Excelvan GM60 Review: A Quiet Chic Mini Multimedia Projector

Excelvan GM60 Review

Most of us would like to collect stylish kinds of stuff in our homes and offices to enrich the décor and add to the style of our living. It is not limited to only showpieces, but many electronic engineers and designers are working hard to deliver the best to their customers. In this article, I will talk about one of the most stylish gadgets I ever saw in my life. I am also doing the review of the same, i.e. Excelvan GM60 Mini Home Theater Projector.

Today while buying any appliance or an electronic gadget people are first preferring nicely designed hardware. That too with the desired specs and features inside the same. If we talk about a multimedia device like a projector, it is difficult to get the perfect combination of everything in one product.

Excelvan GM60 Multimedia Projector

My Recent Experience with Excelvan GM60

Just four days before publishing this post I have seen the GM60 smart portable projector on a conference room for the first time. I was attending a tech meeting with my friends where we usually discuss the performance of different gadgets and so on in every 3-4 months. The coordinator has bought the GM60 and organized the entire meeting with the same.

I am utterly impressed with the design and look of the projector hardware. Thus, when the meeting was over, I met the coordinator and got every detail about the GM60 multimedia home theatre projector. So keep reading this post since next I am going to share with you my complete review including all the information on the projector.

Excelvan GM60 Mini portable LED Projector

What’s in the Box?

Before exploring the performance of the projector let us first check the accessories supplied with the same as a package. As a complete package, the Excelvan is supplying a remote controller, Power Plug, AV cable, and a User Manual with the GM60 Mini LED projector. Among them, the quality of power and AV cable supplied by the company is considered satisfactory.

However, I am not so happy with my experience of using the remote controller provided with the Excelvan GM60 projector. It does not mean that its quality is terrible or so, but it has the straightforward design, small in size, and designed with grey, blue and red color buttons on a white panel.


So it is a bit of disappointment for me because the hardware of GM60 is based on a nice premium looking all black design. The GM60 intelligent multimedia projector is also available in pure white color. However, it is worth to mention that the remote controller can control almost all the functionalities of the projector.


To get the clear projection output first, you need to make sure that the resolution of your computer is the same as that of the projector. Also, you can manually adjust the sharpness by rotating the lens.

The display technology of GM60 LED home theatre projector is based on TFT LCD. The projection device can support a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1 and 80 ANSI lumens or 1000 lumens. GM60 can project a more significant display output that is compatible with a projection ratio of 1.4:1.

To get the best visual experience you need to place the Excelvan GM60 portable multimedia projector within a suggested range. The Projector should be set at a distance of about 1m to 4m away from the projection output display. It can help you to project a more prominent display ranging from 34 inches to 130 inches in size.

GM60 can support nearly 1.67 Million colors, 24 bit RGB. Therefore, you can identify the true color of every object being projected on the screen. You can project a bigger projection display output either on a wall or a projection screen with one among 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

You can project an output display with the GM60 mini intelligent projector at a native resolution of 800×480 pixels. However, at maximum, you can project a multimedia file that can support Full HD display, i.e. 1920 x 1080p.


You can connect your smartphone with the GM60 smart LED projector using good quality cables. In case of connecting an Android gadget with the projector, you need an MHL cable. However, to make it possible you need to make sure that your Android tablet or smartphone must support MHL connectivity. On the other hand in case of an iOS device a good Apple AV composite cable can do the job to connect the same with the Excelvan GM60 projector.

The GM60 multimedia mini projector is having all the available input and output interface ports. Excelvan has provided every option to enhance the usability of the same. If we discuss the projector’s input multimedia interface options, then there are a USB port, a VGA port, an AV port, an SD port, and an HDMI port. Also regarding the output, we have a USB (5v) port and a 3.5mm headphone jack integrated on the projector device.


The GM60 intelligent home theater projector can support various multimedia file formats. In case of an audio file the projector can support .wma, .ogg, .mp3, .asf, and .wav file extensions. Talking about the supportive video formats then the projector can support many file extentions. It includes .avi(divx, xvid, h.264), .flv, mp4, .vob, .rm, .3gp(mpeg4, h.263), .mkv, .mov, .mpg, and .rmvb.

You can also do project images on a bigger screen output using any file that supports one among bmp, jpeg, and png extensions. And lastly, the GM60 LED Full HD projector is also compatible with necessary .txt word files.

The Excelvan GM60 projector can support PAL-based video contents, and it can be either NTSC or SECAM. You can watch Red-Blue type 3D multimedia content on the GM60 projector. However, before that, you need to have red and blue glasses to experience the fantastic 3D visuals.

Excelvan has made it easier for the people in different countries to use the user interface of the GM60 multimedia mini projector. It is possible by choosing one of the 23 different supportive languages provided inside the device. It gives more convenience to a user for not only controlling the hardware but also to access the content as well.


The overall dimensions of the GM60 projector, i.e. 54 x 188 x 146.5mm considering height x length x width respectively. We can say that the device comes into the category of portable projectors. The net weight of the projector is around one kilogram. However the gross weight measures to about 1.27 kilograms.

An inbuilt LED lamp inside the GM60 multimedia intelligent projector can be used for more than 30 thousand hours. There are two 8 ohm 2W speakers inbuilt inside the projector hardware. The internal speakers of the projector are capable of producing a good sound output in an average sized room.

Also, the best thing that I experience with the Excelvan GM60 projector when I first saw it at the conference hall is the fact that it works very silent. Hence I further checked about the maximum noise level produced by the GM60 smart LED projector. As per official sources, I have found it is less than 28dB, and that is good from projector hardware.

The GM60 projector can be used at a constant power supply of 100-240V at 50/60Hz. No more tension about the monthly electricity bills! It is because the projector device consumes maximum 50W power.


You no more need to overthink about the proper place, height or angle to set up the GM60 mini home theatre projector. After all, the device is backed by an optimal ±15° manual keystone correction functionality.

A multichip coated lens has been provided in the GM60 projector hardware unit with a manual focus functionality. You can quickly adjust the display settings with zero disruption and space constraint by keeping the projector near you.

The GM60 1080p portable projector can support different projection methods. You can choose one option to set up the projector from Tabletop, Ceiling mount, Front and Rear projections. It can uplift your convenience in using the projector device. The projector can both vertically and horizontally flip the image while adjusting the zoom.


All the interface ports are located on the back side of the projector hardware. At the right, there lies a power input port, a manual keystone correction knob, and a manual focus knob. On the left face of the GM60 intelligent mini projector, there is an IR blaster and a VGA port.

The Excelvan GM60 projector has an excellent facility to pass on the residual heat from the projector via stylishly designed air vents. By the way, the overall design of the GM60 is inspired by a diamond.

You can consider it as a black diamond in your hands! There are some funky manual projector control buttons provided right at the top surface. They are located relatively at the back side of the GM60 LED multimedia projector hardware.

It includes an input mode selection button, an escape button, a left button, a right button, an OK and a power button. At the front face of the projector, there is a big lens on the right side of the projector while on its left there is an Excelvan brand impression.

Why Should You Buy the Projector?

In the meantime, while I was reviewing the GM60 smart home theatre projector, I have noticed and noted down some good things about it. I am sure that a user can be benefitted with such items while using the projector. Here are they;

  • A USB 5V output port is the best option to have in a projector device. It is much helpful for you to charge your smartphone or any other gadget in case of limited availability of charging points. Just connect your smartphone via USB cable to the Excelvan GM60 projector, and you are good to go.
  • No loss in the output image, all thanks to the 16:9 aspect ratio and manual keystone correction functionalities.
  • The GM60 LED multimedia projector device is equipped with a smart eco lamp. It can not only save the energy consumed by the projector, but you can also use the device for a longer time span.
  • There is a separate section designed in the projector hardware to place the manual focusing and keystone correction knobs. It can enhance the overall look of the projector. Also, it can make sure that no one can accidentally change the settings by securing it in a broad area aside from the lens.
  • GM60 is an excellent multimedia gadget option that can enhance the view and décor of a Home or an Office.

My Words on the GM60 Mini Multimedia Projector

One thing I missed a lot in the GM60 projector by because it is a home theatre projector. It is you cannot enjoy watching 2k or 4k high-resolution multimedia content with complete details on a more prominent display output.

However, the portable size and lightweight features of the Excelvan GM60 can make it a good choice to carry while traveling. It will not be going to disturb you while moving from one place to another. You can enjoy watching movies, TV programs, playing games with family in the home theatre experience. What’s best other than projecting your ffavorite captured moments on a big display screen or wall! You can use the projector outside of your home in darker environments!

I have checked different e-commerce websites to get an idea about the price of the brand new projector device. Finally, I came to know that you can buy the GM60 smart Full HD projector online at an amount within a range of 75 to 100 US dollars.

The best part of the Excelvan GM60 LED portable projector is the fact that the device cannot produce any radiation. Therefore, it provides complete comfort to our eyes even after watching its projection for a long time. It is a good thing to have in a multimedia gadget that can not only entertain your family but also take care of their wellbeing!

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