Excelvan M5 Review: An Effective Substitute for TV cum Handy Multimedia Projector

Excelvan M5 Review

People those who are in search of a projector for a home or office are only looking for a modern projection technology machines. A device that should be portable, good-looking, easy to handle and setup are among the basic needs in trends. Excelvan is a well-recognized brand in the field of projectors. It has also made a good name in the area of producing robust and high-end projectors and other electronic devices. In this post, I will be going to discuss my complete experience with the Excelvan M5 projector as a review with you all.

At present, the Market value of M5 is around $226, but you can get one at a discounted price of approx. $135 with extra shipping charges. The projector is available in Black color. Thus, it is also an economical device to be used either for entertainment, work or study.

How is the Output Display Quality of M5?

The maximum brightness of M5 is around 220 ANSI lumens, or simple to say 3500 lumens. A user can take the benefit of watching a big display screen having Luminance uniformity of 52 percent. You can also use the projector with room curtains open or under high surrounding ambient light. It is because of the Illumination Uniformity of 75 percent that has been present inside the M5.

The device supports a total of 1.67 million true-colors on the display output. It projects a picture with 30% more brightness than the other projector machines available in the market of the same budget. The projector can reproduce original colors. It can help a user to display natural, life like pictures on the output screen.

M5 is capable of projecting a big display screen of maximum 200 inches in size. The projector works at a native resolution of WXGA 1280 x 768 pixels. However, it can support a maximum display resolution of up to WUXGA (1280 x 768), i.e., 1080P Full HD.

I found much difference between the back and grey colors on the projected output all due to 2000:1 contrast ratio. The Excelvan M5 projector supports to display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. M5 is based on a useful LCD technology. Thus, you can watch the output screen much similar like an LCD TV.

What are some Best Facts Regarding the Display Screen Performance of M5?

The display screen of the projector can maintain a color temperature of 7500 – 8500K. You can take the benefit of manual focus and + / – 15-degree vertical keystone correction to adjust the output screen. Thus, a user can always experience a clear and upright display output.

M5 is compatible with a throw ratio of 1.4:1. Hence, a user needs to install the device near to the output projection object. The device supports the ceiling, front and rear projection methods. A user can enjoy 3D multimedia projection technology on a big display screen with amusing effects. I tried to experience watching a 3D movie on the same and found it is working great!

It is recommended to install the M5 projector machine at a distance of within 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters to the output projection object. As a result, you will get a big projection screen of a size ranging in between 45 inches to 120 inches in the diagonal length.

How is the Design of Projector Machine?

At the front surface of M5 to the left side, there is a big projector lens. Next to it, i.e., both on center and to the right there is a metal mesh. It is there probably to pass on the sound coming from the internal speakers of the Excelvan M5 projector hardware.

On the top surface of M5 at the front part and right above the lens there are two big adjustable knobs. They are provided to adjust the keystone and focus of the display output of the projector. Now to the right at the front portion on the same top surface of M5, there is a badging of Excelvan written in white text.

Also on the back portion to the right side at the top of the device, there are some manual projector control buttons. These buttons almost resemble like accessing the buttons present on a remote controller. It includes a power button, a back, a source, a menu, and four directional buttons with an Ok button at their center.

I like the location of these buttons since it is almost in quick reach to the user who is sitting behind the M5 while working with the projector. Also, there is a small indicator light present in between these buttons that can help a user to check the status of M5 at any instant of time.

How is the Excelvan M5 Projector Hardware Accessible?

On the right and left sides of M5 projector to the back side, there are some air vents. I hope they have been provided by the projector manufacturers to release the internal residual heat from the machine. Also, I would like to mention that Excelvan has provided an IR sensor both at the front and back surfaces of the projector device.

Coming to the back surface of M5! On the left, there is a power on/off button at the upper portion and a power plug port below the same. Further, on the right side, there is a separate cavity that includes many user interface ports. These can help us to connect an external device either it can be speakers, mouse, keyboard, etc. with the help of wires with the projector system.

At the bottom surface of the projector to the front portion at the center, there is an adjustable leg. Hence a user can use it to fix a certain height and project the output display screen of M5. Also, there are four holes for hardware mounting present towards the corners at the bottom. Therefore, together they can enhance the usability of the projector device. It is possible by fixing the M5 machine on a stand or a wall/ceiling mount.

How is the Genuine Remote Controller of M5?

A remote controller that has been supplied with the M5 projector consists of many control buttons. I include many to check out! Let me start right from the top; there is a power on/off and a volume mute button.

Below to them, there is a separate section highlighted with a border. It can help us to understand that the device includes some buttons that are helpful to access and to control the multimedia playback on M5.

Next, below this, you will get a big round button. Obviously, it is for basic navigation of menu, settings or any files on the Excelvan M5 projector user interface. And just like what we have seen on the top of the projector hardware the remote is also having an Ok button. It is present right at the center of the navigational button.

Below them same like the hardware control buttons, there is a source, a menu, and a back button. Lastly, there is a long horizontal button on the remote controller. It can be used to control the volume output of the internal speakers of the M5 projector machine.

The remote controller of M5 is available in all white color. It is opposite to the black appearance of the projector machine and feels premium on hands. It appears like any other remote controller that comes with large home appliances.

How is the Performance of Projector Hardware?

You can use the internal Lamp of the projector for the next 11 years with average daily usage of 5 hours. It is possible due to the maximum working life of the internal LED light source provided in the same, i.e., 20000 hours.

Unfortunately, I got one limitation of M5. It is the fact that the Excelvan M5 projector hardware has generated more noise while in action. I feel it is on the higher side as compared to other multimedia portable projectors having similar features.

The maximum noise has been measured below 54 dB. A CPU chip that has been used inside the M5 projector is based on MIPS processing architecture. The projector can work at an average operating temperature of +5°C ~ +35°C.

The internal components of the projector will always be in the cold state. It is because the Excelvan has provided the M5 projection machine with an excellent internal cooling system. Hence, as per my experience, the dual fans provided inside the hardware works well.

I have used the projector device for about 4 to 5 hours, and I do not feel any high temperature or so while touching on the outer shell of M5. A user needs to supply an AC power supply of 100 – 240V to the machine. After all, the projector consumes an average power of 129W. 2.5 W on standby.

What are the Noteworthy Hardware Specifications of M5?

If we discuss the interface connectivity ports available on M5, then it is having 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Also, there is One video port, One audio input port, and One audio output port. A PCB connector is there on the hardware to join the PC with the Excelvan M5 projector. It can help you to display the PC output directly on a big screen display on walls or any other projection object.

There are two 2W speakers as a stereo audio system available inside the projector device to provide Hi-Fi sound output. So the quality of the internal audio system present inside the M5 is not too excellent but not worse as well.

The net weight of the M5 projection machine is around 2.5 kilograms. Yes, it is the bit on the heavier side as compared to the other projector devices available on the market in the same budget. But not to worry the second time you lift the projector hardware you will not feel any trouble.

Lastly, the overall dimensions of the M5 projector can be measured regarding the length, width, and height of the machine. After all, it is almost rectangular in appearance. So the measures are 30.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 11.5 cm respectively.

How is Excelvan M5 a Multimedia Rich Device?

You can watch movies on M5 by playing anyone compatible formats. It includes AVI, MKV MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, RMVB, MPEG-4, MPEG2, MPEG1, H.264, H.263, XVID, and JPEG file extensions.

Also, the projector is good if you are not in a mood to watch a big screen output and only want to listen to audio or music. It is possible due to the Hi-Fi sound system available on M5 to use the device as a standalone music system. You need to play one among many projector supportable file formats. It includes .mp3, .aac, .flac, .mp2, .wma, and .pcm.

By the way, the overall sound output of the M5 projector is not something that can excite you if you are a music lover. In such a case, it is best to connect the projector with some external speakers that can deliver good quality sound output.

Lastly, if you have a habit to collect the photo albums, then you can project them on a big screen and share with others to bring a smile on their faces. For doing so, you need either one among supportable .jpg, .bmp and .png multimedia file formats.

What are the Available Connectivity Options on M5?

As a package, the Excelvan is supplying a remote controller, a user manual, and a power cable with the plug as your country standards. Also, there is an RCA AV connector cable, a 2 in 1 AV cable, a lens optical tissue, a projector lens cap, an HDMI cable, and the main M5 projector unit. Let me remind you again that the projector is available online in US, AU and EU power plug options. Hence, you have sufficient projector connectivity options with you.

The M5 projector supports wired multi-screen connectivity feature. Hence, a user can connect a smartphone or a tablet directly with the Excelvan M5 projector using a compatible wire. A wired connection always proves itself to be better concerning the durability of connection. By the way, if you have an android gadget, then you can take the help of an MHL cable for the same. Also, in case of the iOS device a Lightning cable or a digital AV adapter can do the job for you.

Hence, M5 is compatible with both wired and wireless connections with an external device. A user can choose to use one as per the convenience.


Lastly, I would say M5 is a well build portable LED projector from the Excelvan. You can use the machine both from the front or back sides of a projection screen. It can be possible by keeping the hardware either on a tabletop or by mounting the same on a ceiling.

The remote feels easy to use at the same time comfortable while handing the device with a single hand. Also, you can use the genuine remote controller that has been supplied with the projector from within a distance of 10 meters.

It comes with many good qualities such as Impressive display performance, and Excellent Focus. The projector has a Portable and Premium design, and Simple to operate. I like the Durable hardware and its capability to project Bright pictures on the output screen.

If you are also looking to buy a small multimedia cinema projector, then you can check the M5 machine. And yes you might get two years of manufacturer warranty on the product. At least for me, Excelvan M5 is a good alternative as compared to a Full HD TV of big screen size.

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