CooLux S3 Review: No More Tiresome Projector Problems

CooLux S3 Review

Many people are updating their gadgets with the changing technology! It can be either a smartphone or a projector. It can be beneficial for us to live an intelligent life possible with time. This article is based on CooLux S3 smart projector review.

I am feeling proud to say that my grandfather has recently handover his old projector unit to his old maid without taking any charge or so! My grandfather is happy with the honesty and hard work of his ex-maid and was planning to gift something to him.

 Coolux S3 Android Smart Projector

Finally, he got something to present him. I know it is a used device, but you know many people today are purchasing second-hand gadgets, so it is not a waste. His old projector is still in working state but not fit for high-class entertainment.

A Brand New CooLux S3 DLP LED Projector

Recently my grandfather had bought a new projector for his home named CooLux S3 projector from an online flash sale at a satisfactory price. It is not the very first time that he had bought a projector for his family entertainment.

Coolux S3 Android Smart

The main reason behind the same is the fact that he gets annoyed entirely with the use and performance of his old projector. Every time he was calling me to solve the issue that he was facing while using his old projector for the last six months regularly.

Even I fed up with such issues. And finally a month before writing this post I asked my grandfather to change the old projection hardware with a modern technology projector. So there are my two primary motives for writing this article.

First is to review the new projector that he recently, i.e., CooLux portable S3. Second to let you aware of how to deal with the fundamental projector issues in case you are also facing them with your hardware regularly.

CooLux S3 DLP LED Projector

Best for Home Theater Setup,

So before moving ahead, I have to say one fact about my grandfather’s move to replace his old projector with the new one CooLux S3 smart modern projector. It is because he is an aged person of about 72 years.

He is not much aware of the contemporary technology and how to deal with smart gadgets in case of any problem. Hence, much of the time the fault is of my grandfather that he was not able to detect and solve the fundamental issues happening in his old projector.

S3 home theater

But yes, few times I found that the projector is not performing well that it should be. After all, my grandfather had used his old projector for about more than eight years. Hence, I thought it is the best time to suggest him buying a new projection machine for his home.

By the way, he is planning to set up a home theater in his dining room! Hence I do not think that the features available in his old projector were enough to deliver the real enjoyment of having a home theater in the home!

In between presenting my review about CooLux Intelligent projector we will also look on the fundamental troubleshoot problems. It can happen with any projector and how to deal with them!

CooLux S3 Review CooLux S3 Review


At first look, CooLux S3 small sized android auto-focus projector is looking shiny to the eyes. The shine will be there for a long time for sure all because of the water-resistant constant colour coating technology applied to the S3 hardware.

The top of the projector is all back with a CooLux logo imprinted right at the centre of its top surface inside a circle. Let us have a look at the weight and dimensions of the projector hardware. S3 DLP LED smart projector weights to around 1.4220 kg having size as 22.50 x 5.00 x 22.50 cm / 8.86 x 1.97 x 8.86 inches as Length x Height x Width respectively.

CooLux S3 Projector Review

The outer package of the projector is all black and gives an overall premium look. At its upper middle part, there is a CooLux S3 logo depicted inside a circle. It’s simple yet attractive. As a complete package with the S3 home theater projector, the company will give you one power adapter. You will also get one charging cable and a remote controller without the batteries in the packaging box.

The weight of the packaging box including the S3 intelligent projector with all its accessories weights around 2.5950 kg. And it sizes to about 39.00 x 10.00 x 29.00 cm / 15.35 x 3.94 x 11.42 inches as Length x Height x Width respectively.

Coolux S3 Portable DLP Android Projector

Designed for Smoother Performance,

S3 as a small multimedia projector is well versed to deliver smooth performance in all types of application. It has an MSTAR’s new 64-bit A53 smart processor chip. The projector hardware also has a Mali-T720 3D GPU chip. The projector’s body is made up of streamlined 2.5D high-quality ABS material and is based on DLP display technology.

You can store and watch all types of the multimedia content on a large scale using the CooLux S3 smart DLP projector device. After all, it is powered with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM built in the hardware unit. There is a reasonable provision for the air ventilation on the projector hardware unit.

COOLUX S3 home theater


If we talk about the quality of the output projection, then the S3 auto-focus LED projector can display output with the native resolution of 1280 x 800P. Not limited to this, you can also watch high-resolution multimedia contents on the projection device those are based on 1080P, i.e., Full HD and Ultra HD, 4K.

The projector can support a maximum brightness of around 1500 lumens. Hence, you do not need to think much about the performance of the display output even in the daytime at least no unclear projection. CooLux S3 4k multimedia projector also eliminates the need for you to adjust the focus every time. It happens when you are moving the device from one place to another while projecting any display.

COOLUX S3 DLP Projector

All because S3 portable smart projector has an autofocus functionality. The projector does an excellent job of reproducing the colour as well as maintaining the colour saturation of the output display. S3 will not let you down while enjoying a 3D movie with a home theater experience.

3D Ready,

Yes S3 easy to use multimedia DLP projector can support 3D content. It is capable of supporting a throw ratio of 1.19:1 and contrast ratio as 1500:1. The LED lamp can consume an average power of about 150W and is compatible with eye protection technology.

The maximum life of the lamp is approximate 30,000 hours. All thanks to the intelligent projection technology provided inside the projector. For example, dual-light projection and the use of new Osram’s high-brightness P1A light source.

You can keep the CooLux S3 LED projector unit at a distance of 1 meter to 2.5 meters to get the projection output of size ranging from 30 inches to 100 inches. It is enough for a home to convert into a cinema theater and enjoy an immersive movie watching experience. The projector hardware can support image scale or aspect ratio of both 4:3 and 16:9.

How to Deal with Basic Troubleshoot?

Before gifting the device to his ex-maid, my grandfather had called me recently at his house. To give a detailed demonstration about how to use the projector to his maid. So I happily give a complete presentation of the product and its use. Also how to deal with the fundamental troubleshoot problems generally happens while using a projector device.

All are inspired from the former projector troubleshoot and problems. Those my grandfather had faced with the same projector device before. And I do not want that maid to feel anything negative about the performance of my grandfather’s heartiest gift.

Following are some of the basic troubleshooting tricks that you can solve by yourself. By correctly identifying and dealing with the same in the right manner;

COOLUX S3 DLP Home Theater Projector

1) “No Signal” on your projection output display!

Solution) it can be due to many reasons, so you need to try checking about them one by one. First of all, use the remote provided with the projector and kindly do check if the projector is incorrect input mode. You can press the “Input” or “computer” button on the remote.

Secondly, check the video cable connecting between the projector and computer. Make sure about whether it is appropriately connected! Also if there are any video termination points in between the cable path then do check for it as well. If required replace the cable with the new genuine one!

Third, Make sure about whether the computer is in clone/mirror display mode or not! And lastly, try your projector hardware with any other computer device to get the required display output!

2) The projector is not displaying the complete computer screen!

Solution) In this case you need to check for the proper display resolution of your computer. It can help you to project the desired display from your projector hardware.

3) In case of dim output

Solution) it can happen if there are any other bright sources of light active in front of the projection screen. Also, we must know one thing about the projector lamps that they will not be going to perform the same lifelong! Since after a period of usage the performance of the lamp starts degrading with time. At that time it’s our responsibility to get it checked professionally or replace it with the new one to avoid the problem!

4) The projector is only displaying a startup screen!

Solution) In this case you need to check all the connections at your projector input sources. As well as, do check the cables attached to the projection hardware. If everything is looking fine, then your next step should be to turn off everything and restart them. Follow this manner to turn on all the devices -> Projector, Computer Monitor, and Computer. Even after this if your problem will not resolve, then you need to call a qualified technician.

5) Improper or no sound coming out of the projector!

Solution) What will be your first step in this case? Do you think that your projector’s inbuilt speakers are dead or so? It can be but not always. So you need to confirm it by yourself by performing a few activities. First, you need to check the audio input sources and connection of the projector.

Next, try to adjust the audio source. If the problem persists, then once check if you have not muted the sound output of the projector. By accidentally pressing the mute button on the projector’s remote controller. Otherwise, try to tune up the volume of the projector. If all such things do not help you to get the desired projector output, then you need professional help!

6) The Remote controller of the projector is not working!

Solution) This one is the general issue that you need to face after using the product for a long time. All because the remote controllers run on power via batteries. So need to replace them whenever you find yourself in such a situation. Also, make sure that you are using the remote within the operating range, i.e., within 8 meters from your projector device.

7) Output projector display is out of focus. How to deal with it?

Solution) Always follow the manufacturer guidelines. It can help to install the projector at the suggested distance far away from the projection screen. It must be a minimum of 1.2 meters. Try to adjust the focus of the projector’s output by turning the lens. Otherwise, you need to clean the lens of the projector.

8) Projector display is too bright! How to adjust it?

Solution) There is an economic mode available in your projector display settings or “eco” mode. It helps your projector lens to run at a reduced brightness and can also help you to extend the lifespan of the projector’s lamp.

9) Projection output is looking in a distorted shape!

Solution) Today nearly all the modern projectors do have the functionality of keystone correction to solve it. Just activate the keystone correction function using your remote and use the arrow keys to adjust the shape of the projection output.

10) The projected image is not in proper shape either too small or too big!

Solution) It can be solved only on fixed distance projectors. They can resize the projection image. It is possible by moving the projector hardware forward and backwards on the projector mounting.

11) Projection output appears to be mottled or tinged purple/yellow!

Solution) In this case your projector needs cleaning or replace the computer video cable.


S3 is a complete home theater projector and supports wireless connectivity. There are many interface connectivity options available on the S3 projector. You can connect an external device using DC port, 3.5mm Audio Jack, AV port, two USB ports, a LAN port, and two HDMI ports. The projector hardware supports the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. You can use the CooLux S3 android HD projector unit as a Bluetooth speaker all because of the inbuilt speakers.

CooLux S3 back

Do you doubt that whether the S3 smart projector can support the multi-screen mirroring or not? The answer is a Yes. With the help of its wireless screen mirroring feature, you can project the complete screen of your smart gadget. It can be a smartphone, a tablet, or a PC.

So no more worries!! In case you want to conduct any presentation or movie streaming. It is much helpful while you do not have the time to transfer the desired file from your multimedia gadget. Also in case, you cannot connect any external device directly with the projector. And remember one important thing. It is the fact that the S3 multimedia projection hardware can support both the iOS and Windows-based devices.


The primary operating system of the CooLux S3 home theater projector is based on Android and comes with a customized User interface. You can see various easy to access icons for different multimedia content like Application, Music, Film, and Office.

Other than that you can also have many utility icons to adjust the settings, access files, and wireless mirroring. There are also one-click cleaning, user guide, WeChat assistance, and many more. You can also use the “+” to add more of your favourite applications right on the home screen.

It has been found out that the S3 DLP android projector will not produce much noise while running and its range is less than 35dB. You only need to provide a balanced power supply of 100-240V to the CooLux S3 projection unit, and you are all set to project images, audios, and videos. The projector can provide you with the facility to project pictures those are based on PNG, JPG, and BMP formats.

You can run all the commonly used audio formats on the projector like MP3, AAC, WMA, M4a, and AC3. Also, the S3 LED auto-focus projector is compatible with many video playback formats such as AV, MOV, DAT, VOB, MPG, TS, MKV, MP4, 1080P level.


No doubt about the effect of music even if you are not in a mood to buy speakers. Therefore no need to use any external speakers with CooLux S3 portable home theater projector. It has two built-in HI VI stereo speakers of 8W each. HI-VI is a well-known audio brand who customizes the high fidelity internal speakers for the S3.

Final Words

All in all, S3 is a multiple use projector device that can be used to project the video games, movies, photos on a large screen at your home. What I do like most about the projector is the fact that the hardware will not get heats up even after 4 hours of continuous usage.

So you can easily watch your movie on the CooLux S3 android LED projector with your children. That too without any possibility of the hazard of heat while if they get in touch of the projector or so.

CooLux S3 accessories

S3 as an intelligent DLP projector can also become a good partner of your professional life especially if you belong to the teaching field. Your students will enjoy learning lessons. The students will love watching a big projection screen other than an old white-board.

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