Brilens LS1280 Review: With latest DLP technology

 Brilens projector

In today’s time, everyone is looking for a more prominent display for more prominent entertainment, but not everyone can afford big LED TVs. Not only big TVs come with a hefty price tag but also the life expectancy of an LCD or LED TVs is very less. The main problem with big LED, and LCD TVs are that is very hard to get a repair. Moreover, even if someone is ready to repair your big Tv that will also cost you an extra heavy burden on your pocket. The thirst for big screen can easily be satisfied with a Projector. The projectors come with lots of benefits which a TV cannot provide. The projectors obviously takes less space and provide a bigger viewing screen. Today here we are going to tell you about Brilens LS1280 Laser DLP Projector which is apparently cut from rest.


 Brilens projector

The Projector comes in a cardboard box with thermocol attach to keep it safe from any type of wear and tear while transporting. The overall weight of the box is somewhere around 3.5kg(15.43lb). In most of the cases, the Brilens projector will be delivered within 5-7 days.

 Brilens projector

The projector comes with a VGA cable, an HDMI cable,  3D Shutter lenses. You will also get wipes to clean if the lenses get dirty and a beautiful big bag to cover it take anywhere you want. You will also get a Power cable (IEC) with a hefty power brick and remote control to control it remotely. Brilens projector

The Projector itself comes elegantly pack in a white clamshell box, it gives looks and feels of a premium device at your home. It’s very compact and slim covering a total area of 10 x 7.5-inch space it just weights 3.5 lbs. The power plug supply has an extra weight of two pounds.

 Brilens projector

Display Quality and Size

There are some distinctive features available with  Brilens projector one of them is having a longer throw distance. The company specifies that it can throw projections from a distance of 1.5m of 50 inches using a lens zoom dial on maximum. This provides a more significant viewing experience of 50 inches TV that will cost you less than $1000 and with better picture quality. The Brilens LS1280 is best suited for bigger homes where it can be placed in large rooms to have a cinematic experience.

 Brilens projector

The Brilens LS1280 specification also places it in business class. It is best suited for large meeting halls where you can mount it for projection. The overall image and video quality are quite average. Here and there we can see some light gradients in the color reproduction. Movies and TV series were working fine and can be seen without having the strain on the eyes.


The  Brilens projector comes with an inbuilt resolution of 1280 x 800(16:10 WXGA), but it is explicitly a 720p projector. The difference between a 1080p projector and 720p projector can be a huge one although it can be difficult to tell the difference in a 30-40 inch screen. However, when we watch a 50-inch screen, it can be undoubtedly visible.

As nowadays 1080p resolution projectors are quite standard and also available in the budget. It is difficult to recommend 720p projectors to our readers.


The working of the projector is quite handy. There is a manual dial to focus and make a small degree of screen size adjustments from the black dials from the side.

 Brilens projector

On the top of the projector, you can find different buttons. That will include a multi function d-pad style menu buttons with the dedicated button for power/source selection.

 Brilens projector

The remote you get with the projector is a generic one that can do all essential function done like volume control and other functions. The IR receiver is placed on the top of the projector device so the aiming can be an issue.

 Brilens projector

With all the additional features the projector comes with an inbuilt Ethernet port and Wi-Fi adapter to enable the device as a Miracast receiver. Although the process involving the setting up Miracast is a troublesome one. Entering the Wi-Fi password involves using the dial pad to point around preset keywords. For paying with SD card slot and USB drive, an inbuilt primary media player has been pre-installed in the projector. The projector cannot be connected with the smartphone as it lacks an Android operating system, so functions are quite limited.

 Brilens projector Portability

We have to say even with the weight of 2.5 kg the projector feels very lightweight. The diminutive size makes it more comfortable to carry along with you anywhere you go. The company is selling a projector with an additional battery to run a projector without any power source. This gives an additional point to the projector to use it anywhere or places where its hard to find any power source.

One of the best features we found on the projector was the inclusion of MiraCast video transmission feature. It provides a seamless and simple way of making presentation handy. You can use your smartphone for presentation by connecting via a PC application. Last but not the least the provided bag coming along with projector makes it really handy to carry along with you.

  Lamp Life

 Brilens projector

The Brilens LS1280 Laser DLP Projector comes with stated life expediency of 50,000 hours. It uses a relatively new technology “laser bulb” which provides longevity to the life of the lamp. We can not do full-life testing for the bulb. But for the whole time, we used it for testing it worked fine. Most of the projectors come with regular mercury lamp that had to get replaced after 6,000 hours of use. So naturally, it is a lot better than rest.


After using Brilens LS1280 for a long time, we have to say that we can’t recommend this projector to homeowners. It is challenging to have a much size screen from a nearby distance and also it comes in $1000 budget which put it in the bracket of expensive projectors. Not having a built-in Android system pre-install with the projector makes it hard for the projector to play videos form simple USB. It also lacks 1080 full HD which can be a big issue to lot of us who are looking for full HD display.

On the contrary, the 2.5 kg weight of projector makes it really portable to carry around anywhere. The laser bulb also provides extended life to the projector that isn’t available with every other projector in the market. One of the thing in particular that grabbed our attention is the noise level of the projector while working. The Brilens projector fan makes continuous noise which grabs our attention while watching movies and that is disappointing. We would recommend this projector if you are looking for a projector for your office with long life and big screen. For homeowners, there are plenty of other options available to choose from and in low price as well.


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