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XGIMI screenless TV

XGIMI Technology, China’s Leading Home Video Projector Manufacturer Today introduced, three new projector models. They are available as H2, H2 Slim and Laser TY LUNE (Chinese version) in Chengdu. They also unveil two new screenless TVs on the market, Z6, and  H2 XGIMI screenless TV. The two main strategies for future development are the creation of AI labs and the expansion of the global market. AI Labs supports the development of screenless technology with Baidu. Our fast technology has receive a small and exquisite 1080p screenless TV H2 Slim, which is priced at 3999 yuan or $615.

Screenless TVs are gaining popularity all over the world. XGIMI’s screenless TVs incorporate the advanced features of Harman Kardon’s stereo LED projector, Android sound system, and a small box. To create a new look and an exciting alternative to home decor.

The Z6 is a 1080p screenless TV with a 2018 Reddot Award-winning mini-design. Harman Kardon stereo sound inside the box delivers unrivalled sound quality. In March, XGIMI launched its Z6 (Chinese version) pre-order platform through its JD.com platform and booked a breakthrough. 200,000 in just seven days, breaking the ever-growing platform of the fundraising platform.

XGIMI H2 Slim Packaging

XGIMI screenless TV

The XGIMI screenless TV comes in a beautiful white box.
XGIMI screenless TV


XGIMI screenless TV

On the back side of H2Slim product information is pasted. From the product description, we can see that XGIMI screenless TV supports 4k resolution. One of the best features of screenless TV is having an inbuilt audio system, There is no need to have a different audio setup for the box. The Speakers from Harman are best known for the audio quality so definitely the sound quality is super.


H2 Slim is 18% smaller but has a brightness of 1100 ANSI lumens. The light engine has the highest performance in the market using a 0.47” DMD display chi., And the shorter light path leads to higher light utilization. With full HD physical resolution, it is also a non-screen TV that can be watch even during the daytime.

XGIMI screenless TV


In terms of software, H2Slim is equipped with an extremely high-quality AI. A new voice-interactive UI, and supports remote search voice search. Simple and convenient to use, traditional smart TV has its own software and features. In short, it is a small appliance that can increase people’s happiness. We are definitely a premium experience.

XGIMI screenless TV


In terms of hardware, the appearance is very small and exquisite. Opto-mechanics has the highest performance in the market using a 0.47-inch DMD display chip and the shorter light path leads to higher performance. Light utilization rate, with full HD physical resolution, is a screenless TV that can be watched during the day, of course, the best at night!


XGIMI screenless TV

In terms of picture quality, H2 Slim has added picture quality technologies such as motion compensation and HDR 10 decoding to high-end TVs. H2Slim has added motion compensation, HDR decoding and other image quality techniques. It solves the problem of high-speed picture smearing and de-frames. It is too late to select a curtain, and the white wall I shoot directly is both sharp and bright. With the addition of motion compensation technology, bid farewell to high-speed picture smearing, jitter, and drop frames. The use of HDR 10 decoding technology not only improves the film source’s high dynamic range. It also clearly restores the details of light and shade. The background image in the movie plot can be clearly displayed in front of the eyes.


The XGIMI screenless TV has multiple options for connectivity. It can be easily connected by HDMI cable that is used for connecting it to any laptop or desktop. The Size of the screenless TV is really small. It makes carrying it very easy. You can simply place it in your office bag and use it anywhere you want. The screenless TV can be also connect via USB 3.0 cable.



The voice-interactive UI, that supports humanized multi-round conversational guidance and interaction to make the use of XGIMI screenless TV more convenient.

There is a small detail, H2Slim uses electric sliding door technology. So that the lens in each switch machine is intimate. The autofocus function, with up and down left and right trapezoidal correction. For the first time added an intelligent auxiliary correction. Just a key can automatically adjust to the square screen and complete the focus.

In terms of sound effects, XGIMI screenless TV supports external audio functions. The included Harman sound is a perfect experience without an external sound system.

XGIMI screenless TV XGIMI screenless TV

XGIMI screenless TV Verdict

If you are looking for something different for your home screenless TV can be a perfect choice. This is 100% truth screenless TVs are going to change the whole experience we know Nowadays TV comes bearing with ample spaces for them. Keeping a TV and pacing it in a perfect place is a problem for everyone. The Chinese market has already started receiving a lot of screenless TVs.

Screenless TVs such as XGIMI screenless TV takes very less as compared to even a regular TV. You can enjoy all your favourite content in Full HD quality and with automated voice system. Every feature available in the XGIMI H2 Slim will make you look a lot cooler than everybody else. The price set for the XGIMI screenless TV also makes it economical and must have device.

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