Excelvan Q2 Review: A Budgetary Toy Projector for Kids

Excelvan Q2 Review

It is always a hectic task to decide upon what to gift to the children. For a boy kid, we choose some playing toys and for girls any cute doll or teddy bears! But does such type of toys beneficial for them? They will play with them, and after some time such kind of toys are of no use. So the best alternative is to gift a toy projector to your dear young ones that can help them to learn while growing for many years to come. This post is based on my recent review of a toy projector, i.e., Excelvan Q2.

The projector is available to buy online at a discounted price of only about 56 US dollars. The price is excluding the applicable shipping fee if it is applied to your country. I request you to kindly read this post completely to get enough idea about my complete story behind reviewing the same Excelvan product!

Excelvan Q2 Toy Projector: Why it is Beneficial for Kids?

Below I am going to list down five main qualities of Q2 projector that can make it a highly useful toy for Kids;

  1. There are two inbuilt Hi-Fi speakers provided by the targeted users in mind, i.e., children. Hence, a great projected visual from the Q2 machine is impressive. In combination with sound output, the device will definitely be going to attract every child’s attention towards itself.
  2. Your kid can use the Q2 projector to play games and listen to the music. Also to watch educational videos, animated cartoons, and many other applications to think for now.
  3. Due to toy-like design, one thing is sure about Q2 machine! It is the fact that if your kids are interested in enjoying multimedia content, then they always want the device to be with them.
  4. Not just this if you find it highly useful for the child of your friends or relatives then it can be an excellent choice to gift them as well.
  5. The Excelvan Q2 projector comes with Eye protection technology that is a primary requirement of any user from a kid’s projector device.

What are the Display Configurations of Q2 Projection Device?

The Q2 projector can produce a display output with a maximum optical brightness of 70 lumens. It has been provided to protect the eyes of kids from any harm or so. The projector is compatible to display a total of 16.7 million colors to get complete details of natural pictures.

You do not need to use a separate projection screen to project the output display of the Q2 device. It is because the projector is compatible to project a large display screen of size 70 inches up to maximum on a wall probably white. It can deliver the best performance for which a user needs to keep the hardware of the Q2 projector at a distance of about 3 meters away from the wall.

Q2 supports to project true Full HD pictures on the output screen, i.e., of 1920 x 1080p resolution. A sturdy LED lamp has been used inside the Excelvan Q2 projection machine with more than thirty thousand hours of life. The lamp of Q2 projector consumes a total power of 10W. By the way, you can use the lamp for about thirty thousand hours.

What to Notice Regarding the Display Properties of Q2?

A single LCD chip has been used in the Q2 projection hardware. It is recommended to project an output display of size 20 inches to 60 inches in diagonal length. You can get it by keeping the projector hardware at a distance of 0.8 meters to 2 meters from the output projection object.

Q2 supports to project the pictures in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. It works on a native resolution of 320 x 240ppi. The projector works at a maximum contrast ratio of 800:1. Q2 supports three different modes of projection namely rear, front, and ceiling. The device supports manual focus functionality.

Now let me share with you all my reaction towards the overall display output of the Q2 projector. It is clear, brighter even in mid ambient light, and most amazingly I can see much difference in the contrast of colors on the screen.

What are the Hardware Specifications of Q2?

Q2 has been made to have lightweight hardware that is only about half of a kilogram. Hence, a child can carry the Excelvan Q2 from one place to another with ease. The net dimensions of the projection machine are only 10.5cm x 10.3cm x 11cm concerning the length, width, and height of the device respectively.

Excelvan has designed a convenient remote controller for Q2. It works smoothly with the projector machine. The remote has been developed by keeping in mind children as the targeted users of the device. An efficient cooling system has been provided inside the projector machine.

There are two internal speakers of 2W 4 ohms present on the projector machine. Q2 projector hardware needs a DC power supply of 12V at 2A. By the way, the total power consumption of the Q2 projection device is only within a range of 10 to 24W. The average operating temperature of the projector hardware lies within the room temperature. It has been measured within 0-40 degree Celsius or 32-104 degree Fahrenheit.

How is the Overall design of the Excelvan Q2 Projector Hardware?

The front face of the Q2 projector has a lens. The top is having a comfortable flap helpful to carry the device from one place to another. You can also get a smile integrated into the design of the Q2 projector at the front. Altogether it seems like the projector hardware is smiling all the time.

Both the left and right sides of the Q2 projector has some air vents and internal fan to dissipate the residue heat. It works silently so that the kids will not get irritated. A child can never lose the focus while learning with projecting something educational stuff on a big display screen. Also, the projector hardware can deliver the sound output from here.

There lie some manual control buttons at the top. It includes an On/Off button, a Return button, an OK button, and volume control buttons. At the back side of Q2, there lie all the interface ports arranged in a row at the upper portion. Also, there is a big knob at the bottom part on the same surface to adjust the manual focus of the projector machine.

A Quick Look on the Projector’s Remote Controller

The remote controller has been made of lightweight design and has a compact body that can be fit comfortably on the hands of kids very well. It includes a power button and a button to control the light source of the device located at the top portion.

Further, there are a Menu button, Input button, an OK button with some navigational buttons. Below them, there are some volume control buttons, a multimedia play/pause button, a mute and an Esc/Return button. So both parents and a child can control nearly everything on the projector by sitting at one place. It is possible by using a little remote controller provided by the manufacturers.

How simple it is for a Kid to access User Interface?

The user interface of the Q2 projector supports 23 different languages including all the commonly used ones. Hence, Excelvan has made it sure that that the projector can be used with ease by the users belonging to different nations.

The operating system of the Excelvan Q2 projection device can support all type of video or movie formats. Kids can watch images on the big screen display output by projecting all the commonly used picture formats like .bmp, .jpeg, and .png.

Also since the Q2 projector has been made for kids so the machine can recognize and support .txt files. They are necessary for children to project any educational text file. Parents can use the Q2 as a standalone audio system to boost the singing and dancing skills of their children. The compatible audio formats include MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, and APE.

The whole dimensions of the projector hardware are 3.94 x 4.02 x 4.33 inches or 10.00 x 10.20 x 11.00 cm. It has been measured as per the length, width, and height of the Q2 device respectively.

How is the Packaging of Excelvan Q2 Projector?

As a complete package, the Excelvan is providing a Remote controller, a set of stickers, and a 3 in 1 AV cable. Also, there is a power cable and a user manual with the Q2 projector machine. The overall dimensions of the box packaging supplied for the Q2 projection machine are lesser as per the device.

Hence, you can easily wrap the package box and gift it to any child without any hassle. The dimensions can be measured as 7.87 x 5.31 x 5.31 inches or 20.00 x 13.50 x 13.50 cm. The measurements are as per the length, width, and height of the Q2 projector device respectively.

No worries about the country where you are currently residing. It is because the company is supplying the Excelvan Q2 projector in any one among different power plug sizes to match with a country standard. It includes a US plug (2-pin), AU plug, EU plug, Japan Plug(2-pin), and UK plug.

Why is Q2 better than other same Budget Projectors?

Following I am going to list down some of the reasons behind why you can choose Q2 as the best option of projector machine in a limited budget;

  • The output display screen can be adjusted manually with the help of a physical slider available on the Q2 projector hardware.
  • The Excelvan Q2 projector can display bright pictures in any surrounding lights.
  • It is a value for money product and has better quality than another cheap projector for kids available in the market
  • The best alternative for children those who do not like to watch televisions screens
  • The default display output resolution of the Q2 projector is not much higher but can display clear pictures on the display output
  • The audio output of Q2 projection machine is louder considering the size and price of the product.
  • By connecting additional external speakers, you can make almost any child love spending the time with the Q2 projector.
  • I have gone through many online reviews of the genuine projector users. I came to know that they are happy with the vivid colors that the projector can produce at the screen.
  • Q2 has been designed in a compact design with lightweight hardware.
  • You can achieve a great clarity of display output both in text and images.

My Fortune to Review Excelvan Q2

Yesterday, the day of reviewing the Q2 projector was both Bad and Good Day for me! I am saying this because of two different incidents that happened to me on the same day. One of them decreases my blood pressure due to worry, and others increased my blood pressure due to happiness.

Hence to make my both of the yesterday’s experience clear to you let me start with an incident of the morning. I was in a way to the market to purchase some groceries for the home needs. In the meantime, during my ride right in front of me, there is another biker who met with a brutal accident.

I saw everything happened with him with my eyes. The hit was so sudden that I cannot exactly say who the main culprit was. The biker and the car driver those who collided with each other while coming towards each other from a different direction.

But I am having one complaint against the biker who faced many damages. It is the fact that the biker was not wearing any protective riding gears like the most critical helmet. As it can help the biker to avoid much of the injuries happened on the body.

How Did I See a Toy Projector?

After that accident we all commuters nearby he stopped and ran towards to get some help for them. The biker is not in good condition. Also, the car driver is worried about the damages happened on his car.

There is a person on a jeep with his family who had shared his water bottle to offer some water for both the colliders. And someone has also called the ambulance for further medical aid. By the way, the biker is in good condition at the hospital as of now. Hence it was a horrible experience for me seeing someone in trouble.

At the same location, I saw the child of that jeep driver ran towards him and asked about the same incident. The man lifts him on his hands and gets back to his jeep to avoid his child to indulge in it. But luckily I saw a toy in the hands of his child. It is looking like some projector model.

I went to him to return his water bottle and do not spend much time introducing myself in front of him and finally asked about that toy. Finally, I came to know that it is Excelvan Q2 projector. I knew the fact that something is exciting behind that toy and finally, I got something good to know about after seeing that accident.

How Do I Get to Know about Q2 Projector?

Further, I showed my interest to review his Q2 toy projector device if he will allow me for the same hence I can write a review post on the same. At that time he just smiled at me and asked for my contact number and said that he would call me one day for the same.

I thought to have fewer chances to get the opportunity to review his cute little projector. However, yesterday itself in the evening I got his call, and he shared his address with me and invited me to his house to review his portable Q2 projector. Therefore, at last, I took the benefit of this opportunity and tried to uncover details about the same that I am going to share with you up next.

No More Wait,

I know that it is a bit long story! Some of you might be decided to skip this post but it is over now, and now it is the time to conclude this article here. Thanks for your patience but without being sharing my story behind my review of any gadget I always feel incomplete to write a post. If you are already aware of my other product review posts, then you may have the idea of the same! So let me summarize my review post regarding the Excelvan Q2 toy projection machine specially made for kids.


Excelvan is supplying the Q2 in three different colors. In includes Yellow, Light sky blue, and Pig Pink. So mostly light colors are there that are common among the children. Hence, the kids have a choice to buy one that matches with their favorite tone of colors.

I like the cute small stickers that have been supplied with the projector hardware. It can help the children to customize the look of their Q2 projector as they want with their favorite animated objects on it.

I have to say that the overall build quality of the Q2 projector is very nice. It can be used for a long time span. We cannot forget the fact that Q2 is a projector of the well-known Excelvan brand. Thus, no need to bother about the after sales support of the product.

After testing the Excelvan Q2 projector for a complete day, I can surely say one thing about the Q2 machine! It is s universal projector! I mean to say not only kids but parents as well can use the device.

You can watch movies, videos, and play games with the family on weekends. Not limited to this you can also remind some memorable moments. It can be done by projecting some older photos on a bigger sized display screen, and many more. Not limited to this Q2 portable projector can also be of much help for professionals to be used at their workplaces!

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