Excelvan 72 Inch Screen Review: A Collapsible 16:9 Proficient Portable Projector Cloth Screen

Excelvan 72 inch screen

A Projector machine is incomplete without a good quality projection screen. Many well-known brands are offering their screen models that are generally made of high-grade soft cloth material. They have been created to deliver the best that a projector can display as an output. In this post, I will be going to discuss with you about my recent review of Excelvan 72 inch portable projector cloth screen.

It is a fact that whenever someone is planning to buy a new projector device, then he or she is only thinking about it, order a model and start using the same. After some time a user can realize the fact that they should also buy a projection screen to get a better experience of watching a display output!

I found this behavior familiar in about ninety percent of people whom I know till now. But I thought if someone is having sufficient budget then it is best to order the screen right at the time of buying a projector machine. So it is best to get both the products to be delivered together and start using it right from the start.

By the way, there is regular advancement in creating the best quality user-friendly projector screens. It is only to deliver the best experience of watching a projected display output as per the capability of a projector.

How is the Design of the Product?

I have used the product for about two to three hours at my relative’s house. In due course, I have tried everything that a user can generally do with a projection screen in daily life. It includes testing the display, and comfort of carrying the cloth from one place to another. I also checked for the performance of the product as per the time and effort needed for installation, plus points, limitations and many more.

I will share the results of my experience with the 72-inch projector screen from Excelvan in the upcoming part of this review article. So kindly read it thoroughly to uncover the details! The 72 inches portable projection screen is made up of a PVC matte fabric having a white screen and black borders.

It has been made to have a compact body to add comfort for a user while using the same. That was too having less overall product weight. Other than the 72 inch one can also try projection screens of different sizes. It includes 84 inches, 100 inches as popular models, and 120 inches as a rare but still in trend among home theater fanatics.

The overall dimensions of the projector screen are 62.6 inches x 35.4 inches or 1.59 m x 0.9 m. It can be measured as per the length and width of the screen cloth respectively. I like the Lockable system feature that has been provided for the projection screen. It can help a user to install or dismantle the product with ease.

How is the Appearance of the Screen?

The Excelvan 72 Inch collapsible portable projection screen has been made with all white color cloth. That too with black borders that have been switched very nicely. Also, they can give good protection to the edges of the main fabric from any unwanted wear or tear.

At each corner of the screen, a good quality hanging hole has been provided by the manufacturers. They can add convenience on the part of a user while installing the same. It not only ease the installation process bit also helps the cloth screen to fit in one position.

A user can avoid any wrinkles or movements from happening while using the same with a projector machine. It can help one up to a great extent for enjoying some thrilling movies. And yes the hanging holes consist of durable rings. It is an excellent mechanism to have on the projection screen cloth. It is because it protects the holes to be worn out due to stress during regular use.

What is the Need to have Proper Stitched Projector Screen Cloth?

I want to share with you all one fact that happen with my friend years before. It is based on a similar case. He had purchased a high-quality projector screen years before. However, it does not have any proper facility at the corners to fix the screen at a place.

So he had created some holes at the corners of his projector screen manually. As a result, after using the screen for about two to three months, the cloth starts damaging. It is right from the edges of the holes.

I am having a bit of advice for you. It is if you are also using a projector screen that is made of cloth but lacks proper support at the corners or edges. The solution is to should get it stitched properly from there and also try to fix a ring at every four corners.

In case you are still planning to buy a projection screen then 72 inch model of Excelvan is the one that you can go with blindly. That too without thinking much about the reliability of using the product for a long time ahead.

How to Use the Projection Screen?

I already have shared a step by step procedure on how to install the device on my previous Excelvan 60 inch projector screen review. Hence, I am skipping it in this article. However, if you do not have the right idea about the same, then you can do check it out.

But for a quick idea save your time let me remind you here the essential tools that you need at the time of installing a projector screen. The list of stuff includes some good quality of clean nails, convenient hooks, rope, and double-sided tape.

However, let me clear one fact to you that these things are not included in the company packaging of the Excelvan 72 Inch projector screen cloth. Well, let us do have a quick look at the specifications about the outer box packaging that the Excelvan is supplying with their product.

How is the Genuine Box Packaging of the Product?

The projector screen comes with a storage bag or in other words carry bag supplied by the manufacturers. Excelvan has designed the 72-inch portable projection screen in a way that it can be quick to use a product by referring to different scenarios.

One can install it at a room and if needed can take it out for outdoor use. That too by considering the proper convenience on the part of a user while handling the screen. And it is possible due to the light weight of the screen cloth that measures to about 0.5810 kilogram.

Not just this, anyone can present the product as a gift to the known ones at parties or any other special occasion inside a gift pack by hand. I can say it because the full weight of the packaging box can be measured as 0.9440 kilograms.

Also, the length, width, and breadth of the company supplied packaging box can be measured as 12.99 inches x 8.66 inches x 2.56 inches. In other words, they are 33.00 cm x 22.00 cm x 6.50 cm respectively.

What are the Applications of an Excelvan 72 Inch Projector Screen?

Do you think the only use of the Excelvan projector screen that we are reviewing in this post is to work as a display screen? If yes then you need to update your knowledge about the product. I am saying it because the cloth material that has been used on almost every sized projector screens of Excelvan can fit for any rough use.

I mean to say a user can take it outside for outdoor use. One can use it as a carpet during a picnic or a helpful product to work almost like a high-grade cloth in an emergency. Not only this a user can also take the benefit of using the projector screen as a curtain of a window or a blind.

Hence, one thing is sure that the product will never be going to waste. It can be a case when after some time a user wants the projector output to be displayed on a wall rather than a regular cloth screen for a change or so.

So if you want to ask me about the usefulness of the product, then I can say there are many different applications of the 72-inch projector screen. A user can use it for business meetings, and home theater. Not limited to them it is a potential product to be used in exhibitions, presentations, conventions, or for any public displays.

What are the Benefits of using the Excelvan 72-inch Projector Screen Cloth?

There is a benefit of using the Excelvan product for both home and office users. It is the fact that the screen cloth can be folded like a blanket when not in use. It helps a user to keep the interiors as per choice without any need to permanently install the product in a particular place.

As per my hands on, I would say that the 72-inch collapsible screen of Excelvan is a sturdy product. The designers have provided a nice finish on the product. The screen supports 16:9 aspect format. It is the best display setting to view any multimedia content on a big projected output screen. That too with the feeling of a cinema hall.

By the way, the Excelvan 72 inch projector screen is made up of high grade cloth material. The screen works best to any avoid penetration of light. After all, the manufacturers have used a thick cloth on the screen. The screen works well to display a bright output screen with Uniform diffusion of projected light from a protector. All in all the projection cloth screen can produce sharp and even pictures on a big sized output.

Not only while use but the product is also easy to maintain and store. That too for the different age group of users. It helps a user to keep the screen clean and clear every time. All one need is only a dry and clean cloth to wipe the screen cloth surface. It works best to remove the dust and debris from the same regularly. That too without any need to use the abrasives in due course.

What are the Limitations of the Screen?

Sometimes if a user will keep the cloth material in a fold position for a long span of time without use, then it got some wrinkles. It is obvious to have it on any product that is made up of all cloth material as a property.

However, the issue can be solved in minutes using a steam iron. It is a fact that the device is made up of soft cloth material. It can be used to face a bright light especially when it comes from a high end LED projector lamp.

In some instances, it might be a problem especially when the screen has not been set up with proper planning. In other words, it can be a problem if a user has been installed the product in front of a dark colored wall or any other object. It will surely be going to affect the visuals on the screen.

However, there is a solution for the same. A user can fix the Excelvan 72 Inch projector screen in front of a light colored wall or any other object. It must be preferably white. So that the screen cloth can get a bright background to display the vague details.

And finally, a projection screen does not mean that a user can only enjoy watching a bright projected output on the screen every time. It is because the output picture quality honestly depends on the surrounding ambient light as well.

So a user always need to take care while maintaining the right environment. And it applies both for both the projector and the cloth screen. It can result to get the best of reproduced colors and optimal pictures in the display output.


Now it is the time for me to summarize my review post here regarding the 72-inch collapsible projection screen from the house of Excelvan. First of all, I have to say that the product is suitable to be used with mini or portable projectors.

I can say it by concerning the design and convenience of using the product. But, not limited to it a user can feel free to use the projector screen even with high-end projectors. That too to project high-resolution 3D and 4K compatible multimedia content.

By the way, I have come to know one thing about the projector cloth screen while writing their review article. It is the fact that 72 inches projector screen model has been priced around $15 on an e-commerce store.

Are you among people who are confused among the available number of choices in size to order a projector screen? If yes then for a typical user I can recommend going with a 72-inch size.

It is of convenient in size for an average sized room to create the walls into a theater like a screen. That is neither too big nor small. At last, I have to say that Excelvan 72 inch portable collapsible projection screen cloth is a valuable product. By keeping in mind the amount that a user has spent to buy the product.

Maybe some of you will not agree with me and are happy to enjoying projecting displays on a big wall. However, I would suggest you to at least try once to use the projector screen with your projection machine. You will definitely be going to feel the difference.

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