Excelvan 60 Inch Projector Screen Review: Worth Display on 16:9 Collapsible PVC Cloth

Excelvan 60 inch

A projector machine can be used in a limit without projection screen. It is because we cannot get a suitable white wall while we move to some other place other than our casual home or office walls. So what to do? Hence, for such time it is best to have a convenient foldable screen always with us. Under such a condition, we can use a portable projector machine anywhere without being dependent on the output display object. In this post, I am going to review an Excelvan 60 inch Projector Screen that I had personally used and experience recently!

It is a good quality projector screen made up of PVC cloth that can be used both at indoors and outdoors. Keep reading this post, to know more! Since this projection screen has the quality to be used for multiple purposes. It is better other than just working as a display screen for a projector device!

What are the Specifications of Excelvan 60 inch Projector Screen?

Before moving ahead let us first get aware of the details about the physical appearance of the Excelvan projection screen. It is currently available in Black and White colors. You can choose from different available options of the screen sizes. The Excelvan screen is available in 60 inches the minimum then, 72 inch, 84 inches, 100 inches, 120 inches, and 150 inches to the maximum.

The screen size that I have reviewed and going to share about further in this article is 60 inches in diagonal size. It is the minimum sized version of the available Excelvan projection screens at present. But as per my experience 60 is considerably larger considering a medium sized room.

Hence on a 60-inch screen, the user will get a 16:9 viewing area or display having dimensions as 52.4-inch x 29.5 inches or 1.33m x 0.75m. It has been measured as per the length and height of the output display screen respectively. The projection screen comes in a well-packaged box by Excelvan. Total weight of the packaging box is around half of a kilogram.

I like the hanging hole provided on the borders of the projector screen. The holes have been protected by offering a rounded metal ring on their corners. They will make sure that the cloth will not get affected even if there will be any strain in the hanging hole during usage or so.

What are the Features of the Excelvan 60-inch Projector Screen?

The projection screen from the house of Excelvan is based on small-sized single piece design. That too very light in weight to handle while moving it from one place to another. It is suitable for all types of projector systems ranging from Pico projectors to handheld further big machines or so.

It can be used with ease both at homes and offices. Manufacturers had to make sure to provide a foldable projection screen to their consumers. It that can be installed or dismantled with the help of expanding a lockable system present in the projection screen.

I had already shared the fact that the Excelvan projector screen is made up of cloth material in this post earlier. Hence there will be no issues of light penetration or so that we generally found in many low budget screens available in the market.

There are many applications of the Excelvan 60 inch projector screen hence making it suitable for multipurpose use. It includes exhibitions, presentations, home theatre, conventions, displays, business meetings, and many others. You can clean the screen easily if required using a soft and clean cloth without the need of using any abrasives or so.

What are the Good Things about the Excelvan 60-inch Projection Screen?

Following I am going to list down some of the useful facts that I do like about the Excelvan projection screen. These points can help much to ease the job of its users;

  • It is a useful product while traveling from one place to another. All you need is to fold the screen like a cloth to make it of small size product that can be kept in small bags while moving from one place to another or so. It is also very much helpful while using the projector screen at any outdoor location possibly at movie nights. At least you do not need more than one people to carry a big projector screen and transfer it as required.
  • The Excelvan has provided a special carry bag. Thus, any user can store it with cleanliness. Pretty similar like storing any rainwear on smaller packets supplied by their manufacturers.
  • The black borders have been fixed to the while screen cloth using high-quality stitches. It is the best solution to have between two cloth materials joined with each other.
  • The company is ready to serve its international consumers, and hence it is available to buy worldwide.
  • The cloth of the screen feels Comfortable in hands whenever you touch it while giving presentations or so.

How to Install the Screen?

It is easy to install the Excelvan projector screen on walls permanently. All you need are some extra accessories for fixing the device securely on any vertical flat surface. It includes some hooks, nails, double sided tapes, and ropes.

By the way, I got the chance to review the 60 inches Excelvan projection screen with the help of my friend who lives in my colony. He recently purchased the product on an online offer and hence I got the opportunity to spend some time with it and review the same. Now let me help you with the process of installing the same on a wall step by step that we followed.

First, you need to unfold the projector screen. Further, keep it on the wall where you are planning to fix it. Next, mark the position of holes using any temporary marker or so. Further, remove the projector screen, and it’s time to make some permanent provision to set it at one place without hassle.

To do so, you need a hammer and some nails. Complete fixing the proper hooks on the wall at the marked positions with the help of nails. After doing the same check correctly if all the hooks are properly settled in their planned locations.

Now you can use ropes, and double-sided tapes to install every corner of the projector screen on the wall. Take care to fix he screen on the planned installing position. It can help you to avoid any glitches due to any small movement of the projector screen in between enjoying watching pictures.

Are there any Limitations of using the Excelvan 60-inch Projection Screen?

Whenever I write any review post rearing a product, I always try to find the negative finds that I can share with you all. Here, while I was using the product, I did not see any negatives concerning the Excelvan projection screen.

But it was not sufficient for me. I have gone through online user ratings and their reviews about the product. I aim to find out any limitations of the Excelvan projection display screen that we are considering, and finally, I got few!

First of all, it is suggested to fix the projector screen on the white or light colored wall. I found some of the product, genuine users, sharing one issue regarding the same. They have set the screen cloth in front of their dark colored walls. As a matter of fact, they found the screen bit transparent to see the color of the wall behind the same.

However, I did not use the screen like them. Hence, I cannot say my experience behind such behavior of the product. Well, if any of you guys have also felt the same then please do share with us in the comment section below.

Also, some users find to have wrinkles to be there on the projection screen. It can happen while using the Excelvan projector screen for the first time. However, many of them saw the issue to be solved after one or two days. It might happen after all the product is made up of cloth, so wrinkles are common. It also depends on the practice or right knowledge of using the projection screen of a user.


Do you think that you get the best output display of your projector device on walls and not on a projector screen? If yes then you will hardly regret buying this projection screen. All because you can use it as a carpet as well either on outdoor campaigns or homes. It has been made with good quality of cloth material. One that can withstand any rough use like while using it on grasslands.

Not only true HD, i.e., full HD but you can watch 3D movies or any 4k multimedia content. That too with full effects that we can expect from it. Apparently, you will get more clear pictures in dark surrounding lights inside a room or hall.

Also, I like the display performance of Excelvan 60 inch Projector Screen. It works well to enjoy games and movies with a portable Full HD LED projector that we had used to test it. All the colors are visible with every single detail of the pictures.

If I have to say anything about the clarity of the projected output on the screen, then it performs at its best at nights in outdoor environments. But under high ambient light conditions, you might not get bright pictures. However, the quality of the output display also depends on the brightness capability of your projection machine.

Projector Screen as a Canvas!

Excelvan projection display screen comes with Reinforced Edges that explains its build quality. It can be used as a curtain for your window to stop direct sunlight from disturbing your enjoyment while you are projecting a display on the wall.

I have to say it is value for money product after comparing the size of the size, quality, and usability of the projector screen concerning the price. You can feel free to buy it if you are looking for a good quality projector’s output display screen.

No matter what one thing might be sure in future. It is the fact that you will feel the Excelvan 60 Inch projector screen is no more useful! It can be because of your changing requirements with time as well. In such a case, you can allow your children or yourself use it as a canvas to draw some beautiful paintings. So the projector display screen can be used as a self-made decorative piece at your home or office forever.

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