C6 Mini Review: A Valuable 4K DLP Projector in your Pocket

C6 Mini

Yesterday I saw a pocket mini-projector device on a market while I was there for shopping. It grabs my attention, and I cannot resist myself to uncover its details. Therefore, this post is based on my recent review regarding C6 mini projector machine. Let me share with you every aspect that I got to know about the same from the following section!

When I was at my early age, I mostly got advice from my elders to always keep a pen on the pocket! It is because a pen is a handy tool at that time that can be useful for a student anytime. Also a professional can make the most use of a pen years before.

Now we are in the Digital era we are having smartphones and other gadgets in our pockets. We almost do all of our work paperless, so at present hardly there is any need for a pen to us. But a day before writing this post I found the C6 device that reminds me of my olden days!

I kept it in my pocket and felt like having any useful gadget with me. I had a feeling that I can keep it daily with me like it. Hence, anytime whenever there is any need to share any videos, images or even movies with others, I can use the C6 projector hardware. I do not need to depend on a TV screen or to set up a big projection machine.

What are Hardware Amenities provided by the Manufactures of C6 Mini Projector?

The C6 portable projector is available in black and white colors. The overall hardware look of the C6 projector almost seems like a smartphone that one can keep in the pocket or so. I am referring the front to the surface that consists of the lens. Thus at the front side of the projector hardware, a small lens has been provided on the left side besides which there are two horizontal vents.

On the right side of the front surface of C6, there lie some interface ports like USB, HDMI and power input port located at the back portion of the same. However, at the front part on the same surface, there is a power button to switch the projector system On/Off manually.

Provision to adjust the Height of the Display Screen,

On the left surface concerning the front face of the C6 projector, there is a manual display adjustment knob at the front portion. Also to the back part on the front surface of the projector hardware, there is a connectivity port. The bottom face has a small adjustable stand that can be used by a user to adjust the height of the output projected display screen when required.

The top side of the projector device has a big circular Ok button to its center with some navigational control buttons. Also, you can access Menu and other helpful buttons to access the internal multimedia sources of the C6 Mini projector.

That too directly from the hardware. There are two impressions of 4K ultra HD and DLP Texas instruments on the top surface of the projector machine. They can help anyone to get an idea about the potential of the display output of the C6 projector at first look.

What are the Highlighted Features of C6 mini?

In this section I am going to list down the main specifications that everybody should know regarding the C6 projector device;

Friendly User Interface: It works on Android 5.1 operating system that performs well for the device. A user can download any convenient software application of choice, install, and use it easily on the user interface of the C6 projector.

Battery Operated: The device consists of a Lithium-polymer battery of size 4000 mAh. It is the best benefit of having the C6 projector as your projection gadget. Now you can imagine after charging its battery you do not even depend upon supplying power to the device using any wire. So C6 portable projector machine can be used wireless at any place also while traveling whenever required.

Wireless Connectivity: You can connect the C6 Mini projector hardware with a Wi-Fi 802.11 ac signal. Also to keep it more stable and stronger the device is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. C6 is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Live Completely Wireless,

Therefore, you can easily do connect any external device or smart gadget with the projector quickly. It is possible via a strong Bluetooth signal in combination with ultra-low latency that even works from a distant place. Thus, the full support of C6 towards effective wireless connectivity options guarantees one thing. It is you can install the projector at different positions without being dependent on the wires to connect the system with any other device or so.

How is the Output Display Performance of the Projector Machine?

You can project a display screen of size ranging from 30 inches to 200 inches in size measured diagonally with the help of a C6 projector. It is possible by installing the hardware at a distance of 0.3 meters to 4 meters in length from the wall or a projection screen.

An LED energy efficient Lamp has been used inside the C6 projector device. It consumes hardly 3W of power. The interior lamp can be used for a lifespan of time to about twenty thousand hours. The projector can generate a display with up to 50 Lumens of brightness in the output projection object.

To ensure bright and stable images at the output screen, the C6 has been backed by DLP 0.3 inches DMD + RGB LED-based projection technology. It is a fact that digital light processor is common among controlling and supervising systems.

C6 is compatible with a throw ratio of 1.19:1. The maximum contrast ratio with which C6 Mini projector can display output is 1000:1. I can see a good contrast on the colors of the pictures reproduced by the device. C6 is compatible with an image scale of 2.35:1, and 16:9. The projector device can project an output screen with and only one aspect ratio of 16:9.

My Review Regarding the Display Output of C6 Mini

Now I want to share with you all my personal experience with the projected display output of videos while using the C6 projector device. I would say that the device can work well even in medium ambient light of the room.

C6 projector works to project a picture at the output display screen at a default resolution of 854 x 480 pixels per inch. Unfortunately, this is the maximum supportable resolution of the device. Thus, if you only love to watch High Definition movies, then you might need to compromise here.

The output display quality of images that have been projected via C6 projector is clear and brighter. The device is lag in metrics of display resolution only in theories! Because I hardly found any great difference after seeing its display output with a true HD resolution TV screen output.

At least the output pictures are clear to me. In dark surroundings, the performance of the projector is much better with brightness and sharp colors on the screen. I found almost no screen door effects after projecting the output display of C6 both on walls and projection screen.

The C6 Mini projector can project 3D pictures and videos at the output projection object. All you need is to have a right supportable 3D shades that you can use to experience the whole effects from a big screen display.

Can you Use C6 as a Home Theater Projector Hardware?

Usually, we can find many medium-sized portable projector machines in the market. Especially those machines that are highly recommended to be used for home theater setup. So, while reviewing the C6 projector, I tried to test out the device from different perspectives. With an aim to uncover whether a pocket projection device can be used as a home theater companion as well or not! Here are the results of my tests;

Multimedia Playback: You can play any video file on C6 who is having an extension of mp4, .mkv, .mpg, .avi, .mov, and .flv file formats. A user can enjoy watching or share the favorite captured moments with others on a big display output screen of C6 Mini. It is possible by using any one image file formats from among .bmp, .jpg, and .png. If you want to use the C6 projector as a personal audio system then it is possible by playing any one file from among .ape, .wma, .mp3, and .wav audio format files.

Good Sound without much Noise!

Sound: C6 has a built-in speaker. The overall performance of the audio output after because it is a mini projector I can say it is impressive to ears. However, you can enhance your enjoyment by connecting external sound boxes with the device.

Noise: The projector is a bit noisy but not much louder that can disturb your enjoyment. You can enjoy listening to music or watch movies without any considerable uncomfortable noise coming out of the hardware. Also, the maximum noise that has been recorded is only 50 decibels.

What are the Basic Hardware Specifications of C6?

A Cortex A7 quad-core processor chip has been used inside the C6 projector. It can help the mini projection machine to work well in a different condition of its use. The net weight of the projector machine is about 0.2 kilograms.

The C6 Mini projector device sizes to 5.71 x 3.15 x 0.67 inches or 14.50 x 8.00 x 1.70 cm measured as per the length, width and height of the device respectively. As a complete package of C6 pocket projection machine, the manufacturers are supplying a remote controller and a user manual. Not only these has the projector owner also got a power adapter with cable, a tripod and a data cable with the main unit.

Lightweight Pocket Gadget,

The overall packaging of the C6 projector weights to around 0.7 kilograms. If we talk about the overall dimensions of the outer packaging of the device, then it is 7.28 x 6.1 x 2.48 inches or 18.50 x 15.50 x 6.30 cm. It has been measured by considering the length, width, and height of the box respectively.

The genuine remote that has been supplied with the projector device is having few control buttons. It includes but not limited to navigational buttons, and an OK button. You can use the C6 projector with a tripod that is having a height of about 22cm.

The company is supplying the C6 projector internationally with a proper supportable power plug as per the standards of a country. While using the projector at power supply source, you need to provide a power of 5V to the device.


Above all were the details that I came to know by using the C6 pocket projector for some time. In the meantime, I got to know many pros and cons of the device that I have already shared with you all in their respective sections.

The final decision is yours! If you are impressed with the configurations of the projector and looking ahead to buy it, then go with it as per your budget! By the way, the projector device is available online at a discounted price of around 210 US dollars with some shipping charge if applicable.

To conclude this article here, I want to summarize everything in few words as a summarized form of my review on C6 Mini projector device. The projector machine is capable enough to display vibrant and clear pictures on the output screens. You cannot get the whole effects of watching any Full High Definition content, but the sound produced by the system is something to notice output.

You can access the menu and settings options on the user interface of the C6 projector quickly either using a remote or manually via hardware. Due to the pocket size, a user can set it up with ease while saving time. At least it helps a projector user to enjoy a wire free life!

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