Excelvan E09 Review: An Easy to Manage Budget-Friendly Home Theater Projector

Excelvan E09 review

After reviewing the different projection machines of the Excelvan, I can say that the brand has gained much of my confidence in it. Now, whenever I got the chance to review a new projector of the same brand I feel more than excited to do some hands-on with the machine. In this article, I will be sharing with you all about my experience with using another Excelvan product. It is Excelvan E09 or can be said an upgraded E08 machine from the house of a well-known brand.

So keep reading this post thoroughly! It can help you to get complete idea about my views about the performance output of the projector as per different test parameters. I will start with original packaging that has been supplied by the company including all the essential accessories in it. Further, I will share with you about the features and specifications of the device. In between, I will let you know the reaction of the machine based on the available configurations on it.

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What are all Accessories supplied in the Box Packaging of the Projector?

As a complete package other than the main E09 unit a consumer will get an HDMI cable, a power cable, a user manual, and a remote controller. The list of genuine accessories also includes a 3 in 1 AV cable and a separate screw for adjusting the vertical height of the machine from the front. The manufacturers are supplying two different options of US and EU plugs to choose one while ordering the Excelvan E09 product.

At the front surface of the packaging box, one can see the image of the machine. There is a colorful branding on upper left top and a home projector written on the lower right corner. On both sides of the packaging box of E09 there indicated features and specifications of the machine.

The remote has a longer body in size with a simple matte black finish. It has rounded corners and edges. At the top surface, there is a red power and a back button. It also consists of circular directional buttons and an OK button at their center. Below to them, there are some more buttons. It includes but not limited to a menu, a home, and a single long button to control the volume of the projector system.

I like the overall performance of the remote controller while using the same with the main projection device. It responds well with the device on every user command. The build quality of the remote is satisfying by considering in mind the cost price of E09.

What are all User Interface Options present on the Hardware?

The projector has been appearing as an all-black matte finish on the external hardware. On the top of the Excelvan E09 device just above the lens, there are two manual adjustable knobs. They have been provided to control the focus and keystone correction as per requirement in the projected output.

By looking at the E09 machine from the rear side, there are some projector control buttons. They have been located at the back portion of the device towards the left corner. All the hardware control buttons are arranged in matrix format. It includes a menu, a source select, a power button, an ESC or back button, and directional buttons with an OK button at the center.

At the back surface of the projector machine on the left lower side, there is a vent to pass on the sound from the internal audio system of the hardware. On the upper part starting from left to right there is an IR remote sensor, a 3.5mm earphone jack, an AV port, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, a USB port, and a VGA port.

How is the Appearance of the E09 Projector Machine from the Front?

At the front surface of the machine to the left portion, the manufacturers have provided a lens. Also, on the right to the upper portion, there is a Brand logo with an IR sensor. At the base part of the hardware to the front side near the middle, there is a vertical height adjustable stand.

By looking at the projector device from the front, on the right surface, there are some air vents. They are provided at both the left and right portions of the hardware. Similarly, on the left surface of Excelvan E09 at the back portion there is a DC power input port, and towards the front, there is an air vent.

A separate base section has been provided by the manufactures on the projection device at the bottom surface of the hardware. It gives a good balance to the complete projector body. It also helps much while handling the device by using both hands such that it has some space at the bottom side to insert the fingers in due course.

At the bottom portion of E09 on the base hardware, the manufacturers have provided the projector with rubber pads. They are present at each corner of the device. There is a mounting screw hole offered next to the height adjustment screw hole. It can be used to fix the machine on a tripod, stand or a ceiling mount and take the benefit of different methods of projection.

How much Brighter is the Display Output of the Projector Device?

E09 is based on a single LCD projection technology. Now I have to share my reviews regarding the output display performance of the device. I would say it can project a picture with a typical screen resolution of Full HD, i.e., 1080p. However, not limited to it the Excelvan E09 machine can project even a 4K higher resolution content. That too, it is having every single detail of an ultra HD picture on the big output screen.

The maximum display brightness of the projector is around 1200 Lumens. In other words, it is about 60 ANSI lumens. So the intensity of projected pictures of E09 on the screen is average enough, neither too bright nor too less. Hence a user needs to take care of the surrounding light that should set to the minimum level possible.

Also in the daytime, if direct sunrays are coming to the projection output object, then it is best to cover the area using a proper blind or curtains. However, at night the projector is capable enough to display some sharp images on the output screen even in medium ambient light of a room. The manufacturers have taken much care to enhance the maximum contrast ratio of E09 on the output display. It is 1000:1. As a result, I did not find any color attenuation on the projected screen.

I would say that the Excelvan E09 projector does an excellent job in reproducing every color on the output pictures. That too with the proper difference between the dark and low levels of colors. In a complete dark surrounding, a user can take the benefit of enjoying watching almost TV-like display screen experience.

What are the Factors that can affect the Projected Output of Excelvan E09?

A user has the option to watch an output display screen in two different aspect ratios that are 4:3, and 16:9. However, by default, the machine can display output with a default aspect ratio of 4:3. The display screen of the projector supports about 1.67 million horizontal colors.

Again due to the presence of a mounting hole the device supports Front, Ceiling, and Rear projection techniques. There is a + / -15-degree automatic keystone correction function available in the machine. It can save the time of a user to set up the display screen of a device after bootup.

All a user need is to place the E09 hardware within a distance of 0.9 meters to 3 meters regarding the output projection object. As a result, it can help the projector to generate a bigger output screen of a size ranging between 30 inches and 100 inches.

The user interface of the device supports more than one OSD languages. It can be helpful for people those are residing in different nations to access the user interface of the Excelvan E09 system with ease. The projector supports 360-degree image flip function. Due to which it is easy for a user to mount the machine upside down on a ceiling or so without affecting the required upright output display.

What are the Hardware Properties of Excelvan E09?

A 48W LED bulb has been used inside the hardware that can be used for more than 20 thousand hours. It can be assumed that the internal light source of the projector can be used for more than eight years. That too by using the device even at an average rate of five to seven hours daily.

The company has provided a high transmittance glass coated lens on the E09 hardware. It can project a high-quality big display screen. There is a powerful Quad Core A53 1.5GHz CPU chip on the internal hardware of the Excelvan E09 machine. Therefore, it is possible for the product to run high-end games and movies without any issues.

The projector can protect our eyes from diffuse reflection imaging. Hence, a user can feel free to watch a projected output of E09 for more than four to five hours as well without a single break. I did not find the flickering image issue in the display screen.

After all, the projector is based on the Android 6.0.1 operating system. So by default, a user has the benefit to search and install from a massive number of device compatible Apps. It can be games, media streaming platforms, file explorers and many more to consider.

How Excelvan E09 is a Home Based Smart Cinema Projector?

There is a one GB DDR3 RAM available in the portable projection hardware of Excelvan that we are reviewing in this article. Also, the machine has been powered by an eight GB ROM. So a user has sufficient space to install many Apps at a time and also to store some of the favorite multimedia files inside the device. By the way, there is an additional TF card slot available in the E09 portable projector hardware. So a user can also enhance the additional external storage capacity of the machine by 32 GB.

The company has installed an 8-ohm 2W stereo audio system inside the Excelvan E09 projection device. As per my experience with the same, it can produce good quality sound output. It is louder enough for an average sized room.

However, to get clarity of the sound, it is suggested to use some of the amplified external speakers with the machine. An external audio system while working with the E09 projector can enhance the output quality of overall generated sound.

The net dimensions of the hardware are around 20.3 cm x 15.2 cm x 7.5cm. They have been measured by considering the length, width, and height of the device respectively. Not only the size but the overall weight of the projector is also less for a user to carry it from one place to another. It has been measured to about 944 grams.

How can the E09 Projector Device be used in Everyday Life?

A user needs to supply an input power of around 110 – 240V to the machine. However, the device can consume an output power of nearly 50 watts. The external hardware consists of a USB port, an HDMI port, an Audio out port, an AV port, a Mini USB card, and a VGA port.

I am impressed with the manufacturer’s decision to provide the Bluetooth 4.0 feature inside the Excelvan E09 projector system. It is an important function to have any smart gadget in the current scenario. At least a user can pair the device with any external gamepad, speakers, or a smartphone with ease without the need of wires for the same.

E09 also supports Wi-Fi connectivity feature. The device can be connected to a wireless network to access the internet on the system. A wireless screen mirroring feature has been provided on the machine.

Due to which a user can pair the display of a mobile with a projector without using any physical connection between them. Yes, an iOS user needs to install HappyCast APP on a mobile or a tablet to get it done. Similarly, if anyone has an android device, then a Miracast feature can do the job.

Also E09 is well versed in dissipating the internal residual heat of the projector. All because of the availability of high-performance brass and turbofan inside the hardware. As per my experience, I found the external hardware of the device does not get heated even after using the product for five hours of continuous use.

How is the projector a Rich Multimedia Gadget?

E09 has been presented as a portable multimedia based smart home theater projection device. Hence, the machine can support many multimedia file formats. The list of compatible audio files includes but not limited to MP3, AAC, AC3, and WMA based extensions.

There are many Excelvan E09 portable projector supportable video playback formats. The list includes mpg(MPEG-1, MPEG-2); Ts(MPEG-2, H.264); avi(DivX, MJPEG, Xvid); dat(MPEG-1); mov/mkv(MPEG-4 SP/ASP, H.264); mp4(H.264, MPEG-4 SP/ASP) MPEG-1, MPEG-2; vob(MPEG-2)

To project a photo on a big display screen a user need to have the device compatible JPG, BMP, JPEG, PNG, and GIF extensions based multimedia file formats. Therefore, we can say that E09 is a real entertainment projector. It is because of the capability of the device to support all the commonly available multi-media formats.


Lastly, I would say that considering the cost price of the projector that is available in the market at around $100-$120. It is a value for money portable projection machine with beautiful looks. Because the E09 machine is a low budget device, it comes with both benefits and limitations for a user.

In the above sections, I have already shared my views as per the different performance aspects of the device. However, I am having some more to discuss with you all. First of all the machine generates some noise that a user can identify while using the projector at the minimum sound output.

There is the availability of Dual IR sensors at both the front and back surfaces of the hardware. It is easy for a user to access the E09 device by sitting both at front and back of the machine. It is a beneficial and convenient feature for a user while using the projector with different projection methods.

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