Cheerlux C7 Review: An Ample Home Cinema Mini Projector

Cheerlux C7 Review

Many people always wish to have a smartphone that would be as smaller as possible. But at the same time desired for a more prominent display multimedia source to enjoy entertainment anytime, anywhere. It is a fact that disturbs the mind of many scientists and designers to think and design an all-rounder gadget! But do you think it can be possible? Well, there is no proper solution to this issue, but you can deal with it with an efficient alternative option! It is to use a Mini portable projector with your small smartphone. This post is based on one of my Cheerlux C7 home theatre smart projector Review. So let us get started!!!

Before discussing the details and performance about the projector let me thank one person for getting this post possible. He is my senior colleague who gave me the opportunity to review the C7 projector. I cannot reveal his name here since he asked me not to mention his help and I appreciate him for the same.

Cheerlux C7 Projector

Whether Cheerlux C7 Intelligent Home Cinema Projector is made for you?

I did a hands-on the C7 portable multimedia projector by checking out every aspect of the projector. It can help you to get a good idea of the actual performance of the projector. I hope by the end of this review article you can decide on whether the C7 projector is made to fulfil your entertainment needs or not. We are going to observe the features and specifications of the C7 smart mini projector. With all the facts that you should know about C7 intelligent home theatre projector;

Brighter Display, Bigger Full HD Pictures

C7 is based on LCD technology. The projector can support a maximum display brightness of about 1500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. Hence you do not need to bother much about the quality and clarity of the multimedia while projecting it on more significant display output. Cheerlux C7 smart home projector can display clear pictures inside homes.

The LED lamp provided inside the projector hardware can serve its user for a long span of time for about 20 thousand hours. The lamp is also designed in a way that it cannot damage your eyes. C7 Full HD LED projector can work at a native resolution of 800 x 480P. However, you can also project your multimedia content on the same with a maximum supportive resolution of 1080P.

Cheerlux C7 Projector Review

The projector has the functionality to project the contents those are based on either one among 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It supports a throw ratio of 1.38:1 with 360-degree image flip up. To get the best projection output, you only need to keep the C7 Intelligent 1080p projector at a distance of 1m to 3m from the display screen. It can help you to project a bigger output screen of size ranging from 50 inches to 120 inches.

Easy to Setup and Control, Upgraded Design Hardware

The C7 home theatre projector has got almost rectangular box-shaped designed with ABS material. It is available to buy in black, grey and white colors. If you observe the Cheerlux C7 device from the front, then you can identify a wood-like texture. But on the top surface, you can see a smooth finished surface with some curves provided on the side of the projector’s lens.


Also at the top of the C7 smart portable projector, there are two rows of the manual projector control silver buttons having 4 in each row. Hence you can adjust or control the projection function using the basic navigational, back, menu, and power buttons.

A white colored line in between the rows has been provided that can add to the overall beauty of the projector hardware. An LCD projector lens has been presented at the left side with easy to use knobs helpful to adjust the focus and project the output display manually. Cheerlux has provided a nice cap to cover the lens while the C7 mini home projector is not in use.

Android Mini Projector CHEERLUX C7

A Utility Device with Numerous Connectivity Options

You have three different options to connect your smartphone or tablets with the C7 LED intelligent projector. No need to bother, if you are using an Android or an iOS device if we consider the first two options among them. First one is by connecting your gadget with an HDMI cable to the Cheerlux C7 projector.

Second is to use an MHL cable to connect any of your iPhone, iPad, or Android-Gadget. The third option is the bit different as compared to the past two ones. It is to connect your android devices wirelessly with the C7 multimedia smart projector via Chromecast.

By the way, some interface ports have been provided at the left side of the projector hardware unit. It includes an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a VGA port, a USB port, and an AV port. However, on the right side of the projector, you can see some grill design with air vents integrated within. At the back face of the C7 Full HD mini projector device, there is an IR blaster and a power cable port.

Enjoy Multimedia to the Fullest

If we look into the supportable multimedia file formats that C7 can support then, we have all the typical options to use. First considering the compatible audio formats then the projector can support MP3, AAC, M4a(aac), WMA, and AC3 based files.

Next, we will discuss all the projector compatible video formats to enjoy watching movies and videos. Therefore we can play any file based on one among AV, MOV, DAT, VOB.1080P level, MPG, TS, MKV, and MP4 formats.

Similarly, you can listen to the music by playing an audio file on Cheerlux C7 multimedia home theatre projector. The audio file can be based on one among .wma, .ac3, .3, .aac, and .m4a extensions.The device comes with factory installed the Android operating system.

C7 LED smart projector has been compatible with Xbox and Sony PS4 gaming consoles to enjoy a new gaming experience. Also, the device is having a built-in 2W speaker with the impressive sound output. Nevertheless, you can also connect additional home theatre speakers with the projector unit.

I realized one fact about the C7 that is the projector hardware could work quietly while in action. Also, I have gone through the official metrics and found it can produce less than 32 decibels of noise.

Light Weight, Portable in Size

The C7 multimedia home theatre projector needs a standard power supply of 90-240V at 50-60Hz. Also, the projector is portable! I can prove the statement by discussing two things, i.e. the weight and dimensions of the projector.

As per the official metrics, the total weight of the C7 Android Full HD projector hardware itself is around one kilogram. However, the total weight of the Cheerlux C7 projector’s packaging box including all the accessories provided in it is about 1.4 kilograms.

On the other side, the overall dimensions of the projector device are about 7.00 x 20.00 x 16.00 cm or 2.76 x 7.87 x 6.3 inches. As per the projector’s height x length x width respectively. Similarly, the total dimensions of the product packaging box is about 12.00 x 29.00 x 20.00 cm / 4.72 x 11.42 x 7.87 inches as per height x length x width respectively.

What is Inside the Projector’s Packaging Box?

Cheerlux is supplying an AV cable, one Screw, one Remote Control, one Charging Cable, and an English User Manual with the C7 projector device. Now I would like to specially mention two good things about the accessories provided with the C7 mini home theatre projector.

First of all, you will get an AV cable having RCA female connectors on one side and a 3.5mm male connector on the other side. It is the best accessory to have with a gadget like the C7 intelligent LED projector. Thus you can easily connect any external devices like speakers or smartphones via the AV interface port.

The second thing that impressed me is the remote controller supplied with the projector. It feels useful in hands, smooth, lightweight and comfortable. It needs two AAA batteries to work that has not been included in the box packaging of the C7 multimedia Android projector.

The remote has been provided with many control buttons. It can help the projector to give commands and control the functionality of the Cheerlux C7 projector far away from the device. It includes power, mute, reverse, forward, pause/play, navigation, OK, source, menu, exit with rewind and fast forward buttons.

Pros of the Cheerlux C7 Smart Portable Projector:

  • The projector performs a good job to display clear pictures and presentations in dark environments. You can see saturated colors and every detail as per the resolution of the file that you are projecting with the help of C7.
  • You can experience listening to the excellent quality of sound output from the C7 1080p LCD projector. It is beneficial if you are not in a mood to buy external speakers for the same. The internal stereo tweeters can produce low distortion in the sound output. With dynamically balanced rubber drivers you can experience high-performance surround sound.

  • C7 is not an ultra-short throw projection system but that too it only needs less space, i.e. of 3 meters to projector a display output of 120 inches. It is an appropriate option to be used at homes having small sized rooms.
  • You cannot find any loss while projecting an image even if the projector wobbles aside inadvertently. Due to a vertical keystone correction functionality provided in the C7 portable smart projector. We usually get a ±10° in mini projectors, but Cheerlux C7 can correct the image angle automatically using ±20° correction.

Multiple Projection Ways,

  • There is an interesting benefit of using the C7 LED Android projector. I hope many people will be going to like it, is the fact that the device can support multiple projection techniques. So you can hang it on the roof, place it on the table, or keep it in between you and the projection screen.

Not limited to this, the fourth way of projection is to install a projection screen in between you and the C7 smart mini projector. Here the device is facing towards you and the display screen output. It is the best thing to be done if you want to hide the projector somewhere while using the same.

Cons of the Cheerlux C7 Home Theater LCD Projector:

  • The projector does not support the Bluetooth connectivity functionality. It is a disappointment because we do have smart gadgets with Bluetooth to pair them with each other.
  • No support for DVB-T or External subtitles in the Cheerlux C7 projector device.
  • You cannot enjoy visualizing any 3D multimedia content. On the C7 intelligent multimedia projector output display. I know for some of the entertainment lovers it is not satisfying.
  • The C7 smart LED device cannot project any high-resolution multimedia content. You can not enjoy the details on the bigger projection display screen if the content is higher than Full HD resolution such as 2k or 4k.


If the cons mentioned above will not be so crucial for you, then I will suggest you purchase the C7 home cinema mini projector. The maximum selling price of the projector is around 110 US dollars. However, if you think C7 is made for your use, then this is the right time.

It is because you can buy the projector at a fantastic discounted price point within a range of 60-70 US dollars. You can project impressive visuals with the help of C7 smart LED projection device. It can produce true color restoration in output display with a superior sound.

Hence, you can have a smartphone in your pocket that is not having a more prominent display with a mini projector to live up to your dreams. Cheerlux C7 multimedia Full HD projector is a good option for you and your family. To enjoy watching movies or playing games together on weekends with complete home theatre experience.

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