AAO YG600 Review: A Compact cum Convenient Portable Multimedia Projector

AAO YG600 Review

A day before yesterday I got a call from my colleague. He asked me to come to him and review a Wired Sync Display Multiscreen Home Theater projection machine available with him. I want to take the best use of this opportunity and do some hands-on with something that I had never seen before. It is AAO YG600 portable smart multimedia projector.

My colleague and I have spent almost four to five hours while using the device. We had tested the machine on different perspectives of uncovering the overall performance of the product. Further, I will share you everything about the product.

I will start from unboxing to the features and applications of the device for a regular user. Thus, this post will be going to be dedicated to my feedback regarding the YG600 multimedia small projection machine.

A Short Look on the Overall Box Packaging of the Device

The product comes in a nicely designed black box with a front image of the product at the front surface of the same. A significant term ‘LED projector’ has been written above it. Also, we will get different details about the specifications of AAO YG600 written on different surfaces of the Box.

As a whole package, the company is supplying a Power cord, a Remote Control, an HDMI cable, and an AV cable with the main projection unit. You need to pay around $190 to buy the complete package as per an online shopping website.

The overall dimensions of the outer box package of the AAO YG600 are 12.6 inches x 9.84 inches x 5.12 inches, or 32.00 cm x 25.00 cm x 13.00 cm. By the way, the measurements are considered as per the length, width, and height of the product respectively. The net weight of the Box including all the accessories in it with the projector is between three to three and a half kilograms.

Also while ordering the product online internationally, a user can choose one from among the US, UK, AU or EU power plug options. Are confused about choosing the right power plug for YG600? If yes then first you need to confirm regarding which one among them can fit with your country standards.

How much Comfortable is to use the Remote Controller of the Device?

The remote controller that has been supplied inside the box has got a nice black matte finish. It is fairly long enough to fit comfortably in hands. The corners are rounded, and it is a good thing especially if a child is handling the remote.

It has limited control buttons but sufficient enough to manage all the work of the AAO YG600 projector by sitting at one place. The list of buttons includes a red power, mute, directional with an Ok button at their center. Also, there are few more options including menu and volume control buttons.

By the way, all the buttons on the remote controller are black with white text or indications printed on them except a red colored power button. The remote needs two AAA batteries to work properly with the machine. However, the cells are not included in the packing box of the YG600.

How is the Complete Design of the Projector Hardware?

The exterior look and feel of the machine are beautiful. The designers have given a premium natural black finish to the complete body. Also, the entire outer hardware has been made of ABS material. Hence, everything is available in a lightweight device.

By looking at the projector from the front surface, there is a big rounded lens located at the left corner. The rest portion is filled up with small holes that work both as ventilation and adds to the overall design of the YG600 hardware.

The top surface of the device has got nice curvy finish with tilted left and right edges. Also just above the lens, there is a separate section that has been provided with a glossy finish. In this small area, all the user interface projector control buttons are available.

It includes two manual adjustable knobs one for keystone correction and another for focus. I like the fact that both these knobs have been enclosed in a separate hollow chamber on the exterior hardware of AAO YG600.

So there are rare chances that any child or a user can disturb the adjustments of knobs either intentionally or unintentionally. Next, behind these knobs, there are some touch control buttons, it includes navigational buttons, a power, a menu, a source, and more.

What are the Hardware Control Options Available for a User?

I am impressed with the particular provision of a glossy section on these control panel. As a help of which a user can access them with ease even in darker environments. The left and back surfaces of the YG600 portable projector hardware regarding the front surface consists of only air vents. It can help the internal heat dissipation system of the machine.

At the rear surface of the device on the upper part, there is a row of hardware interface connectivity ports. It includes a VGA port, two HDMI ports, two USB ports, an AV port, an audio port, and a Micro SD card slot. At the below portion towards the left on the same surface there lies a power input port. However, on the right part, there are some air vents in the form of vertical parallel lines of holes.

What are the Hardware Specifications of AAO YG600 Projector Machine?

An LED lamp has been used inside the device that can devour an output power of about 105 watts. It helps the machine to save power due to the presence of an LED light source that can generate bright pictures in the output. That too by reducing the rate of the overall energy consumption regarding the whole AAO YG600 smart handy projector device. After all, the lamp can be used for more than thirty thousand working hours.

As per the manufacturers the device consists of a plated film lens that has a high absorbent capacity to light. It can be calculated as a user do not need to think about the maintenance of the internal light bulb present on the product.

At least for the first seven to eight years of purchase. That too by using the device daily on an average of three to five hours daily. The manufacturers have stated in configurations that the YG600 machine needs a regular power supply of 100-240 volts at 50-60 Hz. By the way, the projector consumes 135 watts of total power.

The net weight of the hardware is around 2 kilograms. Also, the different sizes of the machine as per the length, width, and height of the device are about 12.2 inches x 9.45 inches x 4.72 inches. If we assume it differently, then the dimensions can be measured as 31.00 cm x 24.00 cm x 12.00 cm.

YG600 is a portable multimedia projection machine so a user can easily lift and carry the device while traveling with ease. As well as, it is easy to set up the hardware in a new place and enjoy watching big display screen with the loved ones.

How to Listen a Quality Sound from the AAO YG600 Projector?

There is an inbuilt stereo audio system on the device that can produce some nice sound output. It is possible because of the availability of two 3 watt speaker units in the hardware. The company is claiming to provide accurate median, wide high pitch, and great low pitch Hi-Fi sound output. But I am not satisfied with it. If you have read my earlier reviews, then you know me well that I am an audiophile.

So if I will purchase this product for my use, then I would definitely go with some external amplified speakers. One can connect the device with a good quality audio system while watching any audio-visual multimedia content on YG600.

Also, I have gone through some genuine online user reviews of the projector on different well-known e-commerce sites. I got to know that most of them were also not happy with the sound output performance of the device. However, they are so glad to have a 3.5 mm audio jack on the hardware.

It can help them to connect any external audio system with the AAO YG600 to generate loud yet high-quality sound output. It has been found that the device can create an output noise of 36dB. As per my experience, while using the machine nearly for about a day, I have to say yes it is not the much noisy product.

I have noticed the fact that the hardware generates a small humming noise in case of an average volume of sound output from the projector. But at higher volume levels I am sure just like me any other user can hardly get any irritating noise from the YG600 projection device.

How can the Machine Display Lifelike Pictures on the Output Screen?

At maximum, the output brightness of the projector is around 2500 lumens. Therefore, the display screen of YG600 is intense enough to display crisp and clear pictures in the day time as well. That too while all the window curtains of a room are in an open position. At evening hours a user can get bright pictures on a big display screen even on an average surrounding ambient light of a room.

The machine is based on LCD projection technology. The product supports different projection methods. It includes Ceiling, Mirror, Back and Front projection techniques. Hence, the device can be installed in a stand or a mount other than only keeping on a flat surface to get the job done.

The AAO YG600 projection device can work well to project quality display output on darker areas like outdoor movie nights. However, still one needs to make sure that the machine should not be used under high ambient light or on direct sun rays.

A user can not enjoy either watching 4K resolution multimedia content or to play ultra-high resolution games on the projector. However, we need to agree with the fact that YG600 is a budget-oriented multimedia projection machine. Hence, one cannot expect much from the configurations of the same.

Also to adjust the focus of the projected pictures either on a wall or a projection screen a user needs to improve the hardware manually. It is possible by changing the position of the machine back and forth concerning the output display object.

What are the Best Facts to know about the Display Output of YG600?

As per my experience, I would say that the device can reproduce every color on the screen with proper details. By the way, the projector can support to project almost 262k display colors. It is possible because the YG600 machine can generate a big display screen. That too with a high level of contrast ratio, i.e., in between 3001:1 to 4000:1 on reproduced pictures.

A user needs to install the hardware within a distance of 1.5 meters to 6 meters in length concerning the output display object. As an outcome, a user will get a big screen of diagonal size ranging from 40 inches to 200 inches.

The standard output display resolution of the AAO YG600 projection hardware is 1280 x 768ppi. But up to the maximum, the projector can reproduce a picture having Full HD resolution on a big sized screen. The product supports an output projection ratio of 1:14. Also, the device supports an output display aspect ratio of 16:9.

One can enjoy the advantage of watching 3D multimedia content with full visual effects on the display output of the machine. It is because the device supports 3D projection technology. All a viewer need is to use proper Red-Blue 3D glasses to enjoy every single frame of a movie.

What are all Multimedia Files Compatible with the Projector?

It is easy for a user to project nearly all the commonly available multimedia files with YG600. That too either on a wall or any other output display object of choice without any difference in the quality.

The compatible photo formats are PNG, BMP, and JPEG. The product can be used as a standalone audio system to play music. It is possible by playing one among OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV, or APE based file extensions.

A user can play one among many supportable video file extensions. It includes one among AVI (DIVX, XVID, H.264), 3GP (MPEG 4, H.263), and MKV (H.264, XVID, DIVX). Not limited to it one can also play movies those are based on one among FLV (FLV), MP4 (AVC, PEG4) on YG600. The rest of the audio-visual projector compatible file extensions of the device are MOV ( H.234), MPG ( MPEG1 ), MPG ( MPG-PS ), VOB ( MPEG2 ), RM, and RMVB (RV40).

The device features a multi-screen connectivity feature. Thus, a user can connect the machine with cell phones and tablets as and when required. It is much helpful to enhance the small display screen of a cell phone. One can enjoy playing games, surfing through the internet, reading e-books and many more.

There is no Bluetooth support available on AAO YG600. Hence, one cannot connect any wireless gamepad, mouse or keyboard with the machine. However, the hardware has enough number of interface connectivity ports. A user with the help of which can connect any external storage devices with the projector.


At last, I have to say that YG600 is an all-rounder projection device. It can produce a rich quality of display output even in average room light. Not only for home entertainment but the device is well suited to be used for office purposes as well. I can say it because the machine is compatible to project .txt files on the output screen.

The device adds to the beauty of an area wherever it has been placed and used. It is easy to set up and get bright pictures in the output display screen. All thanks to some high-end features provided on the budget-oriented smart and portable projector unit.

One among the benefits of using the YG600 machine is the fact that it comes with brightness adjustment functionality. Hence, there will be no stress on the eyes even after watching a big projection screen continuously for a long time.

To get the best viewing experience from the device a user need to install the hardware at a distance of 3 meters from the output projection object. It will help you to get around 98 inches of big display screen.

By the way, the internal cooling system of the product works excellent. After four hours of continuous using the machine, I have not found any rise in the temperature on the exterior of the hardware.

The product has impressed me as a potential high productivity device in comparison to the cost paid for it. If anyone would ask me, then I will sure recommend AAO YG600 to others as a compact home theater projector.

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