Coolux S4 Pro Review: Convenient Home Theater Modern Intelligent Projector

Coolux S4 Pro

Many of us have already had some experience with or at least have watched the Optical magnification device once in life. If you are still confused about which device I am referring to then it is no other but a projector. At present they are the best alternatives for TV screens. An intelligent modern multimedia projector can prove a big boon for an ordinary man. Mostly helpful to enjoy a cinema hall like experience at home or office! In this post, I will be going to discuss my recent Coolux S4 Pro review. I request to kindly read this post thoroughly to get complete idea about the device!

What are the Available Contents inside Coolux S4 Pro Packaging Box?

I have something to share about the overall design of the original outer box packaging of the S4 Pro projector. The device comes inside a black box with a handle on top. It seems like a briefcase but highly appreciated! Because one can carry the whole packaging box including the accessories with the projector in it from one place to another.

At the front side of the Box at the upper left corner, there is a Coolux band impression. Not just this but on sides and at the back side there are brand impressions as well with other selling features of the projector.

On the left surface of Packaging box at the center, a 1080+ Full HD has been imprinted. Also, at the lower part of the same, there are other details about the projector including the hardware specifications.

After opening the four flaps of the premium packing box of S4 Pro towards the top there, we can see some packaging material. To help the projector and the accessories to be kept safe inside not so big box. I am sure that the machine can withstand minor accidental shocks or jerks.

How is the Remote Controller of Coolux S4 Pro?

The list of accessories with Coolux S4 Pro also includes a user manual, two seven cell batteries, a power cord, and a power adapter. By the way with the main S4 Pro projector unit the company is supplying a remote controller.

Kudos to the manufacturers, for providing all the accessories in separate small cover boxes to avoid any scratches. Also, the best thing is a user can keep or store the accessories in their company supplied boxes forever. They are helpful to prevent any dust or debris from settling on the accessories provided with time if kept in the open.

The remote controller supplied with S4 Pro is also black with an excellent shape. There are some helpful projector control buttons provided on the same. It includes but not limited to power, voice command, back, menu, and other content accessibility buttons. Also, there is a big circular button for navigation probably at the middle of the remote controller including a big Ok button at the center.

How is the Design of Projector Hardware?

The outer shell of S4 Pro is a combination of style and technology on a square designed body having metal shaped opening all over. The hardware is produced after processing from different sets of procedures. It includes forming the shape with natural diamond ball cutter, and machine grinding. After then 3D sandblasting, anodizing leading to the other rigorous manufacturing processes.

In total, a single machine of S4 Pro has gone through 121 CNC cutting, 32 polishing, three 3D stereo sandblasting and anodizing procedures. As an output, the design of the projector appears as a black colored body with a silver aluminum cover at the top surface of the device. So, the outer hardware of Coolux S4 Pro is made up of the aluminum-magnesium alloy. It delivers the advantages of having a rugged design and excellent heat dissipation in a compact projector.

At the front surface of the S4 Pro, there is a lens located at the right portion of the projector hardware. I like the silver ring finish that has been provided at the corner circumference of the lens. Also to the left part of the projector on the lower side, an AR impression is there. It shows the fact that S4 Pro is compatible with Acoustic Research technology. Hence, the system generates a theater-level surround sound field restoration.

An Attractive Silver Top,

Nothing is there on the top surface of S4 Pro other than a distinctive silver finish with a big brand impression of Coolux at the middle. On the side, there is a mesh made of metal enclosing some air holes to dissipate the sound coming out of the internal speaker system of the machine.

The top silver cover is something that can attract anyone’s attention to the machine. It is also because of CNC cutting that is responsible behind the full body texture of the S4 Pro appearance. The product designers have done a great job to provide a nice contrast of silver top with black body hardware.

At the back surface of the projector, there is a small physical power button at the center on the upper part. Below it some air vents works with the internal cooling system of S4 Pro. At last to the bottom portion on the same side, there is a row of interface connectivity ports that we already talked earlier.

At the bottom surface of S4 pro there lies some air vents as well as a hole at the center. You may guess right it is to connect the tripod or a stand with the projector hardware. At all the corners of the Coolux S4 Pro device, there are rubber pads to maintain stability and balance of the machine on a plane or smooth surface. Also, you will find some necessary information at the bottom regarding the technical details of the projector model or so. They are available on a separate company sticker.

How is the Display Performance of the Projection Machine?

S4 Pro is based on DMD display chip technology. It is not too bright projector since the maximum level of brightness that the projector can able to display is 2000 lumens. Hence, it is not much less but neither too bright that can be used at any surrounding without any effect in its output display quality.

Due to the 98% of the uniform brightness value, the projector is capable of displaying intense colors in the projection screen or a wall. A user will get complete clarity of details of display screen because the Coolux S4 Pro is based on square pixel display other than diamond pixels

As per my experience, it is best to enjoy the projected output of the projector at nights or under complete dark surroundings. It is possible due to the device supportable contrast ratio of 1000:1@FoFo that can be 5000:1 up to the maximum.

The default color temperature of the display output from the device is 7500K for warm color and 9000L for cool color optional. That too with more than 120% of the color gamut. The projector can do justice in projecting the real colors while maintaining enough level of clarity.

Coolux S4 Pro works at the native resolution of 1920 x 1080P, so it is a True Full HD projector. It is a good fact about the device to watch daily TV programs, stream videos, or playing games and everything on high resolution. However, the machine is capable of displaying a 4K multimedia content with high resolution.

What are the Display Characteristics of S4 Pro?

The projector includes 1.3X lossless Optical zoom with no loss in brightness and pixel under 120 inches screen display. Thus it brings more professional experience to a user that is rare to encounter in home-based smart projectors.

S4 Pro is also featuring 27 different image quality enhancement features. They can help to project natural, lifelike pictures on a significant display output. Also, you might be happy by knowing the fact that the device supports 3D projection with active 3D shutter technology. So, you can enjoy 3D cinema at your home by using a compatible pair of 3D eyeglasses.

A big benefit of having an Electric focus on the machine is that a user can save time after installing the Coolux S4 Pro hardware in a new place. It works fast such that a user can set it up entirely to project a picture earliest possible.

By the way, the output projection ratio of S4 Pro lies in the range of 1.19:1 – 1.5:1. A user needs to set up the hardware within a distance of 1.7 m to 7.15 m from the output projection object. It can result in getting a display screen of diagonal size ranging from 60 to 300 inches.

It is best to have a Keystone correction function of- ±40 degrees both for vertical, i.e., up and down and horizontal, i.e., right and left adjustments. So, the position of the projector hardware and the viewers is not more an issue to get upright pictures on the display screen.

How is S4 Pro a Multimedia Friendly Projector?

The projector about which we are discussing or reviewing here is very rich in multimedia contents. I can say it due to a vast list of compatible video formats that S4 Pro can support. It includes RM, AVI, RMVB, TS, TRP, TP, MOV, DAT, WMV, MPG, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, ASF, and MP4.

The device can also play DIVX, 3GP2, XVID, FLV1, MPEG1, VC1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEG3, H263, H265, H264, VP8, RV40, RV30, up to 1920*1080; 4K H265, and 4K H264 partial video formats.

User Interface of S4 Pro is based on the Android 6.0 operating system that supports HDR. Thus, by default, a user has the advantage to install lots of Apps on the projector system. It can be video streaming services, games, movie resources and much more.

The S4 Pro device supports both Bluetooth v4.0 and 2.5GHz + 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi wireless connectivity features. They are helpful for a user to connect the S4 Pro with both iOS and Android-based gadgets. By the way, if your smartphone and the projector will be in the same Wi-Fi, then they can be connected via screen mirroring.

I tested it and found there is hardly any screen delay while playing a mobile game and experiencing it on a big projected output display screen. I am sure that the S4 Pro can also do an excellent job in displaying videos directly from the display screens of any portable gadget. That too with minimal frame delay!

What are the Hardware Specifications of CooluxS4 Pro Device?

Following are some of the hardware configurations of the projector;

  • The machine is based on RGBB LED light source with more than 30 thousand hours of lamp life.
  • A Quad-core 64-bit A53 processing chip has been used inside the hardware.
  • To ensure smooth operation of the device, the manufacturers have provided a 3 GB DDR4 RAM and an internal memory of 16 GB eMMC ROM inside the same.
  • The Input interface ports of the Coolux S4 Pro projector include 2 USB, one HDMI 2.0, one DTMB, one RJ45, one mini AV, and one DC socket. However, there is only one output interface on the projector hardware, and that is a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • S4 Pro consumes a total power of 90W but at standby the machine consumes only 0.5W. However, A user needs to supply a regular AC of 100-240V at 50/60 Hz to the hardware.
  • The overall size of the projector is 24mm × 243mm × 82.5mm. It has been measured as per the length, width, and height of the hardware respectively.
  • S4 Pro weights to around 2.5 kilograms. Now since it is a small-sized portable projector a single person can carry it with ease during transportation.
  • For the projector machine to work correctly, the suitable environmental temperatures should be at 0-35 °C while working. And it must be within a range of -30-50 °C during storage. Also, the working humidity of projector should lie in between a variety of 0%-85% whereas the storage humidity is also the same.

What are the Striking Features of CooluxS4 Pro?

Below I am going to list down some of the impressive features of the projector machine;

  • Overall the device generates less than 22dB of noise. Hence, It means a user can use the hardware at office meetings without bothering about the disturbance or so. It is also good for family home entertainment.
  • The quality of material and design that have been used to create the S4 Pro projector can perform strong heat dissipation performance. We should not overlook the internal fans provided inside the hardware as well to the job is done.
  • The lens has a 1.3X optical zoom technology. Therefore, by manually moving the lens a user can change the focal length of the projected pictures on S4 Pro. It is beneficial for projecting lossless large display screen in a limited space.
  • The voice recognition rate of the projector is very high. After having a proper command over the dialect, a user can control nearly everything on the user interface of Coolux S4 Pro. It includes adjusting the volume and assessing the multimedia files. A user can also come back to the home screen, check about a TV program or open an App using voice commands.
  • An AR(Acoustic Research) based high fidelity internal audio system of 10W has been used inside the device. It supports Dolby, and DTS decoding technologies are present inside the S4 Pro. It consists of 2 inches large caliber inbuilt speaker system.

Bottom Line: Coolux S4 Pro

Let me conclude my review of S4 Pro in this section by presenting some more performance facts regarding the same. First of all, for your information, the device comes with one year of manufacturer warranty so you can feel free to buy the same. After all no tension of after sales support!

I like many things about the S4 Pro projector and is the reason why I should recommend it to others. My list includes the capability of the device to restore every detail in the projected pictures completely. It also has a Rich and expandable user interface that can be operated easily by having ample multimedia resource options.

I found much difference in the output brightness of projected pictures in S4 Pro with opened window curtains. Also when the direct sunlight is coming into the room of using the projector. The colors are gone dull in high ambient light or under direct sun rays. But, no comparison on the night display of the projected screen.

It is very similar to watching a big theater display output. Color reproduction is highly accurate after the ISF engineers have certified all the device.However, to get the best output with every restored detail, it is recommended for a regular user to project an output display of size 70 inches.

Is there any Limitation of S4 Pro?

One limitation of the projector is S4 Pro consists of a 10.3A four-channel LED light source. As compared to 16A that is found in other different projector models so theoretically brightness is less. However, the overall brightness entirely depends on the luminous efficacy of the internal LED light source.

You can turn a mobile phone to work as a remote controller for the projector device. It is possible with the WeChat that has been installed in the smartphone. However, your projector must always be connected to the internet to make this possible. Also, you need to compromise with the voice control function since it is no more usable in this case.

I want to remind everyone that the S4 Pro needs small space for setup. That too with no sacrifice in micro-projection and improving the use of zoom lens feature. Also, the Coolux S4 Pro projector can deliver good sound output to be used in a medium sized room. You can take the help of high-quality external speakers as well to turn your device to be a part of the complete home theater system!

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