Excelvan P7 Mini: A Home Entertainment Projector in your Pocket

Excelvan P7 Mini Projector Review

Many times strangers prove to be beneficial for us! You might have already faced this most of the times in your life. It can be in the form of taking a lift while traveling, asking for help, getting help without any greed and under many more situations. I had recently experienced the same with a lady to whom I met for the first time and get the benefit of reviewing a projector from her help! This article is based on my review regarding Excelvan P7 Mini projector.

A Projector Machine in a Pocket

The day before yesterday itself I went to the nearest shopping mall to buy a Pizza from Pizza Hut store. The store is on the first floor, but I thought to buy it when I go back to my home. So the very first thing that I decided is to take a tour of all the floors of that shopping mall once before the same.

Excelvan P7 Mini

So I have taken the help of an escalator to reach right to the top floor of the shopping mall. When the elevator had arrived on the second floor, I saw a lady was entered in the same in a hurry. In the meantime, she dropped her purse from his hands on the floor of the escalator.

I helped her to lift the purse from the floor and give it to her. She is thankful for my help! After a few seconds, I have noticed that she had open the purse and took out a small device, checked it if it was alright or not and keep it again inside the bag.

I did not recognize what was that portable device at that time so I asked her about the same. She said it is a projector device! Finally even in the mall as well I got a new gadget to look for and review. I asked her about the brand and model name of the same. She said it is Excelvan P7 Mini smart home projector.

Excelvan P7 Mini LED Projector

I Got the Invitation to Review the P7 Projector Device

I introduced myself to her with my hobbies and work and also requested her to allow me to review her projector device. The lady reacted to it with a smile and replied that she belongs to the profession of sales and marketing. She was going to present a seminar at one of a clothing outlet based on the top floor of that shopping mall.

Further, she had invited me to attend that session. So that after the presentation she can offer me the opportunity to review her P7 intelligent movie projector hardware as a bonus. Hence at that time, the only thing that goes through my mind is to explore more about the P7 projector machine. Thus, I instantly decided that I will go back only after reviewing that gadget.

Therefore, without overthinking, I had confirmed for her invitation. After the presentation with some QnA sessions that lady has done with her work. At last, I got the chance to do some hands-on with the device in the same shop outlet.

Fast And Furious

By respecting her work, I have not taken much time to review the P7 portable cinema projector hardware. I was keen to know as much as possible about the same device. At the same time noted all the facts that I got to know with her also that I found in the Excelvan P7 projector machine.

I would like to thank that lady for giving her time and support to make this review possible. Next, I am going to share with you every information that I have collected about the P7 indoor multimedia projector hardware.

What are the Hardware Configurations of the P7 Projector?

The complete body of the P7 projector hardware is made in dual tone design, i.e., a mix of black and white colors. You can see the classic black front and back sides of the P7 pocket intelligent projector device.

Also, there is a column of control buttons provided at the top face in black color. Other than that everything on the outer covering of the P7 movie night projector hardware is of pure white! So it almost gives a premium and professional look to have the combination of primarily white and black colors on a multimedia gadget.

The Excelvan P7 home theater cinema projector’s lamp is based on LED projection technology. It is not only efficient to use but also like other LED projectors its Lamp can also be made to lasts for an extended period of up to twenty thousand hours. The outer shell or said the body of the P7 pocket multimedia projector device is made up of ABS material.

Box Packaging at a Glance

The outer box packaging of the P7 intelligent outdoor projector machine is straightforward as a regular brown box. There are a brand and basic layout of the projector at its front and the necessary details about the product and accessories written on its back. Inside the Box of P7 smart small projector machine, there is a power cable, a user manual, an AV cable, and remote control with the main P7 projector device.

The total size of the P7’s package box is around 853 grams and sizes to about 21.3 cm x 21 cm x 8.2 cm concerning the overall length, width, and height of the Box. P7 multimedia cinema projection hardware can consume a total power of less than 30W and need a standard power supply of 100-240V at 50/60Hz. The P7 projector is based on mini-sized projection machine. P7 pocket entertainment projector hardware consists of an internal speaker of 3W power.

What are the Design Aspects of the Excelvan P7 Projector?

At the front face of the P7 smart movie projector device, there is a brand impression located on the right portion of the projector hardware. Also, there is a lens on the left part of the same front surface of the P7 home theater smart projector device.

Next on the top surface of the P7 projection machine there lies some buttons in a row to control the basic operation of the P7 projector while using the same. The buttons include a power on/off, a right, a left, an OK, an ESC, and an Input button to select the source of multimedia to be projected using the P7 smart device.

Also, there is a small indicator light right next to the power button on the projector hardware. It can help its users to get an idea about whether the P7 intelligent portable projector machine is active or not.

On the back side of the projector, there is all mesh of small metal grills. They help to cover the internal speakers and also act as a sufficient passage to keep the P7 projector’s hardware cooler possible.

A Good Facility of Interface Connectivity

Both the left and right surfaces of the P7 indoor cinema projector machine are made in curved design. At the left part on the top portion of the same, there lie some interface ports. The Excelvan P7 smart multimedia projector device includes a power input port, an audio output port, an AV port, a USB port, a TF card slot, and an HDMI port.

Also, there are some air vents in a row provided at the bottom portion on the left side of the P7 home cinema projector concerning the lens surface. And lastly, the right side of the project is black. Wait! I am missing something yes at the black portion on the right side of the lens there lies a knob to adjust the projector’s display screen manually.

The net weight of the P7 intelligent multimedia projector device is only 546 grams. It is right about what its manufacturers are saying that it is a lightweight device the same as that of a smartphone. The complete body of the projector is designed to have a small size. It can be proven with the measured metrics as 17.9 cm x 10.4 cm x 5.2 cm concerning the projector’s length x width x height respectively.

What are the Impressive Features of the P7 Projector?

Excelvan has provided an advanced cooling system inside the P7 projector hardware so that the projector can breathe well. I mean to say the projector can intake fresh cold air from outside and dissipate the residual heat to outside.

You will get two internal speakers so you can enjoy stereo sound quality in the P7 smart portable projection hardware. The projector’s user interface supports about 23 different languages. Therefore one thing is for sure that the P7 projector is a machine that people from different countries can use without any issues.

The lens of the P7 cinema projector is professionally made of full glass and works best with the manual focus functionality of the same. You will enjoy not only clear pictures on the Excelvan P7 smart multimedia projector’s output display but also bright colors.

All because P7 delivers a higher transmission of light as compared to the other projectors in its segment. It is due to an exceptional high transmittance and the high precision coating provided on the lens of the P7 pocket projector machine.

What are the Display Characteristics of the P7 Projector?

P7 movie night portable projection hardware can work at a native resolution of 320 x 240ppi, but up to a maximum, it can support to project a Full HD content. The projector can deliver output with a contrast ratio of 600:1.

The P7 multimedia smart projector device is based on a two-inch LCD image system. The lens of the projector is of 120mm in size. The P7 projector can support to display a bigger output display screen with a maximum brightness of 500 Lumens.

You can project a big display screen either on the walls or a projector screen. The Excelvan P7 intelligent pocket projector machine supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios as per in which mode you are more comfortable to enjoy the visuals. It supports a throw ratio of 1.7:1.

Big Display Output

The P7 projector can be placed at a distance starting from 0.79 meters to 4 meters concerning the projection screen. Hence, as a result, you can get bigger projected outputs from P7 of size ranging from 23 inches to 147 inches in length diagonally.

The truth behind the P7 Full HD LED projector hardware is the fact that it is a best device for home users. Thus, you cannot use it for most of your official activities. But P7 projector device can be a good colleague for you to change your mood by projecting some good multimedia content with the same at your free time. It is beneficial if you are in the habit of doing hectic work at the office or enjoying weekend parties.


I am impressed about how smartly that lady has managed to use a P7 smart pocket projector gadget to get her job done. The best part is she does not need to carry a big sized projector in her hands or a backpack separately while traveling from one place to another!

By the way, let me clear you one fact about the Excelvan P7 LED movie night projector machine. It is the truth that the lady has projected some promotional videos and images only as a part of her presentation contents. Also while reviewing the P7 intelligent projector, I asked her about using other formats like PPT or word files for business purpose. As per the lady, the device is not suitable to project such formats. By the way, her name is Amma Roger.

She also has shared with me one of her experience about using the P7 smart portable projector hardware. It is the fact that P7 projector can work great on only dark surroundings. Hence, the display quality is better as compared to the places having bright surrounding light or even in the daytime.

So she always makes sure to take care of managing a place to give her presentations that are having less to medium surrounding lights. Other than that she is happy with using the P7 indoor entertainment projector device from about the past two months.

My Opinion on Excelvan P7 Projector

If you ask me for my opinion concerning the P7 LED smart projector then I will agree with what the manufacturers say that it is a pocket projector. It is of small size and weight that can be easy to carry while traveling from one place to another. Even I would say it P7 pocket intelligent projector machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it at nights whether it is a home, hotel or any other place.

Till now whatever I have personally experienced about the display quality of the P7 small multimedia projector. I can say it is both brighter and sharper. I can see all the colors in the output pictures under dim lights of that cloth outlet hall. You need to connect external speakers with the P7 projector device to use it either in a big room or while watching a movie with complete sound effects.

Excelvan P7 Mini Projector

Also, a significant advantage of having the P7 smart pocket projection machine is the fact that it is available to buy online at a price of about $55.45. Hence I would say Excelvan P7 movie night portable projector hardware is a budgetary projector device in your pocket or purse. It can do a proper justice both for your entertainment and professional needs whenever needed!

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