Coolux R4 review: quality comes in a small box

When I was a child, I lived in the countryside. It was not easy to watch a movie. Sometimes I needed to walk more than ten miles to watch a movie, so the memory was very profound. The development of technology today has greatly enriched our audiovisual entertainment needs. Not only do every household have a TV set, but the smart projection of the big screen also begins to enter the living room, allowing us to experience the big screen of the theater at home.

The 2018 Russia World Cup has already started. In order to watch the game, the author started a smart projection of the Coolux R4 a few days ago. What is the performance of this projection? Let’s take a look.


First, take a look at the outer packaging of this product. The design of the box has a black background plus gold font, but I feel that the outer carton is soft, and I propose to take a photo. As a result, the upper part of the carton is a little distorted.

However, a bit beyond the author’s surprise after opening the carton, I found that this projection has a layer of packaging, even with a special package of Coolux R4. From the perspective of the workmanship and fabrics of the bag, it is still very good, and it also makes up for some small regrets about the external packaging.

The interior of the backpack is separated by an intermediate layer. On the left side is the Coolux R4 projector and on the right side are the projector’s accessories. Accessories include a backpack with a power adapter, power cord, remote control, manual. The remote control also comes standard with a battery.


The Coolux R4 fashion version uses gold as the main color, and the corners are curved. The size of the product is 16.5x16x14.1cm. Compared with the ordinary flat-length projection design, the shape of the cube is more favorable for the horizontal projection of the picture.

The product’s outer shell has a matte finish that is less susceptible to fingerprints and has a comfortable feel. In order to improve the mobile portability of the product, the design of the leather hand strap is added at the top. The leather has a moderate hardness and is not deformed in the hand. The width of the hand strap also ensures the safety of carrying. A gesture sensor is provided on one side of the strap to enable some common function control without using a remote controller.

There are seven body buttons on the back side of the top of the product, covering the common buttons:

  • direction
  • confirmation
  • return
  • menu

A strip-shaped LED work indicator is provided between the button and the strap to facilitate understanding of the working state of the product.

The front lens of the product adopts the slide type opening mode, and the cover plate blocks the lens when it is not in use, that is, the fashion is beautiful and can effectively block the dust. When opening, you only need to slide the cover to the right, and the design is very user-friendly.

The bottom of the back is the DC power supply interface. As can be seen from the label of the power adapter, the machine uses a 19V power supply. The R4 differs from several other R4 series models in that it has a built-in 20000mAh large-capacity lithium-polymerized battery; it can work up to two hours without an external power supply, so it is more suitable for carrying out.

Interface area

The back side of the product has an interface area and a heat dissipation area. The uppermost part is the interface area, and a dust cover that is naturally dropped is used. Pull up the dust cover, you can see that there are:

  • two USB connectors
  • one HDMI high-definition interface
  • three-in-one AV interface
  • 5mm headphone jack
  • ANT ground wave digital signal antenna hole

This ANT interface may be unfamiliar to many people; you can go to the network to search for DTMB. Look at the heat sink area and see the internal copper heat sink through the grid.

Audio performance

The major feature of the Coolux R4 is the audio. The left and right sides of the product are respectively equipped with 5w speakers, and the large-area sound-transparent area makes the sound effect of the product significantly improved. Coolux R4 uses the United States AR audio while using DSP sound field processing technology. When I experienced this product, I felt that the sound effect was soft and round, the resolution was strong, and the bass effect was excellent. The sound quality really satisfied the author.

Projection performance

Let’s take a look at the picture of Coolux R4. This projection has 1080P resolution and supports 4K video. Achieve the same clarity as the current mainstream LCD TV. From the actual display effect, the picture is sharp and colorful.

This projector supports full HD 3D display and is equipped with two-way keystone correction technology. It supports up and down, left and right keystone correction, and can project a square picture even if the placement surface is slightly tilted.

The Coolux R4 uses two modes of autofocus + manual focus. When turned on, the projector automatically adjusts the picture to a clear state, eliminating the need for manual focus adjustment. Of course, if you need to move the projection during the viewing process, you can use the remote control for manual focus.


For many users, the reason why the projectors have no high popularity of TV is that the environmental light affects brightness. Therefore, the author tested this projection indoors during the noon light. Coolux R4 reached 1650 lumens but affected by camera shooting, in the picture below, the light in the living room looks darker than the light in the bedroom, but in reality, it is much brighter, from the brightness of the picture, completely meet the needs of the movie.

Additional functions

The system interface is simple and clear, and can quickly find the content portal that you like. Setting the interface, using large icon design, the function setting is simple and clear, for Xiaobai, you can start it quickly.

Of course, in addition to watching the game, the author uses the wireless screen function of the Coolux R4, playing a few games to survive on the mobile phone. From the fluency of the wireless screen, there is basically no delay. Although using the screencast method to play the game, the control is a bit unaccustomed, but the effect of the big screen is still shocking.


In general, the Coolux R4 is still very good for those who want to achieve a large screen in the living room. The product has a good performance in terms of picture quality and sound quality.




  • Elegant design
  • Good sound performance
  • Bright screen



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