XGIMI Z4 Air Review: An ideal portable projector 250 ANSI lumens


The young generation is the generation of technology, not just technology but of advanced technology. This young generation can think of their life without food, but they cannot believe their life without technology like a smartphone, laptops, video games, etc. There was a time when you had limited options and sufficient time, but now there are enormous options and no adequate time for everything. After a busy schedule of your professional life, you hardly get enough time for your entertainment. And you cannot waste that time moving from one place to another for entertainment purpose. And entertainment is equally essential for your refreshment like playing video games, watching movies, etc.

XGIMI Z4 AirFor me entertainment is essential but if along with entertainment if we can also spend time with our family that will be added benefit. So I had decided to get a projector which not only can be used for entertainment but can also be used for our professional work. Then I thought of trying XGIMI Z4 AIR projector. As I had heard enough about this projector so thought to give it a try, and I ordered the product.

Unpacking of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirWhen the product arrived in the first look, I was impressed with the outer box of the projector. It was so beautiful just like a jewelry box. XGIMI Z4 AirAnd at the center of the projector cover box, the logo has been mentioned which looks quite classy. XGIMI Z4 AirWhen you unpack the box, you will get two different boxes one is having the projector, and another is having its accessories.

Design of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirThinking of its look!! Well if the outer box is so beautiful then why not the product. The manufacturer has given an elegant look to the projector. It is made up of aluminum alloy and has been polished to give it a shiny look. XGIMI Z4 AirAs you can see this is flat and rectangular in shape. Along with the elegant look, it comes in the comfy size of 113.5 x 214 x 23.5 mm and weight of 0.65 kg. You can compare the size of the projector with your smartphone. This is very small in size and also very lightweight perfect to carry it easily anywhere you want. This is available in 3 different colors, i.e., gold, silver, and grey.

XGIMI Z4 AirOn the front side of the projector, you can see that there is a slide switch which is a power switch and also works as a lens cover. XGIMI Z4 AirTo turn on the projector you just have to slide the switch, and when the lens is visible the projector is on working mode. And when you push back the slider and cover the lens, then the projector is turned off. Along with the power switch, it has ventilation area on the front side for air flow. On the back side, it has its different connecting ports. On the right side, you will get a switch to adjust focus along with ventilation area.


XGIMI Z4 AirOne thing which I like about the Z4 AIR projector is, it is user-friendly. It is easy to set up and convenient to use. To know about the operation of the projector, you can try all the buttons of remote control one by one or else you can browse the UI’s internal setting. The technology used for display type is 0.3 DMDRGB- LED.

Display Quality of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirLet me tell you about its display. It has got excellent picture quality with a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel, and it also supports full HD 1080p video decoding. XGIMI Z4 AirAnd with its dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1 (FOFO) you will get an exceptional picture quality even you increase the size of the picture. With 250 ANSI lumens, it will give you a bright picture. But the only problem is, these pictures are bright and clear in the dark and looks a bit bad in the light.

This projector has got projection ratio of 1.07:1 and it can give you images of size 30 inches to 330 inches. But if you enlarge the picture more than 100 inches the quality of picture decreases. So it will be better if you keep the image size in between 70 to 90 at a projection distance of 3 meters for perfect picture quality.


XGIMI Z4 AirOne more thing which I didn’t like, it does not support autofocus. While playing a video, you have to adjust the focus manually until you get a clear picture. As I had already told you that on the right side of the projector there is a focus adjusting wheel which you can scroll to adjust the image focus. Other than these little drawbacks it will give you an excellent display quality. The display quality is best for playing games.

3D Performance of XGIMI Z4 Air

One more significant feature is it supports 3D technology. Those who love to watch 3D movies can enjoy their movie sitting at home. XGIMI Z4 AIR projector supports 3D imaging and can play 3D videos, with the help of 3D eye wears. You can experience the real 3D effects on movie at home. But if you want to get theater 3D experience, I will advise you to watch the movie at night not in the daytime. In daylight, you will not get up to the mark quality of 3D.

Official Use of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AIR is not only meant for your entertainment. This is not only designed to watch movies or playing video games, but it is also designed for your professional work. It has two modes, one is entertainment mode, and another one is office desktops mode. XGIMI Z4 AirBy connecting the projector with your phone or by inserting the hard disk, you can see your office documents. Moreover, you can use this for your presentation. For your office use, it supports PPT, WORD, EXCEL and PDF format.

Sound Performance of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirApart from its display quality if we talk about its audio quality, the projector has got an inbuilt speaker. But I am not convinced with the sound quality. And when the projector is in the working mode, the fan creates noise of 30dB which is bit irritating. Although if you are watching a movie, then the noise can be easily ignored. Audio quality is may not be good, but it has got excellent heat dissipation.

Connecting Ports XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirComing to the connectivity, along with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 it also has one HDMI high definition interface, one 3.5 mm headphone jack and mobile power off. You can also use the projector as a power bank to charge your mobile phone.

Battery and Lamp Performance of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirIt will not be justified if I forget to mention about its fantastic battery quality. It has got the built-in battery of 13600 mAh. Once you fully charge it, you can use the projector for a long time. It also has an excellent lamp life of 30000 hours.

Remote Controller of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirTo operate the projector, you will get a black slim remote control. It has some navigation key like On/ Off key, voice search key, menu key, a select key, home key, back key and keys to increase and decrease volume.

Software specification of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirAlong with all these features it also has 1GB DDR3 RAM with 4GB eMMC ROM. But I think the storage is not enough. Also the RAM is not enough to have a smooth operation. Z4 Air runs on Android OS. But it uses customized User Interface to provide a user friendly operating environment. While using, I found it very easy to operate the projector. The UI is very simple and no one will face any confusion to use it.

XGIMI Z4 AirAfter going through the main menu, you can see several broadcasting channels of live videos, music and games. This UI enable you to download several apps to fulfil your needs.

For official use you can use or install WPS office app. On this app you can do PPT presentation or any document presentation.

Package contents of XGIMI Z4 Air

XGIMI Z4 AirWhen you order or buy XGIMI Z4 AIR projector then along with the projector, you will get one power adapter cable of length 1.7m, universal plug adapter, one HDMI cable of length 1m, metal Bluetooth remote control, one mini USB charging cable for remote control of length 20 cm and one user manual.

Pros and Cons of XGIMI Z4 Air



  • Its greatest plus point is its size and weight which makes it convenient to carry anywhere you want and perfect for official use as you can take it quickly.
  • Its battery life 13600 mAh which is impressive.
  • It comes with a good lamp life of 30000 hours.
  • The projector is loaded with excellent features with this price range.


  • The built-in speaker is not good. So the sound quality is terrible.
  • The projector has got less storage.
  • It is quite slow in functioning.


XGIMI Z4 AirThis projector is a good option for you to serve in home entertainment as well as in official use. No doubt it has very attractive look, but with that it has very rich features. On this price bracket it provides you very good picture quality. As it is a portable projector, it has a small built-in speaker. The performance of the speaker is decent. You can’t expect more on audio quality for a portable projector.

The best part of this projector is its battery life. It has got massive 13600 mAh battery which can give you up to 2 hrs power back up. Especially its design and mass will take you to new world of the projector.

On this price bracket on portable projector, it is a good option for you. Hope you have got brief idea of this projector from this review. If you like this projector, grab it without a delay.


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