Delux Screens Review: A Future Ready 3D 4k/8k Home Theater Projection Screen

Delux Screens Review

If we go to the electronics market, then the latest technology that we can found therein multimedia display resolution is either 4K or Ultra HD. Many people are having misconceptions that they both are the same! However, in actuality, they slightly differ in their resolution aspects. Hence 4K is termed for the screens those are having a resolution as 4096 x 2160. On the other side, Ultra HD screens have a lower resolution as compared to 4k, i.e. of 3840 X 2160. In this post, I will be going to share my own experience with using a Delux Screens 4k Ultra HDR 3D ready projector screen.

4k Projection Screen

Need of 4k Projection Screen

Generally, it is difficult to find a right projector screen if you are having or planning to buy a 4k projector. Many companies are claiming that their projector screens are well built to support all types of higher resolution projector display outputs, but when you test them personally you can see the difference!!!

But why I am discussing only 4k projector screens? It is because recently I have reviewed the performance of a kind projector screen at my friend’s home! My friend and I have checked out the features and specifications of a latest delivered projector screen. And I have noted down all the things to share in this projection screen review post. Also, we both had installed the screen on a wall.

Delux 4k Projection Screen

Before writing this post, I also do check the reviews of other users posted online on different e-commerce sites selling the Delux projector screen. I found most of them were faced problem in installing the product. Hence in this post, I will provide an easy solution to the same.

Delux Screens: My Recent Review

Two days before, I got a call from my friend. When I received his call, I could feel that he sounds a bit anxious. Without saying anything, he asked me to reach his home as soon as possible. He said he is in trouble and needs my urgent help!

After listening to him even, I got worried and prepared myself to rush to his house. I have covered a distance of about 16 kilometres from my house to him in only 29 minutes. It was the morning time with an average rush on roads. After parking my vehicle, I ran towards his house and rang the doorbell. For the first 2-3 minutes, he had not opened the door.

This activity of my friend increases my level of mental worries. I thought my friend might be in any medical emergency. Hence if for the next 2 minutes my friend will not open the door then I need to enter his house through any other means probably by crashing the door.

To Enjoy Word Cup Final,

Finally, he opened the door, and my first reaction is to saw him accurately to identify whether there will be any case of medical issue. But thank god I was wrong, he asked me to enter his house. Further, I cannot wait to ask him about the reason behind why he had called me in so much urgency.

He replied that he got the parcel of the new home theater projector screen that he had recently buy online at a price point of $240. He was trying to install that screen on the wall of his drawing room, but it did not work. So he remembers me and calls on urgent basis so that he does not want to miss the world cup 2018 final.

After listening to this, I got so angry and hit a punch in his hand. He feels sorry for his, but he was in tension about the installation of his new 3D supportive projector screen. After all, he got frustrated after trying much in dealing with the ultra HDR projector screen from past one day. However, whatever was the case since I was at my friend’s home so I did not want to come back to my house without helping him.

4k Home Theater Movie Projection Screen

So I agreed to help him, and we moved towards the room where he had already installed a 4K projector. I know before buying the Delux 8k projector screen he used to project the display of his projector on the wall. But now he wanted to try a different visual experience of watching a 4k projector display on a good quality projector screen. And so the reason he has purchased the DELUX screens 4k/8k ultra HDR projector screen.

Now the problem he faced is the fact that he was not able to correctly setup the installation assembly that comes as a package with the projector. So first I tried to identify what all things are provided in the set of installation accessories of the ultra HD projector screen. Further, I thought it is better to check the official sources of the projector to get the right idea about the procedure of installation.

My Reason to Continue Delux Screens Review

Then I assured my friend that we both should give a try once and if we fail to install the same then we will better wait for the installation expert. However, my friend was asking me to get it done at that time itself. All because the technicians were not going to be available for the setup of the Delux 4k projector screen for the next two days.

DELUX Projection Screen

Therefore, we tried and finally get it done! The mistake that my friend was doing is not following proper guidelines. To install the Delux home theatre projector screen and yes to make the process easier it needs two people.

After we are done with installing the projector screen, we have projected a movie. We also played a game by connecting the projector with an Xbox One Gaming Console. About my experience with Delux PVC projector screen, I can say that the projector screen is made to project the output of a 4K projector only. The pictures are looking crisp and clear!

Movie Projector Screen

Made for Both Home and Office

Delux Screens is a fixed projector screen to get the best projection output. You can enjoy watching a movie at home or use it to avoid any hitches during office presentations. It delivers a real experience of watching Full HD videos with every detail and also videos up to 4k resolution. You can not find any loss in the quality of projection output.

The DELUX projector screen is fully compatible with Ultra HD movies and pictures. But you can also experience the Active 3D multimedia contents on the same. The WhiteOut surface of the projector screen is made up of PVC and mildew resistant.

DELUX SCREENS 120 inch 4K8K Ultra HDR Projector Screen

It does an excellent job of rendering both the brightness and contrast of the projector’s output display. The screen sizes to about 120 inches diagonally with 1/1 Gain and supports a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

How was my Viewing Experience?

The projector screen is designed well for all types of users. You can use the DELUX screens with an excellent projector to either watch TV programs or enjoy movies on weekends. It is almost styled by considering a home theatre projector screen in mind. The dimensions of the projector screen measures to 58.8” x 104.5, (Overall 63.4” x 109.4”) as length and width respectively.


The weight of the projector screen is about 20 lbs. A lightweight aluminium frame has been used on the screen. To ensure better projector viewing experience the frame can absorb the projection overshoot. A good quality black velvet border has been used on all its sides of approximate 2.7 inches. To add style and premium look on the overall design of the projector screen.

Easy to Install

You do not need to worry about installing the projector screen or so since it is effortless to be done. The hardware has been designed to make the process of installation very easy. You can fix the DELUX projector screen at one place using the screws, drywall anchors, and double support bars. You will also get sliding wall brackets supplied with the projector as a package.

In case you are not confident about assembling the unit then do not worry. After all, you can call a professional if required. The use of double support bars will not only guarantees the durability of the projector screen but also adds to the overall look of your home décor.

You can also pair the DELUX screens with different sizes of sleek frames ranging from 100 inches to 150 inches. Today I got the call of the same friend, and he said he had cleaned his Delux 3d ready projector screen. I asked about what procedure he followed for the same.

He replied- All you need is a solution of soap and water to wipe off the stains from the 8k ready DELUX projector screen. You need to gently wipe the flat projector screen using a clean cloth regularly to avoid dust to stay on the same.

Risk-Free Option

As per the manufacturers, you will get a product warranty of 3 years with the DELUX home theatre projector screen. Not only this if you do not like using the product within a few days of its purchase then they will take back the product. And you will get the refund with their money back guarantee. So ultimately the Homeland Hardware Company ensures you about the performance of its product. Impressive!

The Delux Full HD projector screen is supporting a display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Hence you do not need to compromise while playing your favourite game on bigger DELUX screens with a complete home theatre experience.

Now you no more need to face any problem of wrinkles in the projector screen. DELUX 4k projector screen is based on a spring tension system to make the screen remain smooth and flat. To enhance the user’s viewing experience the screen has been black-backed.

I hope the Projector screen can work fine with both ceiling mounted and ultra-short throw projectors. It is a well-designed product and an impressive looking high-quality screen. With a 4k projector, the picture is looking bright and crisp.


My initial impression of unboxing the DELUX ultra HD projector screen is very mesmerising. They nicely shipped the product by rolling the screen. At least not folding the screen like I hard with others to avoid any creases or facing interruptions in projection visuals. The total weight of the packing including the assembling unit is about 26 pounds. It sizes to about 67.5 x 10.3 x 3 inches as length x width x height respectively.

At last, I have to say that the Delux Screens is a six-piece fixed Frame easy to use projector screen. Both my friend and I am are happy with its performance with a 4k projector. If you also desire for a new projector screen for a 4k or 3d projector, then you can go for 4k 3D HDR ready Delux projector screen. Otherwise be prepared to do some massive brainstorming to finalise a right projector screen from the available options to buy.

I need to tell you a genuine fact that according to my friend it takes about ten days for him to decide on a projector screen that he can buy as per his needs. I congratulated my friend for his right pick. Further, we have enjoyed watching world cup 2018 final on the same, and this will be a memorable experience for me forever!

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