AODIN M18 Review: A Portable Multimedia Projector with Conspicuous Features

AODIN M18 Review

This weekend I got the chance to experience using a new projector. That too of a Brand that is something of which I never heard before. It is no other but AODIN M18 projector. The product is available to buy on many e-commerce sites at a discounted price of about US $400-$440. I had spent around five to six hours while testing the performance of the device with my friend who is the owner of the machine.

Therefore, this post will be dedicated to my review regarding the same. Before moving ahead, I request you to read this thoroughly. It can help you to get an overall idea about the configurations and performance aspects of the projector. That too from different facets like display, sound, build quality and many more.

An Outlook on the Quality of Display Output of M18

As per the manufacturers, the RGB LED light source that is present insidethe M18 machine can be used for minimum ten years. It has been officially specified as 30000 hours. Well, it depends on the average number of hours that a user is using the projector on a daily basis.

However, if you are busy most of the time and only watch some movies or TV programs on weekends, then I am sure about one thing. It is the fact that the LED lamp of your projector will last even more than two decades!

The AODIN M18 portable hardware supports a projection ratio of 1.2:1. Hence, a machine can be placed within a distance of 1 meter to 8 meters from the output projection object. It will result in producing a big display screen of size ranging from 40 inches to 300 inches in diagonal length. To ensure good light transmittance of M18 two pieces of resin lenses is to be added with four pieces of glass. Hence, together they can make a transparent coating lens for the machine.

The projected display screen of M18 can support to reproduce about 16.7 million Colors. The device supports a contrast ratio of 400:1. As per my experience with the overall display output of the machine I can say the projector can reproduce sharp pictures. That too with bright colors and complete details.

What are the Display Characteristics of M18?

M18 can produce projection automatic calibration screen that supports automatic vertical trapezoidal correction. To understand it simple the device is capable of Automatic keystone correction function but of only ±40 vertical. So after booting the device, the AODIN M18 projector can manage itself to adjust the output display screen accordingly. By the way, the machine is having the feature of automatic correction of images to present a comfortable viewing experience to the user.

M18 as a portable smart projection gadget has Gravity sensing technology. I think it is much helpful while installing the machine on certain setups and grounds. The color gamut that the projector can reproduce is >=120%NTSC.

I have seen pretty stable and bright projected pictures from M18 on a big display screen of size around 50 inches. It might be due to effectiveness in reducing lens color cast of the machine. The projector has the potential to project a multimedia output with clarity. After all, the device can work with an optical resolution of 1280 x 720dpi, or Full HD, i.e., 1080P.

The maximum amount of brightness that M18 can generate is around 300 ANSI ± 100%, or to say 1800 ISO lumens. So, no doubt the projector can reproduce bright pictures on a big output display screen even at daytime with curtains open.

How is AODIN M18 a Rich Portable 3D Projection Machine?

M18 portable machine does support 3D projection technology. Thus, I can say that the projector is future ready. Therefore, it has something extra as a dose of entertainment for the complete family by watching 3D movies at home. There is another impressive part to know about the device concerning the same feature.

A unique 3D button has been provided on the genuine remote controller that has been supplied with the machine. So by a single press of a button a user can enjoy watching 3D content. Hence, no wasting time to go into the settings menu and change the projection method from 2D to 3D.

Also, I would like to add here one more feature regarding the 3D technology available inside the M18. It can be said as one among the benefits that have been offered by the product manufacturers on the part of users. The projector can turn any 2D movie to be converted to produce 3D effects on the output display. All thanks to the DLP active shutter 3D imaging cinema grade technology to make it happen.

What are the Display Specifications of the Projector Hardware?

The AODIN M18 machine works well to support front, rear, and ceiling projection methods. Also, a user needs to adjust the focus of projected output manually. Now about the internal lamp of M18, I would say it is based on a green light source to protect the tender retina of a user, especially children.

A 0.3 DMD+RGBLED display chip has been used by the AODIN engineers inside the M18 hardware. After all, it is a DLP HD graphics engine based projector. The device is compatible with projecting H.265, H.264, and 1080P video source formats either on walls or any other output projection object.

A user can display a large output projected screen with different projection ratios. It can be one among 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10. M18 can withstand to project a picture to produce natural visual experience to a user. After all, the display output of the machine has 90% of brightness uniformity.

What are the Hardware Characteristics of M18 Projection Machine?

First, do let me share with you about the essential specifications of the M18 device. That hardware consists of an RK3368 Octa-core 64-bit Cortex-A53 processor chipset. It is having the frequency of up to 1.5GHz. That too it works with PowerVR G6110 GPU chipset and support OpenGL ES 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.1, OpenCL, and DirectX9.3. The internal Lamp of AODIN M18 can produce an average of 21W output power in Normal mode and 17W in Eco mode, fair enough.

The device supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual Band Wifi 802.11 a/g/b/n/ac network signal. I did not find any signal interference while using the projector with a not so powerful wireless network router. Therefore, the machine can be connected to a network with more stability.

I agree to what the manufacturers are saying about the M18 portable projection machine. It is the feature that the device can support faster network transmissions. It can be possible due to the high wireless speed of a thousand megabytes. I am sure about one thing. It is the fact that the hardware can meetup the wireless data transfer needs of large data or high definition files.

A 2GB of DDR3 RAM and an internal memory of 8GB has been provided inside the M18. Not limited to it, there is a separate card slot with a maximum limit of 32GB to extend the secondary storage of machine. It is enough for an average multimedia user to store a sufficient amount of Apps, and Files inside the projector system.

What are the Convenient Features of AODIN M18 Machine?

One good news for the commuters is the fact that M18 consists of a significant internal Li-ion battery of size 12000mAh. It is having a backup power of 2.5 hours. I am impressed with the time that the battery takes to charge from zero to full. It is around 2 to 3 hours in power off condition and 4 to 8 hours when the device is in use. It is much similar to charging the battery of a Laptop.

At least, the M18 projector can be used in the backside of a house to watch a complete movie at night without the need to arrange any source of power supply or so. A red LED status light has been provided on the top of hardware to indicate that the battery is charging. Also, the indicator will be switched off automatically after a complete charge. It can help a user to plug off the power supply while charging the battery of the system.

The projector can be connected to a smart mobile or a tablet without wires with the help of Airplay and Miracast. Hence, M18 portable multimedia hardware can support screen mirroring function. A user can download and install Eshare that can be beneficial to connect either PC or an iOS gadget.

An AODIN M18 projection machine is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.0/BLE technology. It is much convenient to connect the device with any Bluetooth enabled external speakers. Not limited to this a user can also join a mouse or a gaming controller without wires to the M18.

What is inside the Company Box Packaging?

The outer box packaging of the M18 projector is of pure Black in appearance. A ‘Smart Android Projector’ is the only text that has been imprinted at the front surface of the Box. The total weight of the company packaging box is around 3.3 pounds. The official box packaging of the M18 projector consists of many accessories. It includes a remote controller, an adapter, a power cord, a user manual, an HDMI cable, and the main projector unit.

The net weight of the M18 machine is about 747 grams and sizes to approximately 172mm x 40mm. A user needs to provide a good power supply of AC 100-240V, at 50/60Hz input to the machine. It can produce an output of 15V-3A.

An IR based remote controller that has been providing with the M18 device is of pure black with a matte finish. The list of buttons on remote includes a red power On/Off button, a grey mute button, and an HDMI button. Also, there is a Switch 3D button, and a button to switch the remote to work as a mouse. Finally, there is a Home, a Menu, a Return, Some directional buttons with an OK button at their center, and a long horizontal volume control button.

By the way, while ordering the AODIN M18 device, you need to take care of choosing a power plug that can match to your country standards. After all, the projector comes with different plug options to select one from among US, UK, and EU plugs.

What are the Multimedia Advantages that a User can get from M18?

M18, portable multimedia machine is compatible with Android V6.0 operating system. Hence, nothing to say about it since most of the world population are already using Android smart gadgets or know the benefits of using the same. Now let me share with you some of the compatible multimedia file formats that M18 device can support to project on a big display screen.

You can play specific video formats on the projector that supports 4K VP9, H265, and H264 video decoding of up to 60fps. M18 is also compatible with projecting movies or videos. A user can run payback file based on 1080P multi-format video decoding (VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8) and 1080P video encoding. The projector supports Flash 11.1 based files.

An office user can take advantage of projecting PPT, XLS, DOC, and PDF files. They can be accessed either from internal storage or directly from an external removable storage device. Also, the compatible image formats of the AODIN M18 projector are BMP, JPG, and PNG. So the device is an excellent companion both for official and entertainment purposes. The machine can be connected with EMMC flash drive, micro TF card slot, USB 3.0 U disk and hard drive via simple plug and play.

How is the User Interface of M18 Projection System?

The user interface of M18 comes with Google Play Store. Hence, a user can search through and install many compatible Apps and Games on the system. By the way, the projector does with some pre-installed Apps. It includes YouTube and Netflix. A user can also enjoy watching some popular services like LiveTV. Direct and Kodi on a big projected display screen. That too covers more than a thousand channels.

The M18 projector comes with wireless Air mouse remote controller. A user can take the benefit of using the same that can work both as a remote or a mouse. It is possible by using a single key to turn the device into the mouse mode or a 2.4GHz Mini FlyMouse and back as a remote. It is a useful feature for a user to access the user interface of the projector system as per convenience.

The overall look and feel of the M18 user interface are clear and to the point. After boot up, a user can get a home screen with date and time displaying on the upper left portion. Also, there are some icons of connectivity options on the top right side.

There are big icons of settings, File Explorer, Google Play store, Eshare, YouTube, and access to other third party Apps. They are available on the home screen of AODIN M18 projector user interface. Also on the home screen at the bottom row, there are some small icons. They have been provided to directly access Facebook, WPS Office, Netflix, AirPlay, IMDb, Chrome, Twitter, etc.

How is the Output Sound Quality of the Projector Hardware?

An internal Stereo audio system is present inside the machine. It has been powered with two customized Full channel speakers those can generate 3W power each. Yes as the company is saying it is a fact that M18 can produce 360-degree surround sound with a balance toned quality sound output.

I can say it by considering the passive bass diaphragm that is present inside the M18 machine to provide more powerful sound effects. The output sound is layered and gives rich bass experience due to the presence of extra vibrating plates on the speakers.

The sound output from M18 is sufficient for an average sized room. However, for larger halls using external high power speakers with the projector can be the best option for you. A user can play different supportable audio formats on the device. It includes MPEG1 Layer3, AC3, EAC3, AAC, HEAAC, WMA, LPCM, and IMA-ADPCM/MS-ADPCM.

A Tour on the Overall Hardware Design of M18

The top and bottom surfaces of the M18 portable entertainment projector are white, and the side is black. You can consider it a white burger with some black chocolate in it or a spaceship of an alien! At the front side, there is a lens at the middle and a focusing gear on the left. The left and right sides of the AODIN M18 projector machine consists of some air vents to dissipate the internal thermals of the device.

At the opposite side of the lens in the hardware, there are some Interface ports. It includes two USB HOST 2.0(support Flash Drive read data), HDMI IN 1.4(480P, 576P, 720P, 1080P), a 3.5mm jack, a DC input, and a power switch.

At the top surface of M18 right at the center, there is a big rounded switch to power on/off the machine. Also, the buttons have been surrounded by an LED right that works as a status indicator of the projector for the user.

The bottom part of the device also consists of some air vents. They are in the form of small holes arranged as a group of columns arranged circularly on the outer white portion. It also includes a silicon anti-slip mat as a black portion probably at the center of the bottom that consists of Axle nuts. A 6mm hole has been provided at the bottom to connect the M18 device with a hanger or a tripod.


I am going to conclude my review article here regarding the projector by summarizing both the plus points and limitations of the device. The overall appearance of the M18 projection machine is based on Elegant Round Design with glossy finish at the top. The company designers have made Lightweight hardware on a mini-sized projector. It features delicate interior components.

There is no voice search function provided on the remote controller of the AODIN M18 device. It is otherwise ordinary on many other projector models available in the market in the same budget range. I found the internal cooling system provided inside the hardware is bit noisy but similar to that of a Desktop.

The remote controller of M18 consists of many buttons to control the behavior of the projector machine. It also works best to access the user interface and multimedia files that are stored on any internal or external memory unit.

However, the device comes with an adequate heat dissipation facility. It works well to maintain the temperature of the external hardware for a long interval of time. Unfortunately, the machine does not support the side projection, but it is not required either.

What are the High Selling Points of M18 Projector?

It is much easier to carry the M18 projector from one place to another due to the portable build quality of the machine. It is because of the presence of battery the device can be used for outdoor activities. Also, I would like to appreciate the performance of the remote controller that comes as a package with the device. It works with a good response rate with the machine.

I forgot to mention earlier regarding another beneficial feature of the M18. It is the fact that the device supports to project Ultra HD resolution pictures on a big display screen. The output display from the machine is safer for the eyes of viewers especially kids.

The projector does a Good job in producing compulsive Sound output. Also, the device does a great job to provide high brightness display output with Good daytime effects. I am happy with the complete performance of the mighty machine. And would recommend the product to others if they have a similar budget range. AODIN M18 is a Value for money multimedia portable projector!!!

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