Excelvan Q6 Review: A Budget Oriented Home Entertainment Projector

Excelvan Q6

Yesterday I got a parcel from the local courier boy! It contains a brand new projector. It is not for me, but I got the chance to review the product! Let me clear the thing. My neighbor has ordered that projector! But due to a reason, he is not available on his home at the time of product delivery. So, it is a golden opportunity for me to review a projector that I never saw before! Finally, I got the permission from my neighbor and a chance to experience using the Excelvan Q6 projector yesterday itself.

Therefore, this post is genuinely dedicated to my review regarding the same! By the way, you can buy Q6 at a discounted price. It is of around the US $65 or even less from different online stores. It is an excellent deal since the market price of the product is nearly US $93 as per what I came to know from the trusted sources.

How is the Display Performance of Q6?

The projector supports to display a screen having a native resolution of 800x480dpi. However, a user can project pictures on the device that are of 1080p resolution to get much better quality outputs. Q6 supports Ceiling, Front, and Rear Throw projection modes. It is a small-sized projection machine. Hence anyone can use the device with ease while using it on a table top or install it on a ceiling using a mount.

The device is based on a 4 inch LCD TFT projection technology. An LED lamp is used inside the projector of high efficiency with having more than 20000 hours of work life. The maximum display brightness of Q6 is measured to about 1800 Lumens. Thus, it is best to use the projection machine in completely dark or with light surrounding ambient light.

I can see a pretty satisfactory contrast ratio in the output reproduced colors of the projector with enough details. By the way, the company says the device can withstand to project a picture having a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1. Q6 is compatible with the images that can be projected both as 16:9 and 4:3 projection screen ratios.

How is My Experience with the Display Output of Excelvan Q6?

A user needs to install the Q6 portable projector within a range of 0.8m to 3.5m as a distance from the output projection screen or a wall. It can result in projecting a big display screen of size ranging from 30 inches to 120 inches in diagonal length.

In due course, the projector supports +-15 Degree Manual Keystone Correction Function. It is helpful for a user to adjust the display screen. That too while keeping the machine hardware at any angle concerning a projection object. But, my experience with that function is not so good!

It is because I found some blurs occurring on certain portions of the output pictures that have been projected via the device. It happens to me while adjusting the trapezoidal correction and usually appears at the corners. Also, it is hard to use the manual focus zoom functionality of the projector. That too for every single area of the output screen.

What are the Hardware Configurations of Q6 Projector?

The projector needs an Input AC 110-240 50-60HZ power supply for it to work correctly. It is necessary to avoid any damage to the internal parts or any early maintenance of the machine. It has been found out that the device consumes an average power of 55W.

The manufacturers have taken proper care while designing the complete hardware of Excelvan Q6 that weights to about only 909g/1.99lb. So a user can lift the projector with hands quickly. Also one can transfer it from one place to another or install it without any hassle. That to the overall weight of the outer packaging box that has been supplied with the Q6 is only about 1.6 kg. In other words it is around 3.53 lbs.

Excelvan has also done a great job to provide us with portable projector hardware in the form of a Q6 device. As per the official sources, the overall dimensions of the product are 20.8 x 15.5 x 7.7cm. It has been measured as per the length, width, and height of the same respectively.

A 4 ohm 3W single speaker has been used inside the projector. Q6 generates minimum noise while working. It is similar as compared to the other high-end projector available in the market in much higher price ranges. Excelvan has helped the Q6 users by providing them with a right amount of hardware Interface ports. It includes two USB, one TF, one AV, one HDMI, and one VGA port.

How impressive is the Company Packaging Box of Q6?

The outer box packaging of Q6 comes in an almost neon blue color. It looks premium from outside with just a brand impression on the front part. There are some details regarding the projector model printed on the back of the Box. It includes some relevant information about the product regarding hardware specifications. It also consists of machine serial number, manufacturing date, import date, pricing information and so on.

To be precise, the outer packaging supplied with the Q6 sizes to about 10.63in x 9.84in x 4.72in. In other way they are 27cm x 25cm x 12cm. It has been measured concerning the length, width, and height of the projector respectively.

After talking out the inner soft box out of the outer package covering it consists of two sections. On one side there is Excelvan Q6 projector hardware, and on the other part, there are accessories. The package includes a remote controller, a lens cap, a user manual, an HDMI cable, a power cable, an AV cable, and Q6 projector.

How is the Overall Design of Projector Machine?

Q6 is based on portable hardware design. The projector is made up of complete plastic material. It is having black plastic at the bottom and imitation metal on the top surface of the device. The projector appears in dual tone colors. More than half of the upper portion looks in silver, and the rest below portion is black including the bottom.

I like the air vents provided on possibly the three sides of the Q6. At the lower portion that is hidden inside the black designer, groves give a decent look to the overall hardware of the device. It also enhances the chances of avoiding any damage to the inner projector components in any direct or indirect way.

The front side of the Q6 portable projector is having a lens. It has been provided at the left portion and an IR sensor to the right part of the surface. At the back of the projector to the upper left portion of the same, there is a VGA port and an IR sensor.

At the right side of Q6 on the upper part starting from left to right there is a TF port. Next, to it, there is a separate black section including the other interface ports. It comprises of 3.5mm jack, AV port, USB 1, USB 2, and HDMI ports. Below to the row of interface ports on Excelvan Q6, there are some air vents at the left portion located at the middle.

What are the Convenient Options on the Projector Body?

The left side of Q6 has nothing on the upper portion. However, on the lower black part to the left, there is a port to connect the power cable with the hardware. At the upper surface of the projector device on the left just above the lens there provided two big but easy to use adjustable knobs. They are helpful to manually control manual focus and keystone correction of the display output.

On the left side on the front part, there is a big brand impression of Excelvan. It has been imprinted in white facing towards the back. Hence, it is practically right since a user is sitting behind the machine hardware and operates the projector.

Also on the upper surface on the back portion to the right, there are some touch buttons integrated into the body of Q6. It has been provided to control both the hardware and user interface of the projector. A user does not need to use a remote controller to access the files stored inside or outside the projector while standing nearby the machine.

The modern, convenient touch buttons on top of the Excelvan Q6 portable hardware includes a power on, a back, and a menu. Also, there are navigational touch panels with integrated function of fast forward and rewind. However, an Ok touch panel has been indicated as a small circle at the center of navigation ones same like the remote.

How am I Impressed with the Machine?

I am impressed with the blue colored backlight provided not only to the brand impression on the top of Q6 but also on all the hardware touch buttons. Hence, a user can easily access these touch panels even at night with no surrounding light and control the activity of the projector.

The backlight does not consume much power. It is because they light up with a single activity of hand. Further after few seconds of inactivity, the backlights will go off automatically. The best part is after turning off the projector from a remote controller or the touch power button a red backlight is still glowing. It is present behind the brand impression on the machine hardware.

It can help to remind a user that the device is still powered on from the power plug and need to switch it off if no need to use for a long time ahead! On the bottom surface of Q6 on all four corners, there are rubber paddings. They have been provided to give suitable support and balance to the projector’s body while setting it up on any rough or slippery table top.

Excelvan Q6 Projector: Is it a Good Option for Portable Home Theater?

I have used the Q6 projector for about four to five hours. As per my experience, I would say that the device is an excellent option to be used as a Home theater projector up to a certain extent. I am saying this by keeping in mind the cost price and the available features on the machine hardware. They are neither too high nor even bad.

We have already talked about many features related to Q6 portable device and some more we will see in the upcoming sections. An excellent portable home entertainment projector is the one that not only is of lightweight and small in size. But also can be used in different angle and heights to get the job done without sacrificing any more space of a room.

At the center to the bottom part, the product designers have provided a small hole. It is helpful to attach the hardware either with a projector stand or with a ceiling mount to use the device from a certain height.

Also at the front portion at the bottom surface of Q6, there is a foldable flap that can be open to lifting the front part of the hardware. Hence it lifts the Excelvan Q6 projector lens that can change the height of the projected display screen vertically.

How is the Design and Appearance of Supplied Remote Controller?

Let me do share my views regarding the remote controller that has been supplied with the Q6 portable projector unit. First of all the overall appearance of remote is simple with a wooden matte finish. I did not find any brand impression or anything else of Excelvan at the front.

It includes many buttons as compared to what we generally saw in other models that come with modern branded projectors at present. A user can control the Zoom of the projected output, and use a special Miracast button when required. Below them, there are four separate navigational buttons with an Okay button at their center. The Okay button can also work as a play/pause button with multimedia files.

At the four corners of the navigational buttons, there are a menu, input source selection, and volume control buttons. Next, below them, there are some other buttons. It includes but not limited to an Esc button followed by all the numeric digits from 0-9. Here the arrangement of numeric buttons is the same as that of a calculator or a TV/set-top box remote to enter the number as needed.

What are the Multimedia Features of the Device?

A user can listen to the audio files on the Excelvan Q6 multimedia projector by playing either an MP3 or WMA file formats. It is best to connect either a USB device or attach a smart gadget with the device to enjoy the music on the machine. However, a Lightning digital AV adapter is required to connect Q6 with tablets or smartphones.

It is a good experience to use the device mainly for two types of users. One is the professionals those who can complete their work and others are kids who can learn by projecting TXT files on big screen output. Q6 is capable of enlarging an image file to turn the size of a postcard-sized photo to one that encloses almost complete wall of a home or office. It includes BMP, JPEG, and PNG file formats.

I am a bit disappointed with the less supportable number of video file formats that the Q6 is capable of projecting on the display output. It is because a user can only play one among H264RM, MPG2, MPEG1, MPEG4, RMVB, MPEG4, MJPEG, MOV, DIVX, MP4, FLX, and VCI video playbacks.

The user interface of the Q6 supports more than one language. It is good news for people based on different nations of the earth at least for those who are not comfortable with English. You can connect your smartphone or any other android device with the Excelvan Q6 entertainment projector. However, only if they are supporting MHL connectivity feature.



  • Works best on a dark environment
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Portable
  • Worth for Money
  • Satisfactory Sound Output


  • Not suitable for slideshows
  • Not compatible with AC3 audio formats
  • No 4K support


Now by concluding my review regarding the Q6 projector here, I have one thing to say on top of others! If you are searching for a highly featured projector then you can buy the device only if you do not have any problem on the compromise with the following:

  • Q6 is not compatible with MKV or H.265 video encoding formats. But, there are many another projector supportable video playback formats which I had shared before in this article.
  • Some fan noise is hearable in the low audio volume of the device. However, with the help of external speakers, the problem can be solved.
  • Q6 is based on Mono speaker audio system. Hence, for many people, it is not a big issue since most of them are not audiophiles.
  • The projector does not support high luminosity. Thus, to get the best display experience a user need to use the device within the nearby area of the output screen.
  • A user needs to have a good idea of both keystone correction and to adjust the focus of the display output. It is because as per my experience I found that the corners of an image may blur.

Hence, the above points are just considered as limitations of the Excelvan Q6 since they can or cannot affect the experience of a user. After all Q6 is a budget-friendly projection device so we cannot expect much from it, but still, it is an excellent portable home theater projector that can compete with many high-end models of a current era!!!

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