Coolux R4S review: HD projection in a mini suitcase

Intelligent projection not only has intelligent functional experience, rich film, and television content but also has the unique advantage of “big screen”. The brightness and clarity of intelligent projection constantly make it more and more into thousands of households.

Recently, the “big brother” of the smart projection industry released the R4 series projection; aiming to fully popularize the full HD picture quality and make up for the weakness of the intelligent projection picture.

Today we have brought a detailed evaluation of the Coolux R4S, below let’s take a look at its actual performance.


The Coolux R4S has the words “Full HD 1080P” on the front of the fuselage, reached the top resolution standard of the micro-investment industry, and also showed the determination of the popular “full HD” image quality. R4S uses DLP projection technology; the most obvious advantage is that it is small and it is easy for users to carry out.

In the lens section, the R4S features a slide-type lens cap to protect the lens from accidental scratches.

The R4S body is made of all-metal material plus sandblasting, and the top cowhide tote enhances overall quality. The curved design of the four corners of the fuselage looks smart and welcoming, catering to the aesthetic trends of today’s young people.

The symmetrical HiFi audio customized by American AR is used on both sides of the fuselage to ensure the sound quality of the projection.

In addition to the remote control, there are seven buttons on the top of the fuselage to facilitate the user to choose the control in different scenes. Above the button is the power indicator (red in power-off state and green in the power-on state).


The R4S interfaces are all designed on the back side, and they also have a protective cover design that guarantees uniformity and dustproof effect. Among them, there are:

  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • HDMI high-definition input interface
  • AV input interface and 3.5mm headphone output
  • coaxial audio output function (which provides convenience for an external amplifier to achieve higher sound quality)


In terms of hardware configuration, the Coolux R4S achieves 880 ANSI lumens, with a 4-core 64-bit processor and 3D GPU, supports decoding and playback of 1080P, 4K and other videos, and it comes with 3GB DDR4 memory, which is 70% more efficient than DDR3.


The projection ratio of the Coolux R4S reaches 1.2:1. You only need to place it at 2.6 meters, and it can give you a huge projection screen of 100 inches. We can test the width of the arm beyond the length of the arm in a distance of about 1 second. TV, whether it is watching movies, watching games or family gatherings, the viewing effect of the big screen is even better.

We passed the test of An Bunny, and the score of the Coolux R4S reached 47,000 points. It is more than enough to use local HD video decoding and 3D games.

The Coolux R4S adopts RGGB four-color channel light source design, which is 30% brighter than RGB three-color channel design. It is processed with 8A high-current LED package and over-current driving technology.

The brightness corresponds to the design of 3-channel 6A, which is about 70%, image detail, the color reproduction ability is higher. In the picture test, the bright color blocks are clearly distinguished, and only the color blocks with very dark colors cannot be distinguished.

In the display of the detail picture, the advantage of 1080P high definition is very obvious, and the details of the cat’s hair in the picture can be displayed one by one.


Users can adjust the screen display to achieve the best projection effect according to different usage scenarios. The Coolux R4S has autofocus and keystone correction functions. It starts to operate when it is turned on, eliminating the cumbersome steps of frequent manual focus. At the same time, it monitors the sharpness of the projected image in real time to avoid virtual focus. Of course, the user can also use the focus button on the remote control to adjust.


The nominal brightness of the Coolux R4S is 880 ANSI lumens. We tested the contrast between the lighting conditions in the lighting environment and the lighting environment. You can find that only some color contrast fades in the lighting environment, which does not affect the overall performance of the screen. Don’t worry about the problems you can’t watch during the day.

In addition, Coolux R4S also added HDR high dynamic range technology, which can effectively improve the overall brightness of the picture and highlight the details of the picture.

Operating system

The Coolux R4S is based on the cool OS system of Android 6.0. The UI style is simple and clear. The homepage is divided into four sections: video, music, office, and game. The user can see at a glance, even the first-time novice users can quickly get started. At the bottom are functions such as signal source, settings, and file management.

The Coolux R4S has a variety of office applications built in, including:

  • PPT
  • WORD
  • PDF

The R4S comes with a full glass lens and a metal lens tube, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of thermal defocusing and running out of focus. In the process of testing four kinds of office software, the fonts are clearly displayed without any ambiguity.

Content and Video resources

The Coolux R4S has built-in content and video resources of iQiyi, covering more than 95% of the entire network, including movies, TV series, variety shows, animation, sports, documentaries, short videos, etc., and supports full-network search.

Covering all kinds of popular TV dramas, variety shows, etc., we broadcast the recently broadcasted “Negotiation Officer”, the highest resolution can choose 1080P resolution, the whole viewing experience is better than traditional TV.

In addition to the built-in video resources, users can also download third-party applications for functional expansion. We download HDP live test, and there are no problems such as live broadcasts in the two WiFi bands.

Additional features

The Coolux R4S also supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi. Through testing, in the long-distance, partition wall environment, the Coolux R4S still has a good network speed performance; in both frequency bands, can achieve the ability to play ultra-clear video.

It comes with a 64-bit 4-core processor, the R4S can support decoding and playback of 4K video. After testing, 4K HEVC 10bit color depth 60FPS frame rate video, R4S can still run smoothly.




  • metal body material, sliding lens cover design, leather tote bag, superior quality
  • all glass lens, metal tube, effectively avoid thermal out of focus
  • the projection picture is clear, reaching 1080P resolution, the picture color performance is excellent
  • support auto focus, automatic keystone correction
  • the system UI is simple and clear, rich in video content


  • not equipped with USB3.0 interface
  • Sometimes the system appears to be unresponsive.

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