Coolux R4 Mini Review: An Intelligent Portable Projector with many Prospects

Coolux R4 Mini Review

R4 Mini as the name implies is the smaller version of R4. It has a minimal design and considerably more portable regarding its hardware appearance. It has been launched in two different models a premium and a regular version. In this, we will talk about the fashionable model among the two. I intend to check out its feature and performance factors for the potential buyers. Hence you can consider this article as my Coolux R4 Mini Review.

What are the Characteristics of Coolux R4 Mini Projector Design?

The overall hardware appearance of the R4 mini-projector device is made in a cubic structure. It is almost looking like a small carry case that can be handled using a single hand with ease. A projection machine that can be transferred from one place to another without thinking much.

Body is made up of metal with shiny silver touch on edges. The projector is available to buy online in two different color options to choose from, i.e., black and silver. The look and feel of the device give the more professional feel.

It is because at the top surface of the R4 mini there lies a big, durable full flap to hold the device. At the front surface of the projector device to the upper right corner, there is a lens. Besides the same, there is an exceptional lens protective slider with the impression of a Coolux brand.

At the lower left portion on the same surface of the projector, a text impression is there of Full HD 1080P. It denotes the fact that R4 min supports True HD resolution while projecting any videos on the output screen. Let me inform you the fact it is not a Full HD projector but can support 1080p video playback.

Coolux R4 mini projector: Based on Neat and Clean Design

Nothing is there on both the sides of the Coolux R4 Mini projector to discuss. But yes there is a Hi-Fi badging on the lower central position on sides that relates to the audio quality of the projector. Now, coming to the backside surface to the very top there is a row of some buttons to control the projector functions. It includes a menu button, navigational buttons, a big OK button, and back button.

Below them, there are some interface connectivity ports. They are provided in a separate enclosed section on the projector hardware. Further below it, there are some air vents. They are helpful to pass on the internal heat of the projector hardware to outside and maintain a cool environment inside the same.

At the bottom surface of the R4 mini, there are four paddings located at all the corners of the hardware. They provide full bottom support to the projector device. Also, there is a small hole provided right at the center of the bottom face to connect the projector with a tripod, stand, ceiling mount and more.

What are the Display Features of Coolux R4 Mini Projector?

R4 mini is based on DLP display technology and works to project an output display screen with a native resolution of 720 x 480 PPI. However, the projector can display a video with a maximum resolution of 1080P.

A user can project a more prominent display screen of size ranging from 80 inches to 100 inches in diagonal length. However, in case of high surrounding ambient light, the display quality can be affected. I have projected a wide 40-inch output display screen, and it works fine in normal environment light.

You can watch quality visuals with a supportable aspect ratio of 16:9 either on walls or a projection screen display output. By the way, R4 supports a projection ratio of 1.68:1. Therefore, by keeping the device within a few meters, you can project bigger display screens on the output projection object.

The output display brightness of the projector is up to a maximum of 200 Lumens. So one thing is clear that you cannot use the projector under direct sunlight or high surrounding light. The portable size of the R4 mini projector has made it easy for anyone to carry it to a darker surrounding in less time. So you can enjoy the best-projected display at nights or under less ambient light to get the sharp and bright pictures on the output screen.

Intelligent Display Adjustment Technology,

Due to the contrast ratio of 5000:1 a user can identify the difference between the dark and light colors on the display screen. You can find many shades of a single color that might not be seen in many other projector display outputs. I found the immense difference between blacks and grey with sufficient contrast on the projected pictures of the R4 mini. The display of Coolux R4 Mini supports 90.8% color gamut.

The R4 mini device uses 11 different image optimization techniques. Together they can help the projector to display crisp, clear pictures on a bigger display screen. For your information, it includes UCNR, DM, HDR, DE-Judder, CCS, LCE, DB, DS, DD, De Noise, and Advance Color technologies.

It feels so good after knowing about one feature, i.e., Autofocus technology present inside the R4 mini. I am impressed with the accuracy of focusing function technology that works after every boot up of the device. There is a 40-degree keystone correction function for vertical up and down adjustments provided on the R4 mini projector.

I had tested many images and videos and compared them with their smartphone display versions. As a result, I found very few differences in their screen outputs. Hence, this proves that the color reproduction of the R4 mini projector is accurate.

What are the Hardware Specifications of Coolux R4 Mini Projector?

The R4 mini projector hardware has been made to have a portable and lightweight body that can be used on the go. I can say this by knowing one fact regarding the R4 mini device. It is the net weight of the projector is only around one and half of a kilogram.

There are two inbuilt speakers of 15W each available inside the R4 mini projector machine. Together they produce good quality Hi-Fi sound output. A Germany Osram LED light source has been used inside the R4 mini projector to make it a power-efficient machine to be used in daily life.

An 8 GB DDR4 RAM with 16 GB of secondary storage has been used inside the projector machine. There is an RK3128 quad-core A7 processor chip provided inside the R4 mini projector machine.

You can feel free to enjoy playing games or watching your favorite multimedia contents on the R4 mini big display output. That too without any disturbance. It is because the projector can produce less while in action that can be measured as less than 30dB.

Next, do let me share with you a list of all the interface connectivity ports that are available on the back side of the R4 mini projection device. There are two USB ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, an AV port, and a 3.5mm audio output jack.

Portable and Powerful Machine,

A powerful 10400 mAh battery has been provided inside the Coolux R4 Mini projector hardware. It gives continues video playback time of about four hours. You can also charge your smart gadgets like mobiles or tablets via R4 Mini machine to be used as a power bank while traveling or in case of emergency.

The overall dimensions of the projector hardware measures to about 118 mm x 118 mm x 113 mm. It has been measured as per the length, width, and height of R4 mini respectively. The overall weight of the device is about 0.8 kilograms. It almost feels like carrying a book on hands. If I need to discuss the company box packaging then the length, width, and height of the box are 210mm × 172mm × 157mm respectively.

Also, there is a GPU hardware unit of 1.2GHz inbuilt inside the device. Therefore, together they work well to project high definition movies smoother. However, also you can hardly find any lag in the performance of the device while playing a game.

The LED Lamp that has been used inside the R4 mini is having a life of more than 20 thousand hours. You can use the portable projector daily since it consumes 16W power. You need to supply an AC power supply of 100-240v, at 50/60 Hz, 12V 1.5A. The R4 Mini projector consumes average energy of 80 to 100 Watts.

Ample of Multimedia Playback Option,

The compatible image formats of the R4 mini projector are JPEG, BMP, and PNG. Also, you can only listen to the music on R4 mini by playing one among the supportable audio formats. It consists of AAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, TS, RM, AC3, AAC, CDA, MKA, M4A, MP4, DTS, and MPA.

The R4 mini projector supports lots of video file formats to be projected on a big display screen. It includes RM, AVI, RMVB, TS, TRP, TP, MOV, DAT, WMV, MPG, MPEG, FLV, MP4, 3GP, DIVX, ASF XVID, FLV1, 3GP2, VC1, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4, H265, H264, H263, RV30, VP8, and RV40.

R4 mini supports both bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for Wi-Fi connectivity. So you do not need to face any issues in streaming online multimedia content in slower network connections. The projector supports durable Bluetooth connectivity of V4.0. It is helpful to connect external devices with the projector without engaging yourself in managing the wires.

5 Beneficial Features of R4 Mini Projector

Below I am going to list down some of the exciting features of the projector;

1. User Interface:

An easy to understand and simple in use Coolux user interface has been used inside the R4 mini device. The operating system of the projector supports the English language on its user interface. Hence, people from different nations of the world can use the device without any confusions. There are some Apps on the user interface of the Coolux R4 Mini projector system to access online video resources like BesTV video and iQiyi video.

2. 3d Support:

If you love to watch 3D movies on theater every time you come to know about a new release, then R4 mini could be another option for you. Yes, you can use the mini projector as a home theater setup on your favorite room. To enjoy watching 3D movies with bright pictures on your walls whenever you want.

3. Screen Mirroring:

I think it is not worth to have a projector without having screen mirroring functionality on it. It is because at present almost all the projector models do support screencast feature either wired or wireless. Thus, making it easier for their users to take the most benefit of having a big sized display screen at their home to project anything as per one’s interest. In case of R4 mini, you can cast the screen even without Wi-Fi connectivity all because of a stable wired connection for the same.

4. Well Build Remote Controller:

The projector comes with a well working 2.4 G wireless remote controller provided by the manufacturers. It has power, settings, and a home button at the top in a column. Also, a circular navigational button has been located at the center of the remote with an OK button at the middle. Next, to it, there are some more other multimedia accessibility buttons concluded by volume control buttons. The remote comes with an Ai voice control functionality.

5. Home Theater Experience:

Both the display and sound of the R4 Mini projector machine has been optimized to deliver almost home theater like experience. R4 Mini consists of off-axis function for proper projection of output display screen. Also, the audio system of the projector is configured by US professional AR audio. It generates Hi-Fi sound with the two internal stereo speakers provided on R4 Mini.


First of all, I am impressed with the slider that has been provided to cover the lens of the R4 mini projector to ensure the safety and cleanliness. The best part is you can project music videos using the device. In the meantime, if you do not like to watch the output display then close the lens with the slider. And you are all set to enjoy only the sound from the projection machine as a dedicated music system.

I have already shared about the display performance of the R4 mini projector in the respective section. Now regarding the output sound quality, I would say it is good but not excellent that can blow your mind. So it is better to use external speakers with a projector that can produce some good quality audio output.

The original price of the Coolux R4 Mini projector lies in thousands of USD, but you can pick one at a much-discounted price if you want to have it in your home. Finally, if you are desiring for a mini projector having potential features for everyday use, then R4 mini is the one for which you can think further!

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