Changhong X3F Review: A Classy Ultra-Short Throw Laser TV Projector


Ultra short throw projectors are a significant advantage for its users especially those who belong to study or corporate fields. They have been installed very close to the projection screen and hence can offer significant help to its users while giving the presentations. In this post, we will talk about Changhong X3F Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Home Theater Full HD Projector as my review regarding the same.

Neither a teacher nor a professional would like to get disturbed by the lights coming out of the projectors that have been installed in front of them. It will not only distract a presenter from its audience since he or she cannot be able to see the audience properly. In such case either a presenter need to stand away from the projection screen or aside the screen. It can be of much help for them to avoid the disturbance to or from the direct projection display light.


It can also result in a shadow been displayed on the projector screen. Therefore nobody as an audience would also like to face a situation where they can only see half of the projected display. As a result, they will get to know only half of the information from the same!

How Did I get the chance to Review Changhong X3F Laser TV Projector?

Here I have chosen the topic of ultra-short throw projector. It is because recently I got the chance to do some hands-on and review a projector based on the same display technology. The Changhong X3F Laser TV projector is manufactured by well recognized Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd.

Yesterday I was at a coffee shop to take some evening refreshments. I saw some of the college students were sitting on my back table. They were chatting so louder that I can listen to what they are talking even when I am not interested in the same.

In the meantime, I heard someone among them was talking about the projector! This word can make my ears to focus towards their gossips. Further, I came to know that they are talking about their college projectors.

One guy among them was saying that their college management is soon going to replace their old projectors with the new advanced ones. By interrupting him another guy was saying that it is all because of the behavior of some of their mischievous classmates.

Finally, I got the Product,

They agreed upon a fact! It is whenever their teacher is giving a presentation he cannot see what is going on at the audience side especially in the back row. Due to the reason that the teacher is usually standing in between the projector and projection screen. The light coming from the projector can straight goes on the eyes of the teacher. Hence some bad guys are taking advantage of the same.

X3F Ultra Short Full HD Smart Laser Cinema TV

Ultimately someone from their class had filed a complaint against them. Now the principal is thinking to replace the old projectors with the ultra-short throw ones. Therefore, a teacher can notice their students while giving the presentation.

After listening to this, I came back to my home and started surfing about the different available short throw projectors in the market. I also want to try my hands on any one of the same. I made a call to my friend who is working as a supervisor at an electronics store. And I requested him to give me a demo model of his choice to review an ultra-short throw display technology based projector.

How is the performance of Changhong X3F Ultra-Short Throw Projector?

My friend said that currently, he does not have any available demo model to give me. But he can help me to provide a Changhong X3F ultra-short throw projector from one of his friend who has purchased the same few months before!

Hence somehow I got the X3F laser TV smart Full HD projector to review yesterday itself. And have something to share with you about the product in this post. So let us proceed ahead with the review of the X3F multimedia home theatre projector. First, we will look at the different performance aspects of the same;


X3F smart laser TV projector is available in Amber gold colour. Its Lamp can consume a total power of 230W. There is a 0.65 inch DMD display chip built inside the projector hardware based on OPENHDR technology.

X3F intelligent DLP projector is having 3 GB of RAM inbuilt inside its hardware. The projector also possesses internal storage of around 8GB to store APPs and multimedia contents. So the designers have done a great job in backing the projector device with an ample amount of both the primary and secondary memories.

It will of much help for its user to store much data at the same time on the X3F projector itself and further access them directly at any time. The X3F smart Laser TV projector can be installed with ease. It weights to about 10.5kg. Overall dimensions of the X3F Laser projector’s body is of 55.4 cm × 40.2 cm × 16.55 cm as per length x width x height respectively.

X3F is having a 64 bit ARM A53 4 core CPU architecture and possess a 64 bit Mali-T860 GPU chipset. Both the chips are working together to make the X3F smart projection system smoother in use. As well as, they can enhance the viewing performance of high-resolution games and movies.

Convenience on Hands,

No matter of place or surrounding light, you can efficiently use the X3F smart ultra-short throw laser TV projector at indoor environments. It is because there is no need for you to adjust the height or angle of projection.

At both the right and left faces of the Changhong X3F ultra-short throw multimedia projector there are significant air vents. The hardware of the projector is designed in a way to dissipate the heat and maintain the temperature of the same. It can also do help the stylish looking X3F smart projector to produce less noise while in action. The maximum noise generated by the projector is only about 29dB.

The projector can be hoisted. Therefore to add more convenience in usage the X3F home theatre projector is designed with three height adjustment legs. All are located at the bottom area of the projector device. You can adjust the projection output display both vertically and horizontally. It can help you to control the pitch angle and level of the projection screen respectively.

Interface Options,

The Changhong X3F home theatre projector has been designed well to support different interface ports. Hence you can connect any external input or output multimedia source with the X3F ultra-short throw projector.

All you need is the right idea of using the available port options on the device. Hence there lies 2 USB 2.0 ports, 3 HDMI ports, an AV port, a coaxial audio output port, a USB 3.0 port, a VGA port, and a network interface port.

Also to especially mention there are two interface ports located on the right side of X3F multimedia Laser TV projector. One is the USB port, and another is an HDMI port. A magnetic cover has been provided to cover them while not in use. It can add to the overall look of the projector device and also help us to avoid dust to be settled on the ports.


X3F ultra-short throw smart projector based on laser light source DLP display technology. It works on Android 5.1 Operating system. The device can support a native projection resolution of 1920 x 1080p. However, at maximum, you can project a display based on 2160P resolution. Changhong X3F laser TV projector can support to display about 1.07 billion colors.

You can watch various multimedia contents on the X3F home theatre projector with an aspect ratio of 16:9. You can project a display screen of size ranging from 80 inches to 120 inches. The maximum brightness that X3F DLP Laser TV projector can support is 3000 Lumens with an ultra-wide 120% NTSC’s color gamut.

Projector’s Lamp life is more than 20000 hours or can be used on average for ten years. The device can support a contrast ratio of 4001:1-5000:1. You can receive the best quality of projection output from the X3F smart multimedia projector. To get it done the projector hardware must be placed at a distance of 30cm from the projection screen or wall. However, by putting the X3F home theatre projector at a distance of 22cm away from the projection TV, you will get a display of size 100 inches.


There are two internal speakers provided inside the X3F multimedia Laser TV projector of 2W each. Not limited to this the projection hardware can support both Dolby and DTS audio decoding sounds. The audio output of the projector is on the higher side considering either a bedroom, living room or a study room.

I am sure that you can enjoy while listening to the audio output of the Changhong X3F ultra-short throw Full HD projector. Use it as per different requirements such as evening theatre, high-quality sound, standard mode, UMAX Theater, and the world of sports.


You can play many multimedia based files either video or audio on the X3F smart Laser TV projector. Further looking into the details we have many options. For example, you can play different video files like MPEG2, H.264/H.265, MPEG4, RM/RMVB, etc. on the projector. If we consider the audio files, then the projector can accept to play MPEG1/2 Layer 1/2, Dolby (AC-3), MP3, AAC, DTS, HE-AAC, and many others.

Finally, we cannot use the projector entirely if we are not projecting our lovely images on the same. By the way, we usually have pictures on three main file formats either JPG, BMP or PNG. The good news is the fact that the Changhong X3F home theatre 1080P projector can support all such picture formats.

Enjoy 3D Effects,

At present, if I would like to buy a projector, then I would better go with the one that gives me the facility to watch 3D content on a big screen. And this is to happily say that X3F smart laser TV projector can support left/right, and up/down formats 3D multimedia content.

Are not having many 3D files with you to enjoy the immersive visual experience of 3D effect? Do not worry! The X3F multimedia home theatre projector has another solution not to let you down. X3F can help you to convert and project any 2D resources into 3D effects.


The X3F 1080P Laser TV projector hardware can be connected to the internet in both wireless and wired modes. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity with nearly all supportive versions like 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. You can use the 2.4/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi feature of the projector hardware to connect the same to the available Wi-Fi hotspot anytime.

Not to forget you can also use the interface ports provided on the projector hardware unit to enhance its usability. As a package, you will get a remote controller, two battery cells to power the remote, an AV cable, an HDMI cable, and a power cable with the X3F Laser TV projector.

Now we consider the stylish looking remote controller. It has been supplied with the Changhong X3F intelligent ultra-short throw projector unit as a package. It is made of lightweight and compact in dimensions. X3F has limited buttons but is sufficient to control nearly all the operation of the projector.

The features of the X3F multimedia laser TV projector can works as an advantage for all types of users like children, aged or even youths. The remote of X3F home theatre projector is also featuring an AI based voice control system. Hence anyone can give voice commands to the same and use the projector as required.

How is Changhong X3F a Smart Laser TV Projector?

Following are some of the interesting facts regarding the X3F ultra-short throw projector. All together can make the projector device intelligent enough to improve its user’s experience. They are not others but the essential features and specifications of the X3F projection device;

  1. X3F has the best facility for its users to protect their eyes from getting stabbed. Yes, the hardware is featuring two wide-angle sensors located on both the sides. Hence together they can automatically detect if someone is approaching near to it and adjust the light as per the requirement. It can be beneficial considering children in mind.
  2. The total power consumed by the X3F smart laser TV projector is approximately 255W while at the standby mode It consumes less than or equal to 0.5W. Changhong X3F home theatre smart projector works on a constant power supply of 220V 50Hz.
  3. There are many options for you to install the X3F laser projector. At first, the standard method is to place it in front of the TV set or projection screen. The second way is to install it right at the ceiling, and third is to attach the projector hardware with a wall using a stand just above the projection screen.

Upsides of the Full HD X3F Ultra-Short Throw Projector

One of the significant advantages of X3F laser TV projector hardware is the fact that it is based on ultra-short throw projection technology with a ratio of 0.22:1. Therefore, regardless of the available space, you can project a big display of 120 inches within a small area.

The user interface of the X3F Full HD multimedia projector is straightforward to use. You can watch all types of multimedia content on the same. It can be either related to sports, serials, education, music, games or any other. You can connect a PC or a gaming console with X3F intelligent Laser TV projector. The experience of projecting its display on a bigger screen is something different.

X3F home theatre DLP projector is based on HDR decoding technology. It considerably enhances the dynamic range and details in graphics while playing games or watching movies. You will not find any tailing in the shadow because of the MEMC motion compensation chip provided inside the projection hardware.

Made for the Complete Family Entertainment,

With the presence of multi-picture compensation technology, the X3F Laser TV projector can avoid smear. It also saves the Changhong X3F from blur, jitters or any other issues to happen on the output display. All in all, you will get an excellent image quality with better contrast and brightness.

A display of an image has been projected on the wall around 120 inches using X3F smart multimedia projector. As a result, it has been found out that the picture is looking sharp, clear, and with distinct colors. After all, the color effect of the projector is acceptable. It is because the X3F hardware works best to produce an impressive color contrast and uses clear focus.

As a result, the color performance of the X3F ultra-short throw DLP Laser TV projector is very well. A prominent role behind the same is the fact that there is no large-scale deviation of the overall color tone of the projected output from X3F.

Downsides of the X3F Small Sized Laser TV Projector:

Below are three things that I found missing on the X3F multimedia projector. However, they are not necessary, and the projector works fine even in their absence. But different people have different needs, so this might be of some help to the people.

  • Not scalable zoom ratio
  • No Zoom functionality, the projector is based on a fixed focus.
  • There is no keystone correction function available in the projector but no worries. Thanks to the electric trapezoidal correction technology. The projected pictures are not get deformed.

Not only at nights or darker environments, but Changhong X3F Home theatre Laser TV projector is also doing an excellent job in the daytime as well. Hence it will not let you down to watch clear pictures even in daylight or average room light surroundings.

Thus, a big screen entertainment will be going to a standard part of your everyday life. You can better focus on your work by projecting large display outputs of the word, and PPT files. Also, the X3F multimedia home theatre projector can help you to refresh your mood by enjoying good quality music and video output!

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