The New XGIMI Z4X Projector Review


Before ten years everyone was thinking that the projector was a thing which we kept from a distance to have large screen view. At that time projector was very costly. We could able to see those projectors only at institutes, business places and at some schools. Ordinary people or individual family couldn’t afford to buy. However, technology is growing very fast day by day. With this increasing technology many projector were invented which are used for home entertainment.

Nowadays many individuals want a big screen TV at their home. But budget is still a big concern for many ones. Invention of home entertainment projector has fulfilled long desires of many users. But when the brand XGIMI came into market, it fulfils many individual’s dream to enjoy pictures on a big screen.

XGIMI Z4XHere I have reviewed XGIMI Z4X projector. This device is a mixture of both sound system and projector features. Have a glance on this article to get to know in-depth review of this brand new projector.

Looks and Physical Overview of XGIMI Z4X

The projector comes in very attractive package. The package is of white color. The model name New Z4X is printed on golden color. Also the golden color ring around the model name looks very elegant.

Unboxing of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XWhile unboxing the product, you will find the projector at first. This projector is well protected by a protecting pad. This pad is very necessary to prevent the projector from any accidental scratches while doing transportation. At the bottom of the projector you can find remote controller, power adaptor, instruction manual, and warranty card. The black cardboard inside the box is very attractive. The clear cut instruction on the manual will give you perfect way for installation and usage.

For a commercial projector price is not a big factor, but its color productivity is a big factor. Color productivity on the screen says whether the projector will last or not in the market.  The first impression when I look the projector was awesome. The design of the projector is just like a handicraft things. Which gives an elegant looks.

Top view of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XNow let us have the top view of the projector. You can see a black color disk on the top surface of the projector. Just in the middle of the disk there is the brand name XGIMI. Due to the mixture of black and white color you can have a very attractive and clean look. Due to its attractive looks, this projector will surely match furniture at your home. You can keep the projector at bookshelf or in the living room. It will surely enhance the décor of your home.

Front view of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XMoving to the front view of the projector you can see dotted grills. This grill is there for the audio output. You can see the projector comes with Harman Kardon speaker as it is specified on the front. This projector has got ABS plastic body, which gives good finish as well as very nice decor. The position of the speaker is very well places to match the perfect design of the projector.

Lens Features of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XJust aside this speaker you can find the most important part of the projector, that is lens. This lens acts as a screen less Television. Without the lens you can’t have a picture from this projector. This lens is very sensitive and delicate. It needs to be protected from the dust.  But surprisingly this projector doesn’t come with manual shutter as other projectors. XGIMI has taken two months long to design this projector. So here the manufactures is providing power sliding shutter to protect the lens from dusts. When you power on the projector, the power slider automatically gets turned on. And when power off the projector, this slider automatically turned off. Due this the lens not only gets protected from dusts but also it becomes scratch proof.

Dimensions of XGIMI Z4X

Now looking at the projector dimension, this projector is very compact in size. The size of the projector is of 196 mm X 196 mm X 50 mm. Moreover, the projector just weighs 1.2 KG. Due to its compact size and light weight, you can take this projector with you easily wherever you go. You can keep the projector suitably even in your luggage bag.

Display Quality of XGIMI Z4X

While doing a projector review the most essential part is the display quality. Because nowadays consumers are willing to pay more to have the best quality and features. So here we can’t neglect to review the display quality. Because while buying a projector, the price doesn’t matter nowadays, but the display quality matters a lot.

Brightness level of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XYou will be very happy to know that, this projector has made improvement in display quality. It comes with 740 ANSI lumens. You can see the pictures, the pictures are very bright and vivid. XGIMI Z4XThere is no distortion in the picture quality. However, all you know that the light makes big impact on the display quality. In the past, we were using curtain screen to get the picture. And the brightness was not that good. So a strong light was fully destroying the picture quality. XGIMI Z4XBut here due to 740 ANSI lumens brightness, you need not to worry for the display quality. You can notice there is 27% increase in brightness than the previous version of XGIMI Z4X.

The projector gives very bright and crystal clear picture at indoor condition while it is able to give a good quality picture even in light. Here I have attached several pictures on different lighting condition. Have a glance on them.

Daytime view
Nighttime View

You can distinguish that the picture quality in the night time and during a strong light nearly same. It is because of 740 ANSI lumens. So in my prospective XGIMI has done tremendous work in case of brightness level.

Resolution of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XBy the way while reviewing the display the brightness is not only one aspect, but also we have to focus on other parameters. The new XGIMI Z4X has very high transmission coating lens. It has got a lamp of long life. The projector has come with DLP optical projection technology from Texas Instruments. This enables the projector to have 1280 X 800 pixels native resolution. Due to the high native resolution you will get very detailed picture with very good quality. You will never get the sense of experiencing low quality pictures.

Placement and Screen Size of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XYou can have the best quality picture, if you keep the projector 2 meters away from the screen. You will get the picture size of 60 inches on the screen. If you ask me then it is a good average projector for a family. The projector also comes with motion compensation sensor. This enables the projector high dynamic picture with great precision. When you watch on this projector, you will get smooth and natural picture quality. This projector also supports HDR10 video decoding. This video decoding can improve the brightness and darkness of the picture.

Auto focus of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XThe new XGIMI Z4X comes with intelligent settings. This projector doesn’t require any complicated settings as the older projectors. You need not to adjust the focus manually. The projector comes with auto focus technology. The projector comes with a camera which helps to do auto focusing. Due to auto focus technology the camera automatically correct upper and lower trapezoidal issues. So you need not to worry for the angle of placement of the projector. This projector comes with side projection technology. You need not to keep the projector on the front of the screen all time. If there is any placement issue, then you can keep the projector at any side location and it will auto focus the picture on the screen.

Wi-Fi Connectivityof XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XNow looking at the connectivity, this projector comes with dual Wi-Fi bandwidth. It has 2.4G single Wi-Fi bandwidth as well 5G dual Wi-Fi bandwidth. To have interference with home appliances it uses 2.4G Wi-Fi bandwidth. To stream online videos and browsing data it needs to use 5G bandwidth. Due to dual bandwidth you can have faster data transmission rate. You can even enjoy real time gaming experience.

Software Specification of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XThe new XGIMI Z4X has its own user interface GMUI 3.0. It runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 Operating system. The GMUI 3.0 is not that complicated. It is just simple as UIs of available smart TVs in the market. It is very to operate and you will never feel any difficulties operating this projector. You can install many apps as per your requirement. Through the apps you can enjoy direct online videos as well as the online games. This projector is also featured with Artificial Intelligence system. This feature enables you to search web contents through your voice.

XGIMI Z4XThis new XGIMI Z4X has made tie up with Kiwi and Mango TV broadcasting operators. These broadcasters features the projector with many video and audio contents. They have very rich video library. Those broadcasters provide movies and TV shows which are just aired recently. XGIMI Z4XIncluding movies they provide shows for kids, games, sports, music, and drama. These broadcasters also provide 4K quality videos as well as 3D videos. You can enjoy these 3D videos by wearing specific 3D glasses provided by the projector. The 3D viewing experience is also very nice.

Remote Controller of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XThe new XGIMI Z4X comes with very attractive Bluetooth Remote controller. The remote controller is very convenient to use. It comes with basic TV remote controller principle and supports five dimensional operating function. Here you can manually set focus as well as control volume as per your convenient on this Remote controller. XGIMI Z4XIf we talk about the looks, then it has got same previous XGIMI projectors’ remote controller. The color button on the white surface dazzles a lot.

Audio Quality of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XThis projector has very high quality Wi-Fi audio as well as Bluetooth audio system. As usual XGIMI has embedded the most high profile Harman Kardon sound system with this projector. A user need not to buy any external speakers for this projector. It has got very rich sound quality. There is no noise on the audio output. However, if you need high volume for professional use, the volume of the projector won’t be sufficient. But for sound quality there is not at all any doubt. You will experience 3D surrounding sound effect with its speaker.

Connecting Ports of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XOn the backside of the projector you will get several connecting ports and power on/off button. Here you will get DC power input port to give power supply to the projector. You can have one 3.0 and one 2.0 USB port. There are two HDMI ports and one 3.5 mm audio jack. You won’t face any difficulties regarding connectivity issues it comes with all types of connecting ports.

Hardware Performance of XGIMI Z4X

XGIMI Z4XIn a smart projector hardware performance is a very big concern. Here I the new XGIMI Z4X, it has Mstar6A838 64 bit processor. This is a quad core processor. It has got Mali T820 GPU. To have smooth operation it has 2 GB RAM. While purchasing a projector consumers are also worried for heating issues. XGIMI Z4XSo here I have played videos for more than 2 hours. XGIMI Z4XAnd I found maximum temperature 32.9 degree Celsius at the heat vent hole and 24.7 degree Celsius.


XGIMI Z4XI personally found this new XGIMI Z4X is very nice projector for home entertainment. Especially it is far better than its previous version. With 740 ANSI lumens brightness you can get very bright picture even in daylight. Moreover, the sound quality is awesome, thanks to Harman Kardon speaker. The Wi-Fi connectivity is also awesome. There is no doubt in hardware performance. I am very happy with this projector.

I hope you have got enough knowledge regarding this projector from this review. You can go for this projector any time, if you like it.


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