Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mi Mijia Projector Review: Whether it can Meet our Expectations?

From June 1, Xiaomi Mi Mijia/Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector is offering on the Chinese market. You can check it out on many online shopping platforms like Youpin, Xiaomi Mall, Tmall, JD.com, Suning at a price of around CNY 4000. I hope you know about this news! So are you in search of buying a new projector or replacing your old one? Are you waiting for the Mi’s new Projector from a long time for the same? Finally, it is available to buy! But, would you like to buy it or not? Well, in this post you will come to know about the Xiaomi’s latest Mijia projector review.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia review

What will you come to Know in this Post?

I will share with you all details regarding the projector that everyone must know before purchasing any new projector. So keep reading! To understand not only about the specification and features of the product but also my past story about the Xiaomi’s Laser projector.

I include the story of Xiaomi Laser projector with Xiaomi’s latest Mi Mijia projector review. It is only to help people aware about the fact that how Xiaomi’s projector is performing from the past one year. I think it can be of much help for the people those who didn’t try any Xiaomi product till now. I am hoping that by the end of this post such people can develop some trust towards the Mi brand!

Xiaomi Mijia projector’s review

And one important thing that I want to clarify, I am not a Xiaomi’s person nor do I get paid for marketing its any of the product. I want my readers to get aware about two things! First, what should they can expect with the new Mi’s model from the performance of its predecessor. Secondly, some people doubt the performance of a Xiaomi’s projector. So for people, I want to let them know about my experience and trust on the same.

Recently Launched,

After Mi’s Laser Projector, Xiaomi has recently launched another i.e. Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector. Mijia smart projector is available in half of the price of Mi Laser Projector. Hence, making it more budget friendly for the people those who are always looking to buy a cheaper Xiaomi Projector.


The projector’s lens includes a modern light path design that helps the projector to produce brighter images by 5%. Xiaomi TYY01ZM or Xiaomi Mi Mijia projector is well known to have 2.07 million reflective lenses. The native display resolution of Mijia compact projector is Full HD, i.e., 1080P.

The projector has a 1.8GHz T968 Cortex-A53 quad-core processor. Mijia multimedia projector is packed with proper DDR3 RAM storage of about 2GB. Also, the projector can store about 16GB of data to its eMMC storage with high-speed variety functionality.

MiMijia projector

Let us make it enjoyable,

Next, for the readers, I am composing both my story and the details about the projector together. So you will come to know how did I come to know about the performance of Xiaomi’s Laser Projector in between the features of Mi Mijia projector.

The Mi Mijia projector is loaded with the enhanced projection brightness technology. It can make its lamp bright enough to deliver a crisp and clear visual experience to its viewers. After all, the projector is backed by OSRAM’s P1W/A lamp beads. It has the brightness of 800 ANSI lumens.

TYY01ZM Review


You can use the projector lamp beads for almost around a decade. It can take very few seconds for the projector to adjust the focus of the projection automatically. Since Mijia is featured with AF or autofocus technology that starts working whenever the projector has been turned on.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia or TYY01ZM projector can support a projection ratio of around 1.1:1. You can project a display of size 40 inches to 120 inches within a projection distance of 3m. However, to experience the best out of it you need to set the projection display size of about 80 inches. Hence, keeping the projector away from the screen at a projection distance of about two meters or so will give you the perfect projector output.

My Experience with Mijia’s Forebear:

I can remember the day about five months ago. The day I had visited my dental doctor. I was feeling some pain in my gums from few days, so I thought it’s better to meet the doctor and get it checked by him itself.

We always prefer to visit the same dentist whenever I or anyone in my family or friends face any dental issues. By the way, he is a well-known physician in our area. So in the morning itself without been taking any breakfast or so I rushed to his clinic.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector review

I saw a big queue of patients there already waiting for their numbers to meet the doctor. At once I thought I should come back home and try next day. But I am in pain, so I found it right to use some of my patience and wait there till I meet with the Doctor.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector: A Clear Output

Mi Mijia projector is built with dynamic contrast to deliver a contrast ratio of around 500:1. The projector has been marked to produce an excellent actual viewing result as per the FOFO contrast standard test. Also, there is a unique feature in the Mijia projector that can make its output more clear to watch. It is TRP square pixel architecture scheme by the Texas Instruments.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Review

It has an HDR10 video decoding feature. The feature makes it fit for you to view both darker and brighter images on the projection display. However, the decoding capacity of the projector can reach and support the videos and pictures of up to 4k resolution.

You will get the PatchWall user interface on Xiaomi TYY01ZM multi-media projector that is running on Andriod 6.0 Operating system. Many of you might be familiar with PatchWall if you ever saw any of the Xiaomi’s smart televisions. Other than the remote you can also control the projector directly from your voice. The projector comes with a DMD imaging chip of around 0.47 inches.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM

Commercial Application,

So while I was waiting in the clinic’s lounge, I saw there is a big projection screen considerable of size about 100 inches. On the same screen, some advertisements about the other physicians and past work of the doctor have been displayed. It also shows information related to our mouth and teeth and how we can take care of them.

It is a pretty good idea to provide such entertainment cum informative content for the visitors those were waiting on the halls to meet the doctor. So I am also watching the same to spend my time. Also, I am watching here and there on the clinic’s lounge itself. I am not checking out the design or architecture of the clinic, but actually, I was in search of the projector, where it is?

How is the Sound Performance of Xiaomi TYY01ZM Smart Projector?

If we talk about the performance of sound regarding the Mi Mijia projector then as per what I experienced in that clinic, I can say its good. Nothing will deliver you the best cinematic sound or audio effects encounter other than having DTS-HD or Dolby!

If you doubt the loudness of the inbuilt speakers of the projector, then I can say for a medium sized room they are sufficient. However, you can also use external speakers to connect to your projector if you are not satisfied!

Xiaomi Mi Mijia

The project consists of two inbuilt dual passive surround system speakers of 10W and 2 inches in size. No need for an external box anymore, since the Mi Mijia projector has inbuilt MIUI TV system that can be used to project or watch TV programs and on-demand videos.

Enquiring about MiMijia’s Precursor,

Suddenly I lifted my head and saw a projector was fixed on a wall right behind me! But it is not enough for me. I wanted to know more about that projector. I want to collect information about the brand and other details about the projector.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia review

And most important it’s performance feedback with someone from the clinic itself. Since the visitors came, experience the projector for only certain hours and leave the clinic, so I thought it is not right to take their feedback!

Therefore, I headed towards the reception of the clinic and asked them about the projector. I know it is a bit risky for me. There might be a chance that at that time they were not ready to talk about anything other than clinical stuff.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Review

In such case, if I inquire about the doctor or anything related to the clinic, then there is a chance that I could get a negative reply from them. Also, I am thankful for showing their kindness in their working hours to talk with me about the projector.

An Overview of the Design of Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector,

The body of Xiaomi Mi Mijia or TYY01ZM projector is rectangular and of all black design. It had more beautiful texture on its outer part and made of extruded aluminum alloy. I am amazed at the overall look of the Mijia multimedia projector. The designers of the projector have taken care of the elegance and smoothness on both the front and rear shells of the projector.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia

I can say it was almost looking like a subwoofer placed in that clinic! I am sure about the design of the projector that you can set it in your living room or hall. It will be going to add to the beauty of your home or workplaces.

The projector also consists of a close-knit power adapter so that you can connect only one power cord for a convenient plug and play operation. The projector is designed well considering the high space utilization and use of customized parts to make it compact and handy.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector

If we consider connectivity features, then Xiaomi Mijia projector has a 3.5mm headphone jack with Bluetooth v4.1, HDMI 2.0, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and USB 3.0 support. The dimensions of the projector are around 116x218x215 regarding width x height x length respectively. The weight of the projector is about 3400 grams.

Coming back to the Story,

I made my task more manageable and risk-free by first introducing myself in front of them. I told the reception guys about my work and then ask about that projector in the waiting lounge. At first, they are not in a mood to talk everything about the Xiaomi Laser projector but after some time when they got comfortable with me. I used a trick!

Xiaomi Mi Mijia projector

I am talking about their job, or so they are finally ready to tell me everything about the projector. One thing that I want to clear with my readers is that at that time the receptionists are free. I also do respect the time of others and do not want to disturb the reception guys if there were clinical attendees or enquirers!

How to get the Best Output from Xiaomi Mi Mijia/TYY01ZM Projector?

Mijia compact projector can produce the best display output on dark or night hours. It is best to use if you do not use the projector on daylights or homes with open window curtains. It is because you might find some problems with the quality of projection display in such condition.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector

You can avail the useful keystone correction on the Xiaomi’s TYY01ZM or Mi Mijia projector with a correction angle of up to ±45 degree. Hence, you more need to think about where you are, like your sitting position, viewing angle or so! You can adjust the display angle as per your need!

I am impressed with one functionality of the MiMijia projector. It is how it can manage to control its heat dissipation by using low noise cooling fan. The fan can maximum produce a noise of around 26dB. Hence, we can comfortably sit and view a movie or listen to the song on the projector.

Performance Feedback of Mijia’s Progenitor:

So they finally revealed me that the projector is Xiaomi’s Laser Projector. They also said the Dentist himself very much likes the projector. First, he used it on his own home then after some time he got it installed on his clinic. So that whenever he is free from his patients, he uses to sit and enjoy watching programs on the projector.

This fact will further help me to get one more person who can give me the feedback about the performance of Mi’s Laser projector i.e. TYY01ZM. I wanted to know why he does like the projector! So first I have taken the review of receptionists and then of the Doctor and found all of them are happy with the performance of the projector!

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector Review

Mi Mijia projector has much-inbuilt content for both kids and adults. You can easily connect either gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation and enjoy the gaming on a big display screen. You can also directly connect the projector with U-disks or hard disks and watch the contents in a small amount of time.

Mijia is a well-featured projector to be used in Professional institutes, Home, and Offices. You can use the projector either to project a movie on a wall or a projector screen. But I am sure about one thing that you can quickly transform your home into an IMAX theater! Excited?

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector review

At last, I can say that Xiaomi Mi Mijia projector is a complete package. You can buy Xiaomi TYY01ZM smart projector at a price of around $700. It has a compact design, outstanding value, and fantastic projection performance. I can expect MiMijia projector will also gain a good response from its users. In the same way like Mi Laser Projector and will be significant competition to its counterparts from other different brands.

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