Excelvan P8I Mini Android Projector Review

On those chilly winter nights, don’t miss your favorite movie when it is too cold to go out to a commercial theater. Set up your small theater around your compact Excelvan P8I Mini DLP Android Smart Projector and evoke the memory while resurrecting the satisfying feeling of a theater. It is portable and much cheaper than a widescreen TV but still delivers crisp and detailed pictures that elevate your movie experience. The best part is that you can adjust the size of the images projected to suit a variety of spaces. Like a conventional TV, the images are bright, real and stunning and the viewing angles are simply amazing. Every shade of color is clearly depicted as it should and every scene handled smoothly. The Excelvan P8I is easily one of the best projectors on the market today.

Excelvan P8I Display 

The ability to transform the display into different modes to suit different working spaces is a winning idea that makes this projector a great option. Auto keystone correction feature automatically detects the vertical angle to ensure automatic or manual adjustment of the appropriate rectangle image. So you are always sure to find a convenient position making it perfect for home cinema, office presentations, college, and gaming.

Expect sharp images, bright images and vibrant colors with the 800×480p resolution that pairs with advanced DLP 0.3” DMD technology to accentuate your movie experience. The projection is super clear with 1000:1 contrast ratio and sufficient brightness of 100 ANSI lumens and can support a 1080p resolution which promises more immersive visuals.


This smart projector runs on Android 7.0 Operating System. This gives you access to online pages so you can browse, stream and download media and applications providing you plenty of options to play with. The video projection device is praised for fast and smooth application loading and blistering boot speeds because of the 1 GB RAM and Quad Core processor. The manufacturer recommends positioning this projector between 1 to 3 meters away from the display screen for the best image quality possible.

The image projected can range between 40 – 120 inches in diagonal length, just enough for all your projection needs. If you want to view the content on your smartphone from the projected display with multiscreen mirroring, simply use Airplay app for iOS users and Miracast app for Android users. You only need to connect your smart device and the P8I projector to the same Wi-Fi connection. Most if not all video, audio and picture formats are supported.

Storage and Battery 

You shouldn’t require any more than the 8 GB internal space for your storage needs. After all, even the most recent titles need less than that for storage. Inside this unit, you will find a 5000mAh battery that is capable of lasting throughout a 1.5-hour movie making it convenient especially when you have limited access to a power outlet. To recharge the battery, you need a 5V/3A input.


The Excelvan P8I is known to connect flawlessly to wireless networks thanks to the 2.4G and 5G dual band and Wi-Fi that can clock staggering speeds of 1000M/S. You will smoothly stream your favorite content and access your loved online destinations like Youtube, Netflix, and others. The P8I also lets you connect with wireless devices such as keyboards, mouse and speaker courtesy of the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. You will find an HDMI if you will need on plug in your PC, DVD player, game console and more. There is a generous offering of 2 USB ports for USB-stick as well. If you will want to project the sound from an external speaker or headphone, there is a 3.5mm jack for you. You can also choose to connect a TF card to the included TF port and enjoy more movies, gaming, photos and more.

Design and build quality 

We are almost certain that you will love the compact palm-size design the Excelvan P8I boasts. It measures a mere 14.5×8.9×1.7 cm and is just about the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus. It is slim enough to slip into the side compartments of your laptop backpack. This device is also crazy lightweight at 255g making it convenient and comfortable to carry it around in your pocket. The general metallic build is solid and strong overall and gives the projector a sleek, premium look. Not just that, it looks good too. This means that you will not only feel good about how the projector functions but how it looks as well.

Ease of use

Setting up and using this unit is pretty easy. You will find an intuitive glass touch panel that provides all your control options. In addition to that, it also comes with a remote for easy and convenient operation. You will find an easy to reach ON/Off button for powering on the device. The package also includes a user manual to guide you through installation and use and a tripod for positioning the device securely in place.


  • You get a free HDMI cable.
  • It is compact, lightweight and easily portable.
  • The battery power can be used as a power bank to charge your phone and other small devices.


  • Battery power is insufficient for long projects.


Included in the Package

  • The Excelvan P8I mini projector.
  • Remote control.
  • Tripod stand.
  • Power adapter.
  • User Manual.



Good movies deserve good displays.  This traditional association of projectors and movies continues to deliver a wildly entertaining experience with this adorable easy-to-use machine. The Excelvan P8I is a great addition to any theater, big or small.

You should be aware by now that ordinary televisions have just never been good enough for movies.  This smart home theatre projector is a treasure you should have at home. That said, it is time to toss aside your old home theatre TV or projector that is giving you trouble. Grab yourself one of this smart projector that everyone is chasing right now. It offers the best compromise between the portability, power and ultra-wide display. This makes it a go-to option for anyone serious buyer. Your home movie nights have never been more exciting!

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