H2 multimedia projector

Due to a high display brightness support of around 1350 ANSI lumens. Therefore you can enjoy watching movies on a large screen anytime either it is night or daytime! Even after I experienced using the projector for a small amount of time I am impressed with its performance.

So I can personally recommend it to others who are desiring to buy a projector either for their travel, home, business, office, or any event needs.

What are Some Good Things that I Experienced with XGIMI H2 Smart Projector?

  • Convenient Lens Slide
  • High Brightness
  • A Good Shockproof Packaging

  • Increase in the level of Dynamic Processing Efficiency
  • Intelligent Trapezoidal Correction
  • One click Keystone Correction
  • No need of Transfer Tray
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and convenient operation

What are the Downsides of H2 Compact Projector that I Came to Know Till Now?

  • RAM is only of 2GB. However, as per the company sources it has been used for better performance with the GMUI3.
  • It works fine in medium daytime light, but you might be uncomfortable if you are using it in a highly intense surrounding light.

H2 Compact Projector

XGIMI H2 smart multimedia projector was announced on 15th may, and now it is available to purchase through many online platforms. You can book it anytime currently. It is expected that the product will be delivered right to your home from the China warehouse sooner.

You may hardly regret having an XGIMI projector in your bedroom or office not only to watch movies and TV shows but also to be used as a decorative device.

6 thoughts on “XGIMI H2 Review: Indeed not Exactly H1 Projector!

  1. martin says:

    Excellent review!Can you actually mount this projector to the ceiling? Does it support the flip screen mode(upside down} when mounted on ceiling? thank you

  2. oliver scott says:

    I had the H1 and it stopped working after 18 months of light use. I Also had the z aurora which stopped working 20 months after hardly any use. XGIMI projectors are garbage. They look nice but apps don’t work and failure rate and issues are high. Also you will struggle to play and 4k Bluray to either the H1 or new H2 as neither are HDCP 2.2 compliant. This means any copy protected material can’t be played on these projectors.

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