AODIN D013 Review: A Virtuous Alternative Projector to Android TV

AODIN D013 Review

Buying a TV set either a portable or a big one is not suitable for you sometimes! At most, if you are residing somewhere in the world as a paying guest. Similar is the case with the people those who live alone far from their family with the purpose of a business or Job. What is your guess that would work better in this condition? If you ask me, then I confidently say that a projector is the one that can never let you down! By the way, this post is dedicated to my recent review of AODIN D013 portable projector.

Other alternative solutions to TV would be to have a Laptop or Tablet. Are you having a dreaming of watching a big home theatre like screen daily at your room? If yes then these alternatives are not enough to fulfil your requirements. So what is the proper solution for the same?

AODIN D013 Small Intelligent Projector: The Best Companion for a Lone Guy

Well, recently one of my relatives have faced the same problem. He told me everything about how he finally decided to buy a smart portable projector to boost his mood every evening out from his hectic daily work! He is also living as a paying guest in London and had his smartphone and a tablet only as a source of entertainment.

In my last call to him, he told me the fact that he got bored of watching movies on his limited sized tablet screen. So he was in search of the best alternative that can be transferred from one place to another quickly. In case he got a transfer from the office in the future or want to go home in his holidays.

After some search on the almighty Internet, he finally got to know about the portable projectors. He thought it is best to spend some money on a small-sized projector device other than buying a portable Android TV set.

He filtered his choices for about ten days from difference online e-commerce stores. Finally, he decided to buy AODIN D013 smart small projector that meets as per his requirements and budget. The reason why he called me fours a day before I am writing this article to inform me about the delivery of a new baby, i.e. a portable projector in his house.

A Unique Review I Ever Done Before

I cannot resist myself to know more or do a hands-on with the D013 portable multimedia projector device. But I am not able to go to the London as of now only to review a projector. So I decided to ask my relative to give me some time and review the projector on my behalf as per what I want.

We made it possible via video conferencing! Yes just two days before me and my relative spent almost a day on mobile to review the D013 intelligent home portable projector. It was the first time since I reviewed any product from a remote place but with a different experience.

In such a session I gave him some instructions. Also, I requested him to test different things on the D013 home theatre smart projector in front of his camera so that I can see everything with my own eyes. So I have noted down everything about the projector device.

It includes details about features, specifications, and performance aspects of the D013 projector. Hence in the next section, I am going to share with you everything of the same so stay tuned with this review post.

What is Inside the Box Packaging of the D013 Projector?

Before moving ahead first let me share the essential details of the overall company box packaging of the D013 portable projector. I have collected all with the help of my relative all in a big session of video calling.

As a complete package, the company is supplying many accessories with AODIN D013 home projector unit. It includes an adapter, a tripod stand, a USB data cable, a user manual, a cover pouch for the projector device, and a remote controller.

Approximate weight of the projector’s packaging box including the accessories is 1 kg. The overall dimensions of the D013 intelligent multimedia box packaging size to about 10.83 x 5.04 x 3.54 inches or 27.50 x 12.80 x 9.00 cm.

How is the Look of the D013 Projector Hardware?

The D013 small projector is designed to have small-sized hardware with all black in color body. It is made up of the complete plastic body. The top surface of the D013 projector hardware has some touch panels to control the basic functionalities of the projector.

It is almost having a square-shaped design with four sides having different interface ports. It includes a DC port, a TF card slot, a 3.5mm audio jack, an HDMI port, and a USB port. Hence, you can have the facility to connect various external devices with the projector device.

The D013 intelligent home projector can be used on a tripod stand provided in the box packaging to be attached from the bottom. At one of the side of D013 there lies a lens at the right portion to project the output display, and to the left, there are some air grills.

9 Top Configurations of the D013 Projector

  • There is a 64bit quad-core RK3328 Cortex A53 1.5GHz processor chip provided inside the AODIN D013 smart projector hardware.
  • D013 projection machine is based on an Android operating system with 7.1.2 version.
  • There lies an internal RAM having 2GB of memory and also an internal memory of 16GB on D013 multimedia office projector. Also, there is a TF card slot to extend the memory storage capacity of the projector device.
  • The projector device can deliver output with a maximum contrast ratio of 500:1.
  • An LED lamp provided inside the D013 smart home projector hardware is having the capacity to be used for ten thousand hours. It is completely safer to watch since it is based on eye protection technology. The lamp consumes a total power of 11W.
  • The D013 portable intelligent projector also has an inbuilt speaker to provide a great sound effect.
  • The internal cooling system present on the D013 projector machine can produce a maximum noise of 22 to 28dB. Hence you can enjoy the entertainment up to the fullest while the projector hardware is working quietly for you.
  • You can project an output display using the D013 multimedia small projector in different aspect ratios such as 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10.
  • There are two AAA batteries provided inside the remote controller of the projector device.

What are the Multimedia Options on D013 Projector?

There are many choices for you to enjoy the multimedia on the D013 LED 1080p projector other than connecting external devices with the same. The AODIN D013 projection device is compatible with many user interface APPs. They are helpful to search for and access the favorite movies, videos or other internet multimedia content.

The D013 Full HD smart projector hardware supports a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It helps to pair smart multimedia gadgets with the projector device wirelessly. The best part is if you are not satisfied with the audio output of your smartphone then pair it with the D013 with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy listening to a good quality sound from the projector speakers.

Supportable File Formats,

You can project your precious moments captured in a photo to be displayed on a big screen via D013 LED home theatre projector device. The compatible file formats include HD JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG. There are many audio file formats compatible with the D013 smart multimedia projector device. It includes MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, DDP, OGG, HD, APE, and FLAC.

Also, you can enjoy projecting different video based file extensions on the AODIN D013 small home projector. The supportable file extensions include 1080P, 4K, AVI, DIVX, H.264, XVID, RMVB, RM, MOV, and WMV. Not limited to this there are also MP4 (H.264, DIVX, MPEG, XVID), VOB (DVD), DAT (VCD), MPG, MPEG, FLV(H.264, H.263), TS, ASF, TP, MPG, and 3GP projector compatible video formats.

What are the Display Features of the D013 Projector?

You can project bigger output display screens of various sizes using the D013 portable office projector. All you need is to keep the device at a distance of 0.5 meters to 5 meters in length from the display object. As a result, you can get an output display of size ranging from 80 inches to 120 inches in size from the D013 home theatre LED projector machine.

You can stream your smartphone screen on a big display. D013 Full HD smart projector hardware is based on multiple displays video streaming technology. By the way, the projector can support DLNA, Miracast, Eshare, and Airplay connectivity as well.

D013 intelligent office projection machine can project output with a native resolution of 854 x 480. However, AODIN D013 projector device can support to project a display with a maximum 4k resolution. The maximum brightness output support by a projector device is around 150 ANSI Lumens. D013 portable home theatre projector device also supports a throw ratio of 1.4:1.

What are the Basic Specifications of the D013 Projector?

D013 projector weights to about 0.4 kg. and is having an overall size of around 4.53 x 4.53 x 1.18 inches x 11.50 x 11.50 x 3.00 cm considering its length x width x height respectively. You can convert your bedroom on to a complete home theatre setup using D013 small smart projector hardware. It is possible by projecting a large display screen of size 120 inches to get the best experience of viewing quality pictures.

The D013 home multimedia projector device can be used as a regular power supply of 100-240V. You can easily connect either Xbox or Sony PS4 gaming console with the D013 projector device and enjoy your gameplay on a big projection screen.

The AODIN D013 smart home projector machine is not compatible to project multimedia file formats that are based on 3D effects. There is an in-built lithium ion battery provided inside the D013 projector hardware of 8000mAh capacity.

There is a ±40° vertical keystone correction functionality provided inside the projector hardware. Therefore, you can set up the D013 projector device anywhere nearby yourself to enjoy complete pictures.

The D013 home theatre 1080p projector supports a dual-band 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WI-Fi connectivity feature. So there is a surety to get a high-speed wireless network accession speed on D013 as compared to a single band Wi-Fi connectivity projector.

My Relative’s Experience with the D013 Projector

Now after our video calling session or better to say online projector review it is the time for me to ask my relative. About his personal experience of using the D013 smart projector about what all things, he had experienced during the past four days.

He said that till now he only used the AODIN D013 multimedia office projector device at nights or evening hours. That too without any sunlight with medium ambient light and he is pleased with the performance of the same. He can watch bright and clear display outputs on a reasonably big display.

But I want to add one important thing here that when we both are reviewing the D013 smart 4k projector device, it was daytime. And I asked my relative to project a bigger screen on his white wall with the room curtains open.

As per what I have experienced on my mobile screen that display screen of D013 portable smart projector device is looking little dimmer. I do not know exactly if it is true or there might be a misconception due to the quality of our video calling! So I asked about the same with my relative, and he replied that on the day of unboxing the D013 intelligent portable projector device it was the daytime.

A Good Sync of Picture and Sound

Further, he had projected a big display of size 45 inches from the D013 home theatre projector machine on the same date of projector’s delivery. At that time he is only aiming to test its display once if it is working well or not other than checking out its details.

Finally, as a result, he got a brighter output screen with both curtains open and closed at that time. Next, he adds to his review that the AODIN D013 multimedia office projector hardware can be installed easily anywhere.

Till now he did not face any frame shuttering on the display output even while live streaming of videos. No lags in sound and pictures while projecting a video from D013 smart LED projection device also playing the file from anywhere in mid.

He said one day he also takes his projector device with all the accessories provided with the same to his office. He has done it on a special request of his friends to have them a look on the same, and he has done it with much ease.

Also, his friends have been impressed with his new D013 Full HD multimedia projection gadget! All in all my relative is satisfied with his decision to choose a portable projector in comparison to a portable Android TV set.

How is the Sound Quality of D013 Projector?

My relative has used some of his old external speakers with the D013 smart 1080p projector machine. He is happy with the quality of sound output from the complete sound system. But I am not sharing my personal experience about the actual sound quality of the D013 home LED projector it is not because we have not tested the same.

I have listened to the sound of the internal speaker system of AODIN D013 intelligent office projector device on my mobile. I am not aware of the actual music from the same. Hence until I feel the real sound of the D013 home theatre projector by having it in front of my eyes, I do not want to give any feedback on the same! However, my friend is happy with the sound quality of the internal speaker system present inside the D013 projector hardware.

The Conclusion of My Review of D013 Projector

My friend has ordered the D013 LED Full intelligent HD projector device online at the cost of about $290. Well, for some of your guys it seems funny after knowing the fact that my relative has bought the D013 1080p smart projector machine only with the purpose to watch YouTube videos daily at evening hours after he came back to his office!!!

But after my review of AODIN D013 intelligent multimedia projection machine, I can say only one thing in all. It has much more possibility of entertainment other than just projecting photos or videos on a big display screen.

The D013 projector has all the qualities that can make it an excellent contender to set up a complete portable home theatre system on a room. And this time it does not matter if you are residing alone or with a family, a quick source of enjoyment is always ready with you!

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