AODIN D016 Review: A Convenient yet Intellectual Portable Projector Machine

AODIN D016 Review

It does not matter whether you are preparing for a party, want to enjoy weekend movies or need to watch daily TV serials on a big display screen. A well-featured portable is the best solution for every need. It is easy to carry small-sized projector hardware everywhere from one place to another. Also, it is too more manageable to install and operate a projection machine by saving your time. This post is dedicated to my latest review about one of a portable projection machine it is AODIN D016 projector.

My First Meetup with AODIN D016 Projector

I love to hang out with some of my best friends whenever I got my free time especially on Sunday’s when all are at a break from their work. But this time we had a get together on last Thursday. It is because one of our college friends named Peter has come to our native place to enjoy his holidays. Hence we planned to meet him together on a single day. It was the right time for us to spend some good time with him and together.

So we all plan for the same date and location was on one of our other friend’s home named Jino. His house is empty on that day. It is because his relatives are out for some work. So we better planned to have our friend’s meetup to be organized at someone’s home. It is a good option for us other than booking any hotel or going to any other public place for our meetup.

Luckily Jino has a projector device that he has specially bought few days before for this get-together program. He planned to display some of our old photos and videos that we had captured in our college time. It was a great idea and really impressed all of us! So we all spent about five to six hours while talking about each other’s life, playing some games, gifting some presents to each other, and so on. Finally, everyone heads towards their home!

My Opportunity to Review the Projector

Am I missing something? Yes, how I can I forget to share with you the details about the AODIN D016 smart mini projector that I saw on Jino’s house for the first time. This time one benefit on my part is the fact that since it was my friend’s projector, so I do not need to ask for any permission about reviewing the same.

So actually after the party, I have spent some more time of about three to four hours at Jino’s home with the purpose to review his projector device. Hence on that day in total, I have spent about seven to ten hours at my friend’s house. Almost a complete day right? Since I have excluded the time to travel from my home to his residence and vice versa!

The reason why sometimes I feel awkward about spending such a long time in someone’s house. I do not know what my family is thinking about me in such a situation, but they are very understanding and know my nature!

Everything that you want to know Regarding D016 Projector

Now coming back to our main topic for this blog post, i.e. review about the Jino’s projector. Let me inform you that it is all because of my friend’s help that I got the chance to review the AODIN D016 portable multimedia projector machine.

Let us further dive into the details about the D016 projector machine. In this post more also we will check out the specifications, features, and performance aspects of the D016 home cinema projector. Therefore, stay tuned with reading this post.

At last, I will tell you my opinion about the overall performance of the projector device. So from the next section, I will be sharing all the information that can help you to get an idea about the details regarding D016 projector device. I aim to help you to decide upon whether you should buy it or not!

What is Inside the Projector’s Box Packaging?

As a complete package of D016 intelligent office projector device, the company is supplying a power adapter, an HDMI cable, and a Tripod stand. You will also get a USB cable, a user manual, and a remote controller with the main projector device. Hence, you will get nearly every genuine Stuff from the manufacturers that are required to enhance the use of a projector device.

The Box packaging of the D016 small home projector with its accessories supplied by its manufacturer sizes to about 11.50 x 18.50 x 7.50 cm / 4.53 x 7.28 x 2.95 inches. It has been measured regarding the length x width x height of the D016 portable home theatre projector’s packaging box. Also, not only the projector but the weight of its packaging box as well is less.

It is approximately 0.5 kilograms only. Therefore, you can always keep the AODIN D016 smart home projector hardware with you while traveling. Also, you can hold it in hands easily for a long time when in need while planning to use the projector device on any outdoor location.

How is the Overall Design of the AODIN D016 Projector?

The all-black design rectangular shaped D016 cinema projector is a portable projection machine. The outer body of D016 home multimedia projector device is made up of Plastic and Aluminum Alloy materials. At the top surface, it does not have anything other than a brand impression on one portion of the same.

You can tilt the D016 intelligent portable projector hardware as per the same surface so that the brand logo can be seen straight. By doing the same, the projector hardware looks almost like a portable external hard drive. Now if we consider the projector’s top as the front face then on its top at left there lies a projector lens and on the right portion there lies some air vents.

On its left side of D016 smart home projector device there lies some projector control buttons. Also on its right surface there lie some interface connectivity ports with air vents. To be specific, this portion consists of a DC port, a USB port, an HDMI port, a Micro SD adapter, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

At the back side of the AODIN D016 small office projector machine there lies a mounting hole. Thus, you can connect a tripod with a projector and use it without any need to keep the D016 device on a table or so.

What are the Display Characteristics of the D016 Projector?

The D016 mini smart projector hardware is capable enough to project clear pictures even in daylight with curtains open same like any HD TV. Yes with the help of Full HD compatibility, i.e. 1080P you can enjoy all natural and bright colors on a big projection screen.

D016 LED small projector machine can project bigger sized images ranging from 60 to 100 inches in length. To achieve it all, you need to place the hardware at a distance ranging from 0.5m to 3 meters in length from the projection output object.

There lies a horizontal keystone correction functionality in the D016 portable home projector. It can help its user to adjust the trapezoidal correction regardless of the position and angle of the projection. D016 can support a contrast ratio of 1000:1 up to maximum with a brightness limit of around 150 lumens. The D016 Full HD smart projector hardware works on a native display resolution support of 854 x 480.

Based on a Proficient LED Lamp,

An efficient LED lamp has been installed inside the AODIN D016 1080p projector device that can be used for up to twenty thousand hours maximum. The company is claiming the fact that the light generated from the D016 LED projector is ultimately safer for the eyes of its viewers. It is necessary to take care of our eyes and health that applies both to kids and adults.

Therefore, the overall display output works well in darker environments and with a medium sized projector screen. However, in case of high ambient light, you might see some differences in the quality of a large-sized output display of D016 small projector.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the D016 Projector?

You can enjoy watching pictures on any one wall of your home indoor or outdoor on 16:9 as well as 4:3 aspect ratio big display screens. The D016 intelligent home projection device supports a throw ratio of 1.19:1. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity compatible with 802.11 a/n/g/b.

A user can use an external memory card of maximum 256GB of capacity with the D016 multimedia office projector hardware. All you need is to insert the memory card on the Micro SD interface slot. By doing so, you will have sufficient memory space on AODIN D016 projector hardware to store ample amount of multimedia files.

The D016 smart portable projector device has been designed in the way so that the hardware produces very less noise while in action. So you can either do your office work or watch a silent movie without any disturbance.

The D016 intelligent portable projector is having an inbuilt lithium battery of 4000mAh capacity. It is especially helpful to be used for outdoor purposes. D016 is known as a portable projector machine due to its overall weight and dimensions.

If we talk about the net weight of the D016 home mini-projector device, then it measures around 0.2 kg. Next, if we look at the size then it is 14.00 cm x 7.00 cm x 1.50 cm or 5.51 inches x 2.76 inches x 0.59 inches. It has been measured considering the length x width x height respectively of the D016 portable Full HD projector machine.

What are the Compatible Multimedia Formats?

You can enjoy watching your or your loved ones captured or collected photos on a big projector screen using AODIN D016 projector. Project them either directly via a smartphone or a Tablet through the D016 LED 1080p projector hardware. It supports .png, .jpeg, and .bmp file extensions.

Similarly, you can watch videos or enjoy movies with your family and friends on D016 projection machine output that too on Full HD quality. All you need is a right supportable video file one among H.264, RV8/9/10, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RM, H.263, VC-1, MPEG-2, MKV, and RMVB.

The D016 cinema home projector can deliver excellent audio output. Even the projector is of small size but posses a powerful speaker system built inside its hardware. Hence, whenever you are in a mood to listen to only music or songs then play some audio files on the same. The compatible audio formats with the D016 smart multimedia projector machine are MP3, AAC, MP1, APE, WAV, ADPCM, MP2, WMA, FLAC, AMR-NB, and PCM.

What are the Added Benefits of using the D016 Projector?

I have met some people who thought providing a remote controller with a portable projector is not worthy. It can be used without the same. But as per what I experience and do recommend to others is always preferable to buy a small sized projector like AODIN D016. It comes with a well functioned remote controller.

It adds convenience on the part of the user to operate and handle the projector with ease. So D016 portable home theatre projector hardware also comes with a good quality remote controller that runs on two AAA batteries. However, the company is not supplying the remote batteries as the package hence you need to purchase them extra.

The D016 home cinema projector machine can be used on commonly available household voltage supply. So if you are residing in any one country in Canada, Japan, United States, Brazil or Mexico, then you can use the projector at a voltage supply of 110-120V.

Similarly to use the D016 small projector on any other country you can supply a regular voltage supply of 220-240V to the projection machine. It makes sure that all the components of the projector hardware can work for a long time without any issues. Therefore, the D016 smart office projector is made for universal use irrespective of the country that you are residing.

My Review Regarding D016 Projector

Finally, it is the time to share my overall opinion about the D016 multimedia LED projector device. You can buy the projector at a price of around $170 from online stores. Before saying anything, I thought it is better that first I will discuss with you about the Pro’s the Con’s that I found in the D016 projector machine. So if we talk about the positive things about the projector then;

  • The AODIN D016 projector can deliver a Good Display Quality with sufficient Sound output from its internal speakers. It is enough for a medium-sized room.
  • D016 home 1080p projector is based on a Portable design. As I said before you can use the projector device at home, office, outdoors, etc. without bothering much about anything else.
  • You can connect a gaming console like Xbox, PS3 or Ps4 with the D016 intelligent multimedia projector hardware. To experience something different while playing your favorite gaming titles.
  • You can also connect external devices to access online multimedia resources like Amazon fire stick, and many more. Hence, you can enjoy with ample entertainment on D016 Full HD home projector device at your spare time.
  • The projector machine can be connected easily with both iOS and Android devices. So your smartphone’s display will not be going to be limited in any manner.

Whether the Downsides can affect your Decision to Buy D016?

Next, let us discuss some Con’s that I have found on the D016 multimedia LED projector hardware;

  • The AODIN D016 projector does not support Bluetooth connectivity. It is not such an important thing to miss, but if it is available, then it definitely adds to the overall convenience of using the device.
  • You cannot enjoy 3D videos with effects on the D016 portable multimedia projector hardware. By the way, you need to wear 3D glasses to get the full effects. But I do not think a portable projector can do much justice to project a 3D picture and give enough enjoyment of watching visuals to its viewers.
  • D016 home theatre small projector device does not support to display external subtitles. It is a rare thing to be found in a small sized not so highly featured machine.
  • The D016 1080p cinema projector machine is not compatible with the DVB-T connectivity. By considering all the specifications, design and portability of D016 projector, we cannot expect that as well.


Therefore, I hope till now you have got much idea about whether the D016 smart Full HD projector device is made for you or not. However, still, if you want my opening, then I can say only one thing.

‘Are your aiming only to buy a portable sized projector that can display large-sized output screens in Full HD resolution? If yes then I am sure that you will never regret to have AODIN D016 portable LED projector machine as an entertainment gadget like a TV set in your home.

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