Excelvan LED 9 Review: Opportune Projector with Exciting Display Features

Excelvan LED 9 review

Just a few hours before I had a great experience. That too while spending some time with one more projector model from the house of Excelvan. It has happened at one of my relative’s home. Hence this post is based on my recent hands on and review of the same machine, i.e., Excelvan LED 9 projector unit.

It is my request from you to keep reading this post to uncover the hidden truths behind the performance of the product. That too based on different test figures. As per my experience of watching the display screen of the same, I would say that the projector can reproduce full effects for a user. One can get the real feel of projecting Blue-ray 3D, or any other type of 3D multimedia resources on a big display output.

I cannot forget the visuals that have been generated by the LED 9 in the output projection screen. I have used the device personally for about half a day. In the meantime, I have come to know much benefits of using the projector. So let me start uncovering them for you all one by one now!

What are all Accessories Included in the Packaging Box of
Excelvan LED 9?

Inside the company packaging box, a consumer will get a power plug, an AC-DC adapter, a user manual, and a VGA cable. Not limited to it a user can also take the benefit of having a Remote controller, a video cable, and a warranty card with the main projector unit. Hence, I would like the fact that the company has supplied enough accessories. They are really helpful to enhance the productivity of LED 9.

The remote that comes with the device has a long form factor. It easily fits into the hands and appears in all black. All the buttons have been provided in grey color expect the power and four other special buttons those are located at the top two rows of the remote. The batteries are not included in the company packaging box of the product.

A Brief Glance about the Hardware Appearance of the Projector

The projection machine of the Excelvan brand that I had reviewed is of the compact in shape and rectangular design. The hardware has got a nice matte grey finish from all sides with glossy white on top. At the front surface of the projector to the left, there is a lens. Further on the right side, there are some air vents.

The manufacturers have provided an adjusting screw at the bottom front position of the hardware. It is located near to the middle of the bottom surface of the device. On all the four corners of Excelvan LED 9 rubbers padding is available. It can help the projector to form a nice grip with the ground wherever it has been placed.

Also, there is an air vent as a set of small holes formed in a hexagonal shape. Lastly at the left surface concerning the front portion of the machine there lies a manual knob. It is probably to switch on/off the device. It has been located to the front area on the same surface. Also, there is an air vent provided at the back portion on the left surface of the projector.

What all User Interface Controls Present on the Excelvan LED 9 Hardware?

On the right surface at the exterior hardware of the machine regarding the front face, there is a DC power input port. It also consists of a set of small holes. They have been provided to pass on sound from the internal speakers of the projector. Next, to it, there is a TF card slot to insert an external micro SD card.

At the back surface of the machine there lies all the hardware interface connectivity ports. The total number of available interface connectivity ports on LED 9 includes a PC-RGB and Audio out. The list of interface port options also comprises of 2 x USB, VGA, RJ45, Headphones, HDMI, AV, and Micro SD card reader.

On the top surface of the hardware towards the right at the center portion, there are some touch panels to control the projector functions. It includes a menu, a power on/off, a source select, navigational buttons with an OK touch at the center.

At the same surface ot the back portion to the right, there are many logos of different available features inside the machine. It includes a Wi-Fi, Full HD, 3D and DLP badging. By looking to them, a user might get enough idea about the main features of the LED 9 machine.

What are the Primary Hardware Specifications of the Projector Device?

The net weight of the projection device measures to around 1.5 kilograms or in other words it is 3.31lb. Thus, it is easy for a user of any age to lift it on hands and transfer it from one place to another.

And the significant benefit is the presence of a robust internal cooling system of the device that works very silently. I did not get any irritating noise from the projection system while using the machine at a lower volume level.

The net dimensions of Excelvan LED 9 are 10.63 inches x 8.27 inches x 1.97 inches. The measurements are concerning the overall size of the length, width, and height of the machine respectively. To understand it differently the complete measures of the device are 27 cm x 21 cm x 5 cm.

An RGB LED light source has been used by the manufacturers inside the hardware. It is capable to generate bright pictures on the display output. That too it works with high efficiency by saving lots of electricity bills for a user.

It is easy to set up the LED 9 projector hardware in less time possible. That too at any place irrespective of either indoor or outdoor use. It has been noted that the machine consumes an average total power of 50 watts.

There is an inbuilt audio system available on the device. But for me, it did not work to generate quality sound output. It sounds flat! Also at high volume it might irritate some of us those who love listening to the high-quality sound from multimedia devices. However, the best solution for the same is to connect some external amplified speakers or any audio system with the projector.

How Excelvan LED 9 is a Powerful Projection Machine?

The product is powered by an ARM Cortex A7 quad-core central processing chip. Not limited to it, the manufacturers have also provided a Multi-core Mali-450MP2 GPU inside the hardware. Hence, making the device an efficient machine to play high-resolution movies or games without having any glitches.

An 8 GB external memory is present inside the Excelvan LED 9 to install ample projector supportable Apps. A user can also store multimedia files on the same without bothering about any limit of storage. After all, there is a provision of an external micro SD card slot. It can increase the size of the total memory of the projection system.

By the way, the internal Lamp that has been used inside the projector machine can be used for more than thirty thousand hours. In other words, a consumer does not need to worry about the maintenance of the LED 9 Lamp for a long time ahead. At least for the next six to eight years after the purchase even by using the same at the rate of four to five hours daily.

One good thing about the same that I would like to add here is the fact that the internal cooling system of the projector works very fine. I have to say even after using the hardware for about four hours of continuous use. I did not find any problem with the overheated exterior of the machine or so.

How LED 9 is a Multimedia Rich Projection Device?

The user interface of the device is based on an Android version 4.4 based operating system. It has many benefits since a user can have the option to download and install some content streaming Apps or Games on the projector system. An added advantage other than having the facility for a user to connect the LED 9 hardware with a high-end gaming console like Play Station or Xbox.

I will give a thumbs up for the effort of the company in providing a highly useful Bluetooth V4 multimedia feature on the device. Hence, making it easy for anyone to pair the machine with any other Bluetooth enabled gadget and share the content. One another benefit is to connect any set of Bluetooth active speakers with the main projector unit without using any wires.

Also to connect the Excelvan LED 9 hardware with internet a user can take the help of Wi-Fi connectivity feature, i.e., IEEE 802.lla/b/g/n (2.4G / 5G). That too without being dependent on wires for the same. But as an option, the hardware also includes an RJ45 connector to join the projector with wired internet connectivity.

There is an availability of rich interface connectivity options on the projection machine. After all, the product can be connected to different high-end multimedia devices normally available in our homes. It includes but not limited to Blue-ray players, DVD players, etc.

How is the Output Display Performance of the Projector?

Excelvan LED 9 like the different high-end models has provided the LED 9 device with DLP based projection technology. Also, the maximum brightness capability of the machine is about 3000 lumens.

As per my experience with the display output performance of the projector I have to say the pictures are looking sharp. They are clear both for the projection screen or a wall. That too it does not matter whether the output screen or a wall has been painted as white or in dark color.

The LED 9 smart portable projector can reproduce crisp pictures on all types of screen colors. By the way, the machine can project a big output screen on any display object within a size range of 20 inches to 115 inches in diagonal length.

At daytime, a user can keep the window curtains open and allow the sun rays to come from them towards the output projected screen. It is because the projector can display the pictures with hardly any chances of whiteness on the same under such condition.

So it is just a waste of time to discuss the performance of the display output of LED 9 at night hours or darker environments. They are the best conditions to get the finest quality projected output from the machine. But a user needs to take care while lighting the room where the projector has been placed.

The device should be used in a Moderate bright lit room to get the optimum display performance from Excelvan LED 9 machine. Let us make it simpler, and it is suggested for a user to keep the ambient light on an average level or possibly dimmer.

What are the Notable Display Configurations of the Projector?

The device works at a native display resolution of 1280 x 800ppi. However, the maximum output resolution of the product is 1920 x 1080ppi or Full HD. Unfortunately, a user will not get the benefit of watching 4K multimedia content on the system.

The product can generate about 16.7 million full colors on big screen output. I was completely mesmerized with the effect of vivid colors on the display of LED 9. The projector works to generate a maximum contrast ratio of 10000:1.

There is a manual focus functionality provided by the Excelvan engineers on the device. It can help a user to enhance the projected screen 2x times that of the standard size. One can set the display output of the machine to one among either 16:10 or 4:3 as screen aspect ratios.

It is best to take the benefit of having a 360-degree flip feature on the projector offered to reverse the images on the display screen when required. It can be helpful while using the LED 9 device for different projection modes. A user can adjust the output screen due to the presence of a 40-degree automatic keystone correction function on the machine.

Last but not the least a user can also enjoy watching 3D movies or pictures on a projected output. All one need is to use a compatible pair of 3D glasses while projecting the same using the projector. It is possible due to an active shutter 3D technology available on the product for private cinema.


By reading to the features mentioned above in different sections, you might have thought about the machine. It is that the device has been designed only for home entertainment purposes. However, it can also be used for office purposes. There is good news for such users about the LED 9 intelligent projector. It is the fact that the hardware supports complete Microsoft office suite and other similar productivity Apps.

It comprises word files for projecting documents and PPT files for displaying presentation slides on a big output screen. Not limited to it a once can project excel files on a significant display output to enhance the convenience in accounting and many more.

At last, by concluding my review about the projector here, I will surely recommend it to others. Are looking for a budget oriented projection machine that can produce bright output or having rich display features? If the answer is a yes then one should go with Excelvan LED 9 for sure.

The projector can produce Bright images under different environmental scenarios. It is a complete multimedia product that can be used for home cinema, workplaces or education. Again the Sound output is not fair, but it is a common thing to have even in highly priced LED 9 projection hardware as well.

One thing is guaranteed that whenever you see the output display screen of the machine, then you will be going to appreciate it. The hardware has much potential to project good quality pictures on a projection object.

If you are interested in buying the product, then hurry up! The Excelvan LED 9 projector is available on sale on different worldwide e-commerce platforms. You can buy it at a discount price of about $420 other than the original market price, i.e., approximately $435.

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