Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ Review: Meet the Low-priced Largest TV Ever

About few days before, Xiaomi has finally announced its large 75 inches LED TV known as Mi TV 4. Now it is available for sale on China Market. Therefore, keep reading this post to understand a complete review of the latest Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ review. We all are having much more expectations with any new product of Xiaomi in comparison to the products of any other brand.

After all, Xiaomi has been completed eight years in China successfully. It is a well-known brand to give products those are rich in their features and specifications. We can consider anything either it is a smartphone, projector, TV or any other gadget. I hope you are also excited to know if the new 75-inch version of Mi TV 4 is also loaded with ample features! Good news for you is by the end of reading this post you will not be let down.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75’’ Review

My Story with Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ Series

Before digging into the details about the newly launched Mi TV 4 let me share with you my personal story with it. About where do I first saw the practical use of the previous versions of MI TV 4 series of TV screens!

I had recently visited a Mall with my family near to my home. It was Sunday since we had planned to go out before at that weekend and can take the lunch outside itself. We also proposed to purchase some daily needs stuff and also to watch a movie.

Xiaomi MI TV 4

We are wandering on the 2nd floor suddenly I found someone from the back is calling me from my name ‘Jam.’ It sounds like someone is saying Jammed! Well, I turned back and saw a security person is calling me from far away.

I can’t see his face. But, I started thinking until the time I have entered the mall whether I have done anything that goes against the Mall rules and regulations or so? After all, I am a decent guy who loves to follow every rules and law. I know that regulations are mad for the people to make them further disciplined and to ensure safety.

Latest Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Application of Large Screen TVs like Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75 Inch

I walked towards that security person! When I reached near to him, I can see his face and remember he is my childhood friend who used to study with me in my school! I asked him about how he is and also talked with him for a long time further! He said the management of the mall employs him as a security supervisor.

I am happy to know about him! Further, he asked me to come with him and saw his office that is there in the basement. But we were getting late for the movie, so I promised him that I would visit his office after the film!

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Series

After watching the movie, we had lunch, and then I asked my family to go home since I want to meet my friend at the Mall. So I reached to his office at one corner of that Mall’s basement. He was waiting for me.

I sat there and saw there are big screen TVs. Each of the TV was displaying the live footage of about nine different cameras installed in different areas of the Mall. I cannot remember exactly how many TVs are there, but I am sure about 8 -10 TVs were installed in his office on a long desk.

Mi TV 4

Reasons for using Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″

I asked him about how he can manage to observe all the cameras at the same time. He said he is having some assistants working under him who has the responsibility to take care of such things. At that time they were gone to a meeting, so my friend and I were alone at that time in that office.

One thing I observed there was that the TV screens were fairly bigger about 55 inches and more I guess. I know the reason behind using Big TVs is they can watch nine different camera footages on a single TV screen. I cannot see the logo or Branding specified on the TV screen. So I asked my friend about the same.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 74 Inch

He said they only prefer Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series TV screen. I asked him – why it is so? Is there any advantage of using the same in comparison to using big TV screens of other different brands? He replied, their management prefers the Xiaomi brand only. After all, they are cheaper and loaded with many features that can add to their convenience while working!

My friend was impressed with the after sales service of the Xiaomi. He said once they had an issue with one of the TV screens, so they called the Xiaomi service center person and informed him about the same. He said they hardly few days to get it replaced with a new model.

My Views on Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ Series

One thing personally I want to add to the performance of the Xiaomi MI TV 4 screens as per what I saw there with you. Starting with the design, since those Xiaomi Mi TV 4 screens are slim looking like big photo frames!

The video footages of the Mall cameras are displaying clearer on the TV screens even from far away and runs smoothly without any glitches. The Mall is using all High Definition cameras, so this might help the TV screens to display a good quality output.

I can only comment on the look and display of Mi TV 4 75″. It is because the TV screens are fixed on the desk and since they are a part of Mall’s security so didn’t ask my friend to do some hands-on on any one screen. Ultimately I do not want to disturb their work!

Also before I was about to leave the office, he said that their management is planning to order the recently launched Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″. The Mall’s administration was impressed with the specifications of the newer large version of Mi TV 4. They are all set to replace some of their old smaller screens with the new 75 inch ones!

After hearing the same, I was keen to know more about the latest launch of Xiaomi Mi TV 4. So I have gone through different critics and expert reviews about the same. So next I will be going to share everything that you should know about the new launch of MI TV 4 line up. Are you looking forward to understanding more or buy the latest Xiaomi TV? It’s time for me to share with you all the details that you should know about the same.

What are the Main Features and Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″?

First of all, we will talk about the design and build quality of the 2018 Xiaomi MI TV 4 75″. So if you ever used or saw any Mi TV before then, you might be familiar with the design of the same. Similarly, the latest Xiaomi Mi TV 4 of 75 inches is also made to have an ultra-thin body.

It consists of an LCD panel that can support 4K HDR. Hence the maximum resolution of the screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels. The display has a viewing angle of around 178 degrees with 8 ms response time and 60 Hz refresh rate.

The body of the Mi TV 4 75 inch is wholly made of flaunts metal construction. The screen of the TV is about 104.3 cm tall and only 11.4 cm thick. The total weight of the 75-inch giant Mi TV 4 when the base metal is attached is nearly 36kg, at the same time without the base metal it weights around 35.1kg.

The new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ is powered by a 1.8GHz 6th generation quad-core processor of Amlogic. The smart 2018 Mi TV 4 75 inch also features 2GB of DDR4 dual channel RAM and internal storage of 32GB(eMMC 5.1). For a better experience of high graphics content, the TV is loaded with a Mali-T830 GPU.

Enjoyment Reloaded,

Like its recent predecessors, the cutting-edge Mi TV 4 75 inches is also running on PatchWall AI user interface. The smart TV is based on the Android operating system. The latest 75″ Mi TV also supports Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy and Dual-band WI-FI (802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 / 5GHz) 2X2) connectivity features. Xiao AI voice assistant is something that many tech gadgets are looking to try it personally!

For a pleasing sound experience, you can enjoy an excellent sound directly from the Xiaomi MI TV 4 75″ all because of its support for DTS-HD audio and Dolby audio. The TV is designed with the two 8W speakers to deliver better sound output.

Have you ever experienced a voice assistant in a TV? Mi TV 4 75 inches will give you a chance to live the same with its AI voice assistant. It will help you to suggest the best content for our entertainment based on your viewing history.

Not only this the 2018 version of Mi TV 4 also includes many other AI smart functionalities like smart search and many more. I can predict a time sooner when people can talk to their TV. How do you feel while ordering your TV to perform a specific action? Suppose if you like to listen to a particular Music track, play/pause or stop a movie anytime, or start streaming any of your favorite program or videos.

The company is saying that the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ version is the cheapest among all the other 75″ TVs available in the market. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ at a fantastic price of about $1405 or CNY 9000.

Latest Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″: Is it one for you?

The TV comes with a Bluetooth enabled remote control having about 11 buttons on the same. You can use the remote to give the voice control commands to the TV since it consists of a dedicated button for voice search.

If we consider the processing of different video formats, then the newest Mi TV 4 can support many options. H.265 1080P at 60 fps, H.265 4K at 60 / 30 fps, H.263 1080P at 30 fps, REAL 8/9/10 1080P at 30 fps, and MPEG1 / 2/4 DivX4 the VC-1 / WMV3 1080P at 60 fps.

Mi TV 4 75 inches can offer many interface options like 2 x USB ports, 1 AV port, 1 x S/PDIF port, 3 x HMDI ports. You will also get 1 x DTMB port, and 1 x Ethernet port for its users an option to connect with and use external devices.

The newest Xiaomi Mi TV 4 has been designed to perform better even in low light using two-color anodizing process. Hence it can deliver crystal clear light because as per the brand it allows blue and green ultra-narrow metal frame. At present Xiaomi Mi TV 4, 75 inch is only available in black color.

What are the Facts that most Critics do like about Mi TV 4 75″?

Before writing this post, I have searched well for different reviews and feedbacks about the latest Xiaomi TV. I got many things repeated in most of their sentences. Following are some of them which are automatically by heart by my mind after reading it again and again:

  • You can access many Pre-loaded Apps on the user interface of MI TV 4 75 inches.
  • For better support and to maintain the beauty of its design the Mi TV 4 75″ comes with two Y shaped stands that will work best for its sleek design.
  • Xiaomi already revealed its previous series of Mi TV 4 series at CES 2017. There they had shown various TV variants of different sizes mainly 65 inches, 55 inches, and 45 inches.
  • The sound quality of the latest model of Mi TV 4 75″ is entirely satisfactory.
  • The best thing a user can experience with the modern Mi TV 4 is the Smart intelligence learning functionality.

Is it Worth to Buy Xiaomi Mi TV 4?

In the current scenario due to the availability of other convenient options like a projector or so the usage of TV has been reduced much. People prefer to buy a projector than a big screen TV. It is a cheaper alternative for them!

But still, there is a brand who dares to launch big screen TVs in the Market at specific intervals. It is not other but Xiaomi. In China itself it has been observed that the total online and offline shipments of Xiaomi TVs are highest than any other brand.

Some people might think Xiaomi products are only useful in features but not in their build quality. However, they are wrong! Without experiencing any product, we cannot criticize any product or a brand.

The Xiaomi products are liked in all the countries wherever they have been served. So in case there was any flaw in the design and build quality of the products, then people should not choose to buy Xiaomi products regularly even today.

I am saying this all not with the intention to suggest or force people to buy only Mi TVs only. But I an confident about it after searching about the facts regarding the new version of Mi TV 4 that is of 75 inches.

Also next I am going to share with you the results of some tests performed on the latest Mi TV 4. The motto of the test is to check out the performance of the cheapest Big display smart TV under 4K condition.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75"

How was the Performance of Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ under 4k tests?

It has been tested with both the 4K images and videos. The color reproduction of the Mi TV 4 75 inch is highly commendable. All in all, it can deliver a better picture quality than what we can expect from the same! Let us have a look at the outcomes of the tests;

Under 4K static image test:
  • The Black areas are performed well
  • Due to a large screen, the Colors are more expressive.
  • Impressive Color Reproduction
  • Color is almost real.

Under 4K video quality test:
  • The color textures are well represented
  • HDR video support is highly impressive
  • The restoration of Blue and Green colors are still pure.
  • You can feel the white smoke in 3D completely.
  • The details of shadows are complete.

A Big 75 inch Mi TV 4 can be beneficial today not only in Homes but also in workplaces. I can say it by considering many good points. Firstly the User interface is bit friendly considering its daily usage. Secondly, the Bezel-less design is exquisite. Also, the Mi TV 4 has been designed by considering the young people aesthetic.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75"

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″: Should you buy it?

After looking to its complete features and specifications what is your opinion? I can say that the MI TV 4 75 inches will prove itself well in delivering a smooth and rich picture on a large screen. Yes, it is a fact that many people today are switching towards a projector from a TV.

But remember one thing. Still the best technology available in the projector today cannot beat the performance of a modern LED TV. At least you can feel the difference by comparing the outputs of a high-end projector and a TV in bright daylight!

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75"

Finally, I can say Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75″ is a complete value for money product! Now you will hardly find any difference between watching a movie on a theater hall and watching the same on MI TV 4.

You can connect your big TV with a high-quality Home theater speaker setup and enjoy the difference. And this time not only movies but in your customized home theater you can also do watch any video, TV program, Photos or listen to the music as and when you need!

Use it anywhere! It can be your office, home, hotel, event or any public place, and I am sure people initially get stunned with its big display screen. No worries whether it is Day or Night!

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