CHANGHONG CHiQ C7UG Review: A Sneak Peek (Latest 4K Laser TV Projector)

Changhong CHiQ C7UG

Recently Sichuan Changhong or simple to say CHANGHONG has launched their new 4K compliant laser TV projector. Luckily, I got the chance to unbox the product from a genuine company packaging box. After all it will be going to be supplied with the device. Hence, this post is based on my Changhong CHiQ C7UG unboxing and review. You can take this as a sneak peek of the initial appearance of the machine. Also about the accessories that are present in the box packaging.

A Quick Look on the Changhong CHiQ C7UG Brand

Before moving ahead if the Changhong brand is new to you then let me give a brief about the company. It has been established in the Chinese market before 18 years. A well known brand for producing some of the best-selling TV models.

Today they have a special place in the industry of Chinese consumer electronics and home appliances. You can find different high-end models of smartphones, and air conditioners of the brand. Also, the company has released many refrigerators and other electronic components in the market.

It has been found out that the growth rate of consuming the 4K TV projectors have been increased a lot. That too within not more than past one year. It has been recorded that in the first half of 2018 that growth rate of 4K TV market has been increased at a fast pace. Now it is much higher as compared to the total growth rate of the previous complete year.

By looking to the above fact, many electronic producers are pushing themselves to launch new 4K laser TV products in the market. Today if we look into the market of 4K smart laser TV then we will find lots of projector models. They can be both from known and unknown brands but in a good range of economical price point.

Before unboxing the product do let me share with you all some of the official details regarding the Changhong CHiQ C7UG laser TV projector.

What are the Highlighted Features of C7UG Multimedia Laser TV Projector?

In this section, I am only revealing the features that have been officially announced till now. I hope it can help you to get some idea about the product. Also whether you should look ahead for it to buy or not!

As the name implies, you might already guess one thing correct regarding the C7UG smart Laser TV portable projector! It is the fact that the device supports the True 4K display. The story is not over yet! Because of the latest image quality enhancement technology. It is available on the Changhong CHiQ C7UG projector. It is helpful to produce clear pictures on the output screen that too with enhanced color effects.

The C7UG 4K laser TV projector also supports the intelligent depth of field optimization. That too with HDR10 decoding technique. It can make an output screen to look completely attractive like any standard TV panel.

By the way, the maximum brightness that CHiQ C7UG can produce is 400nit. Hence, one thing is guaranteed. It is that the projector is capable of displaying bright images with natural color reproduction.

Changhong has used a Ti high-end DMD 4K display chip. It ensures the top level performance of the Laser TV screen. Also, a ChiQ TV leading AI3.0 artificial intelligence TV technology is featured inside the C7UG projector by Changhong. So a user can control the device using voice commands from a distant place as well. Hence, a user do not need to use the buttons of a remote controller every time.

Uncovering the Design of Changhong CHiQ C7UG 4K Smart Portable Projector

Now let us have a look on to the detailed unboxing of the C7UG Laser TV projector right from its official packaging Box. If we discuss the appearance of the outer packaging of the product, then it is all white colored body with black text.

At the front surface, you can find the CHiQ 4K branding in big fonts written both in length and Chinese. Next to it there you can see an image of the C7UG projector of the front side. Thus, people who are not having any idea about the machine can quickly get to know about the look and feel of the projector model inside the Box.

Other than that there are some more informational and cautionary details on sides and front. Everything is about the new 4k Laser TV projector device. But unfortunately, you can read and understand it only if you are well versed in Chinese 😉

After opening the upper four flaps of the Box, at first, we can see we can have access to the genuine and helpful accessories. They are provided with the C7UG 4K laser TV projector by Changhong. A white container made of soft material has separate sections to store all the accessories. I like this arrangement especially the protection that has been provided to every single accessory. After all, we can use the accessories with the new CHiQ smart portable projector to enhance its usability.

What is Inside the Box?

The list of accessories that have been supplied with C7UG includes two external speakers, both for left and right. Yes, this time the designers have taken care to produce a pleasing sound effect from a projection machine. This time it is not from the internal hardware but by using external speaker hardware.

Hence this facility will be going to add the much-improved experience of listing to the music on the part of a consumer. Also, there are some necessary cables to power on the device and also to connect the C7UG smart 4K laser TV projector with an external device.

After removing the accessories section from the box, we can see the Changhong CHiQ C7UG projector model settled right at the middle of the box. It has been placed there with the help of four soft cushioning provided at each corner of the box and also from the bottom.

Together I am really got impressed with the level of safety that has been provided by the manufacturers to ship the C7UG 4k laser TV projector. The use of proper cushions can help the device and its accessories to avoid any damage or so from jerks or any accidental shocks.

How is the Look and Feel of C7UG 4K Laser TV Projector?

At the initial lookup, the C7UG smart laser TV projector is appearing in circular shaped design. It is almost like a new platinum drill while cloud shaped machine with metal craft. It looks really stunning to the eyes and will add to the premium looks of a home or office decor. There is a small projector lens integrated right at the top surface on the projector machine.

After taking out the C7UG 4K laser TV projector from the Box, I saw a ChiQ branding at its top surface. However, on the side portion, there is an excellent facility of internal heat sink via a designer mesh of metal. I am hoping that the projector must possess an efficient and powerful internal cooling system. It is necessary to avoid the over temperature of the hardware both on the internal parts as well as to the outer shell of the same.

The projector has almost got dual tone colors with a lower portion or say base in Black and rest part has been coated with a glossy white color. Not limited to this if you see the design of C7UG machine clearly then there is a silver ring right at the top corner. It is precisely on the top circumference of the projector design.

A Good Facility of Interface Connectivity

Let us further turn the Changhong CHiQ C7UG multimedia projector to check its back side. There I found enough interface connectivity ports at the bottom black portion of the hardware. They are sufficient enough to connect the C7UG 4K laser TV projector to the new smart highly featured external devices. You can also link the projector device with a PC or any old generation gadgets if you have any at your home.

The interface includes but not limited to a LAN port, two HDMI ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, a VGA port, and two USB ports. Hence, this facility has indirectly had entirely increased the level of a user’s productivity. At the same time enhance the level of entertainment from using the projector in our daily life.

How is the Appearance of Remote Controller?

Now I would like to discuss with you the details about the remote controller that has been supplied with the C7UG projector. First of all, I am amazed by the premium design cum look and feel of the same.

It got a striking gloss finish of white checks incorporated on the black background. This is something that is beyond any explanations, and one can get real idea only after looking the device with bare eyes.

At the top of the remote hardware to the right, there is a power button. Below the same, there are some other buttons for projector control, and access the user interface system. Further below to them, there is a big rounded button with four directional marks on it that can be helpful for navigation. Other than these there are some more buttons including a long combined vertical volume up and down button.

At last, I found a small pink button for a particular reason on the remote controller of C7UG projector. It has been highlighted separately than the other black buttons with white fonts on them. Finally, to the bottom of the remote, there is a white brand impression of Changhong. Altogether the design of remote not only proves the fact that it belongs to a branded projector but also feels comfortable in hands due to the shape.

How are the External Speakers that come with Changhong CHiQ C7UG?

I want to discuss the separate external speakers that have been supplied with the projector. They are the genuine accessories from Changhong to be used with the C7UG 4K laser TV portable projector. Both the left and right speakers are based on a unique design. I am using the term special because a user can easily hang or carry the speakers from one place to another.

And when placed on a table top they are almost looking like two gift vases of flowers with a hanger. We can clearly identify the position of internal audio driver units on the speaker hardware. It is possible by finding the location of a circular group of some minute holes provided on the same. Altogether the speaker generates a pleasant sound!


I tried to find out as many details possible regarding the C7UG 4K smart multimedia Laser TV portable projector. But still there are many things to reveal officially, and we need to wait for the right time to get the correct information!

I hope you have liked this unboxing post of C7UG to give you a small spark of excitement to know more about the product. It can be a good option if you are looking to buy a new 4K projector for your home theater enjoyment!

After installing the CHiQ C7UG projector with all the accessories, the overall setup is almost looking like a home theater system. The market price of the product has not been being cleared, so I am skipping it for now. However, one thing is for sure!

Not only the display quality but C7UG is having enough charm and power to turn your heads with its appearance and sound output. However, as per the current condition regarding the world of electronics it is best to have a 4K TV projector like Changhong CHiQ C7UG at home. A smart move other than buying a Full HD TV panel at the same budget! What would you prefer?

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